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2010-2011 Buick LaCrosse



  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 298
    edited June 2011
    bobbob & bwia: You can negotiate with Onstar for the price as I'm sure you know. $150 per year for the accident reporting and the backup phone in an emergency is pretty cheap IMO. We had tornadoes in May here and many cell users lost service due to no power. Also land lines worked in some cases but many did not. Onstar was a great backup in a power outage.
    Biggest advantage is the backup if you or wife do not have cell, the system defaults to Onstar. That and the safety factor make it worth the cost for us with the skinny safe and sound package. We do not need or use the nav option so do not need the deluxe package.
    Just some thoughts.
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 2,138
    After reading these convincing comments from several forums I am now inclined to renew but hopefully at a discounted price.
    • The OnStar phone works better than any consumer cell phone. OnStar uses the 4 watt transmitter, where hand held cell phones are limited to 3/10 of a watt. After the hurricane in New Orleans, OnStar was the only cell service that would work because of it's increased range.

    • I just did an online renewal of my OnStar coverage for a year. I paid $149 for 1 year of the Safe & Sound plan. It's $14.95 if you pay monthly.
    The Directions & Connections plan is $249 for 1 year or $24.90 paid monthly.

    • I very much appreciated getting a call when I went straight into the side of a
    stop sign blowing pickup last may. My airbags had gone off and I was unconscious
    for several moments. Had something really bad happened I would have wanted
    it for sure. Thankfully nothing really bad happened but they certainly helped in
    getting the police their faster and just nice to know someone was alerted to
    my misfortune incase I needed help

    • Also, the remote location door unlock feature.. I've used it 2 or 3 times.. Once just because I could.
    It's a nice service, and I like having the peace of mind knowing that I am safe.
    PLUS, yesterday when my Aura wouldn't start (starter went.) it was nice to call a tow truck, the service was impressive.

    • I firmly believe OnStar is worth the cost of having. First off, it's a theft-deterrent system that can track your car if it is stolen. Second, OnStar can remotely unlock your car should you lock your keys in your car or lose your keys. Third, the emergency assistance you can activate or is automatically activated should you have a medical emergency or an accident. These things are about your PROTECTION rather than simply the convenience of having hands-free phone service and turn-by-turn directions. It's about keeping you and your vehicle as safe as possible. IMO, many people often focus way too much on "convenience" features.

    The VALUE of anything / system is knowing what it can do and needing the features it provides. It's kind of like homeowner's insurance. The day you need it and don't have it is the day you'll curse yourself for not having renewed the policy / service.

    I'm guessing the VAST MAJORITY of automobile insurance companies provide a discount for having OnStar as a theft-deterrent and tracking system. Why in the heck wouldn't they? I KNOW you won't receive a discount from them for having hands-free calling or TBT directions

    • I have never renewed Onstar in any of my previous vehicles, but since I now have the 2011 that allows remote start from my cell phone, I now can't live without it! I love being able to remote start my car from my office while it is parked in the lot across the street and not visible to me! Makes Iowa winters a little easier.
  • rainman5542rainman5542 Posts: 114
    You cite a lot of good reasons for paying for OnStar.

    I did not renew because

    1. In 45 years of driving, I have never lockled myself out of my car
    2. My CXL has a theft alarm
    3. My CXL has a NAV system
    4. I no longer work and drive just 8800 miles per year.
    5. Cell reception is fine with my Blackberry connected by Bluetooth
    6. Cost
  • cooleyddcooleydd Posts: 105
    I too love the OnStar and it is available on the four GM cars that I own. The problem is having to pay for each of them without any consideration of a discount. They also now have an App for certain cars, however it is not available on the 2010 LaCrosse. I called this morning and was offered, after some discussion, the $149 per year with 100 free minutes of phone use. The cost would be the same for each vehicle. At about $600 for all 4 I decided it was not worth it especially since each of us have cell phones with navigation. I did not even renew it for one car. If the price for all 4 cars, including 100 free minutes for each car, was around $300 it would be doable. To me, considering the price for cell phones, it seems to me that OnStarr has priced itself out of the market - especially for multiple cars.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    Replying to the entire thread.
    There are some good points as to having it.
    The cost is a big issue, especially for whole package.
    And the same is true for XM with the weather and traffic.
    I assume they use same antenna and if I'm getting dropouts all over this city, I'd assume the same for GM/OnStar. Many vehicles have this problem with XM and many do not.
    The extra power thing sounds bogus. It might transmit with extra power, but reception depends on the power from the other end. Have you ever gotten a "no transmit"? It is "no reception".

