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Kia Sedona Doors and Exterior

how can i put this on


  • Can you be more specific. You want to replace a damaged rear sliding door on your van?
  • cpancpan Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 passager chevy express and i need to buy the sliding door and passager door .Do you know somebody to have those parts .THANKS
  • dodedode Posts: 13
    I have a 2002 Sedona. I had some body work done on the cladding on the side door. They removed it, fixed it, (very crappily) and replaced it. Now it did not fit as tight as before. It finally got so loose, I had to take it off. There are about 10-15 plastic push clips that slide into a groove on the back of the cladding, then the whole piece pushes through the holes on the door to attach. My problem is over half of the grooves on the back of the cladding are broke off. Is there another way to attach this securely back on to the car? Some sort of Glue??

    Also, same body shop replaced front bummber skin. After about a year, one of my fog lights fell out of the opening. After crawling under to inspect, the light attaches with 3 scres to tappings molded into the bumber skin. All 3 of the tappings have broken off. Probably by over tightening by the body shop. Is there another way to attach this without replacing the bumber skin AGAIN??
  • the front part of the handle comes out , looks like a pin has fallen out. Has anyone had the same problem, easy fix? or does one have to pull entire inner pannel. Any suggestions welcome
  • hjc1hjc1 Posts: 183
    Re-attach panel using 3M double face tape (Walmart sell this stuff in the auto dept.)

    On the fog light proplem... If the broken screw posts are still attached to the screws carefully remove them. Buy J B WELD epoxy glue (4 hour set only) reset the broken posts and carefully tape them in place. 24hours later you should be able to re-attach
    the fog light ....(..Walmart sells this glue)
  • I am having trouble with the sliding door on the drivers side. The door will only open when I pull on it hard and then the auto function works. Pull the handle again hard and the door works fine. When the auto door button is pushed the door hangs up and then beeps after a short time and you have to operate the handle with a hard pull to get it to operate. The auto button when pushed when the door is open will not release the door to close. Has any body run into this problem and what did you do to have it fixed?
    Thank you.
  • I am looking at an 06 Sedona LX and have noticed both sliding doors will not stay in the open position, they both will slide shut again on the slightest incline.
    Checked another and they do stay open and require you to pull the handle to release them. So is there a common issue and an easy fix ?
  • lmunizlmuniz Posts: 3
    Hi. I am having the exact same problem with my 2006 EX model, both doors. It's been four years now and the Kia Rep in PR can't identify the cause of the problem. It seems that as time passes by the defect keeps aggravating. They have changed the door modules and the push buttons several times, they have "calibrated" the sensors, modules, etc. and nothing has solved the problem. The car has been in the dealer since April 15, the latest "update", received a few days ago, was that they were going to replace the door actuator. I am not sure this will solve the whole problem, but what else can I do. Have you fixed the problem? What do Kia reps tell you about the condition? Please advise.
  • We JUST purchased a 2010 Sedona and yepper, the doors are a HOOT!. My electrical engineer husband thought I was crazy, but we found 2 issues. (1). If you 'hold the handle in the open position' when expecting it to latch open, it won't. You must release the pulled-portion of the handle, then it latches open and stays open. This works fine, unless and until you decide to (2) LOWER EITHER OF THE BACK WINDOWS 'TOO' LOW. It seems there is a point where the window is too low and they've put a safety feature into play and it won't allow you to latch open the door. I found a round red reflector-like sticker on the side of the door (back side) of the driver's side rear. It is the same point at which you can lower the window and still open the door and it latches open. Lower than that dot, and it won't latch shut. My EE husband thinks it is so that a kid can't put his head (or other body part) out the window and then gets his melon crushed or his neck broke. It makes sense, but it is REALLY irritating. My friend with a Toyota Sienna allowed me to test her all-power doors to see what they did. If the window was down (even all the way down), the door opened, and latched, to a certain point. Seemingly giving that clearance space that Kia doors 'bump' back. And, with the window shut, it opened a lot further. WE have only had the Kia for about 25 days and are considering turning it back in because of this problem. Do I really want to have to remember to put up the windows every time I park it and have the doors latch open? Is it really worth the savings for this 'feature'?
  • 11b33t11b33t Posts: 51
    Your hubby is correct about the side doors only opening a set amount when a side door window is open. It is a good safety feature but you find it 'really' irritating?! You also cannot open the roadside side door when you have opened the gas tank filler door. Hope this 'feature' isn't the deal breaker for you because Kia used foresight and installed it to prevent accidents...
  • I was googling this issue as I also have it. Did you ever find a solution to your Sedona door problem? I have heard it is the door actuator but cannot figure out if this is something I can fix on my own and not have to pay the dealer to do.

  • It was frozen this morning and I snapped the door handle at the hinge. The other part is still on the car. Can I epoxy the handle back onto the hinge instead of paying $350.00 for a new everything????

    Did I tell you that my wife still hates this van.
  • I am having problems with my sliding doors freezing and can't get them open! major hazard if trying to get family somewhere in a hurry!!!
  • Talk to your dealer. There is a known defect with some sensors in the sliding doors that wil cause this exact problem.
  • preddiepreddie Posts: 1
    Check with your dealer, there is a recall for this very reason. I was having the same issue and it has been fixed.
  • tryeagertryeager Posts: 1
    I Tried to open sliding door the little bit of ice would not let it open then I left it and proceeded to scrape windows then when I went to get back in to car to leave there was a snap and an 1/8 to 1/4 cable popped out of the middle slide track. Has anyone else heard of this?
  • What can I tell the KIA dealer to get this recall as they just say they can't reproduce the weather to be as cold as where I live to see the doors are freezing and it never gets fixed?
  • prlady1prlady1 Posts: 573

    Glad it wasn't just our family that had trouble getting our Sedona doors open during the deep freeze. Will ask the dealer for help.

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