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2009 Nissan Maxima



  • I wrote my earlier msg quickly and right after I let it fly I realized my misstatement. I consider the newer Maximas, including the 2004 - 2008 version, very attractive. The 2 prior versions I did not care for at all, and many in the automotive press did not care for their looks either. So out4cat, I like your car, although I like the new one better (for looks).

    As for the CVT, it has been refined for the '09 compared to the prior version, and a number of the owners earlier on in the posts got used to it and liked it a lot. So I'm really speaking to what people have said on the new version of that transmission. Same goes for acceleration--I'm speaking to the new one. C&D is painstakingly precise in their acceleration tests, and they clock the '09 at 5.8 seconds to 60 mph, which blows away most others in the class. They also make positive comments about the CVT in this model.

    Sorry for not being clearer in my previous post. I'm sorry about your slower car, but the '09 is clearly very fast as rated by professional testers. Perhaps you could unload yours and buy something you like; I'd hate to be driving something I didn't like, especially as a car enthusiast... Good luck.
  • Interesting point, I should just test drive the 09 and see what the new CVT feels like, I will do that. I am trying to love the new 09 design but have not seen one yet that really catches my eye. I was skeptical even about the 04 when I got it but one day I went to the local dealer and saw one in a new color "Coral Sand" and instantly fell in love with the car. It even had the Elite Package with 4 heated bucket seats and a rear console with ice bucket and cup holders, I was sold signed on the dotted line and loved every minute of every drive. I later realized that perhaps buying the 1st year production was not wise because of squeaks/rattles and a shimmy in the steering that appeared intermittently, but as far as the look of the car, I loved it. My new 07 does not have the Elite, could not find one with it but it is still a nice looking car and I do love it, especially when it is just detailed.
    As I begin to see more 09s on the road I imagine that I will begin to like it more but the trouble again is, I have not seen one in a color that makes me fall in love with it. Most dealers only carry variations of grey and the few blue/maroon/green ones all have black seats which I HATE. So far I am drawn towards the Tuscan Sun exterior color with Cafe Latte leather seats, have not seen one on the road yet. I can also tell you from experience that it is a difficult color to keep clean especially here in the north with no garage and cold winters. I am puzzled by the variety in color availability in cheaper Nissans but the flagship is restricted to a sea of grey tones and only 3 colors that are not.
    More to come when I test drive the 09 as per your suggestion, wow 290 HP, I may never give the darn thing back to the dealer.
  • 2009 3.5 SV Premium + Technology, Dark Slate / Charcoal

    $39,302 MSRP

    $35,473 Final Price

    I've had my new Maxima for a little more than two weeks now (and 600 miles), and I have to say that I am absolutely thrilled with it. I considered a number of different cars:

    2008 Lexus GS 350: I almost bought this car, I negotiated $2,500 below dealer invoice, and the interest rate on the lease was only about 0.5%. When I went to pick it up, I drove it first and realized that the seat comfort just didn't compare to most of the other cars I had tried, there just isn't enough padding in the driver's seat back. Even my wife's 2008 Highlander Limited has a better seat. And you have to pay another $500 to get iPod connectivity? Come on Lexus, let's move into 2006 already.

    (if you're wondering why I get such good pricing, I'm a licensed Auto Broker in California and I know all the fleet guys professionally).

    2009 BMW 535i Sport + Premium: I was on the verge of buying this one as well, at $500 over invoice and the mfr buy rate for the lease. This car has the best seat in the business, the 20-way adjustable one included in the sport pkg. I loved everything about this car except the price. At about $63K I finally realized that I could get something satisfactory for a lot less money - the BMW is very nice, I think it's way overpriced though. At $50K I would have gone for it.

    2009 Jaguar XF - This was nice, and gorgeous - plus I was going to get about $10K off the sticker price. I just didn't want another V8 - too bad they don't make it with a V6 in the U.S.

    2009 Acura TL - I like the new TL from almost every perspective, except for the front end - I just couldn't see myself looking at that ugly-[non-permissible content removed] shield grill every day for the next three years.

