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Saturn Outlook Transmission Problems



  • The funny thing is that this problem isn't isolated to Saturns, I think all GM products suffer from quality issues. Just rented a GMC Yukon last night. It was a 2011 with 4500 miles on it, and I drove it 10 miles before I turned around and returned it to the rental agency...same problems I have seen with my Saturn Outlook--Transmission skipped on the highway, loss of power, and a very loud noise when it shifted....Got to love GM.
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    I apologize for your frustrations and your experience at the dealer. Can you email me directly with your VIN? I look forward to your response.
    GM Customer Service
  • SOOO glad I found this site!! I've had my outlook for 6 months now and just had to drop it at the dealer again tonight. The first time on star told me the engine light was on for a bad valve, which took the dealer 4 days to fix. Then, found out a month ago that they left a screwdriver in my engine during that repair! Tonight, on the way home from football practice, the engine continued to rev and didn't want to got from 1st to 2nd, much less 3rd gear. I slowly drove with it revving continuously to the same chevy/ former saturn dealership that "fixed" it last time. I'm without a vehicle to get to work or take the kids to practice. Now what?? I love the size and look of the truck, but can do without the transmission issues. I thought that Saturn cars lasted for a long time with very few problems, thus why I bought it, but now I see that isn't the case. I plan to call the dealer in the morning to request a loaner car and pray that I'm not without my truck for weeks this time around. If the transmission is a known issue, why hasn't there been a recall on that instead of my heated windshield wiper element?? Seems the transmission is more important!
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    I apologize for your frustrations. If you would like to email me I am happy to look into this for you.
    GM Customer Service
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    I found this site tonight and thank you all for your willingness to share about your Outlook and issues. We have a 2007 Saturn Outlook. We bought it in March 2007 and we were the first to buy one here in Tucson, Az from our local dealer, now closed. I can honestly state, I have never had the massive issues many of you post about. I had the power steering pump go out shortly after purchase, all replaced under warranty, even on short notice. We were leaving on a trip and something sounded funny and I called them and we stopped in and waited for them to replace it with a new one and on the road we went. I knew nothing of computer updates, so if I got them they gave them to me without me knowing. When the windshield wiper recall came out, I was sent a card and I took my car in and they fixed it. I have never had the lagging issues posted about here with the transmission. When Saturn closed their dealership, I started using our Cheveron One Stop for all my needs. We have taken good care of this car, I love my Outlook.

    Why am I here you ask? Well because we were traveling home from Vegas Monday with our whole family, slowed down in a construction zone, went to apply the gas and the car wouldn't go. There was no drive or no reverse. Applying the gas sounded like the car was in neutral. We were stuck on the highway, in the middle of no where, in a construction zone and a car that wouldn't go. We had never had a warning that anything was wrong. We were towed to the next town, spent the night in a hotel and the auto shop in the tiny town said the repairs were above their trained technicians and they couldn't get Saturn parts. We then spent $500 to tow the car back to Tucson.

    Money doesn't grow on trees as you all know. We had just taken a short family vacation and we had to have family come and get us. We have a daughter with medical issues and she had taken ill while we were stuck in this strange town in this hotel. I have never felt so helpless in all my lifetime. Yes, we made it back home thanks to family driving nine hours to rescue us.

    We called our local dealer after researching the codes given to us on Diagnostics from the initial repair shop. It's a computer more or less inside the transmission. Because it's IN the transmission, they have to break it open to get to it, which means rebuilding it. However, it cannot be rebuilt because the parts are not sold in pieces, it's an all or nothing situaton. There is ONE used transmission on the east coast, yes it could ship here but if its problematic, like ya'll post here we have to pay to ship it all the way back too. New transmissions are available but very costly. I was told thankfully I don't have a AWD because it's even more costly. A little warning to those AWD owners out there.

    I have loved my outlook. I am on my 3rd set of tires, had new brakes put on it again two weeks ago and I have over 107,000 miles on it. I look at this car all the time after four years, six months and I love it like the day I bought it. It's a pretty car and until now, it's never let me down. It wasn't so pretty up on that tow truck and it pains me that it left me and my family in a dangerous situation with an ill child.

