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2010 Mazda3



  • Well shipo at least I have not reduced myself to name calling and kept the objective content to the subject of the cars and not personal 3rd grade name calling . You called me a what "Moron " and "Stupid" wow that hurts - I think I am going to move on and deal with a higher level of maturity that can handle when someone disagrees about a car and not get sophomoric . Good luck
  • Happy Thanksgiving !
  • timsdtimsd Posts: 1
    The same thing just happened to me about 2-3 weeks ago. My spoiler (visor) is also loose and can be manually moved up and down a bit. I have no idea on how to get inside to tighten the screw and the manual is useless; especially without a diagram. I'm not sure if it's the visor clanging around back there or the screw but I'll have to take the vehichle to the dealership; its still under warranty. It seems like a simple fix but I don't know what to do and don't want to incur any damage as well :)
  • marksandmarksand Posts: 181
    My car has stayed fixed since my 2010 warrantee visit, but a caution -- I have had a suspicion ever since that the dealer repair then caused a slight but still visible outward-projecting dimple on the roof-plane surface of the hatch sheet metal, by overtightening the hatch hinge bolts. This is not the location of the visor attach bolts but very nearby. I also would be a little more brave about a DIY retightening of the visor attach if it became necessary. All of the hatch-mounted interior trim pieces are simple snap-ons. You'll have to learn this to replace the center brake light bulb sometime anyway. If your nut hasn't come entirely off like mine did yet, I'd go in there right away and retighten it with LocTite.
  • nealmnealm Posts: 41
    I find the running lights on my 2011 3s hatch to be almost useless in the dark but potentially useful as daytime running lights. Any ideas or experience in either wiring them as DRLs or in obtaining effective night running lights for extending the sharp cut off of the low beams or establishing more side front illumination. Thanks for any advice.
    PS Love this 6 sp for tracked in feel and nice pop at high revs with decent low end torque. Very impressed with my first Mazda. And while a spirited driver on roads worth traveling in that manner, my reserve in traffic and use of cruise on highways has me at a 26.8 mpg avg after 22000 miles and 1 year 3 months.
  • nealmnealm Posts: 41
    I have a gently driven 6 sp with 33k largely highway mileage driven by a 59 yo who has never driven anything but a manual, never burnt a cltch in 40 years of driving, never uses the tranny/clutch for decelleration suddenly notices a grabbing sound and feel shifting 1st to 2nd about 3 weeks ago. After having it happen 5-10 times in a week, it completely stops. Everything is functioning normally and up to that time the clutch was perfectly fine but I decide to bring it into the dealer for a check up noting to them that they will not likely replicate the malfunction but that I want it thoroughly checked because it was so odd. They check it and report I need a new clutch at 33K and that this is NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR.... NONSENSE! Let's organize people. Mazda is NOT GETTING AWAY WITH THIS! I am a suburban driver doing at least 15 K a year for 40 years on various manual cars as I drove highway to work as a teacher... NEVER NEEDED A NEW CLUTCH... I take driving very seriously and drive a clutch with great skill and respect my vehicles with excellent upkeep and maintenance. I have loved this Mazda 3 up to now. My 2006 Honda Civic coupe 5 sp has 96K miles and of course the clutch is perfect. I'll be dealing with Mazda rep after this weekend and will keep you updated. Please send me your support if you can... Neal
  • marksandmarksand Posts: 181
    it sounds like a defect, not you, to me. I'm like you, about same age, with 40 years of driving mostly manuals. I've never worn out a clutch either -- although I did replace my '88 Accord's at 122k miles out of a sense of curiosity, and preventiive preparation. My '97 Integra was sold at 176k mi with its original one still AOK. As for Mazda clutches, I own two now, a 2006 5 at 81k, and a 2010 3 2.5L 6MT just like yours, at 42k now. Both are original clutches and both are still fine right now. There are no signs that either of my vehicles clutches are deteriorating.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    Hmmm. Maybe a few more details to fill in the blanks ...

    Are you the original owner and sole driver?

    Was the car given the 12 month full checkup at the dealership?

