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Hyundai Genesis vs. Audi A6 vs. Lexus GS vs. BMW 5 series

choe13choe13 Posts: 348
This is a thread to discuss about the Genesis vs. the competition. I have driven the genesis v6 vs some of its fwd drive competitors(maxima, audi) and direct rear wheel drive competitors(pontiac G8, 300, infinity m35) and lastly so called out of its league competitors(lexus gs 350 , bmw 528); the conclusion is this is a dangerous car with so much value its not even funny. (planning to buy a new luxury car soon)

Audi , maxima bare no comparison imo and lexus isn't as sporty , bmw isn't as smooth. Don't get me wrong both cars the gs and 5 series are amazing cars, but the genesis overall drive is an amazing in between the smooth and sporty characteristics plus it costs thousands less

I would like to hear what hyundai, audi ,bmw, lexus drivers or enthusiasts thought about their test drive on the genesis and vice versa for example genesis/lexus owners enthusiasts and their test drives on bmw 5 series etc.(v6's vs v6 and v8 vs v8 etc)


  • marvinlee1marvinlee1 OregonPosts: 51
    The Genesis 3.8 six impressed me for its silence on good roads, but not so much on rough asphalt roads. I test drove a Lexus ES350 and found it quiet on good and bad roads. Not so impressive in headroom, however.

    The two different-appearing cars are direct competitors for people who seek a very high level of refinement and silence but don't want to pay for the large Lexus. I like the ES350 for its smaller size and easier parking in narrow compact-car parking slots. The Genesis is better if I can offset its size by enjoying V8 power.

    The Genesis is a new car, while the ES350 is not new this year. The Genesis six speed automatic should be replaced by the new ZF eight speed automatic and direct fuel injection. I expect both to appear within two years.
  • I drove the v6 for over 15 mins today n highway and winding roads in N NJ today. I felt the car bouncing on the Highway but was smoother on paved back roads. Not impressed enough to trade in my 2008 Honda Accord I4. The Accord is sportier and fun to drive!
  • You forgot about the Mercedes E-Class and Infiniti M.
  • choe13choe13 Posts: 348
    What do you mean bouncing?? The genesis and accord are completely different kind of cars. Accord doesn't compare.

    If you have driven a fwd car it might take some time to get used to a rwd car and vice versa. But i'd say harder from fwd to rwd. People mistaken handing for steering response and usually fwd feel more like a toy driving turning in small corners but in high speeds takes more effort to handle. Going off tangent a bit but anywyas i didn't find the genesis bouncy at all for a car of its size. It does have softer suspension setting than the accord no doubt but i find it having a nice balance between ride and handling

    I'm pretty much in the bag to get the genesis but also i want to test drive the coupe version (trade it in for a regular genesis later when i start a family then).

    After driving the genesis i won't test out any other fwd car in its price range like the audi a6. No matter how nice the interior is and the prestiege behind an audi it will be a fwd. I have been high on mercedes cars(if i could ever afford it in this lifetime) , i just love alot of thigns about it, but the hyundai is definitely a good poor man version (did a better job than lexus, especially in terms of handling and overall design execution).

    Believe it or not this car is really expensive in korea like 60 k here for a loaded v6 and i think ppl don't know u are getting a great deal in the states(to get the hyundai name rolling). The car is definitely sophisticated in engineering and have used high quality parts. My only wish is that , this car should had nothing to do with the hyundai badge
  • Read the reviews in October issues of Automobile magazine and Car and Driver regarding the ride and suspension. I noticed the same thing in all three that I test drove. Will it get worse as the car ages? Who knows at this point.
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    V6 vs. I4

    RWD vs. FWD

    I know which one I'd pick - every time ;)
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    Didn't notice anything after driving both V6 and V8. The car is very responsive yet extremely quite. As for the ride, I would rate it between the 5er and the GS, firmer than the GS but softer than the 5 Series; in other words - balanced.
  • reality2reality2 Posts: 303
    Let me see, the A6 bares no comparision Hyundai? Are you on crack? I'll put up an A6 4.2 V8 Quattro Sports and blow the Genesis out of the water. I'll put the A6 with its new amazing 3.0 Supercharged V6 and do the same. The A6 is one the most refined luxury automobiles in its class. Also, the Maxima is several classes below an A6 yet alone a premium and storied marquee like Audi itself. You really need to get a clue about Audi if you think Nissan is its competitor. The interior alone in the A6 wins hands down in the premium luxury class, not to mention the A6 outsells the 5-Series, E-Class, and GS globally without a problem. If you want we can add the V10 S6 as well for a comparison - the one that easily bested the M5 in recent reviews, or we can bring the new 580 bhp V10 RS6 from Europe and do some more comparisons if you like with world's fastest sedan and Avant. These are all A6s you know, and you are saying the Maxima is a competitor. I almost wet my pants laughing at such stupidity.