    My new transmission will be installed and I hope to be back on the road again in a matter of weeks. I pray that when I get my car back that I can be as happy as I was before this happen. Like so many of you, we researched. We come from a long range of family Saturn owners. My father in law had two and one was well over 300,000 when he sold it. My sister in law has a saturn van. My brother in law had a Saturn. My Dad drove a Saturn for years too. I could go on and on. We bought a Saturn based on their reputation within our family. We too have been proud Saturn owners, now I don't know what to think. I feel let down. We did everything we were told to do to keep our car in good running order... here we are! :cry:
  • I keep seeing customer service posts asking for Vin number's and information. Has this been of any help to anyone? Every few complaints and here's another post from GM Customer Support. It's like they want to LOOK like they are doing something. Don't act, DO! Put in a recall request for these issues listed page after page on here. How many sick children have to be left on the side of the interstate before your company wakes the heck up? We work hard to pay these payments. We paid for dependable. It will take people dying in a car accident multiple times before your company is smeared so badly in the news before something is done. Why wait for those lawsuits to happen GM, act now! :mad:
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    Are you currently experiencing concerns? If so I would be happy to assist you. Please feel free to email me.
    GM Customer Service
  • Been through 4 dealers now, still unable to fix the problem. I have a 2007 with 65,000 miles on it. I'm the original owner, and I love the car but the check engine light and transmission issues are making me regret buying a saturn. I just wish someone could fix this car! The latest dealer keeps reprograming the transmission and replacing the ignition coil (engine light), assuming it wil work this time. Never fails everytime I leave the dealers lot with an assurance its fixed, the check engine light comes back on. If so many car are having problems why doesn't GM do the right thing and fix them. I was a loyal GM customer, but not so sure after this experience. :lemon:
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    Anyone having luck with customer service? Having another transmission issue with my 2007 (72k miles) not shifting out of first gear. I suspect this is going to be another lengthy visit to the dealer leaving me car-less for a while.

    Been through the
    reprogramming to fix the shifting issue (several visits)
    timing chain engine disassembly recall
    headlight wiring replacement recall
    leaking sunroof (several visits)

    I hope these issues were resolved in newer models. When the car is running well, I love it. When it's not, oh boy.
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    the only answer is to trade it in for a new toyota SR5 4runner 7 passenger :D ,, like i did last month,, mine had 22K mile on it and still under warranty,, 7. i smile every day i drive it at 24MPG and 20MPG city
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    Sorry to hear about the problems with your transmission. Have you been in contact with GM Customer Assistance?

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
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    Sorry to hear about the problems with your vehicle. Could you please email Christina with your complete contact information (including full name, mailing address and phone number), VIN, current mileage and the involved dealership sent in an email. Also, could you please provide a description of the problems you are experiencing?

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
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    I am sorry to hear about your experiences. We would like to look into this further for you and perhaps set up a case. Please contact Christina by email with your name, address, phone number, VIN, current mileage, and dealer name for more assistance. Thank you in advance.

    Tricia, GM Customer Service.
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    I am sorry to hear about your concerns. We would be willing to set up a case for you if you would like. In order to do so, we will need your name, address, phone number, VIN, current mileage, and dealer name sent ot Christina by email. Thank you in advance.

    Tricia, GM Customer Service.
  • I bought this Outlook XE, FWD on Aug. 27, 2011. Last week I noticed some hesitation and bucking when it shifted gears (mostly at 35-40mph, 55-60mph). Also noticed a slight delay in reverse before it would move. The dealer I bought it from is not authorized for Saturn service. I called the nearest Saturn service dealer and left a message with Service dept (it was Saturday. service was open, but they didn't answer the phone).

    Tonight it died on the road, engine still running, but wouldn't go forward or reverse. The engine light came on. I'm guessing it's the transmission. I had it towed to the dealer (7pm, open, but service dept. closed), dropped of the key and left a phone message.

    The vehicle has 42,000 miles. I'm wondering if this will be covered under the Mfr. warranty? I purchased an extended warranty. Should I not mention my warranty, else the dealer will submit to them and bypass Mfr.?
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    Sorry to hear about this situation with your Outlook. We’d be happy to look into your extended warranty information for you – please email us your name and VIN and we’ll provide more information.

