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Any GOOD Kia Sedona Experiences?



  • At over 105,000 miles this beast just keeps going! * It literally saved our lives when a 100 foot tree fell on top of us in a storm. The roof rack took the brunt with the only damage being tiny dents on the hood. * We have always done regular oil changes. It does now tend to burn oil at about a pint every month and a half. *Tires do wear out faster on this very heavy van. We upgraded to Michelin right away and usually have to replace them within the warranty period so it costs very little. Must do regular rotations for warranty to be honored. * I usually have a load of boys , ages 7 through 12, that beat on the leather seats, hit the walls and windows with various rates of speed. The seatbelts hold, the leather is not ripped and we all remain safe. * The handle broke on the sliding door but was replaced in warranty. The original serpentine and timing belts just needed to be replaced at about 90,000 miles! *My biggest complaint is that it is green with tan trim. I have had 2 dogs, a cat and multiple birds run into me! I hope it will last another 4 years for my oldest son to have it when he gets his license. Heartily recommend this car to everyone!
  • anamhanamh Posts: 2
    edited October 2010
    kia exp is really awesome nothing compare with this ,, I think kia zeep experience is the best experience in the world ,,

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  • kazmazkazmaz Posts: 13
    I'm surprised how many say they wished for a Honda Odyssey over the Kia WHEN the Odyssey is well known for its' terrible transmission failure record. Just Google "Odyssey transmission problems"!! I have not seen this expensive and worriesome issue with the Kia.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    We bought a 2002 EX brand new. Perhaps we've been lucky, but ours had very few issues in the 80,000 miles we owned it, and we traded it on a new 2006 EX.

    The 2006 EX has 106,000 miles and has been nearly trouble-free. Very few warranty repairs, and nothing other than regular maintenance items beyond that. We decided to put ours up for sale, but it is bittersweet selling a vehicle that has performed so well for us. We've really enjoyed our Sedona and it's too bad we won't be driving it another 100,000 miles but we decided to get out of minivan ownership and 'upgrade' to an SUV.
  • At 140,000 km (I guess 100,000 miles) the oil valve went which led to $4000 in repairs. Besides the engine, the fuel ended up melting my exhaust manifold. My warranty ended 8 months ago and I am sorry I didn't get rid of it then. I guess it is really a hyundai entourage and there must be a reason why hyundai discontinued this vehicle.
  • I have a 2004 kia Sedona. It hasn't caused me any problems and I have had it for 5 years now. It has 245,000 miles and still no issues. I do go through wheel bearings but I have someone in my family that does them so no big cost there. Hopefully al of you get the same mileage out of your vans as well.
  • We purchased our 2007 Sedona SWB used in early 2011 with 87K miles. My wife lives the "soccer mom" life and is constantly back and forth to soccer, ballet, choir practice, youth group and library events. Van is a great size and the flip and tumble seats are easy to maneuver. I have to take the seats out if we absolutely need the room since they are heavy/bulky, but we rarely take them out. We are at 117K miles now and still going strong.

    Gas mileage is over 20 on average, with 25+ mpg on several vacations.

    We had one major repair for a fan control module, but everything else has been maintenance. We did add an aftermarket bluetooth radio so she could stream music and talk on the phone hands free.
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