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Buick Century Electrical/Lights



  • hoodlatchhoodlatch Mid-westPosts: 255
    I had a similar problem with my 2000 Century. I checked all my fuses to find that they were good. Replaced the headlight switch (approx. $55) and cured the problem. The switch was a snap to get to on my car. It only took about 10 min. to replace. Good luck.
  • I have a 1998 Buick Century 3.1L Custom

    I am looking for a way to turn off the headlights at night or a way to disable the Automatic Headlights.
  • I also have a 2000 buick century and when the secutirty light comes on you cars security system thinks that the car is being tempered with this could be your key chip is not being read right or the security system needs to be re trained to read the key the only way to really know which one it is is to take it to a buick dealer and have them run a diagnostic test. All in all your car has a brain and if the brain thinks that the car is trying to be stolen then it will not start.
  • superyutzsuperyutz Posts: 1
    My mom has a 1995 Buick Century which runs quite well. An unknown electrical anomaly causes the battery to discharge to 0volts without obvious cause. The internal or DOME lights seem to be the problem. They stay ON until the battery runs dead, even when the doors are slammed this should time to turn them off in a few minutes. Any suggestions would help at this point..Thanks
  • I have a 2001 Buick Century. The lights on my instrument panel have gone out. The warning lights and the light for the radio still work. I also have an issue with my tail lights being out. I have replaced the bulbs in the tail light and the 15A fuse for the tail lights. I don't know if both problems are related. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  • munleyjmunleyj Posts: 8
    Try replacing the fuse. I had that problem and replaced a fuse. I forget which one. Look in your manual.
  • my tail light went out as well due to a lack of ground, i just ran a wire from the ground wire to the inside of the trunk on a bolt that holds down the net that runs across the trunk
  • munleyjmunleyj Posts: 8
    I have a 1995 Buick Century. The dash lights are out. When I put the headlights on the radio light goes out. Also, the lights showing the door handles and the power locks and windows are out. What fuse do I replace if it is a fuse?
  • RE: 2000 Buick Century Custom
    Hello all, I have some Body Control Module(intermittent power door locking failure) and Cluster(No odometer display, no PRNDL display) issues. While checking for current in the passenger side fuse panel (which has a light coat of rust from water into the cabin from a bad seal at the cabin air filter port), I noticed that there is no current on either side of the 10 Amp fuse, located row 4 of column A - it is listed as being for the Cluster, BCM and Ignition. Also, the 10 Amp fuse next to it shows no current either - it states that it is for the Heated Mirror (Both fuses have been replaced and still zero current)
    Any recommendations for a quick fix for this before I start backtracking through the wiring harness on a wild goose chase?
  • 2000 Buick Century instrument panel went out. But only the small area that shows which gear your in (P/R/N/D/1/2). Any ideas what it could be? or how to get to the bulb to change it? We don't think it's the fuse. Desperately seeking advise.
  • My issue was a fuse.
  • I replaced headlight switch and no luck going to try the relay switches next and possibly see if its a fusable link if not I guess I go back to square one with a wire tester and check each and every one in the car. Anyone with any advice please respond and help 95 buick century wagon.
  • hoodlatchhoodlatch Mid-westPosts: 255
    What exactly are you trying to fix? :confuse:
  • loopsyloopsy Posts: 5
    I have a 1995 Century Wagon 3.1L engine. Took it out to store got home the autolocks quit working.Took it back out at another store started it up and my headlights didn't work my tail lights,brake lights,hazzard lights,horn,courtesy lights are out. The radio and clock won't stay set resets everytime you start it. I have turn signals and back up lights thats it. All went down at the same time. Had to replace two 5 amp fuses still not coming on. I replaced the headlight switch still nothing. Just put in a new relay switch still nothing. I got a conuinity tester checking back of fuse boxes every wire I can find still nothing. Any other ideas. I had a transmission replaced about 3 and half months ago. Is it possible it is a fusable link off of the starter. I have dash lights and it runs down the road. Any ideas any other tests or places to look let me know. Tested the alternator not that either. Don't know what else to do. I have a lot of money in this car and can't afford to take it in at the present time. Please any help would be appreciated. :mad:
  • hoodlatchhoodlatch Mid-westPosts: 255
    Electrical trouble-shooting is time consuming and wears on the patients. What I usually do is use a voltmeter and start back tracking till I find a voltage. Sometimes a bad ground wire connection can cause havoc. My experience on headlights is most of the time they have a bad ground or open circuit. They don't use fuses or fuzable links. They use a circuit breaker that opens and closes when it cools down. Maybe the bonding strap from the engine to the chassis is defective or loose.