    BMW 335i, Infiniti G37 - Both excellent drives (the 335i coupe was a hoot in particular), but a little smaller than what I really want. I think the G37 coupe is absolutely beautiful though.

    Over a period of six months, I looked at and considered a lot of cars. Every time I would try out something new, I found myself coming back to the Maxima and finally realized that the car fit me like a glove, more than any other car (except the 535i). I love the comfortable seat, the style of the interior, the sporty exterior and all the cutting edge technology features. This is a handsome car, very luxurious, but with a sporty soul. It has plenty of power for everyday driving, and the sport shift mode is a lot of fun.

    Yes, it has front wheel drive, and a CVT. Those wouldn't be my first choice, but in everyday driving these have becoome a non-issue for me. The Max takes freeway onramps at speed with aplomb, and windy roads in the mountains just fine. It feels planted. It's steering and suspension are not BMW caliber, but the cost is much less. It's very quiet on the freeway, yet has a sporty soul when winding it up.

    Do I care about Nissan's "4DSC" marketing slogan? Hell no, it's just the marketing department at work. Don't let that bother you, it's just marketing, and who really cares about that?

    The stereo is excellent, way better than the standard stereos in the Lexus and BMW. The iPod interface is wonderful. The Navi works great, way better than our Highlander.

    There are a few regular contributors on this site whose only reason for being here is to try to talk people out of the Maxima. I personally wouldn't have the time to spend on such an endeavor, but to each their own - and they are certainly welcome to voice their opinions here for whatever reasons motivate them. My opinion is that owning a certain expensive sports car or having a history of driving other cars or whatever doesn't make someone an expert on cars in general, or on the new Maxima in particular.

    It's easy to talk down the Maxima because it's not rear-wheel-drive, or doesn't have a manual transmission, or whatever. From age 16 to 46 I drove nothing but manual transmissions, and just got tired of shifting in traffic.

    Some people feel better about themselves when they are able to focus on being negative. Look out for them and take what they say with a grain of salt. Question their motivation for spending so much time on a forum for a car that they have no intention of buying.

    If you are attracted to the Maxima, and it feels good to drive it, then go for it. This is a fine car, and I'm really glad I have it. Don't worry about what other people say, especially on an Internet forum. Go and drive all the cars for yourself and make up your own mind.

    By the way, the dark gray exterior/black interior looks especially sporty - give it a look. I considered the sport package, but one of the auto mags said they feel not having the sport package improves the ride without hurting the handling. After trying both I agree. You can always get a spoiler added on, and it really is hard to tell the 18" from the 19" wheels.

    I don't have a lot of time to spend on this site posting, but I wanted to be sure that for those who are interested in a Maxima and come here to see what others have to say, that I was able to give my perspective on this excellent new car.
  • Thanks redbull.

    I am not on the market for a new car at this time, but 09 maxima actually looks great but as a person in the business what made you chose a 1st year car?
  • WOW Redbull sort of a long interesting way to get your point across. Automotive selection is mostly a subjective process, color, style, wheels, shape, those are all subjective aspects of selecting a car. That being said, all you had to say is "I got the new 09 Maxima because I like the car" and that would have sufficed. We are not here to judge people's choices, just express our opinions. Throughout your posting I pictured someone standing in front of a tribunal/court, or even Congress trying to testify/justify why they selected the Maxima, just liking it is enough. I am curious as to the wide range of vehicles you say you considered. The considerations range from expensive, to premiums, to SUVs and back to smaller cars. Being a licensed Auto Broker why would you look at the XF knowing it has a V8 if you did not want one? Why look at the X5 if you know its sticker is as high as it is and you are looking for a car not an SUV? if you are in the affordability range of an X5 then why look at the 335, smaller, cheaper? Did you look at the 5 series? I do agree with your issue with the TL although local dealers here are painting it in body color to soften the awkwardness and it helps a little on the visual effect.
    I have doubts about someone not getting the lexus GS simply because of the seat cushion, especially an auto broker. I doubt the X5's only attribute is the seat and suddenly the price was the reason for not going forward, an auto broker should have known the price going in. By the way, these X5s are being built in America and priced as an import, no wonder BMW does not need a bail out, America is getting duped and BMW is laughing all the way to the bank. Woops, same goes for Nissan, the Maxima is built right here and you paid import price, no matter what the discount is.
    No-1 is trying to talk anyone out of buying the Maxima, the final decision is that of the person who has to live with the choice. We simply express our views and move on. Personally I do not like the color scheme you chose, it has no life in such a dark color scheme, almost funeral-like. But the bottom line is, if you like it, then it is a good choice for you. I am still puzzled by the "sporty" classification of a vehicle, what do wheels and metallic interior trim have to do with sports?
    The views will continue to be expressed on these pages and the Blog will go on. If GM gets its act together, maybe I will pull up next to you in a V8 Pontiac G8 which discounts for about 29K and rumble away ahead of you in my comfy leather seats and 400 H.P. with enough leftover cash in my pocket to have it detailed monthly.
    U.S. built Nissans are NOT equal to Lexus, Acura, Jaguars, or Infinitys; no way no how.
  • Hey out4cat, sorry if I was pretty windy, but I wanted to express my thoughts in detail, so there you go.

