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Mazda Tribute Transmission Problems



  • i also have an 02 tribute with rumble strip sounds. what did you find out about your vehicle?
  • I changed the transmission fluid 13qts and disconnected the battery to reset the shift timing. I have not had this problem for the last 25,000 miles.
  • I own a 2006 Mazda tribute. Bought it with 8K miles. Did all the regular maint required. The car started slipping when leaving first gear about two days ago. Then while driving down the highway had engine reving problems. Well it finally gave out today, on the highway. Had it towed to the dealer and the transmission is shot. The car has 28,500 miles!!! Too bad because the warrently actaully expired two months ago. The dealer was great tho (Fairhaven Mazda). I only have to pay for Labor (Around $900) I beleive they contacted Mazda to report the problem.
    I am so thankful for their support becauseI would have had to pay $4000. To bad that the transmissions on the 2006 models seem to be crap because other than that it's a great vehicle,
  • koutaliskoutalis Posts: 5
    I have a 2008 Mazda and it was running rough I thought maybe I had just got some bad gas. Then I was driving to work when it seemed like it would not catch 2nd gear. so it ran really hard till it was over 20mph and 3rd gear would catch. Then the little wrench liight came on. I called the dealership cause in the manual it says it is a powertrain problem contact dealer immed. Now my car that i bought in June 2008 has no transmission and only 43,000 miles on it. I am in the arguing phase with the dealership. If it not fixed at NO cost to me I will be contacting a lawyer. Mazda sucks this is my second mazda and my first I had many problems with when I went to the dealer to by a new car not wanting a Mazda they talked me into one say I must have just had a bad car. and gave me a very good deal. But it was not a good enough deal to pay for a new transmission at 43,000 miles and 1 1/2 years later this [non-permissible content removed]. :lemon: :mad: :( :cry:
  • tnanningatnanninga Posts: 10
    Interesting string of rants.
    I have a 2006 I4 Tribute with 73K miles on it, the automatic transmission started bucking and jumping two weeks ago. Six weeks ago the repair shop I use refused to service the transmission at the last oil change because they feared a battle if there was a problem with the transmission. Last night my daughter & I discussed her homework in Economics class. I chose to use the car she drives as example. The shop refuses to service the transmission, they loose $20-$30 income. (the shop knew I would have a problem) Because no service was completed, I am not as likely to bad mouth them as I am if a problem does start to develop. Also, I am less likely to force them to give me a discount IF they have to fix the transmission. The shop lost $30, because the transmission is now showing symptoms of total failure.
    Also, this is Rant #66, in nearly three years, that the board has been available. Mazda & Ford will soon release the 2011 models. When you do the math and brake down 66 posted issues over 10 years of production, with three different transmissions...(4cyl & 6cyl have different automatics+ 4cyl manual) That is 66 posted problems VS 30 products. Mazda looks and sees that there is NO specific problem. As consumers, we look at this and see that Mazda & Ford have a long string of problems. Due to their choice of a light duty transmission from their economy vehicles to install in a crossover SUV. A vehicle that weighs more than the economy car. A vehicle that likely will be used to haul a greater load than the economy car. A vehicle that because of its mass will have a greater drag-coefficient than the economy vehicles. All these factors cause more stress on this light duty economy vehicle transmission forced to do more than it was designed to do. As consumers we see and experience the problems, caused by Corporate Economic Decisions. As under-employed software engineer, I can not economically afford to replace my POS. So Mazda's extended warranty will have opportunity Monday to fund the transmission replacement due to Corporate Economic Decisions. Next time, I will do more homework on economics... Mine and theirs... :lemon:
  • esyouveeesyouvee Posts: 3
    My 2003 Tribute XLT w/AWD has about 71K miles, and reading about all these transmission problems is giving me cause for concern. But I have not seen any postings about tranny problems in Tributes with AWD. Are these transmissions sturdier than those used in the 2WD versions? If problems do develop am I looking at a significantly higher repair bill?
  • My 2002 Tribute has the button to make it 4WD, but aren't they all AWD? My transmission already has been replaced. I discussed that earlier in this forum.;
  • esyouveeesyouvee Posts: 3
    Skippy - All Wheel Drive, Four Wheel Drive, they are the same to me. No, they are not all AWD. But just to clarify, my Tribute is a 3.0L V6 with 4WD. I did not see whether yours was a 4 or 6 cyl. Not sure if that makes a difference, other than the tranny's for V6's might be a little more hefty???? I really don't know.