    Happy hunting. :)
  • loopsyloopsy Posts: 5
    Where is the circuit breaker located on this car. I only have an owners manual thats it. We are getting blasted with snow and wind and freezing temps. I started the car a few times yesterday now she won't start got to get a jump. So am stalled at the moment. I am out here checking wires and bulbs and fuses with a tester. I do not have a volt meter however and no lights. Can't even get it to the parts store to see if one of them can check it. Thank you by the way for helping out appreciate it very much. :confuse:
  • hoodlatchhoodlatch Mid-westPosts: 255
    Sorry to hear about all the bad weather and all the bad luck. I'm not familiar with the 95 but it doesn't sound to me like breakers, fuses, and bulbs are your problem. I'm thinking more like cables, grounds, bonding straps, and cable connections. To effectively trouble-shoot electrical problems these days a person pretty much needs some instruments to work with. Maybe its time to get some outside help. Good luck. :)
  • jj2010jj2010 Posts: 1
    My dash lighting was out along with the rear running lights. While lights were on and car running at night I popped my trunk and opened it past 20 or 30 degrees it blew the fuse. It's a 15 amp fuse that supplies lighting to the 2 items mentioned. Haven't bothered to locate short. I just pull the fuse when I need to get use trunk. Hope it helps you or some in future. (keep spare fuses in car just in case)
  • i was wondering if you got a answer to 1990 buick century power window main switch not working i have the same problem all the others work
  • No, but I got it fixed. It was a fuse. I thought it could have been the switch. I replaced ther 5 amp fuse with a 10 amp.
  • one person said you can use the power off the door lock the orange wire on the door lock is live i wanted to know what is the color wire i can jump over to they are seven [ blue ] blue with white ] black ] dark brown ] light tan ] dark green ] light green i checked all wires with tester no power to windows but work on other doors thank you
  • Hi,
    When driving along in the evening the headlights occasionally blink on and off. I turned on the headlight switch thinking it was the sensor but it still does it. Any thoughts? Thanks, jmurray171
  • It may be a loose or bad bulb.
  • loopsyloopsy Posts: 5
    I am on my third battery at this point same year 95 buick century wagon when I first got the car the dome light was very hot and I just took out the bulb and didn't mess with it. Noticed though that when I turn something else on my dash lights would dim a little then go back. My car is still down and you can read my other entries let me know if you have come up with anything. Hope I helped.
  • Did you ever figure out what was wrong with your 1995 Buick Century? I have almost the same exact thing happening with mine right now. I did not change the starter but did replace a fender and did some headlight work due to an accident. Now the ABS light is on and most of the items you identify don't work for me either. They did work for a couple of days after the repair work was done and then went out.
  • prince33prince33 Posts: 3
    1993 buick century custom. How to replace the passenger side courtesy Light that shows the Handle,Power door locks & windows??
  • I have a 94 buick century and while driving the car my Battery,check engine,air bag, lights come on and ant this point the transmission feels as if its slipping someone please i need some advic on what to do i already replaced the battery and ecm please help
  • anctechanctech Posts: 4
    The problem with your instrument panel lights lies withing the board itself. I repair these boards with a warranty. If you get a new one, you will not have the same mileage reading, so you will need to refurbish your board. Contact me at ANCTechnologies at
  • anctechanctech Posts: 4
    Hey Mike,
    the problem lies within the cluster board itself. I repair these because it seems to happen to all of the 97-2004 models. If you want, contact me at ANCTechnologies at
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