    Being an auto broker really has nothing to do with how I consider a vehicle for myself, professionally I just get deals for other people and have a detailed knowledge about vehicle configurations.

    Comfort should be at the top of the list for anyone considering a daily driver; if the Lexus seat is not comfortable, I think it's obvious that I would disclude that car from my consideration.

    You mention the X5 several times, yet I didn't even look at it, or any other SUV. We already have a new Highlander, and that's enough for our family. I mention the 535i several times though, a very nice car. Also, I never metioned metallic interior trim...?

    In my mind, "sporty" is a feel you get from all your sensory input when driving and or looking at a car - the Lexus for example, while somewhat planted in the handling department, sounds like a sewing machine - there is no soul there. It's a beautiful car on the exterior though.

    I wanted a car for me, so looked at all the cars that have some appeal to me - there were no rules, i.e. has to be a sedan or big or small. I think the Jag XF is gorgeous. If when trying it out I were to totally fall in love with it, then I would have discounted the fact that it has a V8. That didn't happen though.

    Same with the G37 coupe - a beautiful car with soul. It was just a bit too cramped for me, and I think the exhaust noise would be irritating after awhile. The BMW 3 series is a very appealing car, I had to try it out to realize that it was just too small, and way too expensive. Although as I was leasing, the cost wouldn't have been too prohibitive all other things considered.

    Your final statement about the equality of Nissans vs. a number of brands is puzzling. How do you quantify that? Do you mean quality? Nissan generally finishes very high up in the quality ratings every year, usually beating Honda by a few places. After trying the new TL I thought the interior of the Maxima was much nicer, and the fit and finish is certainly no better on the TL. Same with the Lexus, I couldn't see a difference in quality between the GS350 and the Maxima. Jags are known for electrical glitches and other problems, but they have supposedly improved quality tremendously.

    My new Max is very well buttoned down, no rattles, and the fit and finish of everything is suberb - I believe just as good as our Japanese-made Toyota Highlander. Given the improvement of Ford and GM in quality over the past few years, I think a statement that Japanese or German cars are better in quality is fast becoming a myth.

    I stopped racing at stoplights years ago, so if you do come up next to me in a G8, I'll give you a friendly wave as you go by - I don't care about bragging rights, performance specs or wining races.

    I do appreciate your response though, thanks for your time.
  • Hi Alex,

    I'm leasing for a period that's less than the warranty period, and I didn't want to wait. I also have faith in the JD Power quality ratings that put Nissan so high every year (this includes all of their cars, whether made in the US or Japan).

    So there you are - being in the business gives me the perspective that this is a safe bet for me.

    Thanks for your response.
  • houdini1houdini1 Kansas City areaPosts: 7,640
    Couple of points.

    As far as I can tell, you do not own a new Max yet this is about the only board you post on. Nearly all, if not all, of your posts are bashing the Max in some way. What is your extreme negative interest in this car?

    In your last post you criticized the poster for his post being too long...and your reply was about as long as his was ! What's up with that?

