Jeep Grand Cherokee interior door panels

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The plastic around my interior drivers side door handle cracked and shattered in multiple places causing the door handle to be held on just by the cable it is attached to. I didn't realize that it had broken until I went to open the door and was cut by a piece of the broken plastic. This happened 2 weeks after the 3 year basic warranty was up. The dealership refused to work with me and told me that the entire door panel would have to be replaced at a cost of $645 not including labor to install it. I was just wondering if anyone else has had the same or a similar problem with the plastic breaking.


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    As far as I am concerned - all the plastic in the Jeep is crap! We had the same problem with the back door. The pegs (new) to hold it on are $20 from the dealership and watch junk yards for the panel. The center console is the other thing; It's all plastic and will start becoming loose and cracking. Then on bumpy roads it will add its own beat to the music. You can tighten that screw only so often!
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    I had the same thing happen to me this morning! It actually cracked a little a couple of weeks ago when I was opening the door. It was a slight crack in the plastic and I've been very careful with it since that time so as not to crack it further. This morning when opening the door, the plastic broke and fell into the door. I was left holding the handle attached only to the cable. Later this morning, I had a hard time getting the door to open at all. I thought I was going to have to crawl over the console and exit through the passenger side door. I finally got it to open. I'm hoping the extended warranty will cover it, but I have a feeling I will be climbing out of the other side of the truck a few times before I can get it to the shop to find out.
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    I went to the dealership and they said there was nothing they could do due to the fact that it was out of warranty so I called chrysler direct and spoke to 3 diffrent people and the last person said they were going to pass my case on to a person for further review. One week went by and the dealership called me and said that they would fix the door at no cost but the panel was on back order due to a rash of the same problem but they stated this is the first time they had seen the problem. So my advice would be to call chrysler direct and expalin the problem and see if they will fix it at no cost seeing as how this is becoming a common problem.
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    We had the EXACT same problem. What made this a harder situation to resolve is that I bought the Jeep new in Florida before moving to Texas so I didn't have the history with the Jeep dealer here. Because the vehicle is my wife's, I didn't see the problem for quite awhile (she apparently didn't notice it). When I saw it, I immediately called the dealer in town -- they told me that there were no recalls noted and that the Jeep was no longer under warranty. I didn't pursue it any further thinking that we may have just gotten one of the bad ones in the batch. After reading this post, I see that it was a problem that was more widespread and that apparently Chrysler knew about it. By any chance do you have the contact at Chrysler that helped you resolve your problem? Thanks for whatever support you can offer.
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    i have a 2005 grand cherokee all but drivers door are broken i have no kids at home and gran kids in car seats i am the main person that is driving this car and when friends try to open door they broke !!!!!!!!! I can not believe i paid as much for this car and it has plastic door handles!!!!!!!!!!! had i known i would not have bought it !!!!!!!!!!!!they will not fix my door handles and I do not ve 700.00 per door to fix them!!!!that is what they told me it wil cost per handle ........i now have a bigger problem if you are in my back seat you can not get out!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a safety hassard now for my grandkids!!!!!!!!if a fire or wreck we need out they can not get out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the chrysler Reps. need to fix the problem or they will be a big law suit if something happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!who has $700.00 per door to fix a plastic door handle that they made so cheap knowing it would not hold up!!!!!!!!!!!!but we pay so much for a good car?????????????????
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    Oh, I know how you feel! The (plastic!) door handle broke off of my son's car. It's not going to cost anything near $700 to repair so I am wondering where your dealer is coming from. You may want to try another dealer or private mechanic.

