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Volvo C30 Prices Paid and Buying Experience

kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,321
Volvo C30 Prices Paid and Buying Experience.. Tell us about yours!


Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs


  • My C30 V2.0 Manual Transmission was $27,962 using Ford Z Plan. MSRP was $30,095. NO DEALER DOC FEE w/Z Plan. Z Plan with Volvo is invoice.

    Here is the breakdown:
    *Cosmic White w/Java Body Kit
    * Aluminum Wheel Atreus 7.5x18 inch
    * Kalix Offblack/Quartz Textile/T-tech Upholstery, Offblack Interior

    $25,700 C30 V2.0 M
    $ 475 Metallic Paint
    $ 675 Climate Package
    $ 1,050 Special Demo Car Accessory Package
    Fog Lights
    B-Pillar Carbon Fiber Decor Kit
    Sport Floor Mats
    Sport Pedals
    LED Interior Lighting Kit
    (This is ambient lighting by feet that shines down
    on front floor board. Can change it to 5 or 6
    different colors.)
    Volvo License Plate Frame
    $ 450 Power Driver Seat
    $ 700 Bi-Xenon Headlamps
    $ 300 Custom Build
    $ 745 Destination
    $30,095 MSRP

    $27,962 Z-Plan Out The Door of Dealership
    $ 908 3.25% Oklahoma Sales Tax
    $ 23 Tags (we're military so it is special rate)
    $28,893 Total

    Highly recommend Volvo of OKC,OK :)
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,321
    Z-plan? Is that employee price?

    Sounds like a really nice car..


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • What is the discount % provided by A, Z or X plan?

  • I purchased a c30 v1.0 with auto, moon roof, climate pkg, sirrus radio. MSRP 26,865; Invoice 25,059; Paid 24,234. I could not find out if Volvo has any kind of incentives for c30, so I am not sure if I made a good deal or not. Please comment.
  • pjo1966pjo1966 Posts: 140
    We just attempted to lease a C30 at Galpin in Van Nuys, CA. The MSRP was around 27k. The options were metallic paint, leather, auto, and dealer installed LoJack & Bluetooth. With 15,000 miles/year, $1500 down, 36 mo they came back with $630/mo. We didn't see what the money factor was, but I can only assume it was the highest one possible. That payment was pretty close to astronomical IMO. Needless to say we didn't hang around for very long after that.
  • pjo1966pjo1966 Posts: 140
    It looks like the residual was $15,000 and with the dealer installed options the price on the car was $30,000. I also suspect that there was some negative equity hidden in the new loan as well. Either way, it was a shady deal.
  • I'm trying to figure out how much my lease should be. The dealers are giving me prices that don't make any sense.

    MSRP is $30,465 (with dest charge)
    Invoice is $28,395 (with dest charge)
    I would put down $3500
    NY tax is 8.35%

    I tried some lease calculators with the numbers I got from the Volvo S40 forum and am getting monthly payments ranging from $340 to $380 (including tax)

    The offer i got from one dealer was for an MSRP of $32,500 model, $6300 due at singing, $461 montly payments. I felt that was way, way off.

    Can anyone help me based on the number I gave above figure out what my payments should be?
  • mrrk47mrrk47 Posts: 104
    I work for a Ford dealer and was wondering if I could get D plan pricing on a c30?
  • Z plan = Retired employee which is the same price as A plan = Active Employee. My father-in-law retired from Ford plant.

    The invoice displayed A & Z plans with the same price = Invoice price. The X plan price was a little higher (not sure what % was, didn't care since I was getting lowest with Z plan at that time). I've never seen a D plan. I've only seen A, X and Z.

    We got ours in the first two weeks the dealer had them so I was happy to get it for invoice. I had been contemplating a Mazda 3 at the time which with S plan pricing would have also been at invoice. Now Volvo NA is now offering $1K marketing support (i.e. cash to dealer) on the C30s through end of Feb 08.

    In other forums I'm in, I've seen people getting them at invoice without special plans. All depends where you are at in the country. Plus if you are going to special order, I would look into OSD program. Free trip to Sweden and it is about $1500 below invoice. SWEET!

    Been really happy with our vehicle. Have 6400 miles on it now. Getting 25 MPG.
  • davmddavmd Posts: 1
    I have a question for anyone who knows this please:
    - When they agree to give you the care for "invoice price", does that include the options too, or just the main base price?
    Thanks. Dave
  • We have been seriously considering a Mini, including the new Clubman, but happened upon the C30 by accident. Needless to say we really, really liked the Volvo. Anyhow, after our test drive we were poking around the showroom and heard some folks ordering a car via the European Delivery programs which we thought was A) almost too good to be true and B) what the catch is.

