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2009 Hyundai Genesis Initial Quality and Issues

jbhansenjbhansen Member Posts: 20
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Please tell us of any issues you've had with initial quality after taking delivery of your Hyundai Genesis. Any dealership issues when rectifying the problem?


  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    Hmm... have you purchased a Genesis? Did you have any issues?
  • stancostanco Member Posts: 27
    There are major defects in both design and execution of the suspension on the Genesis 6/tech model w/18" wheels. it is bouncy and uncontrollable on undullating
    highways not just back rough roads.
    I advised both service and GM, 3 weeks no response from dealer.
    contacted Hyundai customer relations,We'll get back to you in Korean means "you will never hear from us again"

    I am curious why the major model discussed is Azera not Genesis don't they have their own blog group ?
    I will start mine own Genesis Owners Club to get response and help for unhappy owners.
  • carolinabobcarolinabob Member Posts: 576
    Many Azera people mention their problems because it seems the Genesis is following the same course that the Azera did. Also, most of us would be interested in a Genesis if there was not a suspension issue such as the one in our Azeras. Of course, Azera has been on the market for three years and there are a lot more of them out there and with sizeable mileages.
    Write to the CEO in California and call the customer service number in the owner's manual.
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    The Azera has been around a lot longer, of course. But this is a Genesis group for owners and anyone interested. Click on that link to see the list of discussions.
  • stancostanco Member Posts: 27
    What you're saying is Azera has suspension issues 3 years never resolved and it appears
    Genesis has major suspension issues. Bottomline Hyundai has no intention of satisfying either one of us, without litigation. FYI I have gotten to worthless "customer service" and written to CEO, He too may be indited and be on house arrest as is his boss and bosses boss.

    what a shame, I can afford to dump this car, but not before I hurt Hyundai for my loss, times a thousand fold !!
  • rv65rv65 Member Posts: 1,076 8-01-019.pdf

    Here is the DIS tsb which applies to tech package. If you are having problems with the DIS then go to the dealer and get this done. Thats if you're vin falls in to that range.
  • jeffaljeffal Member Posts: 28
    Based on what I have read on other Genesis forums, owners have experienced the following problems:

    1. Rough ride over tar strips and rough roads (suspension/standard tire issues?)

    2. Car pulls to one side while driving on the highway (alignment issues?) Hyundai issued a TSB to correct the alignment specs for the Genesis

    3. The heating/cooling vents for the rear passengers does not blow cold air. Only hot air.

    4. Trouble opening the fuel door. Takes several pushes of the button to open the fuel door. Some owners have said they had to go in the trunk and open the fuel door manually, but someone posted that Hyundai has a fix for this. Contact your dealer for more info.

    5. Water leaking into the trunk. This apparently is a design issue and cannot be fixed without redesigning the trunk. If your car has been sitting out in the rain and you open the trunk all the water sitting on top of your trunk will drip down to the inside of your trunk. I recall having this same problem in my 97 Geo Metro. The easiest fix is to buy a rubber cargo tray for the trunk so the carpeting does not get wet.

    6. Slight buzzing sound briefly coming from behind the dash after pushing the Start/Stop button. (This might be normal operation)

    7. Other random software updates to fix software glitches with XM, Nav, etc.
  • rlejr66rlejr66 Member Posts: 44
    I've had my V8 for about three weeks. No major issues at all. Rides as expected and gas mileage is as expected using regular fuel. The only issues I have found are a missing rubber piece in the front armrest, and an interesting black film on the wheels. The missing rubber piece creates a unbalanced armrest and a rattle when I put my elbow on it. Probably a .25 piece (that will cost $10) that I will have looked at whenever I take the car in for service. Also a curious black film on the wheels which I could not remove when I washed the car using a well respected wheel cleaner. Not sure what it is. Looks a little like baked on brake dust. Something else I will have Hyundai investigate. But I imagine that one will not be one Hyundai will be willing to do anything about. Unless other folks are complaining.
  • elsi1elsi1 Member Posts: 2
    I have a Genesis with the Tech/Nav system. When the are more than one audio CD loaded the changer will not automatically advance to the next audio CD when the previous one is complete. The dealer said the player is designed to be advanced manually so that a DVD could not automatically be played while driving down the road. I do not find the logic or sense in that explanation. Is anyone else having this problem? Can anyone explain why the system would be designed so that the CDs would not automatically advance?..Thanks
  • stancostanco Member Posts: 27
    Welcome to Hyundai service program - although there were many complaints directed to the poor suspension. final determination-case closed-considered normal !
    Recently had rear sensor remain on, dealer said clean the sensors [did many times].
    He solved it by shutting switch and telling me OK
    I switched dealers due to incompetent service,but forced to return as they will not reimburse new dealer for warranty work.
    By the way, if you have early tech 6 without finished trunk speaker cover complain
    repeatedly and with luck it will be put in n/c.
    In closing I find Hyundai service untrained,unskilled, with a broad lack of knowledge
    with the Genesis in all respects !