    I saw where you said $5-6K to replace your tranny. Yikes! If I eventually experience the same tranny issues I'll have to look at it this way: this vehicle is 7 years old and has been loan-free for over 5 of those years. I saved a lot of money by paying it off in a hurry. If the rest of the vehicle remains in good shape, a $6K tranny is still cheaper than a new car.

    So far my biggest repair bill has been for new alternator last summer. Other than that it has been a good vehicle. By the way, I also own a 2005 Honda Civic with manual tranny. The alternator on it crapped out last summer just before the Tribute's did... and it fried my battery in the process. I think cars are a crap shoot no matter what brand you get. Some have better odds but are not totally without risk of failures.
  • bachmanbachman Posts: 31
    edited April 2010
    Yesterday my 113,000 Tribute (it's an 02) was warmed up and had 25-40 hwy miles on it when I stopped at a gas station. Five minutes there and I came out to it dead in the Drive mode ... nothing... I was able to get it to go in Low and in 2nd and a bit later, they went dead. No grind or clunking or anything. I need to tow it home about one mile later today.

    At 80 or 85k there was a intermittent problem with shifting and whining rpm's turned out to be the corroded connection or ground on the CD4E model trans... I hope it's something cheap and simple ... any ideas from what I describe here.. ?

    Oh.. almost forgot to add,, the OD light started flashing on the dash at one point later in the problem. All this happened within 45 minutes to one hour. I thought I could limp it along for a while to see if it got better but it got worse. Darn.

  • koutaliskoutalis Posts: 5
    When my transmission went out i had no warning all of a sudden I was at a red light and went to go it would skip second. This happened on a weeked so could not get it to a dealership till monday on the way to take it to them 5th gear went out.
  • jds427jds427 Posts: 6
    I just had this exact same tranny problem at 113000. I had the trans rebuilt. cost $2800. probably exactly what the car is worth fixed. I wanted to just get a new car but figured i could fix it and trade it in for the cost to fix when i want a new car.
  • bachmanbachman Posts: 31
    Wow that is a bummer. I will be discussing this with a friend that is very talented and knows the CD4E trans well. If he will consider the work, it'll be parts plus a low cost of his time and labor. Very likely sub $700 -800 total. I hope I can go that route if it's the big blow up.
    I'll follow up with the cause / fix as soon as I get it done.
    Last time was a weird shifting at various rpms and turned out to be a corroded ground that these are well know to exhibit. That was a cheap fix butt he symptoms on this round are entirely different.. might be a big ouchy.
  • sjahsjah Posts: 1
    I have an 08 Tribute...had some transmission problems i.e. was reversing great but had problems moving forward...had to rev engine inorder to get it a new transmission and it started moving forward just fine..but started reverting to the same problem as in reversing fine but cant go forward....what can be causing this it electrical? i was told it maybe the that so..What could it be and how do u think i can fix it ....thanks :cry:
  • tc13tc13 Posts: 1
    I also have a 08 Tribute and 6 monts have had nothing but trouble with it.....very similar to what you are saying, mine clunks between 1st & 2nd and over the past 2 years they have found nothing so they replaced the transmission (same issue) then the Transfer Case blew, then something with the Drive Shaft and I have it in again today and got the call to say: Missing Bolt on Transmission, Engine Mount needs replaced, PTO leaking (not sure if I got this one right) Delivery hose on Water Mount has a crack.....seriously could any thing else be wrong with this vehicle?? If you get that Lawyer I am there with you....
  • dalmatinadalmatina Posts: 1
    edited July 2010
    I have a 2001 Mazda Tribute DX, manual transmission. At 125K miles, I replaced the clutch assembly/flywheel/pressure plate due to clutch not releasing -- it wouldn't fully disengage and resulted in sound of grinding gears.