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    I am from corpus christi texas and they have told me at three dealer's it will be between $600.00 and 700.00 per door also because the plastic handle is connected to the entire panel of each door which also has to be replaced. I have talked to them all and they said the rep. could make the call if chrysler will pay or not the rep. in my area said no. now what i can not afford to fix them so i am going to turn them in to the safety board of Texas because no one can get out of the back seat!!!!!!!
  • lynn60lynn60 Member Posts: 10
    My husband is a mechanic and he could not get the parts and do labor on each door ( 3) .for much less either it should be recalled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!poor product-plastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Yes, replacing the panel will be a lot more expensive. :(

    I am as dismayed as you are about the handles being plastic and so easily breakable. What were they thinking? :confuse:

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    i can not pay to have them fixed and in south texas it cost $700.00 per door!!!!the repersentive for our south texas said sorry to bad!!!!!!!!!!!!i now think i should go to the safety board of texas . No one can get out of the back doors of my car!!!!!!!!!!!this is not safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!there should some help through Chrysler they made it out of plastic and it did not workout................................
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    Does anybody knows if there is any chance to change only the handle itself with the small shell on the back of it.
    I've 3 out of 4 broken handles in my GC 5.7 2005.
    The right rear handle is completely hanging out, while the 2 front are both badly cracked.
    I saw that could be easily exchanged if there was the spare part.
    I don't understand why none didn't start to produce them only, since a lot of people has this kind of problem.
    It will be anyway much cheaper then 6 or 700USD
  • kkelley2007kkelley2007 Member Posts: 9
    Unfortunately, no. You have to replace the entire door panel. I was quoted $675.00 plus labor (per door) at my dealership. My extended warranty will not cover it because it's "trim". All 4 of my doors have broken. The driver's side front door handle is only attached to the cable. If you don't pull it just right, the door will not open. I agree that it is dangerous!
  • wobywoby Member Posts: 9
    I was at the dealer place and I saw the panel inside.
    I know that they don't sell it separately.
    The handle shell is plastic melted in the rest of the panel ad I think shouldn't be so difficult to rebuild it aftermarket.
    That is what I'm looking for.
    I'm not really happy to spend 2000USD for handles
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    Any NEWS????????
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    Apparently not. Have you found out anything? Chrysler seems to be occupied with other issues at the moment.

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  • lynn60lynn60 Member Posts: 10
    i am from cc Tx. i still have the problem with my handels all broken and can not afford to pay what they want to fix them however i am tired of Chrysler's bull St. i am trying to get in touch with the state of Texas Safety Board because no one in my jeep can get out of the car until i get out and open the door from the out a wreck i canot do this i have grand kids that ride in the back seat this is very scary and not safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!what about fire???????????i am ready to get an attry. lawyer, this is a safety concern Chrysler should pay attention are they will have many more problems if something happens to my kids or any one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I now have the same issue with a 2005 Grand Cherokee. Both rear interior door handle casings and the driver handle casing have essentially disintegrated, and rear doors are completely inoperable. I came across your posting while doing a search to determine how widespread the problem is. Would you mind letting me know if you have a solution?


    J Saleeby
  • wobywoby Member Posts: 9
    So finally I found a craftsman who was able to rebuild both rear handle shells by fiberglass.
    He made a wonderfull job and they look perfect, actually much stronger that any other piece of the car.
    He collected all pieces and he made the female of the stamp, after that he made the piece, Left and then in the same way for the right part.
    At the moment I did the 2 rear and as soon as possible I wil make the 2 front.

    I had all 4 handles broken and they were asking me around 2000Euros to replace the 4 full panels.
    At the moment I spent 300 Euros because he had to make the master of the stamp but next time he will ask me only 150 Euros for the 2 in the front.
    With a total of 450Euros I will repace all of them.
    Much cheaper then 2000.
    I'm writing from italy and I'm a bit far for you but my imported car is coming directly from US with this trouble.

    If you can reach anybody able to work with FIBERGLASS , as speed boats maintenence or something like maybe you will be able to solve your problem in a cheaper way then changing all panels.

    If you are interested I can ask to this guy to build some more and send them over to you!!!!!

    I'm very very happy.
    It was a matter that was driving me crazy.
    A new Grand Cherokee in Italy cost around 55000Euros .
    Mine I paid last year 28000 and for a car like this
    It's unacceptable that Chrysler doesn't bother at all.
    We have the same problem with FIAT but prices are complitely different.
    Now I understand why they met each other!!!!!!