    That said, I am not knocking the Genesis. I reviewed the Genesis at the LA Auto Show last November and walked away very impressed. I would buy the Genesis easily over an imitation premium brand like Lexus any day. And as a previous owner of 3 Hyundai Sonatas in my earlier years, I have always liked the brand. My Sonatas were very well built and reliable and contained plenty of luxury at the time. I would always choose a Hyundai over a Japanese competitor. I think Hyundai has done an oustanding job with the Genesis and created a luxury content laden vehicle with tremendous promise. So, yes, the Genesis is a luxury vehicle from the stand point of its content and build, but Hyundai is not a premium carmaker as of yet. The distinction is very important. Premium brands like Audi, MB, and BMW have decades if not a century (Audi and MB) as storied marquees who have contributed strongly to the evolution of the automobile and been at the forefront of motor sports. Premium is more than just having power windows, it is about a certain culture that the marquees has developed over decades and the subsquent following in technology, motor sports, evolution, design, and style. With the Genesis, Hyundai is on the right track, but it will take more than a just luxury laden car to do so. Eventually, Hyundai will have to challenge Audi, BMW, and MB on the race track, something Lexus cannot fathom to do.
  • swixonswixon Posts: 1
    Very well said! I have been trying to decide between the A6 and the Genesis both are great cars but the A6 is superior in so many ways as you so articulately explained.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557's one for you...the Cadillac CTS-V beat the M5

    09 CTS-V vs. 08 BMW M5 SMG

    It's good that the premium makes have a racing tradition, but it doesn't necessarily equate to greatness. I mean...look at the respect that Acura isn't getting with it's racing heritage behind it. Hyundai actually does have a racing tradition, but it's in rally racing and the Tiburon that they race has been consistently at the top.

    I'm glad to see someone that can really put it like it is in regards to the Genesis. ;)
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    The Audi A6 may very well be superior to the Genesis in every way, however...a fully loaded Genesis 3.8 will run you about $37K out the door while the 4.6 version will ring up right at about $40K. That being said...buying the Genesis will save you anywhere between $10-26K. I just came from pricing out an A6 4.2 and once you get though paying for options like airbags, adaptive air suspension, Nav, leather driver side dashboard, 18" alloy wheels and power rear and side shades...the price is $60K+. $40K for a fully loaded Genesis 4.6 or $60+ for the A6 4.2? Hmmmmmmmm...I know what I could do with a cool $20K+!!! :shades:

    Also, I don't know if Audi's reputation has gotten better in regards to their vehicles always being in the shop, but I've known a few Audi owners over the years and that was the one consistent complaint I heard. Don't beat me down, I'm not saying it's a problem...I'm just saying what I had heard.

    At any terms of luxury feel, the Genesis is probably right up there with the A6, but in terms of driving dynamics, the Audi will truly outshine the Genesis on every level.
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    The interior alone in the A6 wins hands down in the premium luxury class, not to mention the A6 outsells the 5-Series, E-Class, and GS globally without a problem.

    It may be a great car but it doesn't outsell the 5 series yet alone the rest. Check Here's an example in August 2008 ytd sales of the 5 series were about 32,000, A6, 8,000.
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    $40K for a fully loaded Genesis 4.6 or $60+ for the A6 4.2? Hmmmmmmmm...I know what I could do with a cool $20K+!!! :shades:

    That may be the choice for you, but value is in the eyes of the beholder. There is a certain pay more, get more mentality. Although whether what you perceive as the "get more" is the value that cause the 5 series for example to lead the pack in luxury sedans as opposed to lead the pack with luxury appointments.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Although whether what you perceive as the "get more" is the value that cause the 5 series for example to lead the pack in luxury sedans as opposed to lead the pack with luxury appointments.

    A huge gimme here is the free maintenance package you get with a BMW for 4 years or 50k miles (I believe that's correct)...that in itself is a huge value. I reason you used to see a lot of BMW's on the used car lots was because folks would get them, but then get rid of them because of maintenance costs. only focus on paying the car note which is very appealing.
  • kgarykgary Posts: 180
    The interior alone in the A6 wins hands down in the premium luxury class, not to mention the A6 outsells the 5-Series, E-Class, and GS globally without a problem.
    It may be a great car but it doesn't outsell the 5 series yet alone the rest. Check Here's an example in August 2008 ytd sales of the 5 series were about 32,000, A6, 8,000