    Was anything documented about the clutch in that checkup? For example, was there a tick mark beside "Clutch" to indicate it passed the inspection?
  • nealmnealm Posts: 41
    Thank you guys for your replies and interest. Yes, I am the only and sole driver. I have had basic service at my Mazda dealer... which has been synthetic oil changes, air filters and fuel injector cleaning over the 2 1/2 year period. The miles are highway pleasure miles... I'm retired. No clutch issues until about a month ago, as I said, about 5-10 times, a bit of grind noise shifting 1st-2nd which caused me to do a quick double clutch. This didn't happen over and over, just intermittently over about 2 weeks then never again. Otherwise the clutch performed perfectly. I told service that they would not likely replicate the sound and was surprised that they claimed they had and that it happened on ALL shifts, but since getting the car back with their new clutch diagnosis, I've driven with no issue, no sound for over 200 mi. Just got off the phone w/ the Mazda District Manager... he said nothing in this story sounds like a bad clutch to him... he asked and discovered that there have been NO rpm run ups while in any gear and seemed to be questioning the entire diagnosis, as I am now. At this moment he is contacting the dealer to understand the basis of this diag and we talked about not only my history with manuals but also all the various supportive evidence of a pampered, properly driven and very well liked car. He will call me and I will update.
    Again thank you for your interest and feedback. Just got a new set of COOPER Zeons for the car(I like them!)... like all my cars, I plan to keep it for a long time unless this premature clutch wear issue is valid and I will be facing ongoing issues b/c of it.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    I have had basic service at my Mazda dealer... over the 2 1/2 year period.
    Curious, as this is a 2011 why you say 2 1/2 year period? Did you mean 1 1/2 year period?

    I am interested in how the dealership and Mazda USA handles your case. Being under warranty, your car should be covered as all the required maintenance has been performed and documented. All the best!
  • I am so glad you posted this thread. My 2010 Mazda3 had premature clutch failure at 36,000 miles which starting as a slipping clutch and failed completely after two days before I got it to the shop. I am the sole owner and driver with 35 years experience driving manuals with no failures. I drove two cars from new to well over 100k so this garbage from Mazda about normal wear and tear is infuriating.

    thanks for providing some guidance - get in touch with the district manager is my lesson.
  • nealmnealm Posts: 41
    I am sorry for the long delay on my update... but here is the outcome:
    The district manager got involved and from our first conversation began doubting the accuracy of the dealer service dept's diagnosis. Specific questions about the symptoms revealed that other than the grind/ double shift that I had reported, no other typical symptoms of clutch wear had occurred... nor had I been able to replicate the noise myself since having the car returned to me being told that the dealership was finding problems in all shift points, not just the 1st to 2nd that I had reported as irregular in frequency. After talking with the tech who diaged, he asked me to take him on a drive so he could point out to me what he heard. I put the car through the paces running it through the gears up and down with quick accurate shifts to show him and the DM how capable I was in using the clutch. No sound/grinds, clean shifts. Tech acted surprised. I implied in response that he or the service writer were looking to "take me" for a new clutch. The district manager then drove it. He declared it fine. I pointed out that had I not gotten him involved, I would have been out $1200 and that the service dept gave that figure as the one that included the district manager's initial offer of a factory price clutch(when I first complained) without mentioning what the DM had shared with me privately... that he had also authorized giving me the factory service rate. Lots of embarassed faces when I added that if he had stolen the $1200 by burglary, it would be a felony. Given a family crisis I'm dealing with that played a role in the delay of this update, I have not followed up with NYS Consumer Affairs. The district manager considers this a settled case, but the dealership has taken no responsibility... just an embarrassed apology and the service writer Mike, treated me with cold distain in closing out the paperwork, I suppose offended by my felony comment. Now that I have time I intend to let the dealer know how I feel and will follow up with consumer agencies if I don't get appropriate follow up. Thank you all for your feedback.
    PS Still get that little grab going first to second... rare, but on certain quick shifts or shifting while riding over rough road... otherwise perfect.
  • Just got through replacing my clutch @ transmission shop. 2011 Mazda 3 hatch with 21,000 mile.
    Filed claim with Mazda, reponse is below. Tried to get DM and Zone manager's contact info, but local dealer which is owned by Terry Taylor group out of West Palm would not give out. I'm done with Mazda, trading car on last day of month/quarter for a Subaru AUTOMATIC. I'm done with manuals. Mazda ought to put in their 3 year 36 month warranty, Manual transmissions only covered for 12 months, 12,000 miles. I could go on and on, drop fbombs etc. I will file a claim with NTSB and US Consumer affairs.

    Dear Mr. xxxx
    Thank you for contacting Mazda.
    I would like to apologize for the issue that you have been experiencing with your 2011 Mazda3. Rest assured, we have documented your comments regarding your experience in our corporate record. We continuously evaluate these records as part of our ongoing commitment to provide only the highest quality products and services to you.

    Information pertaining to parts that are not covered under the New Vehicle Limited Warranty for your 2011 Mazda3 can be found on page 15 in your vehicle’s Warranty Information Booklet under the heading Maintenance is at Owner’s Expense. It states that normal maintenance services such as cleaning and polishing, lubrication, and replenishment or replacement of oil, fluid, coolant, worn wiper blades, filters, worn brake and clutch linings, spark plugs, fuses, keyless transmitter batteries etc. are not covered under your vehicle’s New Vehicle Limited Warranty. Unfortunately there is no assistance that can be provided towards this repair.

    Once again I would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to give me a call at the number below and reference the file #143xxxxxxx.