    PS. tell me why every time you put in gas MPG restarts ?? told normal??
  • kenb757kenb757 Member Posts: 149
    Definitely NOT the next Lexus.
  • richt5richt5 Member Posts: 43
    You all probably know , but Hyundai's plan requirements for its dealerships selling Genesis was to have a separate area to sell and service the cars ( read separated from other models). Plus, to have certified employee's to sell and service Genesis.If this is not happening shame on Hyundai and it will hurt the car. Though , always some dealers are better than others. A bad dealer can really hurt the product, too bad some people get caught up in this.Here in central Florida , some Hyundai dealers dont even advertise the Genesis , though they have the cars in stock. Seems they have little interest in selling the Genesis. I dont understand. Seems to be a very nice car. I would buy one.
  • keithlkeithl Member Posts: 106
    I keep hearing about the V6 Tech trucnk being fully lined on newer cars, but my dear juct got one in this last week and still see the bottom of rear shelf, no lining. This sounds more like a myht that reality.
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Central OhioMember Posts: 431
    I have two words for you my friend: Spell Check.
    2012 Highlander Limited AWD V6 and 2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE
  • stancostanco Member Posts: 27
    Call Hyundai and complain, they should put it in no charge ,no myth
  • bocatripbocatrip Member Posts: 194
    I too heard of a customer totally outraged when the speaker was not covered in his trunk. The dealer had it repaired prompto.
  • rk2469rk2469 Member Posts: 30
    Gosh.. sorry that you are having problems. it sucks. Most car owners do not have problems. But when you get one of those cars, it sucks. It sucks bad. It ruins everything. My Azera has been remarkably good. I had zero problems so far.

    My Azera doesn't have alignment issue, the first time this ever happen to me. I always had alignment issue but with Azera, none!

    My Azera drives like the first day I bought this car. This has been remarkable Hyundai experience. Exceeds my previous car ownership experiences.
  • rk2469rk2469 Member Posts: 30
    I think you might have to forgive Hyundai for some of their sub par Hyundai dealerships. It maybe hard to go from Low-end/cheap car selling techniques to Lexus car selling techniques. Imagine the small semi-professional used car dealership selling Genesis. Well, that's what is happening.

    Other may argue that Hyundai needs new dealerships but I think that's assuming that the consumer will not know the "Genesis" isn't Hyundai and they will some how value Genesis better than Hyundai because the "brand" switch.

    People need to remember that the "Sonata", "Azera", and "Santa Fe" are brands themselves. As such, Hyundai "Genesis" is its own brand. I think... as such... there are Genesis and Genesis Coupe.

    So, going back to my original point, I would recommend people to shop different Hyundai dealerships as it seems that their service quality isn't uniformed. Even for the mechanical service, I would shop different dealerships.
  • carolinabobcarolinabob Member Posts: 576
    It does get confusing, but technically Sonata, Azera, Genesis, etc. are models, not brands. Hyundai, Toyota, Ford, etc. are makes (brands). This is the way most insurance companies and DMV's classify automobiles.

    Regardless, the dealership situation is of great concern. There are four within 50 miles of me in northwest SC, which is good. My local dealer is good for regular service, but come in with a problem and it is deny it, refer it to district guy and agree when he denies it.
  • bobadbobad Member Posts: 1,587
    My local dealer is good for regular service, but come in with a problem and it is deny it, refer it to district guy and agree when he denies it.

