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Oldsmobile Bravada



  • kzenkzen Posts: 6
    I didn't think anyone responded to these messages, you're the first person who has, thanks. I'm not sure I'll be much help though. I've replaced two fuel pumps, the radiator, the thermostat and had other things done that I don't even remember. The vehicle has cost me a small fortune and it still isn't running right, although replacing the thermostat has given me some heat, but not quite the way it was before all this started. And yes, it still acts like it wants to stall out when stopped at a traffic light. The latest Idiosyncrasy is the fuel gage, it is fluctuating from full to half full even when the tank is full. Someone told me never to let the tank go less than half which seems to have stopped the car from quitting while driving it, I think, but I still don't trust the vehicle on long trips. The sad part is I really love the cars but I totally understand why they stopped making them. Please let me know if you get any answers.
  • Hi Everyone,

    I just purchased a 2002 Bravada yesterday and drove it home. It does have a squeek in the steering column when you turn the wheel and this morning when I started it, it made a very loud clicking noise in the dash or steering column. Does anyone know what this is? I recieved a 3 month 3,000 mile powertrain warranty will that cover whatever the problem is?

    Thanks for all of your help!

    Robin :)
  • mj7401mj7401 Posts: 1
    need to find location to replace
  • thatsme10thatsme10 Posts: 1
    I am removing the transmission on my 99 olds bravada , how do i get access to the torqe converter to flywheel bolts and remove them.
  • tcjefftcjeff Posts: 23
    I am thinking about buying a neighbor's Bravada as a "snow day" vehicle to get to work - does the AWD system work good on snowy & icy roads? What should I look at when considering a used 2002 Bravada?

  • Its great in snow but make sure the system is working right before you buy it. Drive it on dry pavement and do some sharp turns slowly to feel if the front grabs to much. The incoder motor and and clutch packs are not cheep if they go out. My feeling is I will never go with an awd again. You need to flush the transfer case every 6 months to keep it running good. I have a 2000 bravada and the awd has always been a problem. Last year I had a new incoder motor and clutch pack put in. About $800.00 for each project.
  • tcjefftcjeff Posts: 23
    Thanks for your reply - I don't really like the idea that I can't decide when to go into AWD, that I would have to rely on the "system" to make that decision for me. I may pass on this vehicle unless I can get it for a good price. I like the luxurious interior, though.
  • richd3richd3 Posts: 1
    Hi, I'm new to the site and hope that my problem is not a repeat of alot of other ones. The SERVICE AWD lite stays on most of the time. Every once in a while, it will go out, but comes back on and stays on for quite a while. The vehicle has an automatic trans, 4.3 engine, the transfer case has two 2 wire plugs close to the top and the encoder near the bottom of the case. I can't really tell if it is actually engaged when the light is on, I would expect that it would pulse or something to let me know that all wheels are engaged. I did measure the tires on the one side to determine if one would be larger then the other, there is two different type of tires on it now. But the difference between the front and rear is between 3/16 and 1/4 inch in outside dia. I also checked the oil in the transfer case, it was full and clean. I would appreciate any assistance or info.
  • I wont to change my dome lights in my 1999 olds mobile bravada to red. Anybody kno where to find the middle dome light located above the back seat.
  • I have had the same problems. #1 make sure you only use a g.m. delco feul pump ! they are the only ones that last. the air blend door actuator is located at the top of dash just right of center, the dash needs to come off. I am about to do mine myself. these 4.3 motors are known for leaking intake gaskets which cause antifreeze to mix into the oil. It is a $350 job if you catch it early unlike mine which i could not tie up my truck and cost me a new motor. ( had the same issues as you have described. good luck
  • hi bob well i have a 03 bravada awd mine is under the vehicle not anymore since i run 255 60 17 and there 200 a pop decided too take the spare of wich is the same size well woulnt you know it i pull a boat whit it sometimes and the crank would only go down so far can you say corrosion anyways had the mech do it 45 dollars geting new spare holder from junkyard but atlest saved 140 by using one of the old tires for spare joe :D
  • hello im new here i have had a 03 awd for 2 yrs now i love this car mine has 89956 on it 3 mos after i had it the hubs went bad 500 installed then i started noticing a winding noise when you start slowing down too come too a stop but it dosent do it always and 3 or 4 times when turning right into a parking lot i felt a loud grind almost like a ball joint was getting ready too break well that went away i dont use a gm dealer because they are expensive but i do make sure they are asc cert i took it too him and inded found athe pasenger side lower bad replaced and did a 4 wheel aligment he said it was way of now i have no winding and hopefully the grinding is gone i am going too have him change the tranfer case oil does anyone knows what oil too use thanks joe :)
  • hi i had the same problem i learn that this vehicles dont like mismatched tires i had a wheel aligment done 4 wheels and they found a bad ball joint i had them replace that do the aligment again and great like new and if need new tires i recomend put in new ones on too what they call for mine is an 03 and there 255 60 17 but there salty even at wal mart 200 ea good luck joe
  • check the water u may be pumping oil in the water
  • if you were completly dry it may take a couple more too show on the stick i know the 03 have a 6 quart pan dont know about the 99 joe
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Hi, Cuda! Welcome aboard.