    2013 LX 570 2016 LS 460

  • I only post on this board because I have an interest in the Maxima, had an 01, 04, now have an 07,and started with a 96 Nissa Altima way back when GM's service record pushed me away.
    I previously wrote that I should drive the Max in order to really see what they have done with the new CVT, I also wrote that I am waiting to see one in the right color to catch my eye and go for. Good points made by others on this blog have be thinking differently.
    I am not going to be in the market for this or any vehicle until 2010-2011 because of my present lease agreement. That is really different than bashing the car, just simple observations based on subjectivity, I think you can read real bashing earlier in the blog and not from me.
    My point, even though drawn out in a long reply, was that liking a car, without a care for other's opinion, or a 200+ justification of it, is what it is all about. In watching the show "Car Crazy, Barry Maguire speaks of passion, which transcends justifications and goes to the heart of the matter, liking the car. I admire those who have the car and love it, I am simply not there yet even if the lease agreement allowed me to switch right at this moment.
    After reading the cars and criteria (HP, size, RWD vs FWD, price...etc) others on this post consider when making their decision, I wanted to know what Redbull, as a broker took into consideration and why, just to have a more diverse perspective when I start looking again, it is that simple.
    Did you really read all of my posts, wow thanks...
  • Outcat, I found the colors not the greatest either, as I would really love to get a lighter green for my next ride--nothing doing with the Max. Yours does sound beautiful in the coral sand. I particularly like the tailamps and rear view on the '07. BTW, I found that the new one looks better on the road somehow than when it's jammed into the showroom. It may grow on you.

    If I could change something on the '09, I would like them to put the 3.7 that's now in the '09 G37 sedan, and possible the 7 speed also from the G37, as the CVT seems to cause some controversy. But since that's not available, it's hard to argue with the 3.5 and the CVT sounds pretty decent now. Not sure how much it would cost to replace that transmission though if you keep the car a long time and it goes... Just my 2 cents.
  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135

    Great choice!!! I've owned my 09 Maxima now for over 4 months and love the car more now than when I purchased it back in August. 0 problems. I also came very close to getting a GS350 - but decided to save the bucks. h