    Best Regards,

    Customer Assistance Representative
    Mazda North American Operations
    (800) 222-5500, X1180
  • Just got through replacing my clutch @ transmission shop. 2011 Mazda 3 hatch with 21,000 mile.
    Filed claim with Mazda, reponse is below. Tried to get DM and Zone manager's contact info, but local dealer which is owned by Terry Taylor group out of West Palm would not give out. I'm done with Mazda, trading car on last day of month/quarter for a Subaru AUTOMATIC. I'm done with manuals. Mazda ought to put in their 3 year 36 month warranty, Manual transmissions only covered for 12 months, 12,000 miles. I could go on and on, drop fbombs etc. I will file a claim with NTSB and US Consumer affairs.
  • nealmnealm Posts: 41
    Sooner, I would not accept that outcome. Despite their 12/12 warrantee, there is an argument, a solid one, that their warrantee does not meet the requirements of general merchantability law. No clutch goes at 21k without some kind of driver abuse... what is it that they are claiming you did to cause this? If they can't show how driver/owner caused such utterly premature damage, you have a case... with plenty of case support available. I'd contact a lawyer.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    edited September 2012
    intend to let the dealer know how I feel and will follow up with consumer agencies if I don't get appropriate follow up.
    After putting you through the wringer the dealership offered you a somewhat confused verbal apology. I would mention to the management of the dealership the amount of your time that was expended (wasted) and the type of treatment (i.e. disdainful) to which you were subjected in this case. At minimum, the dealership should send you a written apology with a token offering (e.g. free oil change). A good dealership would go farther. It is understandable that mistakes can happen, but your case illustrates that in a service industry customer care is paramount. If the customer feels "taken" or is treated with "disdain" what do the service providers expect?

    Finally, do you an alternative (i.e another Mazda dealership)?

    Enlightening! Thanks for sharing your experience with the various representatives. It seems that
  • I have a Mazda 3, manual, 30,000km. Three weeks ago it failed to get into any of the gears. After few minutes pressing the clutch few times I was able to move the car. Took it to Mazda, it was OK for the test drive. THey haven't done aything. The issue got cleared and for three weeks it was fine.
    Same issue showed up yesterday. Sometimes I will not be able to throw it in any gear and after pressing the clutch two times it will hardly get into gears. Sometimes it will drive with no problem. The issue is intermittent.
    I have two more weeks and the car has three years and gets out of warranty. Mazda wants to replicate the issue which is hard as it's intermittent.

    If it's the clutch, the dealer will say it's wear and tear and it's my fault. I'm driving standard cars since 25 years ago and in none of my old cars I had to change the clutch. Especially at this mileage.

    Any advice?

  • nealmnealm Posts: 41
    I can only say that this nonsense that experienced drivers of manual trans miraculously forget how to properly clutch in their new Mazdas can be countered with your knowledge of general merchantabilty law (in the US)... clutches are reasonably expected to perform far beyond Mazda's warrantee thus negating that warrantee argument. My Mazda regional manager as much as acknowledged that. That my shift from first to second grind remainder wildly intermittant, and didn't really impact driveability, allowed me to wait on my issue knowing that it had been documented for the purposes of a bigger trans problem in my future.
    Now, enter Hurricane Sandy to my beloved little city of Long Beach NY and problem solved... my Mazda was totalled by the ocean! Got $17, 800 for the '11 3s hatch with 43K miles.
    I now own a brand new '12 3sGT hatch b/c other than this issue, I did love the car and couldn't think of anything else that combined function with ZOOM ZOOM (the Skyactiv I drove lacked torque/guts)... From the same dealer Autonomous... after finding out that the service writer who tried to screw me for the new clutch was fired (not sure if that related to his handling of my case). Unfortunately in the NY Metro area there are not a lot of Mazda dealerships and none are known for outstanding customer care.
    I was lucky enough to access two new cars, the Mazda and a '12 Honda Fit for my wife early on in this Hurricane catastrophe... cars are flying out of dealerships as over 100000 cars have been TOTALLED by salt water in this area and some 25000 brand new waiting to be delivered to dealer vehicles were destroyed at the NJ ports. Adding insult to our woes, I had to replace a 250 mile tire for sidewall puncture already... hurricane rip out debris is falling out of trucks as the challenge to remove it continues.
    So, while I see you state your mileage in KM, maybe general merchantability arguments carry weight in your jurisdiction. GOOD LUCK.
  • mbfloydmbfloyd Posts: 1
    My 2010 Mazda 3 Hatchback has 2 issues.

    1. Every so often when I shift rough or almost stall, the honk will softly honk.
    What could be causing this?

    2. After drivign for about 20 minutes the stereo speakers will pop and the audio will sound like the CD is skipping, even if I'm listening to teh radio.

    Any help would be helpful.
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