    I believe he was discussing worldwide numbers where the A6 does outsell the 5 series. You in turn are looking at the US numbers.
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    Ah thanks for the clarification. So the A6 is a runaway hit in all corners of the world except the US? :confuse
  • reality2reality2 Posts: 303
    First of all I said globally in terms of sales. Second the A6 sold over 11,000 in the US this year. Yes, less than the 5-Series, but that doesn't make the 5 better. Some of the comments here are bit funny. As for reliability, Audi is one of the most recommended by CR and among the top ten in the lastest JD Power Quality surveys. You guys seem either to be stuck in some past, are quite bias, or simply lack any Audi knowledge. Sorry, but don't compare Hyundai to a 100 year old marquee like Audi. And racing wise, a couple rallys don't equate to over 100 years of motor sport prowess, yet alone eight 24 Hour of Le Mans wins including two wins so far in diesel race car. Luxury is one thing, any car company can do that, but competing against Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz culturally in another. Like I said I like Hyundai alot. I've owned several and been very happy with them. But some of the arguments are bit far fetched. Yes, the Genesis is very nice car, and it may have similar luxury to the A6, 5-Series, or E-Class, but it is still not the same as these in terms of execution. Add the S/RS, M, and AMG versions and game totally over. A S6 or RS6 will dismantle a Gensis.
  • reality2reality2 Posts: 303
    Although whether what you perceive as the "get more" is the value that cause the 5 series for example to lead the pack in luxury sedans as opposed to lead the pack with luxury appointments.

    BMW and Mercedes are well know for moving volume through easy financing. Why do you thing there are so many BMWs on the road. Also, that is why BMW has seen the floor fall from under them with their residual values crashing and showing 40% sales drops. Not to mention losing $400 million in the US alone. So, yes the 5-Series may sell more, but if you give them away, hey then get the above is the result. So, sales volumes don't show the whole picture. On the other hand, Audi now leads MB and BMW in residual values and its profits are soaring even in today's grime global economy. Cannot say the same for its competitors. So, look at the whole picture more carefully before spewing volume numbers. Audi is the only premium brand to show growth globally in 2008.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Hey...whoa partner, I wasn't the one spewing volume numbers for any car. :confuse:
  • Interesting exchanges but let me tell you something, my last 3 cars were a 528, 535 and 745. I now own the 4.6 Genesis with the tech package. granted only one week and it is too early but I found $50k in my bank account last week when I came home with the Genesis. I was about to trade in the 745 for the 750 and I am so happy I stumbled on the Genesis when i saw it 2 weeks ago in Boston for the first time. Yes there is a difference but the status symbol of the BMW is not $50+K
    without even considereing the residual value. Status symbol and throwing money away is not my sport any longer, for now I love my :shades: Genesis with all the great goodies and time will tell.
  • mobiusf1mobiusf1 Posts: 15
    I drove both the GS350 and 535xi, and other cars in the segment and easily picked the 535xi which I was fairly confident I was going to pick earlier. M35x, although the 2nd best performer I drove (really enjoyed driving it), is still slightly behind the 535 in terms of performance, the build quality was also lacking in addition to a lack of split folding rear seats (kinda important to me, gives a huge increase in practicality), and not so great gas mileage. A6 looks nice, has a great interior (except for strange omission of auto steering wheel adjustment unless they changed that) and costs a bit less than the 535xi (only the A6 V6 version); but definitely exhibited more body roll in the corners than the 535xi and weaker overall performance

    The 535's engine is simply awesome, its a twin-turbo inline 6, with stronger performance than Audi's V8, and better fuel economy. And the cost advantage for the Audi only comes with the A6's V6 engine.

    MB E Class, forget about it, a joke, and it costs more than the 535, at least the Lexus has a price argument. Lexus GS350, sorry, no way. Its steering is numb compared to the 535xi, noticeably more body roll in the corners, and headroom seemed to be an issue. I don't really need to go into any more about it because if the performance is not there than the other stuff doesn't matter. For others though, this may not matter as much. Lexus and Mercedes Benz don't make cars that fit my idea of enjoyable driving. The 535 is a true sports sedan and I certainly can't say that about the GS350. The iDrive, while it could be a bit more intuitive, is not that bad, and is not a deal breaker by any stretch. In fact I don't mind it at all. And no, the cup holders were not even a consideration, haha.

    This is an honest opinion, no bias, if Lexus made a GS model like their own IS-F against the 535xi, then it would far more difficult.

    Although the 535 has sharp handling, excellent road feel, fantastic engine performance and efficiency, I must also mention that the ride quality is excellent.

    Nothing against the Genesis though, a friend of mine just got one. I would definitely get it over the GS and then buy a used Honda S2000 with the rest (maybe I'd need a bit more, but you get the point). After driving it though I can say that the 535's handling, cornering, and overall performance are quite a bit better. I like it, especially for the price. You've got to understand that the Genesis doesn't, and isn't trying to, compete with the 5 Series; compete with Lexus, yes, but BMW, no.