    I still view this car more as a luxury car than a performance car - especially when you get the Premium package. Where else can you get all of the luxury amenities of dual moonroofs, air conditioned seats, rear ac/radio controls, power sunshade, heated steering wheel in a car in the mid-30's??? It simple, you cant!!!
  • Well the effects of a glass of wine certainly had its effects on me, for some reason I related your comment about the 535 with the X5, Touche with your come back.
    I also saw the comment specifically to the 335i coupe but in general to the G37 and assumed (I know what happens when one assumes) that you meant the sedan. I agree with and share your opinion of the coupe G37. I considered moving from Nissan up to the G but with 3 grown children the car did not have enough space, something in common with your assessment.
    My question about sporty and steel interior trim comes from noticing that some vehicles that are marketed as the "de-luxe" version, as yours, are trimmed with wood or imitation wood interior trim and then the same car in its "sport version" suddenly switches the interior trim to some cold metal pieces. If you look at the 09 Max with the Sport Package, the interior trim does just what I mentioned, I believe yours with the premium package has a wood-tone or wood-like trim. The logic behind that is unbeknown to me. Good thing that offers replacement trims options.
    The quality statement comes from having driven the 04 and now the 07 version of the Maxima.Take a close look at one if you run across one. In the 04 and 07 you will notice that you can look through the gap between the front driver door and front fender and see the screw that holds it in place, you can run your finger along the upper part of the door forward and see where your finger will come to a complete stop when you reach the front fender because they do not match up, you can look at the trunk and see the gap with the rear fenders varies in separation especially as you approach the separate piece next to the tail light, and finally you can look at where the interior upper section of the doors meet the dash board and see that they do not line up. These are all major failures in quality control for a Japanese car, and especially a flagship car. Specifically In my 07 model, the interior trim on the top section of the passenger door has a gap with the dash board that far exceeds the same gap on the driver side. It is all about attention to detail, whoever let these faults get to the consumer should not be in the car business. Is it because they are built here, maybe not because my daughter's $17,000.00 Pontiac G6 does not suffer from any such failure sin quality. I think American cars have come a long way, they deserve a look these days.
    I thought the electrical problems with Jaguars had gone away with the Ford influence, am I wrong on that? What was Acura thinking when they designed that front grille?
    Gee you gave up racing at stop lights at a young age of 46, come on man are you serious? Actually so have I, the comment was meant as a joke. I did that with a partner Maxima a few weeks ago and got clobbered because my 07 had the CVT and his 05 did not.
    Hey on a serious note, since you are in the car business, why do I not get the scent of leather in my Maxima that I notice in German cars, some American cars, and other Japanese premium brands? There is something wonderfully intoxicating about the scent of good leather, yet my Maxima does not exude such a scent, neither do any of the 09 versions I have sat in.
    I love the dialogue redbull, thanks for the exchange of opinions. As I stated in a previous post, I will test drive the 09 and then provide my opinion on the blog. Happy motoring to you and all...
  • Yeah carnut if you notice, most of the colors are some variation in shade of the color black (silver-light black, precision grey-medium black, dark slate-dark black, and of course full black. only the blue, tuscan sun, and majestic jade offer the consumer a choice other than black. And if I choose to pay $2,300.00 for the sport package, I lose the option of having the interior trim color in cafe latte, what is up with limiting the customer for spending more money?
    In my 07, I chose the precision grey because they did away with the coral sand. Luckily for me, I found one with frost color seats instead of black ones, it makes such a difference.
    Who knows, as time goes by maybe the CVT will be re-tuned and become enthusiast friendly. I will let you know what I think of the new CVT when I test drive the 09, I will make sure it has the sport package which includes shift paddles. Your 2 cents count, just like all of ours. Bottom line is to have fun with the car we all drive, I do so with mine.
  • I know this question wasnt directed at me but I wanted to comment....
    I too drove many vehicles before buying the new Maxima. (Ie G35, M35 Lexus IS, Mercedes) I found the handling and pick up to be much better than all cars listed for the price, not to mention I wanted something that no one had on the road. I now have 6k miles on my Maxima and LOVE it just as much as I did the day I drove it off the lot. To date 6 months later have seen only 1 maxima in the greater Houston area which is cool because no one even know what I am driving unless they stare.

    I would suggest neg. for a lower price with the market and all, I paid 35k including TTL for Silver Maxima with no nav the weekend they came out. I hope this helps in your car search.
    I agree with Redbull dont listen to everyone bashing the Maxima, go drive it or listen to someone that has owned one for 6,000 miles not someone who just has too much time on their hands. :P
  • Hey carnut35, just wanted to let you know that the Premium pkg without the Sport pkg also has shift paddles. The software for the CVT transmission does a pretty good job of simulating a regular automatic tranny with shift paddles, i.e. it holds the RPMs until you shift it. I actually prefer using the console shifter in sport mode over the paddles, it works very well.

    There is no difference in the engine or transmission with the Sport package; the suspension tuning is stiffer, the 19" wheels, spoiler and metal instead of wood in the interior I believe are the only differences.

    With the Sport package you can't get the air conditioned driver's seat, the dual sunroof, the heated steering wheel (this is paying off big for me right now).

    Most of the car magazines say this is the best interation of the CVT they have seen, but having said that it's still a CVT. I don't mind it, and it supposedly enables better gas mileage, but I would have much preferred Nissan's new seven speed AT that's in the Infinitis for 2009.

    The reason why dealers stock mostly white, silver, gray and black cars (not just with the Maxima), is that those are the biggest selling colors (in that order) in the U.S. This increases their chances of having a car in stock that will be suitable to someone coming in off the street, and them getting an impulse sale. The other colors are out there though, one of the dealers near to where I live has two green Maximas with sport package in stock right now. The green looks more like silver though, it just has a bit of a greenish tint if you look at it in a certain light. It's a nice color.
  • I've noticed when I'm on the freeway people racing to catch up to me, then slowing down to take a look. This is especially true at night - the Max's taillights look very cool at night, and very unique - it doesn't look like any other car out there.