    Ever since the clutch replacement (now @ 138K miles), I am experiencing problems with the clutch not catching properly or soon enough when going from idle (neutral) into 1st. The problem occurs when I'm at a dead stop (starting from neutral), so I am entering 1st gear from zero speed. I'll be at a stop with car in neutral & foot on the brake, then let up on brake, depress clutch pedal and apply gas for car to engage into 1st -- when I let out the clutch there is shuddering/shaking as though 1st gear isn't catching soon enough. This doesn't happen when shifting into any other higher gears, only from neutral into 1st. The problem typically occurs once the car is warm. (And I should mention, never happened while I was driving on the original clutch assembly -- problem only began happening once I began driving on replacement clutch).

    Any ideas?
  • jmferr4jmferr4 Posts: 1
    Transmission fluid levels have always been OK. After noticing some rough shifting I had my transmission fluid changed, March 2010, 144.500 miles. Two months later, May 2010, noticed a lot of fluid under my car, green and pink around edges. My cooling system for transmission had failed. Repair was for transmission fluid in radiator, new radiator, upper and lower hoses, flushes, and refill of fluids, plus labor $743.00..the concern was that the coolant had done damage in transmission as the trans. fluid was milky. Well..transmission failed at 148,000 miles,1000 miles later. The hydraulic system was messed up. Trans. being replaced at Mazda Dealer with factory rebuilt trans, minimum of $3500.00. Waiting to get my like new car back? Scary...
  • koutaliskoutalis Posts: 5
    I had the same problem with my 2001 Tribute it was my Clutch Master Cyclinder it costed $934.00 to get repaired and it failed again in 5 months. Have u been noticing your brake fluid levels are getting low. Cause that is how mine happened the Brake fluid was leaking in the CMC. It was like what u discribed for about 3 weeks till finally when I stepped on the clutch I couldnt get to release back out. It did not happen every day it just progressively got worse till it was everytime I had to shift in 1st gear but I could slide my foot under the clutch pedal and pull it up till it released.
  • HELP --- I purchased a new 2010 mazda tribute-6cylinder in 4/2010. (I had a 2003 & 2005). I use the car alot, as I am a salesperson on the road everyday and use it for my personal use.
    While moving into the shift motion, there seems to be a hesitation at different intervals going (hard shifting) and when down shifting, it seems to shake, and at other times, really double shakes, like the car is going to fall apart. This is a definite strong feeling. I live in the car, and I know every sound and have never had this before.
    Has anyone had this similar problem. Dealer states this is normal, and I cannot agree.
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 571
    Vehicle should not shake like you describe. Did your dealer actually test drive it? If they refuse to take any action, take it to another dealer. This transmission description is not normal. If necessary contact Mazda U.S.A. directly.
  • Thank you for your note. I have contact Mazda USA, and met with an area supervisor who feels this is a normal shifting pattern. He told me he connected my car to computer and found nothing abnormal. My check engine light did not come on and they can't identify anything. Hopefully someone can enlighten me to get more help with my situaiton.
  • bachmanbachman Posts: 31
    My fix it friend has had some delays with medical and legal stuff from a T/A he was a victim of but thus far, the Trib
    has been sitting for 3.5 months and the trans is on his work bench. I had a surprise of expensive hard to get part of $320 - forward drive hub but the rest of the parts and trans kit was pretty cheap. I'm in for $1050 now and that more than covers parts by a little. Wish I"d have thought of canceling the insurance to have saved a few hundred though. Hopefully will have it put in and working good soon and will update this. I have a 2600 mile road trip set for mid October so i hope to get some miles on it around town before the big trip. Mechanic says these are always better built after the factory parts fail and the kit parts go in. He wants me to refill it with 9 qts factory fluid and 1 qt synthetic. That special part is nearly impossible to get through dealer. They want it as in house work and limit dealers to 1 hub a week. I got around some of that through a friend or
    we'd be scabbing used or rebuilt off ebay for $170 to $220. I hope to post again within 2-3 weeks. :)
  • abruzzzabruzzz Posts: 2
    edited August 2010
    Hello, I bought my 2009 Tribute new in April 2009. I've been at the dealer over 20 times. Mostly for the same issues.
    -Hoot noise which was kinda fixed but still hear it.
    -Leaking back window
    -Seatbelt fell apart
    -Windows which make strange noises when closing
    -Air conditionner blowing out white crap all over me and dash...(they cleaned it a few times)
    - *******And most importantly the strange noise coming from under me or the engine when I go foward. Its almost like a rumbling noise...sometimes I hear metal in metal and it also happens when I'm going normal slow speed (50km) and with low rpm's. (going over a small hill) Its sounds like a RRRRrrrrrrrrrahhhh and its annoying! I noticed it did it more often when I had the air on. They changed the catalitic comverter and did some adjustments to the catalitic and front pipe and donut but it seems to be doing it even more. The service agent told me if they could hear it and not normal, they could fix it. I had 3 mecanics hear the noise. They all told me it wasnt normal. Now they told me all Tribute's make that bizar noise and there's nothing to be done.