    We are going to pay cash for our car and are seriously thinking about flying over to Sweden and driving around for a while and then shipping it back to the US.

    Has anyone else done this? What are your impressions?

    Does the car have to be paid for (completely) before I go over?
  • Can't go wrong with OSD in my book.

    Car is cheaper. You get free trip to Sweden, free hotel stay and discounted side trip offers to other cities.

    Go to

    Yes you have to pay in full before you go to pick up.

    Only draw back I see is you have to wait 2 months for it to be shipped back to states.
  • " When they agree to give you the care for "invoice price", does that include the options too, or just the main base price? "

    Invoice price should include options.
  • I am interested in leasing a C30 1.0 but have seen little to no activity anywhere for this car. Does anyone have any info on the current leasing program or any info at all on the C30? I have yet to see one on the road and can't get much recent leasing/prices paid info and I don't want to go into the dealer uninformed. Thanks to anyone who has info.
  • mmenardmmenard Posts: 64
    Hope this helps anyone shopping for a C30. I got the Black 2.0 R-Design with the Dynaudio upgrade, and lowjack:

    $2000 drive-off
    36months/ 12k miles

    $380/month tax included.
    Love the car! So fun to drive!
  • fuzzydicefuzzydice Posts: 9
    thanks m,
    thats sounds pretty good for a 2.0r....what was the resid and mf?
  • I have a Ford Focus and I have been looking into getting a C30. I have 3 dogs which are rather large, and I live on a Ranch down a dirt rode. I am hoping this car will be okay with the lifestyle that I live. Could any one tell me more about this car and how to get the best deal? :confuse: Thank you for all your time! :)
  • katrichkatrich Posts: 4
    My husband is considering a Volvo C30. He is about 6' 7" and has about 3 1/2 to 4 inches to the roof. Seems like a pretty nice car. We happen to be on the lot when they unloaded a pretty 2009 red C30 R series. Nice. Also unloaded a hard top convertible someone had actually flew to the factory and test drove. Volvo pays for round trip tickets and 1 night in a hotel. The sales manager said you can pay for additional nights yourself. Wow. They said they average about one a month. Didn't discuss price but they were really nice. Free tires for the duration of your ownership and with the 2009 you get all service maintence free for up to 3 years or 36000 miles, whichever is first. Pretty sweet deal. How to see if he decides on this one or wants to keep looking. We live in Tennessee.
  • hotx3hotx3 Posts: 71
    We just got back from doing the European Delivery. It's not a trick.I priced the same C30 (1.0,auto,sunroof,Titanium Gray,cruise,weather pkg, cargo cover, computer,I think that covers it) on Edmunds at $27,835 for the 2008. We paid $25,310 for our '07,and got open jaw tickets (Copenhagen/Stockholm, the wife hates connections) and a night at the Radisson in Goteborg included.
    The car is really nice - comfy enough for long trips but small enough for her to consider. Zippy, too.
    The people at the Delivery Center were REALLY nice - they even called to check on our B&B the second night in Goteborg,and found us a different place when the first informed us they had lost our reservation. The Volvo FDC provided pickup and taxis as needed.
    Scandinavia is a greatplace to tour - most locals speak English and no one ges snobby about the language illiterate Americans.
    Roads in Norway can be breathtaking,and are often single lane. If you know how to downshift, the mountains are no problem. And the scenery definitely makes it worthwhile. There was enough culture and history to satiate my teacher wife.
    Advice: Credit cards don't work the same as here. You're often asked for a pin. If you plan to go to the Volvo Museum, google map it ahead of time. Get the luggage cover to keep the sun (and prying eyes, though we never felt unsafe anywhere) off your stuff. And don't pick up the car the sameday you fly in. (jetlag) Most metro areas have very good transportation and "cards" that make it easy, even fun, to go carless. Have your dealer check for "in stock" cars - you might get an even better price.
    In short, we did it and we loved it.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,321
    That sounds like a great trip!

    You should re-post it in this discussion, as well: European Delivery Experiences, Advice and Info

    Enjoy your new Volvo!



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • I was anticipating the C30 before it came out and have been so surprised not to see them everywhere. I work with a small team that helps Volvo with Southern California community sponsorships and takes a C30 to local events, and it's always the same reaction: "Whoa, that's a Volvo? I've never seen it before but I love it." Then they drive it and they're blown away. As someone who just loves to drive, totally aside from my ties to Volvo, I'm one of the people who can't rave enough about the car.