    Glad you are enjoying your Max!
  • It's good to hear the positive stories about the new purchases, and it seems Nissan did a better job w/the CVT than on the previous version. I've decided not to buy now (old car runs fast and well), but after reading and looking for me it would come down to the Max, the '09 TL SHWD, or the new G37 sedan with the 7 speed and big horsepower (I think it's over 300). It seems like the Max has a distinct price advantage in this comparison, although the warranty is 1 year shorter and I don't know if Nissan service is as good as Infinity or Acura. Acura is excellent, I can say from experience, and I imagine Infiniti is. Anyone have substantial experience with Nissan service departments?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I think you guys who have driven the CVT and then put it down very badly are doing it an injustice....... And look at the numbers: I think I saw 6.2 seconds 0 to 60; that's class leading fast, and probably a good bit faster than whatever you're driving now.

    Sorry it's taken awhile to respond, but better late than never.

    Regarding performance, Edmunds tested the 2009 Maxima SV sport at 6.3 seconds 0-60. Edmunds Test.

    That Edmunds number feels just about right based upon my buttmeter and comparisons to two cars I own: a 2004 Acura TL 6-speed that is in the 6.0 second range and a 1995 Maxima SE 5-speed that was tested by virtually every automotive rag at 6.6-6.7 seconds. So, on the one hand, you can make the claim that the Maxima certainly isn't slow. But, look at it another way. It now takes 100 more horsepower (290 vs. 190) for the CVT Maxima to shave a whopping 0.3-0.4 seconds off of my 14 year old Maxima's time. By comparison, a 300 hp 335i is in the 4.9 second range, so calling the Maxima "class leading" is absurd, unless you are picking a different class than "sport sedan". Even the (70 fewer horsepower) 328i is quicker. How much does the CVT have to do with underachieving performance? A lot. Surely FWD vs RWD is a factor when comparing to BMW. But the weight of a 2009 Maxima and 335i are neck and neck.

    Fuel efficiency is another weakness of the CVT. It get's decent EPA ratings (as did my 2004 TL). But the actual fuel efficiency reports I've heard back on the 2009 Maxima are pitiful - according to my Nissan dealer, the 2009 executive demo that he drives has averaged 17.8 mpg in 6,500 miles in highway biased mixed driving. Test drives account for less than 200 miles, so that's not much of a factor. By comparison, my 1995, with only 5 gears and running at 3,000+ rpms on the highway has averaged 24.1 mpg over 155k miles. 20-22 in the city, 28-29 on the highway.

    That said, my biggest gripe isn't with the "numbers". I just can't accept the numbness, hesitation and disconnected feel the CVT causes in what is supposed to be a "sports" sedan. It's not just evident in hard accceleration, it rears its ugly head when I'm taking a left turn at 10 mph. I simply want a transmission to feel more direct and responsive.

    I'm not asking Nissan to punt the CVT against the wishes of buyers that don't care about responsiveness and direct control. I'm simply asking for the option of a short throw 6-speed manual on behalf of those of us that do. Is that really to much to ask for in a car that labeled as a 4DSC?
  • I won't contest you on points concerning the Maxima being a sports car. It's no BMW 3 series but it's definitely as comfortable as a 5series and a lot cheaper.

    Mileagewise I'm geting 23 in city/freeway driving (1100 miles) and I'll post my highway mileage after I take a longer trip.

    As far as the CVT it has been very smooth. As far as I'm concerned the CVT is never in the wrong gear like an auto can be when you slow down to 30, the trannys in 5th and you punch it. There's always a hestitaion as it drops 3 gears to catch up.
  • I am all up to speed feedback about colors, CVT, quality, avg mileage and looks of the new MAX but have 1 question for new owners, does the exhaust note sound like the note in the 350/370 Z or G37 coupe? I noticed the new design of the exhaust tip on the 09 Maxima is similar to the one on the Z and G, just wonder if it sounds the same. In my 07 I get a pretty nice engine sound from the cabin but outside the car is just as silent as a Buick.
    Priced an SV in a local dealer stickering at 37k and red tagged at 31,500 plus tax. I am shocked this price is better than the broker price that red-bull got on his. I did not go for it because these cars all had charcoal seats. The dealer had 27 Maximas in stock, 8 of them were set at 31,500.
  • The exhaust is definitely not the same as a g37 (I traded in an FX35- similar sound). Actually it's a similar pitch if you really get on it but normally it's very muted. On the Infiniti's the sound is noticeable in the cabin all the time. It's not very noticeable in the cabin in the Max.
  • Oh you are right, I forgot about the FX35, that car has a great sound as it drives by. I wonder why the Maxima with the same engine, high HP and similar exhaust tips is not designed to sound the same, especially the one with the Sport Package. Oh well, maybe for 2010 or 11.
  • Hey out4cat,

