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2009 Infiniti M35/M45



  • walt18walt18 Posts: 54
    The major change for 2009 Infiniti M comes for the M35 and M35x with the replacement of the previous 275-hp V6 with the 303-hp 3.5-liter V6 that was introduced in the second-generation G35 sedan. A new seven-speed automatic transmission and Drive Sport mode is available, along with auto speed-sensing door locks and Scratch Shield paint (self-healing clearcoat paint finish).
    The M35x keeps the five speed automatic transmission and the M35 gets the new seven speed transmission. There are no changes for the M45 and M45x for 2009.
  • ocimocim Posts: 45
    will the new 303 hp engine in the M35X be mated to the same 5 speed transmission with same gear ratios. In other words will the car rev just as high at say 70 MPH as does the current 2008 model. High revs in top gear is the only problem I have with this car.
  • walt18walt18 Posts: 54
    Good question, I don't think they changed the gearing. More than likely they just changed the heads, cam, etc. on the car and air flow to make it faster but I doubt they touched the gears. I wish they were made like the camaro's and trans am from 86-89 with TPI throttle body. I could set my transmission gear for higher revs at 70 MPH or lower revs. Does anyone have a M35/M45 with the premium package with the recline rear seats, if so how are they and are they worth the money. I was watching this thing on about the 2009 infiniti model lineup if you can go and watch it. You will find out everything you want to know about all there cars. If that FX50 wasn't so john brown ugly I would buy it, I was watching some video's on youtube where this guy was showing everyone how fast it can move and man!!! She will haul tail.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    Unless you are buying a collector car, you really get nothing back for "extra" accessories. Most infiniti used car buyers want the typical packages (nav and maybe some care about the adv tech package)....I doubt that you will ever find any buyer who cares or is willing to pay more for the premium package. If you trade the car in, the premium package won't make a bit of difference on what the dealer gives you.
  • walt18walt18 Posts: 54
    Ok, I was wondering because I have only seen one M with the premium package and the recline rear seats. I wanted to buy one like that to get rear air cond. for my daughter. I have 3 ruptured disc and being that I travel a lot for church ministry sometimes I may want to sit in the back and watch a movie and kick back in the seat and let my wife or mother drive when we all ride together.
  • what is the function of the monitor (looks like a camera) located on the inside front windshield.
  • It is for lane departure warning.
  • Any1 know when the 2009 Infiniti M's arrive to the dealership - showrooms? Were there any add-ons or take-offs for 2009 model? And have anyone receive great mark-off price from 2009 or year-end 2008 clearence model?

  • walt18walt18 Posts: 54
    They come out 2 days before christmas or 2 days after. I went to the infiniti 2009 infiniti model lineup on youtube and they were talking about them then. The only difference is that they add a scratch protective coat to the paint that makes it heal itself at a certain temperature. They also added the automatic door locking system to lock the doors when you take off driving. They didn't change nothing on the M35x/M45/M45x as far as motor or transmission go. The M35 got the new motor and 7 speed transmission. All the other options stay the same like tech and advan tech, and premium package. The price went up on the M's about 2k from start MSRP of 43K for M35 base to 45K and 47k for the M35x. M45 to 52k for base to 54K for M45X. Hope this helps you.
  • ocimocim Posts: 45
    I believe both the M35 and M35X got the new engine (303 HP), but only the M35 got the 7 speed transmission.
  • walt18walt18 Posts: 54
    yes that's right
  • I saw the 2009 M's today in Houston. Both the M35 and M45 were there. One M35 is all they have so far more to come this week.
  • I went to the Washintgon DC Auto Show this past weekend. Noticed that the 2009 AWD G sedan had a 7 speed AT while the more expensive AWD M sedan had a 5 speed auto (and the G had a bigger engine).

    Is the AWD M going to be receiving the 7 speed at some point?