    Regards ti everybody
  • jalvelojalvelo Member Posts: 1
    Hi Woby,

    Do you mind giving me the contact info for your supplier? I am looking for the passanger side, front door interior handle for a Grand Cherokee 2005.

    Is he in Europe or USA?


  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    Do you mind giving me the contact info ...

    Contact information in the Forums should be limited strictly to the name of a company. Further contact information (addresses, names, phone, etc.) should be exchanged via email.

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  • wobywoby Member Posts: 9
    Hallo Joemarie
    Unfourtunatly for you the place is in italy, in PADOVA.
    I'm going again next tuesday to fix the to handles in the front that are both cracked .
    The 2 on the back have been changed last july and are working wonderfull.

    I will ask their e-mail address and I will send you .
    I don't know if they will be ready to send you over to the states.
    As I was saying any good fiberglass worke will be able to make the stamp of your brocken handle shell and rebuild it .

    Marry xmas
  • cashewmancashewman Member Posts: 1
    Hi Woby,

    I have the same problem with a 2005 model Jeep Grand Cherokee, and I'm in great need of all four handles, since all of them are broken! Can you please supply me the address of your contact.

  • ruesterruester Member Posts: 4
    I have the same problem. Within 3 days, both rear door handles dropped from the crumbling plastic. The front doors appear soon to follow. I'm using leather straps while waiting/hoping for Chrysler to admit a product defect.
  • lynn60lynn60 Member Posts: 10
    chrysler will not do anything for me i have 3 broken handles -plastic !!!what to do now they want 800.00 per handle to fix --can not go there--now what? it is a safety hazzard for my grand kids in back sseat to not be able to open the doors in the back of the Jeep - i paied alot for this Jeep but did not notice the door handles--or i would not have gone there !!!!!nnow what???
  • tuggajbtuggajb Member Posts: 646
    write to the fed highway safety commission
    with the problem more people that write the sooner the action
  • brentwoodkrisbrentwoodkris Member Posts: 15
    I too have the same problem. My 2005 Grand Cherokee Limited (WK) has 4/4 of it's interior door panels either cracked or totally failed already. My rear right door is inoperable from the inside. Unfortunately I am out of my warranty and calling Jeep will probably do nothing, but I launched a formal complaint anyways. The dealer wants to charge $800 x 4 to replace each FULL PANEL with the same defective [email protected] that they already have in them. I used to think I had a nice car before the door handles started falling off... Anyways, I've repeatedly tried several custom fabricators here where I live to no avail. I find myself at the mercy of Jeep to call me back...
  • wobywoby Member Posts: 9
    ">Autocarrozzeria Palma Padova Italy .
    If you search with Google you will find it.

    I don't think that he will be interested to produce 1 or 2 of them but if you get together and make a request oif 15/20 pieces I' m sure it could get interesting for him.

    So please let's try.
    Brentwoodkris 4 pieces
    Ruester 4 pieces
    Cashewman 4 pieces
    Ialvelo 1 piece
    Jsaleeby 2 pieces

    Please confirm this list or add yourself if you are not yet listed.
    As soon as we will get enaugh confirmation I will try to contact the Craftman to see if it will intersting for him.
    Let's say that within the end of the month we could try to settle an prder.

    Wake up everybody.
    I'l try to add some pictures as soon as possibe
  • brentwoodkrisbrentwoodkris Member Posts: 15
    Is that paintable fiberglass? And it's a direct bolt in fix right? I actually went to my dealer today after calling Chrysler Corporate Offices and it looks like they're going to offer me a 50/50 split on the $2400 in parts (not including labor). What a joke. When corporate calls, I'm going to ask to speak to litigation and talk to them to see if they want a class action suit on their hands, because I'm willing to start one. Anyways, back to the order, I'm in for 4 (2L and 2R) if we can get them at some bulk prices. Anyone got estimates?
  • wobywoby Member Posts: 9
    Hi brentwoodkris,
    Mine has been painted dark grey and looks perfect as brand new.
    The shell has been glued to the panel because the support are ususaly melted on the panel pins.
    It was special bicomponent glue high resistent.
    I don't have the car now to take a picture but I will try to get a picture anyway.
    The car is in Italy and I leave in Egypt .
    I will be back in Italy at the beginnig of July but I will try to organize things from here if we reach anything.
    As said I paid 300Euros to make the first 2 and 150Euros for the second 2 but I have to check what will be the last price even because the Craftman told me that was a really nasty job.
    Let's see