    The Max is definitely quieter inside with respect to the Infiniti G37 coupe to my ears (not sure about the sedan) - one reason I passed on the G is that I felt the somewhat constant droning sound would eventually get irritating over time - I like how it sounds in the short term though. That said, the newer gen G sounds much better than the previous gen G35 coupe, it's less "buzzy" sounding.

    I had a 99 Camaro SS and bought it new - it had a great V8 sound with a manual transmission, but after about 30K miles the exhaust noise had definitely worn out its welcome, and I vowed to take the long term into consideration with any future automotive purchases.

    From what I understand for the new Max Nissan "piped in" some of the sound to give the car a sportier sound for the driver as there is so much sound deadening material it was too quiet - and that's why it sounds robust upon acceleration but very quiet on the freeway. I really like this tradeoff.

    Auto pricing is always about supply and demand - and I need to point out that mine stickered out at $39,205 - about $2,200 more than the one you are indicating at $37K. The price I got was $35,457 - $200 below dealer invoice. This is a good result considering that the SF Bay Area dealers aren't carrying inventories of more than a few new Maximas each. The one I got was the only one in California with the color combination I wanted - and I bought it the day after it came in off the truck. Two other reasons why mine cost more than the ones that have been sitting for months at your dealer.

    I have a business relationship with these guys, and dealerships are hurting right now. It wouldn't have been appropriate for that business relationship going forward to lowball them too much, they have to make a living too. All in all I'm happy with the price I got.
  • The end resulting exhaust sound in a car has very little to do with the exhaust tips, essentially a cosmetic decoration, or the engine itself (except for the number of cylinders) and more about the entire exhaust system setup. Automotive engineers can "tune" the sound to their liking with different lengths and diameter of piping in different locations along the system, and of course the muffler they use will make a big difference. It might be that in the case of the newly designed FX they felt more sound was indicated (look at the mean shark face front end) than in the Maxima, of course I'm not privy to what their considerations were. While both vehicles use a version of the Nissan VQ, they are really apples and oranges for comparison sake.
  • Good points on the reason why some price deals may vary from time to time and place to place. I am sure that having 27 Maximas in stock had something to do with the lower price figure at the dealer out here in the D.C. area.
    Point taken on the long term effect of a lively exhaust note, I am very happy with the engine hum I hear when I step on the gas on my 07 but can agree that I also love the quietness that takes over when I let go of the gas pedal.
    I saw a black 09 parked by my job today and except for the fact that it was filthy dirty, I liked the look. Only the similarity in the trunk design to the Altima stands in the way of falling for the new design.
    You hit the nail right on the head with the FX looking like a shark, I am glad I am not the only one with the same thought.
    I had also read an article somewhere that backed up your take on colors that dealers stock most and are most popular. I would love to see what the new car looks like in the dark green that was available in 01-03, coral sand, and pebble beach (all colors from the previous model). Living in northern VA without a garage and being a clean car fanatic, I cannot see myself getting the dark slate like yours, or black. My life is quite different than when I lived in Florida and had a garage to keep those colors shiny, oh well. By the way, speaking of shine, I use Pizzaz Carnauba wax from and love what it does for my precision grey color, imagine what it will do for yours being darker.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Especially if you like the Cadillac inspired pimp-mobile look. :surprise: ;)
  • I was referring to the car in black not the wheels. I can't understand buying the sport package with 19" wheels and then replacing them.