    GM Customer Service
  • I have good news. The transmission was repaired. The repair was covered under the GM powertrain warranty. It was only in the shop for two days. My rental was covered. The dealer did an excellent job of keeping me informed and updated during the process.

    Here are the repair details:

    Internal mechanical disassembled. Found failure 0 F 3-5-R Wave Plate with damage resulting to 1-3-5-R housing and cover. Metal throughout and plugged filter. Cleaned all case debris, reconditioned valve body, replaced filter,housing, cover, clutches and all one-time-use seals and gaskets. Flushed cooler 2.5gpm 111F CYC 49709C7C06. Installed, filled and tested. No further issues.

    It drives great. Better than before the problems. The "metal throughout" gives me concern about the long-term performance of the transmission.

    But, so far, so good.
  • My wife just had her outlook in for service last week and for a safety recall. This morning it decided it did not want to shift out of first gear. Is this something that could have been a result of the recall fix? Has anyone else had these issues?
  • Weaveroutlook,

    I’m sorry to hear that your Outlook didn’t shift for you. If you like, we can follow up with your dealership for you. Please email us with your information (name/username, contact info, last 8 of your VIN, involved dealership) and we’d be happy to see what we can do.

    GM Customer Service
  • I bought a Saturn outlook 2008 3months ago. the dealer I bought it said my warranty ran out with them. I am currently having the same transmission problems like everybody else i am very desperate because i gave all the saving i had to buy this vechicle and the transmission now is not shifting. I took it to a chevy deae here in Phoenix and I told them about my issue and that I had read that there is a software upgrade for this. He told me they would charge 9 dllrs just to check it and 100 for the update if i wanted it can you please help me with this thx.
  • Dochacon,

    I’m sorry to hear about this difficult situation you are in. I am unable to make any guarantees up front, but Customer Assistance can investigate into this further for you. Please email us your name/user name, contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN, and the name of your involved dealership.

    GM Customer Service
  • I bought a 2008 Saturn outlook less than 90 days ago from an individual. It has 65K miles on it. I bought it from the original owner. It started acting up tonight and by the time I got home, it wouldn't go into reverse or shift out of low gear. I don't figure this will be under warranty, but what is the common problem?

    I have never owned a GM product, I have always owned Mazdas and Fords, now I know why. A car with under 70K should not leave you stranded.

    Someone give me some idea of what I am looking for......
  • It was the transmission control module. Had mine replaced last week and runs great now. Was covered under the warranty so didn't cost a dime.
    Hope this helps.
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    For those experiencing similar issues (hesitation under load or incline, hunting for gear) here is everything that has been done to my car and as of now seems to have resolved the problem. The last time I had the car in I had a tech at the dealer spend some time in the car with a ride along. As soon as the car started to produce the reoccurring problem he pretty much new what it was. Even before the issue, he had a good idea of what the problem was. I think more effective resolution to problems, like in any field, can be significantly impacted based on experience. So my initial recommendation is to ask for a tech with experience working with Outlooks (or it's sister cars). Also, get someone to ride along and experience what you experience. They can always "try" to find the problem based on what you describe but I think the ride along can help save you a few repeat visits.

    In lieu of that here is what I had done. What I don't know is if it was one problem that was solved with one fix or a combination of fixes. However, given the issue only started after about 60k miles I have to think there was one primary issue.

