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Dodge Intrepid Engine



  • is under distributor in bell housing in the sensor with two wires.
  • HI good after noon.i have a 1998 intrepid 2.7 i change my engine and i put 2002 engine 2.7 i instale the all the harness for the car dont run i have to disconect my camshaft sensor to make run but engine light read camshaft sensor .thank you to every body.
  • I have a 98 Dodge Intrepid and when it gets warm it dose not like to start,, Not all the time,, thats why No one can figure it out,,, but when it dose start, it will shake like it is misfiring , But no codes,, and it will take a bit for it to run smoothly, but once it dose start to run right it works Great,,, We thought that it was the EGR valve so we disconnected it, and it still dose it,,, the fuel put PSI is right around 43 or so even when its acting up ,,
    I brought it to do different place's and no one know what wrong,, I even put in a different fuel pump,,,
    Can any one HELP ME ??
  • jay1978jay1978 Posts: 1
    edited April 2010
    yes i got a 1998 chrysler concord . i am getting oil up to the passenger side head but nothing to the drivers side can someone tell me what to do
  • corona89corona89 Posts: 3
    edited April 2010
    first of all this is common they have recalled the 2.7lt engine because the faulty design! time chain and engine failure is most common with them>What they did when they design the motor the oil ports run too close to the manifold n exhaust! which cooks the oil and gives u sludge in return it is recommended to use rotella full synthetic oil it is thinner allowing it to pass easier.5w40 this is why the timing chain is a problem because the motor cant lube itself well enough cause break and damage. put if there is a tapping noise coming from the oil area more than likely you motor is read to go any time!!!oh what fun.. these motors n high demand bcuz of so many problem so not only u be lucky to find one they r junk any how i would reccommend putting the 3.2 in or u would b wasting ur time. thats if u decide to keep t. have 3 currently my 00 model burns oil like there no 2morrow. just turned over 200 thousand miles! my 98 time chain is gone but i have another for parts so until i run out of parts ill be driving it 2 the wheels fall off! other than that i refuse to waste any money on them. now also its possible to b ur cooling fan it will make a tapping noise to if it no count(WITH ENGINE OFF) you can check it by giving it a good spin it should spin freely!if it dont u know what to do!hope ii was of some help
  • corona89corona89 Posts: 3
    i doubt u will get a swap the 2.7 have been recalled!the whole motor is waste they designed it when the oil ports run too close to exhaust/manifold causing it to cook your oil giving u sludge in return! and also built with a oil pump that puts out to lil pressure causing it not to b able to lube itself leading to time chain breakage!bcuz of the poor manf... there is no way of avoiding the engine failure u could change oil every day it wouldnt matter! i have a 2000 i have been driving for 1yr just turned over200000! so i maybe one of the few that made it that far! i say it will been needing tranny and motor sometime another but i have a 98 the time chain is out and another for parts other than that i dont reccommend putting money in it unless u change the engine size! u just wwasting money by putting the same back in it being recalled plus in high demand a used motor ur looking at1,400 and up! good luck with that go to type make n model youll be surprised
  • jalowjalow Posts: 2
    I am rebuilding the engine and ready to do the crankshaft. Does anyone have the specifications for the torque on the crankshaft bolt caps?
  • jalowjalow Posts: 2
    Since you already replaced the crankshaft I thought you might have the information I need. I need the torque to the main crankshaft cap bolts. Would you happen to have that information you could share with me?
  • i have a 01 intrepid and a 98 as a parts car. looking to switch the motor but the map sensors are different. they are both 3 wire, can i cut and join? or do i have to switch the intakes?
  • Hi! I just rebuilt my original 2.7 engine in my 2000 dodge intrepid and am having the exact same problem. Have you come up with a solution yet?
  • dose anyone know where the camshafts are supposed to be positioned for timing a 04 dodge intrepid 2.7 engine and how to tell they are in the right position? please help its my only car and need it back on the road asap
  • tiby1tiby1 Posts: 3
    HI good after noon.i have a 1998 intrepid 2.7 i change my engine and i put 2004 engine 2.7 i instale the all the harness for the car dont run i have to disconect my camshaft sensor to make run but engine light read camshaft sensor .i need help please help
  • tiby1tiby1 Posts: 3
    i have exactly same problem any solution please help

    (HI good after noon.i have a 1998 intrepid 2.7 i change my engine and i put 2002 engine 2.7 i instale the all the harness for the car dont run i have to disconect my camshaft sensor to make run but engine light read camshaft sensor .thank you)
  • tiby1tiby1 Posts: 3
    any solution? every litlle help would be apreciate it thank you
  • anegroaieanegroaie Posts: 1
    i have some problems with my dodge. is not started. i dont have light on ignition. i am from romania and here ar not specialist for this car!
  • hi love my car. anyone can offer suggestion. She is a 2003 I refer to the car in the female genre because we girls are high mantainence. Oil light is flickering. I check the oil than I fill though that is done. The engine still knocks and the light of the oil goes on still. Oh yes did i mention it knocks when I am at a light. Need information so I wont be taken for a ride when I go to a mechanic. Not all have one reliable wish i could fine one.
    Please advise would really appreciate anyones honesty.
  • dayna71dayna71 Posts: 1
    I also have a 2003 dodge intrepid se and i will tell you my car was doing the same thing and after that started my timing chain jumped time and long story short I had to have a new engine put in my car. After that I had to replace the hoses, pulley and belts then I had to replace the radiator and that all happened within 6 months after I bought it. In doing research on this car Dodge should've recalled the engine on this model. there are alot of mad people out there all with the same engine problems. My guess is start saving for a new engine.
  • ladylauraladylaura Posts: 2
    Thanks for your honesty. Wow least I have the heads up that I might be looking toward a new engine.
  • This is one of Chrysler's worst engines. I work at a shop and junkyard. I can't tell you how many Intrepids, concordes, stratus's, 300's, magnums and chargers get Junked because of the engine, I agree that chrysler should take responsibility for the bad quality but when you think about it rarely does any of these engines go bad during guarantee period. My advise is to not put any more money into one of these vehicles when it comes to reliability; ford and chevy have chrysler beat by far when it comes to domestics. and it is not just the 2.7 that is bad the 3.7 and 4.7 are also garbage.
    It is sad because all of these engines go into really nice designs from JEEP, Chrysler and Dodge.
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