    Do you own a Genesis now? If not, how do you know this?
  • carolinabobcarolinabob Member Posts: 576
    I own an Azera and considering the Genesis, but too many questions for ME about it and Hyundai right now. Also, not happy with dealer and DSPM at this point. Two weeks ago, dealer service manager said he smelled chemical odor in my trunk, but DPSM had to check it out. When I took it back in, I could smell the odor from 2 feet away when trunk open. However, they both denied it.
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    It would probably be best to post this in the most appropriate Azera discussion.
  • carolinabobcarolinabob Member Posts: 576
    This is for all Hyundai vehicles. If you take car in for a problem, make sure the dealer gives you a work order. Review it carefully before you leave and make sure it says exactly what you want it to.
    If referred to district parts and service manager (DPSM), call customer service call center and open a case number.
    After DPSM renders his/her opinion, get a work order and review carefully. Then, call the customer service call center a few days later and have them read exactly what DPSM entered into the computer regarding the situation.
    BTW, customer service cannot do anything once DPSM makes his ruling.
  • harbingerharbinger Member Posts: 2
    I took possession on june 1 in the evening after work, the salesman stated i'm giving you another Genesis because the other one we test drove had minor damage. I didn't suspect anything so i agreed. The test drive car looked fine to me and this replacement looked fine too, in the lot I went to put my stuff in the trunk and the license plate screw popped out. I stepped inside the car and noticed it had about 50 more miles than the one I test drove. I mentioned it to him but i didn't make anything of it. Once in the daylight I noticed that it was a little dirty inside pen marks on the post, dirt marks on the door. I reported all of this and was given a appointment after 3 visits it finally was taken care of. At about 800 miles it started to make a chattering loose sound from the drive train at any speed but especially upon launching the vehicle. I also noticed that the steering wheel was not completely aligned; it is still off a little to the right when going in a straight line. I reported these things to the dealer. The service manager took a long test drive with me and noticed the chattering problem coming from the drivetrain. He told me he would have to reschedule so that the regional engineer could be informed and give direction in this matter. oh and he told me that the steering alingment looked fine to him. I ended up waiting two weeks for the regional guy. (he was on vacation) The service manager called me on monday and told me to bring it in on tuesday; the regional guy was coming in on wednesday. I was later informed that they were replacing the drive shafts from the left and right side of the car. On thursday the service manager told me that the left and right had been delivered but that the right side was the wrong part. On friday the service manager said the left one was installed but that he could not test drive it to see if maybe that alone would solve the issue.(too late in the day). The car stayed the weekend. On monday the service manager called me and stated right part number wrong part they were investigating. I got another call later on next day. He ordered the part but it is OUT OF STOCK he has it on emergency order. (just great) I asked when could we expect the part; answer could be a week or could be 2 months. Another call service manager asks me when can i return the loaner I stated I would prefer to keep the econo box Elantra untill my car is fixed. He stated that Hyundai stated my car is safe to drive and that I could drive it until the part comes in. UNBELIVABLE EXPERIENCE. I am looking into the Lemon Law guidelines, I am regretful of having purchased this car and would love to be; a. refunded, or b. given another model or a GENESIS replacement. I feel that I have lost faith and that the car has lost value. Oh almost forgot upon receiving my car I asked what about the steering wheel alingment he said "took care of it" its still the same. any advise other than I should have gone with the Infinity or BMW. Im thinking suing for the car switch although i may have a hard time proving it.
  • LASHAWNLASHAWN Member Posts: 303
    You should contact Hyundai Customer Service and tell them whats going on ask what procedure you need to go through to get replacement vehicle. You can also contact your local Better Business Bureau about the experince you had at that dealership to find out what can be done. Buying the Infinity or BMW wouldn't matter if that particular dealer you bought the car from did the same thing as that Hyundai dealer. I work as a service advisor at a Saturn dealer(Hyundai previously) and can not tell you how many times we run across customers that say that their local Saturn dealer would not have done the things that we've done for them. So don't knock the car for some of the shortcomings, knock the dealer for not taking care of them in the right manner, because 9 times out of 10 it's the dealer not the car.