    Things to bring up or have checked:
    1. clutch wave plate - if you experience long and consistent shuddering, you likely have a bad or incorrectly installed clutch wave plate. This was not an issue with my car, but my great tech mentioned this as one source of problems he has seen with Outlooks.
    2. Transmission was completely replaced - car wouldn't shift, would rev high and only stick in first gear. Had metal shavings and burnt fluid so they replaced the trans. While this happened soon after I started noticing the hesitation under load I think it was more of a coincidence and bad timing with the transmission (read on). It just went bad and had to be replaced. I wouldn't have expected that at 60,000 miles but glad for the warranty.
    3. After the transmission was replaced, the hesitation started again almost immediately. This is why I think the bad transmission and hesitation were two separate issues. To help resolve the hesitation the dealer said they needed to apply the latest OCM and TCM updates. There is a TSB (tech service bulletin) out there for something very similar to this experience but as I understand it those hesitation issues were being felt early on in the ownership of the car. My issues didn't start to occur until around 60k miles. So if you have very few miles on your car this flash may help resolve your problem. It will also give you some more get up and go for passing as well better shift management under load. Car drives much better with this update but.....
    4. Even with the flash and the new transmission the hesitation was still there. This last time with the ride along with the experienced tech he pegged the issue to either being an engine misfire or a wiring issue. He said often times these problems seem to show themselves as transmission issues but they are actually engine problems. This is why it takes more time to diagnose or resolve because they spend time looking for trans or trans related problems based on what is being described when the issue is actually in the engine. What finally (and finally is a relative term here) resolved our problem was a replacement of the ignition coil. Since that has been replaced the car drives like it did when we drove it off the lot, if not even better.

    Hopefully, this is the end of this issue for me and that we've found a permanent resolution. As I mentioned earlier, I'm not sure if there was a combination of things that finally resolved this or if it was solely the ignition coil. In any case, I hope this info helps with any of your experiences and if for nothing else helps to get your car back to you that much faster. Experience here is key so I'd ask your service rep to either talk to the tech that will work on your car or ask for someone that has a depth of experience working with Outlooks, Acadias, Enclaves, Traverses as they will have a good understanding of the issues with these cars.

    Good luck!!

    Note: all of this was covered under the powertrain warranty so other than inconvenience (and even with that I was able to get a loaner whenever I needed one) I didn't spend a dime.
  • Roothawg,

    I'm sorry to hear that you're already experiencing some concerns with your Outlook. If we can assist in any way, including looking into warranty/recall information on your vehicle or assisting you in working with a dealership to resolve this concern, please email us your name/user name, contact information, and the last 8 of your VIN.

    GM Customer Service
  • The dealer that did my clutch wave plate (at 43,000 !!!!!) said they've done about twenty of them. Said they made the plate too thick (or too thin. can't remember). My transmission is still a little quirky. Not as bad as before.

    GM will never make this right. Remember - they're too big to fail. They have the blessings of the US Gov't. A little thing like this won't stop them. The whole idea that US made cars are now on par with Japan is a total fraud. But with all the money that the Gov't sunk into these auto makers, they have to continue perpetrating this lie.

    Maybe we need to start Occupy GM??
  • 2008 Outlook, without warning, pushed the accelerator and the car didn't respond, coasted to the side of the road, won't move at all. The engine just revs up when it is put in gear. Check engine light is on. Can I bring this to any GM dealer, or does it have to be a Saturn dealer?
  • Dam sorry to hear that!

    I just went through this roughly 3 weeks ago myself. The answer is yes!, you can take it to any GM dealer, as long as your vehicle does not have over 100k on it, they will fix it under the 100k mile warranty. Do not let them tell you differently either, the best thing to do:

    1) If you have a friend or own an OBDII scanner, scan it and get the engine codes... I am 100% sure your issue is the r35 or 35r wave plate. Almost all of the Saturn Outlooks have that issue between 65-85k.

    2) Don't let the GM dealer tell you or talk you into saying anything about the transmission fluid! The dealer I went to tried to double talk me into agreeing that the transmission fluid was dirty and had not been changed. This was an attempt to say it was my fault; this is a power-train issue that is quite common with this line of vehicles.

    3) Ask the dealer to supply you with a loaner vehicle, as this issue usually requires them to rebuild the transmission, which in my case took 2 weeks. With that, do not allow them to give you a small car as a replacement, you need something of the same size and standard.

    4) If you have already rented a vehicle, ask the dealer to cover the cost... I did, and they covered the rental, plus gave me a loaner.. top line Suburban with Navi and rear entertainment... I almost bought the sucker off them, they just wouldnt take my Saturn off my hands...;) :shades:
  • I'm sorry to hear about your Outlook. There are dealerships certified to work with Saturns; if you wanted to find one in your area you can use the following website:

    Keep us posted, and if you need customer assistance, please don't hesitate to send an email.