  • walt18walt18 Posts: 54
    From what I am hearing they are going to be making a new M for the 2010 year model which will be a M37 and M50 the M37 will replace the M35 but it will have the same engine as the G37 and 7 speed transmission. The M50 will replace the M45 and have the engine from the 2009 FX50 which is a 5.0L 390Hp 369LBs ft. torque but it maybe a little more now being that all the other competition is now producing V-8 engines with no less than 400 hp. It is said that the 2010 M will look even more like the G37. When the pictures and more info is released we will know more. You can check this info by typing 2010 infiniti m50 into your google or yahoo browser and they will give you the info. Also check infiniti history they talk about it a little there to. Hope this helps God bless.
  • veragenveragen Posts: 34
    So Infiniti 2010 M's will be redesign similar to Infiniti G sedan with the new V6 engine 3.7L , 7 speed Auto-transmission for the M37(x) & the new V8 engine 5.0L from the FX50, w / 7 speed Auto-transmission for the M50(x).

    What is the MPG for city / hwy?

    Will the HP & LBs be the same as in the G37 & FX50?

    I find the M as an excellent luxury-sport sedan, but the avg. gas milage is very low compare to the Lexus GS & Hyundai Genesis.

  • walt18walt18 Posts: 54
    From what I read a few weeks ago about it, the president from infiniti division said that the M45 can't have less horsepower than the fx50. The gas mileage might still suck because it didn't change much on the 2009 fx50.
  • khaug1khaug1 Posts: 8
    Okay, we now know that the '09 M35 (V6) got a boost to 303 HP, while the M45 (V8) stayed the same. The M35x and the M45 still have the 5-speed tranny.

    The M35 and M45 HP ratings are now so close that no way can I see the M45 as worthy of its price premium, let alone the M45's strong reputation for oil-burning and engine replacement need!

    Too bad the M35x missed the 7-speed auto, but the "x" and M45 have the presumed advantage of a tranny with a great track record, whose only shortcoming vis-a-vis the 7 speed is its short gearing in 5th.

    Thanks for the discussion, all. Me, I'm very happy with what I bought!.

    -Karl, '09 M35x
  • shmangshmang Posts: 297
    Hey, Karl:

    Congratulations on the new M35X purchase. You will have a lot fun with it I am sure.

    As far as the power, Yes, the M35 get boosted to 303hp, but, if you look at the torque, it is actually down a bit. So, it seems that the power difference between M35 and M45 is less. But, keep in mind, it is torque that move the car, the HP is only used for top speed, which nobody will top out, even the M35 on public road - which is something around 155MPH.

    So, the M45 still has an noticeable advantage over M35, especially when both mated with 5spd, the gas mileage are basically the same. I would say the M45 is still a better car. But, again, I have a M45 and loves the low to mid range power, which I think is more practical for daily usage (instead of racing).
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,953
    "From what I read a few weeks ago about it, the president from infiniti division said that the M45 can't have less horsepower than the fx50. The gas mileage might still suck because it didn't change much on the 2009 fx50. "

    The 2008 FX45 was rated at 13 \ 17.
    The 2009 FX50 was rated at 14 \ 20.

    Given the rather significant additional HP & TQ
    of the 5.0L vs the 4.5L V8s,
    the increase in Highway MPG of 3 MPG and
    over 17% seems fairly impressive.
    To me.

    Sounds like the 7-speed trans helps accomplish
    one intended goal.

    The 2009 M45 [ and 2010, if any are actually produced ]
    is rated at 16 \ 21.

    An equivalent increase in Highway MPG
    would bring the M50 [ non-x ] to:
    23 or 24 MPG.
    [ Math actually works out to 23.52 ]

    Not exactly earth-shattering MPG,
    but not bad for a fairly heavy sedan
    [ almost exactly the same weight as my G8 GT ]
    with a V8 developing 390 HP & 369 TQ.
    [ Up from 325 \ 336 in the M45 ]
    And this would make the M50 more competitive
    in the class.