  • harbingerharbinger Member Posts: 2
    this is an update to my axle replacement problems. The service manager called me on tuesday 8/4 stating we received the right side axle and when can i bring it in for installation. I stopped driving the car so I had to p/u the car from storage. I paid my tolls and was there @ 07:30 hrs. At about 10:00 hrs. i was informed by the Svce.Manager that they again had the wrong part that was shipped direct from Korea. So they reinstalled the old part and gave me a work order. I told them I didn't want the car anymore. After a discussion the manager said he would trade it back and that I could get another car with minimal to zero lose. When we started the process the General Manager stepped in and stated that the Hyundai Manager had no authority to offer me that deal. This is ridiculous; the General Manager said that I would have to go the lemon law route if I wanted another car and that it is the responsibility of Hyundai to make things right for me. The Svce.Manager stated that he spoke to the regional rep. and that they were going to compensate me for my troubles but that they would not take the car back. I contacted a Lemon Law attorney and they stated I have to give them at least 4 tries to fix the car... I just don't want the car anymore.. what a cluster... I'ts hard to understand how they can't even get the right part for the job to even begin to see if this is the cause of the problem. Well see what happens when the right part comes in?! has anyone ever had these types of problems? and what can be done to further my case. Hyundai regional rep. says hes going to compensate me. what can i expect?
  • carolinabobcarolinabob Member Posts: 576
    Look at your owners material for a brochure on what to do when Hyundai disagrees with you. There is a section for each state as all are different. SC requires arbitration before you can file Lemon Law. Start now!
    BTW, I had a 71 Dodge Challenger with a whistle from the AC unit because the door wouldn't close all the way. Chrysler kept sending wrong part and finally dealer had me bring it in when Rep there and they measured the rod to close the door. He went back to Atlanta warehouse and found the part. The part NUMBER was for the rod to a Coronet is the reason they kept sending the wrong one. Don't get me started on Chrysler's inability to fix the carburerator-a real POS.
  • rjj718rjj718 Member Posts: 5
    I leased a 2009 Genesis Sedan (V 8 with techno package) a week ago yesterday. Today (with less than 500 miles on the vehicle) I was driving it down Alligator Alley in Fla, two hours from home, in the middle of an afternoon rainstorm. Suddenly, with no warning, things just went off -- lights, dashboard lights, windshield wipers, window controls, door lock controls, all air conditioning. It was raining so hard I couldn't see. If it had been dark, and without lights of any kind and no wipers, I would have been dead. The hazard lights wouldn't even work. It was a miracle that I made it (slowly and stressfully) to my exit, but the car totally died a mile from home and had to be pushed off the road. Has this happened to anyone? Does anybody have any idea what this could be? Perhaps I got a lemon. I sold a Mercedes to get into this car, and up to now I was very happy with it.
  • carbingcarbing Member Posts: 1
    I picked up a new Genesis a couple of weeks ago. The AFLS off light has come on a few times and flashes until the car is turned off and it seems to reset. Since it doesn't happen all of the time I'm not sure what the problem is. Otherwise the car iseverything I expected. Any ideas?
  • acdiiacdii Member Posts: 753
    My father in law has a Mercedes that did the exact same thing last week, EXACT! I bet the Hyundai was cheaper to repair though, the bill for repair on the Mercedes is expected to be upwards of $5000.
  • rjj718rjj718 Member Posts: 5
    I would be really interested in how they fixed it -- do you know, or could you ask? That $5,000 bill is pretty astounding, but at they fixed it. Hyundai is STILL working on my vehicle. An engineer from the manufacturer flew in today. Everybody is stumped. Maybe they should call a Mercedes tech in!
  • mikemartinmikemartin Member Posts: 205
    I leased a 2009 Genesis Sedan (V 8 with techno package) a week ago yesterday. Today (with less than 500 miles on the vehicle) I was driving it down Alligator Alley in Fla, two hours from home, in the middle of an afternoon rainstorm. Suddenly, with no warning, things just went off -- lights, dashboard lights, windshield wipers, window controls, door lock controls, all air conditioning. It was raining so hard I couldn't see. If it had been dark, and without lights of any kind and no wipers, I would have been dead. The hazard lights wouldn't even work. It was a miracle that I made it (slowly and stressfully) to my exit, but the car totally died a mile from home and had to be pushed off the road. Has this happened to anyone? Does anybody have any idea what this could be? Perhaps I got a lemon. I sold a Mercedes to get into this car, and up to now I was very happy with it.