    GM Customer Service
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    Ok well here's my time to vent:

    July 2010 (72K) - took in for service & they recommended a tranny flush as per maintenance recommendations. So had that done along with a few other things.

    July 2011 (98K) - After getting stuck on the I76 bridge between Philly & NJ, i contacted OnStar to get the code for the check engine light & got the P0700 code. Once i got back to Springfield MA i took to my dealer (Balise Chevrolet) and they "couldn't replicate the condition" so therefore nothing was done (Notice how close to running out of Warranty - go figure right)

    Nov 2011 (103K) - On way back to Philly for business and within 45 miles my check engine light comes back on, i call OnStar & get the P0700 code again. Well i continue on & then at about 150 miles i get a digital warning on my odometer display that transmission fluid is hot & to idle engine & start losing power & I call OnStar & get code P0634. So i pull into rest area & then after ten minutes i continue journey, then in about 30miles the whole process continues. Then on trip home after about 150 miles same issues. I then take to dealer (Balise) and they charge me $100 for diagnostic to only tell me that they found the codes and that my transmission oil appeared burnt & they recommend another tranny flush for $200.

    So i contact customer service & let me tell you i think the only thing they are good for is working with the dealer to rape you even further over the coals. Not only do they not recognize there is a problem with the tranny but they only recognize diagnostics from a GM Certified Saturn Specialist & not a 3rd Party who would have your best interests in mind vs a "Company" dealership. Then I am told i have to do the recommend flush in order for them to even consider covering any issues down the road that might occur since i reported it before the warranty was up. However if they do determine there is an issue, im still stuck spending the $200 for the flush that may or may not help the problem.

    Just for a laugh: I was also told that i need new rotors (again), which i will do myself at this point & replace right front sway bar link. I then asked them to check my 2010 service record & they replaced my left sway bar link. Then the service rep at Balise says "We usually replace both at same time". I just looked at him and said "It just keeps getting better doesn't it".

    Is there anyone else out there that loves their Saturn as I do, but would appreciate GM stepping up & fixing a known propblem like our tax dollars fixed their problems? If so id like to know any recommendations on starting either a petition or even a Social Media campaign to "out" GM & their "Quality Customer Service"
  • Nojustice13,

    I'm sorry to hear about your frustrations with this situation. Can we look further into this? When you worked with Customer Service, did you have an SR#? Did you have the transmission flush done? Please email us this information so we can continue to assist.

    GM Customer Service
  • Sarah,
    Im not really sure how much you can help me since noone else really has been able too. I do however find it funny that when i actually speak to someone about this being a KNOWN issue noone seems to know what im talking about. However a GM Customer Service rep responds to everyone of these complaints.

    Anyway i have the flush scheduled for next Wednesday because as stated i have no choice if im to a chance in GM owning that there is a problem.

    My SR# is 71-1011510774 & my rep is Maria. She has been as helpful as she can be, but to be honest i think its just a call center & someone reading from a script..."We contacted your dealer to discuss your issue, but because your vehicle is outside the Warranty window we can only recommend you do what the dealer recommends & if there continues to be a problem we will reevaluate at a later date"

    Wonder what all the GM employees would have done if the government hadnt taken my tax payer dollars to save their jobs....yeah i went there...
  • Good morning,

    Thank you for that information. As your case is already being handled by a District Specialist (to whom I would send a case if it needed to be escalated), it is not something that I can assist further with other than to explain further decisions made in the process.
    If you would like more information about the proceedings with your case, Maria is scheduled to call you next week on the 5th, or you can email us and we'll discuss it further from there.

    GM Customer Service
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    i had a 2009 with 7K dead motor @ 22K whinny transmission,,, i was a lucky one . traded in for a new toyota fourunner, now this is a real strong car
  • Its been a month since I sent a message out looking for help. You responded to my message which I thank you for doing I sent all the info you needed and I havent heard anything since now my nice and expensive vechicle is just parked in my driveway like a christmas ornament since it doesnt work. I really have trust in gm that they can help me out with this issue thank you again.
  • I am so sorry for the delayed response! There may have been some missed communication between my co-worker and myself. Would you mind resending that email? I really appreciate it, and thank you for posting again.