    Given a likely weight increase of less than 100 LBS,
    I expect that the M50 will deliver a
    noticeable increase in acceleration.
    I have seen published quarter mile times
    in the high 13s & low 14s - at over 100
    and 0 to 60 in the 5s for M45s.

    And it will cost more than the M45.
    [ sigh ]

    That is my prediction . . .
    We shall see.

    - Ray
    Looking forward to seeing what it looks like, tonight
    2016 BMW 340i
  • walt18walt18 Posts: 54
    We now know that it will not be a M50. It will be called M56 because they are using the 5.6L motor from the nissan titan truck. From the little info they have up now the M56 will have more than 400HP!!! and be even quicker than the previous M45. I think the new style is pretty neat except they need to shave alittle off the front end because it sits to high up. I think if they take a little more of that curve out of the front fenders to make it not look like the Essence it would be even better looking in my opinion. However if not it doesn't matter it still is nice car. I held out buying the 08 or 09 M45 to see what this one was going to be like and glad I did much more worth the money. I ready to place my order already! How do you guys think the gas mileage will be with it being a 5.6L instead of 5.0L? I don't think the price of the car will increase much maybe a few hundred dollars or so.
  • I have owned this car for 4 months and finally negotiated an agreement with Ininiti Consumer Affairs to buy it back after the car stalled on me 4 different times (once in a very dangerous spot on a busy highway) and they could not find the problem. The car spent about over 40 days in the dealership and each time I drove it home the problem would reoccur within a few days. The first Infiniti my family owned was never in the shop for anything other than routine service for the 7 years we owned it. This car was an absolute lemon and it's safe to say I wil not be purchasing an Infiniti product for a very long time if ever!!
  • mariner9mariner9 Posts: 3
    edited November 2010
    Same problem here. Different answer from Infiniti.

    In September/October this year my 15 month old (23K miles) 2009 Infiniti M35X unexpectedly and without warning stalled while the car was moving. This occurred 3 times, twice within a week before the car was serviced to correct the problem cited under NHTSA Item #10032906, Service Bulletin # ITB-10-014 and once after the the vehicle was supposedly fixed. In all three stalls the car was moving at slow speed (<10mph) and low rpm. Two of the stalls occurred while making turns, one in the face of oncoming traffic and one in a parking lot. In none of the three stalls was there any damage or injury. I was extremely lucky in that regard. The Infiniti dealer where I bought the car serviced it and informed me of the previously known and published Technical Service Bulletin cited above. The dealer explained that the "fix" was a fairly simple reprogramming of the ECM. Notwithstanding that, the vehicle stalled again within two weeks after the fix. I returned it and, of course, the dealer could not replicate the problem. I contacted Infiniti national Consumer Affairs who told me that since the dealer could not replicate the problem, there was nothing more that Infiniti would/could do. My problem with this experience is threefold: 1) Infiniti knew there was a defect with the vehicle that could cause it to stall without warning and they didn't notify me (or anyone else to my knowledge) to bring it in to make the "simple fix" before it stalled. 2) The vehicle stalled again after the "fix" was made and 3) I have no idea whether it is going to stall again. Neither does Infiniti. They knew there was a potential problem but took no action to minimize the potental for damage/injury. I told them I was not comfortable being in this situation and asked them to repurchase the car. (There have been multiple other problems with this vehicle in 15 months: inop sunroof at delivery; complete front rack & pinion assembly replaced; failed battery replaced; front brake rotors turned at less than 20K mi; seat positioning system erratic) Infiniti refused. I believe, based upon my first hand experience, that this is a safety issue. It may not be on the scale of Toyota's sudden acceleration problem. But it's not something a responsible company suffers its customers to experience while hiding behind a TSB. I submitted a safety complaint to the NHTSB and thought any of you owning or considering owning this vehicle might like to know. I believe Infiniti makes good vehicles. I just didn't get one. M-
  • blackie12blackie12 Posts: 5
    edited December 2010
  • I am in the market looking for either 2009 or 2010 Infiniti black M35 with either tan or stone interior. It is hard to find car with my specification close to where I live. An infiniti dealer close to my house has a 2009 M35 with ~23K miles on it and is asking ~32K. The interior is tan and exterior is sandstone...though the exterior color do not appeal me....but this seems to be a good deal...any thoughts on this?