    The Genesis was recalled in Korea for exactly this problem. The ECM is faulty.

    There were hundreds of reports in Korea of Genesi dying at full speed on highways and secondary roads.

    If anyone here doubts what I'm saying, Google it.

    Also, that is really unbelievable that an axle on a new car, in this era, has to be replaced. I've not heard of axle failures on new cars in a long, long time.
  • carolinabobcarolinabob Member Posts: 576
    If you have problems with your Hyundai of any kind, take it to the dealer ASAP. If he says cannot duplicate or operating within specs or as designed, ask for an appointment with the Hyundai District Parts and Service Manager.
    Then call Hyundai Customer Service call center and open a case. Record the case number, date of call and person to whom you spoke.
    Then take it to another dealer if you want while waiting on the DPSM to show up.
    If DPSM denies a problem, look in your owner's manuals for one titled Owner's Handbook Supplement with State Disclosure Notices, Consumer Assistance Process and Alternative Dispute Resolutions Program. Look for your state and do what it says.
    BTW, the DPSM may not tell you, but one of the first things he may do after saying no problem is go into the computer system and close your case. If he does, start a new one.
    If you go through the BBB Auto Line process, your case can be closed as "settled" if Hyundai agrees to inspect the car again, but then again says no problems. If that happens, call BBB immediately and they will re-open the case and continue on in the process.
    Good luck - you'll need it.
  • espo35espo35 Member Posts: 144
    You want a new car because an uncommon part on a newly-released vehicle (first model-year) made in Korea took longer than a day or two to come in??

    Man, it's not a toaster you bought at KMart; you just can't exchange it for another one!
  • espo35espo35 Member Posts: 144
    A faulty E.C.M wouldn't cause that.

    I'm sure it's fixed by now, but I bet it was a loose battery feed wire at the alternator.
  • sooththetruthsooththetruth Member Posts: 40
    My car is running great, but I was disappointed that I found, upon waxing my 9 day old car for the first time, that there was an area on trunk with multiple little spots where the primer was showing. These were clustered together in a pattern that suggested that the paint peeled off when the protective plastic was removed, in just one corner.

    Also, the hood lines up terribly with the right front fender, With an uneven gap, and differentiation in height.

    You know, I am always afraid of being a pain, but it seems to me that that alignment issue is not one I expected in the Genesis, and the paint issue one that I know did not occur because of me.

    But is it reasonable to complain? I will, just to document, but there is really nothing perfect in this world. (Oh, except my 1998 Lexus GS400 that always exceeded my expectations.)

    I'll report the response, but I am not optimistic.
  • poodog13poodog13 Member Posts: 320
    If you do report this, I'd suggest leaving out that you just waxed the vehicle. They may try to pin it on you for the type of wax you used.
  • bobadbobad Member Posts: 1,587
    Take that car to the dealer and get it fixed. They'll fix it. If not, report it to Hyundai.

    Don't even second guess yourself!
  • toyetoye Member Posts: 351
    They'll fix it, I had my trunk slightly unaligned and caused some slight damage to the paint on the bumper underneath. They had my Genesis overnight and gave me a loaner car. Next day it was finished and was fine>
  • sooththetruthsooththetruth Member Posts: 40