    Don't knock all Cadillacs though, the CTS (motor trend COY)and CTS-V (rated better than the M5 by motor trend) are great cars, too bad the rest of the line up is not quite up to par.
  • Let me get this out of the way right now - the 2009 Maxima is not a sports car in the traditional sense. A proper sports car doesn’t have front wheel drive, and there would certainly be a manual transmission, or at minimum a properly set up automatic transmission or DSG, not a CVT.

    Most of the criticism leveled at the Max in the automotive journals is based on their lofty 4DSC claim, because it simply does not measure up to that bar in the areas that count. I think Nissan made a big mistake with that, and opened the Maxima up to needless criticism. But. This is only marketing, folks; the newly redesigned Maxima is what it is, and that is a well put together, sporty, entry-level luxury car.

    I spent 25 years in Silicon Valley working as a design engineer at technology companies like Cisco. During that time I had many battles with marketing folks who quite frankly live in another world. I learned over the years to take marketing with a grain of salt, and to look at products for what they really are. Marketing often consists of hype and half-truths, and so I treat it as such and basically ignore it.

    So, I urge you to ignore the “4 Door Sport Car” moniker and give the Maxima a fair chance if you are considering an entry level luxury car with a sporty feel, and decent acceleration and handling. Anyone who is looking for a real “sports car” should look elsewhere, and I’d bet they most probably are anyway.
  • I’ve seen some recent posts that claim acceleration figures for the 09 Maxima, and also the BMW 328i and an older 90s model Maxima. As I’ve driven all of the cars mentioned and didn’t feel the claims were accurate based on my own seat-of-the-pants impressions, I went out and did a bit of research.

    I’m no stranger to older Maximas, as my wife had a 1997 Max (purchased new in 97) until recently, and it was my daily driver for most of the past year. I must confess that until the 2009 model came out, I wasn’t much of a Maxima fan. I think the 97 was a good car, and pretty fast too, if you could ignore the huge amount of torque steer. It has 100 less horesepower than the 2009, but is also much lighter (3,001 lbs curb weight for the 1997 vs. 3,602 for the 2009)

    In the Jan 2009 issue of Motor Trend, the professional testers report a 5.9 second 0-60 MPH time with the new Max, and ¼ mile time of 14.4 @ 98.6 MPH. reported a 0-60 MPH time for the1997 Maxima at 7.5 seconds, and ¼ mile time of 17.0 @ 84 MPH

    Comparing these two cars is like apples and oranges, the new Maxima with its 600 lb weight disadvantage (and 100 horsepower advantage) absolutely mops up the 1997 Maxima though.

    BMW 328i vs 2009 Maxima

    I was unable to find a test of the 2009 328i in any of the magazines, but tested the 2008 328i. Acceleration results were: 6.4 seconds 0-60 MPH and 14.6 @ 94.7 MPH. Again, the Maxima wins the drag race by a full half second in 0-60, but the BMW narrows the gap in the quarter mile. The bottom line is that the Max is faster, but again the weight differential (the BMW is 250 lbs lighter at 3,362) and horsepower difference (the Max has 60 HP more) make these two cars difficult to compare directly.

    I will readily admit that the driving dynamics of the BMW will be superior to the Nissan, but we are only talking about acceleration here.

    2009 Acura TL vs. 2009 Maxima

    In my opinion the best direct comparison is between the new TL and the Maxima, as both are similarly sized front wheel drive sporty sedans, at a similar price point. I was unable to find a 0-60 time for the front wheel drive model, but the Jan 2009 issue of Motor Trend lists the higher performance TL SH-AWD model at 6.2 seconds to 60 and 14.7 @ 97.2 MPH for the ¼ mile. This car has 15 more horsepower than the Max, yet weighs a lot more at 3954, so this is again not a good direct comparison given the weight and horsepower differential. The front wheel drive model weighs about the same as the Max, but has less horsepower, so I assume that the end result would be the same. Bottom line though is the 2009 Maxima again wins the drag race.

    Of course, when considering a new vehicle purchase the performance specs aren't nearly as important as your own driving impressions - and anyone considering a vehicle like the new Maxima won't be at the track or drag strip, so ultimately how the car feels to you in everyday driving should dictate your decision. I believe that all of the cars I mentioned in this post are excellent choices, by the way.
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