    I have been able to locate 2009/2010 black M35 with either tan or stone interior, but they are all out of state....and I am little hesitant buying over the phone without actually seeing the car....

    What would you guys do in this situation.....wait for the right car or just grab the 2009 M35 available at the local dealer.....

  • blackie12blackie12 Posts: 5
    I have a 2010 M-35 I would like to sell! It has 8,000 miles on it and has the technology pkg w/Bose premimum 8 spkr w/9.3 Gig hard drive Music Box, Nav system, rear view 8" monitor/display & 18" 5-spoke wheels. Excellent condition. Exterior color - Slate Blue & interior is Graphite. If you're still looking, let me know. Thanks
  • almattialmatti Posts: 164
    I am curious of the Posters from 2008 who were contemplating getting the 2009 M {the X version came with the 5 AT}, how they like the 7 AT. I have a 2010 G37X with the 7AT. I find that it lumbers in a high gear - way too frequently and easily particularly on local suburban road (25-40 MPH); Lags on the downshift and it is very evident when Braking then stepping on the Throttle. Had the TSB IT-075 applied in February - no help in this regard. The terrible Coasting to Stop jerkiness improved, but nothing else. Checking other forums, I find that there are many sim ilar complaints about the 7AT, and there are others that like it alot. I compare this car's performance to my 07 G35X with a 5AT - Best car I ever owned in 40 years..

    I am curious to hear from M owners b/c the other forums also show unhappiness from 2010/11 M35s or M45s with the 7AT. In fact, I'm in negotiations with Infiniti's Customer Service Division to Take the Car Back w/ o further costs to me....On a lease with 25 months to go. They are listening and have acknowledged that there are complaints similar to mine. The car has been checked out - there is nothing mechanically wrong nor electronically wrong. In the words of the Service Manager: "It is performing as it is designed to perform".... "Some people love it, Some people Hate it"... A "fix" is NOT forthcoming at this time...He did indicate that the Tranny runs with hestitation / lagging due to too many gears and was done to impriove the gas mileage over the entire fleet. I did NOT notice this during my fast test drive last June...If I had, I Would NOT have taken this car.
  • Hello,

    I know this is a few years late but my folks are having the same issue with their 2010 M35 and aren't getting anywhere with the dealership or Inifinit (Nissan) since it never happens while the dealership has the car. They have a monitoring device installed now but they are scared to drive the car since it might stall and lose power on the highway....any response would be greatly appreciated.
  • Hello,

    I know this is a few years late but my folks are having the same issue with their 2010 M35 and aren't getting anywhere with the dealership or Inifinit (Nissan) since it never happens while the dealership has the car. They have a monitoring device installed now but they are scared to drive the car since it might stall and lose power on the highway....any response would be greatly appreciated.
  • Neither the dealer I bought the M35X from nor Infiniti corporate ever addressed the issue. I tried both avenues in person (with the dealer) and in writing. So I got rid of the car and bought another brand. I had never owned an Infiniti before and will never again. The solution I offered them was, IMHO, reasonable in view of the fact that they knew what he problem was and couldn't fix it. I asked them to replace the car in-kind and keep me as a customer. They chose instead to hassle me and essentially suggest there was no problem. I didn't trust the car and got rid of it almost two years ago.

    I believe when you buy an Acura you're not buying a Honda. Likewise when you buy a Lexus, I don't think you're buying a Toyota. But when you buy an Infiniti I think you're buying a Nissan. Good luck with your parent's car.

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