    I'll show it to them tomorrow, I have appt. I'll report response.
  • toyetoye Member Posts: 351
    I didn't even think of it as a warrenty issue until I saw the same problem on another forum. It looked just like dirt on the paint but after trying to cleaning and buffing it out,The line wouldn't come out.
  • bocatripbocatrip Member Posts: 194
    edited May 2010
    This forum began in Ocbober of 2008 listing quite a few fairly significant defects and flaws in the 2009 Genesis. In other forums I have also noticed numerous issues from the notorious early suspension problems to mostly electronic flaws with the radio amplifiers, steering wheel tilt resetting, and a zillion TSBs covering different issues. This forum has been relatively quiet for the last 3 months. Are all the problems resolved or is there just a loss of interest here? I know that Hyundai is doing well selling these cars. I have been interested in purchasing a 2010 or 2011 V8 with Tech, but after reading so much bad press, I am waiting for a significant improvement in quality control or will be abandoning ship.
  • toyetoye Member Posts: 351
    For the most part the Genesis has been problem free except a few minor complaints here and there. They changed the suspension issue in the spring of 2009 and even less complaints for the 2010 model. I've had very problems with mine as the back camera malfunction and it turned out to be a loose wire as I shut the trunk harder than most. So far its been a joy to own!!!!!
  • bocatripbocatrip Member Posts: 194
    edited May 2010
    I've been noticing more complaints about the V8 over the V6. Even consumer reports gives the 2009 V6 above average reliability while giving the 2009 V8 average reliability. I'm going to assume the reason for this is that the V8 has even more standard options over the V6 which can give way to more electrical issues. Regardless, I'm hoping that 2010 shows a vast improvement.
  • sooththetruthsooththetruth Member Posts: 40
    I compare the ride on my Genesis to a previous VW Phaeton, and that comparison may be unfair, but I also compare the ride to a currently owned 2006 Passat, and the Passat has a BETTER marriage of compliance and cornering than the Genesis. No doubt. The Phaeton had a dream ride, but the cornering was not good because of it's weight.

    But I have had a 2010 Genesis V6 now for 3750 miles, and I truly believe the suspension has improved with time, suggesting some break in. Compliance is better. I have 18 inch wheels, and regretted that wheel decision for the first 1500 miles, but I am getting used to the ride, as well. On bad roads, the jitter is still unacceptable, and I really hope Hyundai gets around to matching the suspension of the mid range Passat. However, the Passat suspension/cornering compromises blows that of the Honda Accord away. That level of sophistication may be hard to match. Still, the Genesis grows on me with time. Have to remember that every vehicle has it's compromises. The Passat has unacceptable wind noise. Long rides become exhausting because of the drone. The 2T engine is really loud under aggressive acceleration. The tiring part of the Hyundai is the jitter on less than perfect roads.

    I couldn't stand the small back seat in a 5 series BMW. This weekend I carried 5 adults in my Genesis around, and everyone was very comfortable with back seat space. The BMW 5 series back seat is MUCH smaller than that of the Passat's, and doesn't corner better. Go ahead, I'm ready for the ridicule regarding that last comment, but I will stand by it.

    The engine smoothness of the Hyundai is fantastic. The silence of ride serene.

    I have another post written on Real World Gas mileage, too. The Hyundai has really improved its mileage with time.
  • bocatripbocatrip Member Posts: 194
    I'm going to assume that sooththetruth has the updated rear suspension. If you still experience the jittery ride on uneven pavement, there might still be room for complaints there. I thought the newer updated rear suspension resolved most issues with the unsettled ride.
  • rjhillcbytwprjhillcbytwp Member Posts: 2
    I have experienced the tilt wheel reset issue and noticed that there is a slight pull to the right when cruising at highway speed. The biggest and most expensive issue for me is this; I took my 2009 v8+tech in this weekend for 4th oil change and what would be the 3rd tire rotation. At 14,522 miles, my right rear tire is bald, my left rear is at 1/32" and both front tires are at or just under 2/32", effectively worn out. Stock tire was dunlop (don't know which model) 235 50R18 V rated, from what I can tell. Called the dealer, and the service department shared a similar story of another owner. I went to Costco for prices, and when the technician took my make and model, he also said that he has already replaced tires on Genesis with similarly low miles. Anyone else have to spend $1000 for tires 9 months into ownership?
  • tjc78tjc78 South JerseyMember Posts: 12,323
    There is another poster here on Edmunds who after IIRC 17K replaced the tires on his V8. I have the V6 with 17" wheels and have around 11K and they still look ok. The Dunlops are not great wearing tires and this appears pretty normal expecially on the V8s. I wonder if the V8 having the limited slip rear eats up the tires more than the V6?

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  • toyetoye Member Posts: 351
    9 months and 20k miles later I had to change mine.It's been a common issue with both V6 and V8
  • rjhillcbytwprjhillcbytwp Member Posts: 2
    edited May 2010
    After some negotiation with the dealership, I was able to get a bit of relief and had four new tires installed. They split (50%-50%) the cost of a new set of the original tires. It was still fairly pricey, but the savings was worth the trip. I suppose that it never hurts to ask.
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