    GM Customer Service
  • I have a 2007 Saturn Outlook and I am having issues with the traction control for starters. When a slip on the snow happens the message says turning off traction control, then it powers down the engine. I have had the recall done to the Outlook this summer. The car had codes for the TPS sensor lately. The first codes that were pulled were timing chain actuator or something like that, (0017). Our local mechanic told us to try using additive and change oil sooner because of oil sludge that he noticed. GM dealer told us to replace timing chain and every sensor on that side. I was told they had to pull the engine for a grand total of 3400.00 are you out of your minds, this is crazy! The car powers down on the highway and this is a safety issue with the vehicle and apparently I am not alone. I have owned GM most of my life and this by far is concept wise the car fits my needs perfectly but mechanically this is the worst thing they have ever built and now I am upside down and stuck with a problem that has been ignored. Anyone have ideas to what the real issue might be?
  • Orhnry,

    I see that you have been working with your dealership this year on a few different concerns. Have you set up a case with Customer Assistance already? Please email us more information if you are interested in doing so, including your name and user name, your contact information and the last 8 digits of your VIN, the name of your involved dealership and your current mileage.

    Thank you in advance,
    GM Customer Service
  • Had transmission module repaired and now power steering pump has gone out. Is this a common problem with the outlook? Does anyone know if it is covered under 100k warranty?
  • The Powertrain Warranty includes the following components of the vehicle for the first 5 years/100,000 miles, whichever comes first:

    Engine: Cylinder head, block, timing gears, timing
    chain, timing cover, oil pump/oil pump housing,
    OHC carriers, valve covers, oil pan, seals, gaskets,
    turbocharger, supercharger and all internal lubricated
    parts as well as manifolds, flywheel, water pump,
    harmonic balancer and engine mount. Timing belts are
    covered until the first scheduled maintenance interval.

    Transmission/Transaxle/Transfer Case: Case, all
    internal lubricated parts, torque converter, transfer case,
    transmission/transaxle mounts, seals, and gaskets.

    Drive Systems: Final drive housing, all internal
    lubricated parts, axle shafts and bearings, constant
    velocity joints, axle housing, propeller shafts, universal
    joints, wheel bearings, locking hubs, front differential
    actuator, supports , front and rear hub bearings,
    seals and gaskets.
  • I am livid. I bought an 07 Saturn, did some due diligence and read the reviews, saw nothing about the transmission issues, bought an '07 Outlook on Halloween and December 9th on my way to work, the transmission went nuts. I did not buy the extended warranty because those usually are not a good deal. I have no reverse and it appered it stayed in first gear and the RPMs's went way up!! I called a tow truck and took it to the JIm Keras Chevy dealership in Memphis, TN. I purchased from the Jim Keras Nissan dealership right next door. I found I had outstanding recall issues so I got the timing chain recall done and approx 2-4 weeks later my transmission died (at least partially) The Chevy dealership told me on the 9th it should be in the shop Tues the 13th (today) and they would call me. I had to rent a car and today I called them. Then they tell me it should be in the shop by the end of the week. And they will rent me a car if it is under warranty. It is 5 yrs old so I have my doubts, but I might have some powertrain warranty. I had a Yukon Denali prior to this that I loved, loved, loved except for the terrible gas mileage. I thought trading to a 6 cylinder would be great, 6 weeks and it craps out. I am most dissapointed. Should have bought a Honda Pilot. I was trying to support American companies, apparently that was stupid of me. Will keep you all posted on my experiences, after reading these I am not too hopeful . . . :sick:
  • I'm sorry to hear about your Saturn. If you were willing to email us the last 8 digits of your VIN, we could look into the warranty parameters on your vehicle. It would be helpful to include the mileage, as well. Please update us on what you learn from the dealership.