    Be sure to check out the other topics here (click on the Oldsmobile Bravada link near the top of this page) where you can get help from other members and you can share your ideas and knowledge with them.

    tidester, host
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  • Hello everyone My name is Nico and i have been looking for a site that deals with the bravada and thank god i found one lol i own a 1992 olds Bravada with a 4.3 tbi stock but soon to change to a chevy 350 small block ( he he he) alot of work and money ahead of me but that is ok my truck is a red interior and white exterior also soon to change.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Welcome aboard! You may want to have a look at Engine Swaps.

    tidester, host
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  • Have you find out why this is happening? Mine is doing the same thing. I have had the filter and pump replaced thinking I got bad gas. I am tired of paying tow bills it always seems to go out on me when i go out of town. I am working on my 3rd time here. Thanks
  • kzenkzen Posts: 6
    No, I haven't found out why but, and I hate to jinx myself, but the vehicle seems to be OK again, although, if I make multiple short stops while I running errands, the car sometimes won't start again for about 10 minutes so I sit and wait and eventually it will start. It is a very quirky vehicle. I do add a bottle of dry gas every thousand miles or so.
  • A couple of years ago you posted a question on the forum about the seat heating and adusting not working.

    I now have the same problem.

    Did you ever find a fix for it?

    Darryl Huffman
  • Where do I find a wiring diagram and parts for a combination tail light for a 2002 Olds Bravada?

    I have swapped bulbs, (left to right) and also the sockets. The passenger side taillight doesn't work (brake light does) when I swap the sockets the problem stays on the passenger side. HELP please
  • hi , I own a 2002 bravada. its got about 94000 miles and it really has been a great vehicle. just recently have started having a problem with my battery dying. I replaced it and over nite it died again. its drawing power from something while the car is off. i checked all the fuses for a short or maybe an arc to try to find the problem. ive been unsuccesful in my search and was hoping someone might be able to lead me in the right direction. thanks!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    You may want to have the alternator checked.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • What is the Labor time approx for replacing the encoder motor. I just received the news from chevy that this is my issue and had it confirmed by 2 other GM employees.
  • hello all,new to the group here but have had my 99 bravada for about three years now and it is giving me fits!
    the thing overheats and i cant tell why.
    the thermostat has just been replaced, and i flushed the system out twice now.
    the clutch fan seems good and it will run pretty cool at an idle but as soon as i take it out for a test drive it heats up. anyone here have any clues? :sick:
  • I have replaced the right wheel bearing several months ago and it cured a simular noise. I am getting a progressively louder noise (sounds like meshed gears without oil) that gets louder with speed. I have replaced the left wheel bearing recently with no improvement. The transfer case fluid level is ok. I am afraid that there is a serious problem, I have evenly worn tires with the same pressures. They are worn but not extreamly. I can feel the noise in the steering wheel and the floor.
  • the air bags deployed. now the car will not even start. the battery is working but when u turn the key it does nothing. is there a reset button for the airbags and where would it be? i want to drive it to be fixed. please help me if u can.
  • 69ltd69ltd Posts: 1
    My wife has a 2000 Bravada. Have replaced fuel pump about three times after 150,000 miles. After third pump car still did not run right, kept stalling and not starting after sitting over night. I bought a conversion kit that converts CSFI to MPFI. This is a direct replacement fuel injection system from GM. The original is very bad for clogging and needs the exact amount pressure of the fuel pump for it to work properly. I installed this unit about a year ago and the vehicle has never ran better. I bought the unit at and I think it costs around $300. Took about four hours to install and is fairly involved but can be done if you take your time and read the instructions. This website explains it to:
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