  • maj1614maj1614 Member Posts: 4
    Two of the four door handles have broken off, the other two are cracking and loose. I called the dealer today and they said nothing is covered and they have not heard of this issue. Their estimate is approx $500 per door to fix!
  • pjdpro71pjdpro71 Member Posts: 3
    edited June 2010
    I have an 05 jeep grand cherokee 4x4 hemi, I have tried to keep my jeep in good condition as it is the only vehicle in the family at the moment, my wife pointed out the door handle shells were breaking and cracking, this is clearly a flaw in the manufacturing, and should be recalled, the dealer wants to charge me $500 per door ?? why is it so expensive?? is there an aftermarket replacement option, and can someone refer me to this info?? I noticed that the panel is all one piece, is there a mold or something that can fit in that space if It were to be cut out????
    It is disappointing to me when after taking such good care of my jeep, it has to be an interior eyesore that I'm forced to look at every time I get into my otherwise beautiful and clean vehicle, and realizing how much it will cost to fix properly........
  • lynn60lynn60 Member Posts: 10
    i have 2005 jeep cherokee 4x4 hemi also have kept it in excel. condition also and paid alot of money for new in 2005- however i did not know the handles were plastic or i would have not bought it - they will not recall them and quoted me 700.00 a door to fix like i can do that !!!i am mad at chrysler and they should recall and fix my major problem is now it is a safety problem because i have grand kids that sit in back seat and can not get out unless i get and open door what about fire they are trapped 111I AM WANTING TO FIND SOMEONE IN TEXAS COMSUMER SAFETY DEPT. to help me get this fixed or sue them i payed to much for plastic handles and they all cracked to pieces---any suggestions out there
  • lynn60lynn60 Member Posts: 10
    it has been two years i have been messing with this i am ready to do a class action suit i live in Texas and think we should get on the utube and publicly ask anyone with this problem to get all together across the states and have our own web site to talk and find a lawyer to help us sue them i am tired of their crap and i do not want the same plastic handels again they need to fix it right and safe and that will last--it is a safety problem now for me -it is not safe in my jeep we can not get out!!!
  • brentwoodkrisbrentwoodkris Member Posts: 15
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    Hey guys, I posted a video on youTube detailing my issues with the door panels! Comment on it and let's get this recall/class action suit started! Or just post your own video! We need to get Jeep's attention and let them know that we're serious!