    Looks like it's held back by the fact that people don't know it exists. I'm not sure where you're located, but we'll be at the Cars and Coffee car show in Irvine, CA on Sept. 13th (link title) with a C30 R-Design (along with an XC90 R-Design, S80 V8 and C70) so you can see what you think for yourself without going to a dealership (we're not affiliated with a dealership but are extremely knowledgable about the cars. This sweet IPD-built C30 for SEMA will be there too, but just for show.
  • My husband bought a 2009 Volvo C30 R Design about 2 weeks ago. We watched it pull up on the big hauler truck. Pretty red color. 6 speed manual. Drives like ...well..just fun. I have driven it a few times. :shades: It is really nice. The sales manager we worked with told us there would be only about 400 of these made for 2009. He did get 3 years or 36,000 miles of Service Maintanence free and he was the last one to receive the Free Tires for Life as long as he owns the car deal. My husbands last vehicle was 11 years old so if he owns this one that long, he will do good. It has the tires that run about $250 each new right now. He is about 6ft 7 in tall and 265 lbs. He sits pretty good in it. It has a sunroof in it so the headroom is some less but he still has about 2 in. He looks good in it.
  • Wow, that sounds like a sweet deal and the R-Design looks fantastic - well done. Most people are surprised by how much room there is even with a sunroof, especially the taller people. I couldn't agree more though, it's just a fun car to be in and drive.
  • cdb1cdb1 Posts: 4
    I'm considering a used silver 2008 C30 2.0 with 7,614 miles...the asking price is $20,995. Does this sound like a good price?
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A large newspaper reporter is looking to speak to consumers who went from owning a luxury car (BMW, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, etc.) to a premium non-luxury vehicle recently. If you purchased the vehicle using the Cash for Clunkers program, please let me know as well. Please send your daytime phone number and the vehicle you own to by Wednesday, August 5.

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  • stacy26stacy26 Posts: 1
    The car is way overpriced piece of dodo. The center console is awesome mine is wood and I wish I could take that with me to whatever car I get. There is so much wind noise at the drivers door I can not stand it. I planned to have this car for 10 years and am selling it after 2. I have tried to work with the dealership (Don Byer Volvo in DC area) to fix it and they have been unable fix to date. It also seems to fall out of alligment if you look at it wrong. It is a very noisy car. It sounds like my drivers window is cracked (lowered a bit) I have had the window checked the door adjusted and seals replced. All I can tell you is when you take a test drive make sure you go over 40 miles an hour for a extended period of time so you can hear for yourself just how bad it is. If you do get this car Ipod integration is a must. :lemon: :lemon:
  • flygirl_be77flygirl_be77 Posts: 1
    edited April 2010
    What year was yours? I have a new 2010 and test drove several (new and used) and never had any of those problems. Very low wind noise, no alignment problems, handles great. Are you sure the dealer didn't sell you a used car that had been wrecked? :confuse:

    I got a great deal on my C30. It’s a 6 speed, with the climate, sunroof, metallic paint, etc. and it is wonderful. It was a 2010 (produced in 2009) that was still on the lot when they were just starting to get the 2011’s. It’s titanium gray with off black T-tech interior. Does great in snow and rain. (After purchase I drove it home in a snowstorm!) Even driving in the mountains it does great. It went on it’s first road trip to the Ozarks and it handles hilly, curvy roads wonderfuly (you can stay in 6th gear and still accelerate up hill!) Very smooth car!!

    :shades: I would recomend this car to anyone!!! :shades:
  • platanitoplatanito Posts: 1
    edited April 2010
    Stacy I am also looking at a 2010 produce in 2009,,, can you post what was the price out the door...

  • Do you still have this C30? Bought mine in July 08, new. Really love this little car. Yes, it is close to the road but my ride is great, no alignment issues in 2 1/2 years... does the Lemon Bill apply to your vehicle? I now have over 30K miles and still no complaints. Recommend this car to women. Men appear to like a larger vehicle. My grandson enjoys our country road trips :) as the Turbo adds so much enjoyment.
  • How much should I pay for a demo car of 2011 model with less than 300 miles on it. The MSRP on it is around $31140. Knowing that it is one model year older and lacks the new features like the LED headlamps, streaming audio with bluetooth and standard security alarm, how much should we bid that for?

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