    GM Customer Service
  • Thank you for your info, called the nearest dealership, started to explain the problem, they interrupted and said, "we know what the problem is, we have 30 of them in here for the same thing!!!!" 2 and a half weeks later, no hope of getting the car back any time soon, but they do give biweekly phone calls to keep us up to date. Took your advice and demanded an equal size loaner, which we have for the duration. Not happy that this happened, but customer service has been mostly positive.
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    Hi, The traction Control / stability track light keeps coming on. Then it goes off again. This is occurring more frequently but we don't know what the issue is. Now the check engine light came on yesterday and then went off again today. I see that many people are having this problem, I have 47K miles on an 08 Outlook and we just bought it from the lease last month. Can anyone offer suggestions besides parking it in my driveway.
  • When the ESC system is turned off, TRACION OFF and ESC OFF will appear in the DIC, and the ESC/TCS lights will stay on solidly to alert you that the system is disabled. Have you seen a "SERVICE ESC" message in your DIC? Or has your vehicle already been evaluated for this by your servicing dealership?

    GM Customer Service
  • Saturn is STILL waiting at the dealership for the repair. In their most recent phone call update, I was told that a rep had to come and examine the cars to determine which repairs will be approved under the warranty. I cannot believe I have been without my vehicle for a month, and they still haven't decided how to fix it?!
  • Outlook8,

    Have you already opened a Customer Assistance case with us (I apologize if this is redundant and you already have been in touch with us via email; a co-worker helps out with the Edmunds email)? I would strongly recommend you doing so, if you haven't yet.

    I am very sorry for the inconvenience this has been, but thank you for your patience as we work to sort this out!
    GM Customer Service
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    I purchased my 2008 Saturn Outlook from a Nissan Dealership in April of 2010. I noticed that this past September of 2011 my sunroof would drip a little. A month later I was driving and a steady stream of water came into my car. The next rain we had I actually had standing water on the floor board on the passanger side. I called a GM dealer and told them after doing some research that this is a common problem and it needs to be adressed, I was told it was my problem and the extenstion tube that I had researched was "general maintenance". I told them it certainly was not and was hung up on. Now the car will only heat when on defrost and that is barely working. Fast forward a few weeks and my car was acting funny when I was out so I called my mechanic and he told me to check the transmittion fluid and it was empty. I had it towed to a transmittion repair place and they checked it and said it was completely empty and that it was leaking but he didnt know where. Then I had it towed to Power Swain in NC they said it was overfilled (which is was not) and drained it and refilled it and said I was good to go. A week later I was driving it and came to a stop light and pressed the gas pedal and didnt go anywhere. Had it towed again back to Power Swain and recieved a good amount of attitude and had to cancel my entire day to get a rental.

    With all these problems and having 2 GM dealerships hang up on me I will NEVER buy another GM product ever. At this point my car is at the shop again (and these people have so much attitude when dealing with them) and I am now driving a GM rental which I dont particularly care for.

    As of today I am still without a car and getting more irriated as the day goes on.
  • I am sorry to hear about your experience. If you would like to open a Customer Assistance Case with us so we can document your concern, please don't hesitate to send us an email with more information, including your name/Edmunds username, contact information (phone and address, please), the last 8 digits of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your dealerships (I realize they're posted here, but I am not the only Customer Service Representative who responds to emails from Edmunds).

    We look forward to assisting,
    GM Customer Service
  • Omg!im so upset after reading every post. I'm sitting in a hotel because my Saturn outlook 2009 decided to die on 1-95 this am. We were pulling onto the merge lane form the rest stop and my husband changed gears and the flipping car started sputtering and we were only going 20mph whie everyone else was going 70-80 mph. We could of been killed. It now sits at a Buick dealership until the morning. I'm over 4 hours away from home with my husband,son and father on new years day! I never received a recall either about the timing chain. Just the one about the headlight that we have already taken in 2x before and was planning on taking it in this week to fix it along with the seatbelt that doesnt work.
    We have 47,0000 miles on it and I could just cry. I need to get home and not be stuck here while This car most likely gets a new transmission. It had more coming out of the back and said something like reduced engine along with he check engine light on it. I do recall telling my husband that I noticed that it would kinda jump when I was at the light when I had my foot on the break. I can't believe this car hasn't been recalled.

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