    Here's a link to my video: Jeep Door Panel Issue
  • lynn60lynn60 Member Posts: 10
    lets sue them i am tired of messing with them we need a lawyer !!!
  • brentwoodkrisbrentwoodkris Member Posts: 15
    If anyone with experience can draw up the paperwork and we can get this group of people together in on it, I'm all for it!
  • ruesterruester Member Posts: 4
    I posted once before - both rear door handles have fallen off. Jeep quoted me $3,000 for parts for 4 door panels, not including labor. I've been using old dog collars on the rear doors as a temporary method of opening the doors. the dog collars have buckle holes in them which I used to push the collar/straps onto the wire hook inside the gaping holes. then I secured them in place with plastic ties. This way, a rear seat passenger can open the door by pulling the strap forward. crude, embarrassing, frustrating, etc., waiting for some resolution to the problem by Chrysler.
  • brentwoodkrisbrentwoodkris Member Posts: 15
    Well from what I hear, it's not that hard to start a class action suit. If we can get some more responses, we can split the costs between us and hopefully initially pay much less than what Jeep is quoting us. If anyone has pics of the damage to their vehicle or wants to post to youTube like I did, it can only help our situation!
  • lynn60lynn60 Member Posts: 10
    i will take pics for u tube asap-
  • spool4uspool4u Member Posts: 1
    Wow, I have the same issue but much much worse. My driverside front door is cracked and has a whole in it and my passenger front and rear are completely missing the shell so the handles just hang there, the only door that is completely in tact is my driverside rear and that cause im 6' 8" so no one sits behind me. This is B.S. and the dealer quoted me 750 a door WTF.... I hope there will be a solution soon, By the way its a 4.7 05 jeep grand cherokee limited in texas
  • jpalanjianjpalanjian Member Posts: 4
    Are pieces of pooh! My driver handle is ready to fall off. What do I do then? Local dealership wants over $700 to fix one door panel! I can't believe Chrysler is acting as if they're ignorant of this little issue! I'm calling tomorrow..I can't believe how many posts are on thsi site about this issue. People should post this on their fb pages also! :mad:
  • chrisb44chrisb44 Member Posts: 1
    I have the same problem on all 4 doors of my 2005 limited. I have been fighting with dealers and Chrysler direct to no avail. They seem to think this is a isolated issue that is a result of high mileage. One thing that may help is if we see what build dates are involved. The build date for your jeep is located on the edge of the drivers door on the white sticker. Chrysler may hesitate to recall an entire model year, but if we find it is limited to a couple of months it may be a different story.
    My build date was November 04.
  • ruesterruester Member Posts: 4
    my MFR date was 3-05.

    Both rear doors broke within three days of each other, and they were the least used doors, so obviously it is a defective plastic problem. Front doors are ready to collapse, although I have used glue to try to hold them together.
  • rekswazeyrekswazey Member Posts: 2
    My front passenger door handle just cracked, so I started researching the issue and found this fourm. Thanks for scaring me, after reading all your horror stories. I really hoping a recall is made, Im all for doing what needs to be done for this issue to be resolved. Keep spreading the word!
  • pjdpro71pjdpro71 Member Posts: 3
    OK we have enough complaints regarding this safety concern with the doors.
    I propose that we draw up a general letter that encompasses all of our issues and each of us copy and paste it, then send it off to Chrysler Co. keep proof of how you send it, of course then it becomes a waiting game for a response at which point we will wait no more than 30 days for a response..
    If for some reason we do not here back within the thirty days we will unleash a barrage of the same letter everyday until we here a positive response as this safety concern is clearly a matter of life or death...
    I'm not much of a writer but I will glad to spearhead this effort, all who are interested should contact me @ [email protected]
  • sdavis5sdavis5 Member Posts: 1
    I am new to this forum. I too have a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 2 broken interior door handles. I have searched junk yards and dealers. I have not had any luck with junk yards and the dealer quoted me $700 to replace the entire panel. Has anyone found a solution? This is so irritating.
  • ruesterruester Member Posts: 4
    As a temporary measure, you can attach a strap with a small hole in it to the hooked wire inside the panel, securing it in place with something like a plastic tie. Simply pull the strap forward and the door opens. I used a couple of old small dog collars.
  • hwoodruffhwoodruff Member Posts: 1
    I spoke with customer service today at Chrysler (800-992-1997) and had to start a claim on the door panels. I have had to replace one already and will eventually have to replace all 4. I have an extended warranty and it does not cover the part because it is an interior plastic piece....
    The lady I spoke with said it depends on how many complaints and parts are effected to see if there will be a recall on them. So if you have a problem, call chrysler to complain-that is the best chance to get a recall done.
  • brentwoodkrisbrentwoodkris Member Posts: 15
    Hopefully you have better luck than me with the panels. I've been waiting for the dealer to get in all four panels for over a month now and they still don't have a status on 2 of the 4 panels. I've repeatedly called Jeep and they are clueless too. It's almost like they've stopped producing them. Either that, or they're in such high demand due to everyone's breaking that they can't make enough to keep stock.
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