    I'm bringing it one last time to maybe check the manifold and replace everything to stock parts and hopefully the noise will stop or be less noticable. I already spoke to a lawyer and someone at the automotive arbitration plan. I will proceed if not resolved.

    Anybody have this problem? ggrrrrrrrrRRRRarRRR noise!

    I also noticed when I start moving that there's like a loss of power and not constant? Is that a transmission issue? I think it does it more when i have the air on aswell. Like a small jolt....i give gaz and it starts, i lose power, then it goes but annoying since my whole body swings cause there's not a constant flow....does that make sense?

  • Just got my '09 Tribby with the 6 speed auto tranny back from the dealer. My tranny burned up! Began smelling, shifting rough, and had burnt fluid. The wrench light came on.

    Historically, I have towed the 'truck' behind an rv, following their instructions. Now I'm afraid to do that again. Flat towing was one of the reasons I got that 'truck' rather than another Saturn.

    Obviously they are trying to put lightweight fancy trannies in vehicles most folks want to use as trucks.
  • Nearing the end soon on the trans rebuild and test drive! It has been off line since April 30th but I have another vehicle as back up so I could wait it out for a friend to do the cheaper fix.
    It now awaits a bunch of electrical hookups, some coolant and airbox stuff and the wheels/ tires/new brakes /rotors. I'm told that the first phases will be some special electrical steps then the trans re training and special shifting sequences, speeds, rpm's etc... It has an SK brand ? shift kit added to it and the good DR is wanting Valvoline Mercon ATF with 1 quart -only- of Synthetic. I should be able to add a post with first impressions within the next week or so. I want to get some drive time on it before we go out to Michigan in three weeks for our 3000 mile test drive !! .
  • bachmanbachman Posts: 31
    On the 30th, 5 months to the day it went squirrely the Tribute rolls again. Here are few notes I learned within the context of the CD4E Ford/Madza transmission. (Those 5 months were my waiting for a friend to get to it and do the work.)

    - The rebuild and shift kit both comment heavily on the weaknesses and traits known to be problematic and I"m now convinced I had both problems or one problem leading to the other. The ground strap is known to be a faulty connection often times and can trigger problems with the forward drive hub getting energized directly. In my case, a few years ago (and just prior to another Michigan road trip) it was shifting weird and holding back at times with rpms beyond then norm for shift points. That turned out to be a ground problem , a quick and minor fix I attribute to my friend coaching me on the ground strap possibility and my pleading with the dealer to check it first before going to the book on other stuff. These kits also point out that potential and even paint or loc-tite on the strap as being a gremlin. Get the paint off the strap and make sure all connections are good!!

    In my recent case, I lost all forward drive eventually over a few miles. First is was Drive then low and 2nd quit. All I had was reverse.
    The other items worth noting IMO are the forward drive hub was damaged and it was a booger to get through a dealer as over the counter... $310 new with a discount. At that point I had between $300 - $400 in parts cost so this nearly doubled it. I ended up with about $800 or a bit more in it as parts not including labor for the work. I'll guess at a total of $1450.