    I could go into even more details but its late so here it is summed up in 1 simple sentence. If you want a floaty, relaxed (I would say boring) ride take the Lexus, if you want to drive, get the BMW ...and I love to drive.
  • jyymjyym Posts: 18
    Pretty much in line w/ what I think about the cars in the segment.

    The Genesis is not a sports sedan like the 535 and rather is a cruiser w/ a bit of sport (the only sedan that would come close to the 535 in driving dynamics would be the G8 GXP).

    I definitely would pick the Genesis over the E Class and GS350 (caveat: I haven't driven the new E Class and while it is supposed to be greatly improved, it's just too ugly for me to ever consider).

    Now, if BMW could just work on their styling - the new 7 was a disappointment (a bit too bland).
  • nibsnibs Posts: 65
    I too have tested and have taken time to drive many different premium cars. I've also tested the higher end Honda's, Nissan offerings. Although I have not driven the Genesis, I wouldn't consider trading my 530XIT. The XIT is a sleeper wolf among sheep. It may not be the fastest or the sportiest but when taken into perspective it does more than all of the others put together. Handling is awesome, it has loads of interior space, it is quiet and confident on the road. I have the comfort seats, which must have 20 different ways to adjust.

    I found the Mercedes seats to be too hard. The Audi reminds me too much of a VW, just bland and the seats are sized on small end. I have not been able to find that perfect ergonomic position that suits me in any car but the 530. That said, I even tried the latest BMWs and I still prefer my 530.

    Oh, my dog loves it too.
  • art234art234 Posts: 99
    Let me pose a couple of questions here....

    I am looking at the BMW 5 series 528/535 xi vs. the Lexus GS350AWD and the Acura TL. I have driven each and find them comparable--the BMW handles best but is most technologically deficient. It has a single CD, have to pay for a changer, no onboard HDD, no backup camera etc.

    So real world fuel economy--I assume Lexus or Acura gets better real world mileage then either Bimmer...would that be correct?

    Also--has anyone compared the Logic7 audio in the BMW to the Mark Levinson in the Lexus? Music is VERY important to me.

    I have an M35X which I can't WAIT to get rid of -- you can read about THAT in the Infiniti thread.....but I am down to these three choices.....drove the A6 and wasn't too impressed.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • pg48477pg48477 Posts: 309
    I had an older TL model and the millage was great on the highway but very poor in the city. I now have 535 and the millage is about the same, but performance is better, much better.

    I have Logic7 and do not find it anything special, I heard that Mark Levinson is much better.

    As far as the total package goes, I find 535 the best in a class, GS does not come close and TL is in a different league.
  • nibsnibs Posts: 65
    bmw vs audi vs acura rl

    Get the technology package with the 535 and you'll be happy enough. As for driving, don't let HP and speed fool you. Get that HP to the road is the trick and BMW does it better than any other automaker.

    Good luck with whatever you get. Stay away from Volvo.
  • art234art234 Posts: 99
    What do you mean, Technology Package? I can't find any mention of a technology package on the 5 series...maybe not available in NY? Do you mean Nav?
  • nibsnibs Posts: 65

    The new 5 comes with usb and aux in. Add the Nav, satellite, and bluetooth, what else is there?
  • mobiusf1mobiusf1 Posts: 15
    The 535 is the way to go. Forget about the GS, and the TL is nice but not quite in the same league as the BMW. The 535 gets fantastic fuel economy. I'm getting 24.5 mpg combined driving... and I live in Brooklyn. The Logic7 system for $1200 might or might not be worth. I didn't get it on mine. Its definitely not something to based your choice of car on. If you get the non AWD version of the 535 then get the sport package. Read my post a page or 2 ago about some of the cars in the class, hopefully it helps. And forget about the CD changer. You should just put all your music onto an MP3 player. And by the way, even though BMW says its an iPod usb adapter you can actually plug almost any usb mp3 player into the car and it will allow you to use the steering wheel controls to control the music. I have a sony a810 walkman in there. Works great. Any more questions just ask.
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    Just like everyone else is saying, 5 seri is the best way to go.

    I personally think that the GS and the TL isn't as good as the 5.

    My only concern with bmws is, reliability and electronics, my first impression has not been very nice.

    Other than that, no other sedan is as exciting, especially when you're in the drivers seat.

    There is 1 more car which is about the same size as the 5, only if you're interested, the Jaguar XF, I saw 1 today in white, and I have to say, amazing looking from the rear in white color.

    Looks a lot better than the current 5, and did you know that there will be a redesign 5 sometime this year.
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