    My mech prefers I use Valvoline Mercon ATF with the exception of 1 qt Mercon V (synthetic). Note that I find 10qts as capacity on some sources and 13.4 in the O/M. The thing to know here is the stick has the high mark for cold and this trans has a trap door where more fluid will go to reduce foaming. This happens when it gets hot so I may still be reading a false high on the stick. I'll keep a close watch on it and get it on the highway later today. From my reading, the level will drop about 3/8 of an inch and be in the middle of the cross-hatch after it warms up.
    I have 70 to 80 miles on it as now. It is working perfectly and this shift kit isn't as aggressive as I expected ... it shifts smoother than the factory trans did previously. I'm pretty thrilled to have saved big money and feel I have a better trans than a factory new in the box gizmo. I really credit these aftermarket engineers knowing the fixes and weaknesses AND correcting them with quality parts whereas the mfg just keeps pumping out the same stuff off the assembly line or out-sourcing to the lowest bidder.
    Good luck to all of you that are in for some down time if you have to get a fix done! :)

  • hi i have just recieved a 2001 tribue WITH a blown tranny, i've just ordered a replacement trans, and im in the process of removing the old trans do i have to take the whole engine and gearbox out in oe peice or will the `trans come out seperatly
  • I have had enough! I have a 2008 Mazda Tribute, I have had nothing but problems, right now my transmission has gone!!! I have been quoted $5000 to get a new one - I am out of warranty by 4000 kilometers - have gone to the dealership to see if there is anything Mazda Canada can do for me!
    I have had so many problems, starting with the Abs, then the electronic system, the airbag had issues, the heat went on the car in the middle of February, I live in CANADA, it was cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My entire drivers seat had to be replaced, the frame of the seat popped through the fabric and cushion! These are just a few issues - never in my life have I had these kinds of problems with a vehicle - I am going back to toyota! I will never buy a Mazda again - as soon as the transmission gets fixed I am getting rid of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anyone else have these kinds of problems????
  • I have a 2008 as well my Tranny went out at 40,000 miles luckly that was still in warrenty for me. My drivers side seat also is a problem but that is not covered so I am living with that my other problem is the tire pressure system has broken on me now 3 times which again is something I am living with due to I am tired of fixing it. I am hoping to get rid of my mazda this summer. I will never go back
  • Do yourself a favor if it's not too late and you haven't blown your top when dealing with the mfg or dealership people. Keep your cool and talk to those that say you are out of warranty again.
    The most consistant advice I've seen that does often work is being reasonably tempered BUT persistant. Do not let them think you'll take NO for an answer. If you've went up the chain to the 'ZONE' mgr you might be as far as you can go. With the number of problems you have had it sounds like a lemon. There are laws about that as well. Document everything including the first problem you had no matter that it is or is not related to the major trans meltdown. Mileage - dates etc... If I were in your shoes, I'd learn the laws about harassment so I did not over step that line. Then, I'd be on the phone or in the store daily (not yelling and screaming but persistently pursuing a win-win solution. I'd also tell those folks that my family history shows I'll probably live to be 111 years old and that is about the time I'll hand off a still unresolved issue to my family members to take over the regular visits until satisfied. Most anybody w/i the miles of warranty would have new vehicle as per the lemon law (at least here in the States). That should give them incentive to at least do the repairs or split some costs , worst case. If you have already reamed them, they may not want to help you at all. So go back and start over to be friendly / persistant. Also ... Let them know you will share your success if they work with you or you will share the nightmare of problems they left you with so your community knows how they treat customers. Update when you can and good luck.

    ** I know it's an investment in time but tell them if it takes 20 visits or 315 , you are there until it is resolved (at least let them think that). You are talking about a vehicle that is worth zero now. I could not afford to NOT take them to task if it were me.

  • I also have a 2005 Mazda Tribute with a manual transmission. I've had this Tribute since Feb 2005, and am 5 payments away from paying it off. It was brand new with 32 miles on it when I bought it. It has just over 105,000 miles on it. About a week ago, I noticed that a lot of times (not every single time) when taking off in 1st gear, it will studder/jerk. I asked my local mechanic what it could be and he told me it sounds like a transmission problem. He asked me to bring it in next week so he can take it for a test drive. I have been driving manual transmissions for 15 years, so I KNOW that it's not my ability to drive a stick that has possibly harmed the transmission!
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