    On the whole, I think the business model for GM/OnStar and XM is defunct. That is they will be going the way of Blockbuster, unless they make big changes.
    GM/OnStar needs to add SATCOM back into its system so that if you are somewhere where cell service is not working, you can drop back to the other, and viceversa.
    GM, OnStar, XM (and/or) needs to figure a way to keep navigation, weather, traffic, etc., all current. And the quality of music stream, along with the audio system in many cases, needs improving. XM does not seem to be CD quality and with the improved quality of other sources, via lossless compression such as ALAC (Apple lossless audio codec), XM will need to step up. I'd guess the issue is satelite bandwidth and being able to modify what exists.
    But if they don't, they will be very minor players.
    Example, how long will it be before cell phones integrate inertial accelerators or some other method of detecting a collision? You can already stream music through the cell service or download high quality.
    The obvious answer is that they need to improve services and cut cost to discourage any competition.
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 2,138
    I just checked with my insurance company and the insurance discount for an Onstar equipped vehicle is $22 for my LaCrosse and $20 for my Malibu. I'm a little disappointed in the amount of the discount as the discount was advertised as 35% off; but in reality it is 35% of the comprehensive component and not on the full policy. Nonetheless, that $22 is equivalent to a 15% discount off the $149 OnStar Safe and Sound price.
  • cooleyddcooleydd Posts: 105
    AS some of you know I have had a problem which seems like the car will not shift down when needed. I have complained to the dealer and they can not reproduce. I was assigned a number from the service rep here and the result was the GM rep said if the dealer can not duplicate there is nothing they can do.

    I just finished a trip up into hilly and mountain areas and it continues to give me problem - in two cases it could of caused an accident. I am having to change my driving style to not get into trouble.

    What happens is when I am going up a hill I can push down gently on the petal and nothing happens. I continue to push and nothing happens and the car keeps slowing down. Finally it will spurt ahead as if I hit the passing gear.

    The dealers will simply not give the car a long enough test drive up and down similar hills or will they invite me along to show them the problem. I really am at a place where I am afraid to drive the car in any area where this might occur. It is simply dangerous at this point.

    The reason I keep mentioning it here is two fold. One is to see if anyone else has a similar problem and the second is to develop a history of complaints of what is happeneing.
  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 298
    bwia: good point to bring up the offsetting insurance savings. Net cost of $10/month seems cheap to me with the skinny plan. We don't want or need all the bells & whistles on the car or with XM/Onstar or anything else that a third party is selling. The basics often fill our needs, but at times the extras i.e. the extended warranty, the heavier battery, bigger engine, extra features etc. make economic sense. getting rid of the basics due to exhorbinant costs of the extras always seemed to be nonsensical.
  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 298
    cooley: Does the car shift down if you use the manual shift option? The 6-speed trans is definitely programmed for economy and shifts up to a higher gear much easier than it shifts down for performance (faster speed).
    It is supposed to shift down, however when the speed/RPM's drop off too much due to a hill or other slowing factor. The dealer's tech can surely make it NOT SHIFT DOWN if something is wrong with the transmission or the programming. We had a similar problem with an older car and it took multiple trips and the right tech to make it demonstrate the condition.
    good luck.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252

    I apologize for the problems you are experiencing with your vehicle. Has the dealership involved Technical Assistance? Do you currently have a case with GM Customer Assistance? If so, could you please email me the case number?

    Click on member name to get email address.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • cooleyddcooleydd Posts: 105
    I rarely use the manual shift but when I have Ti has always responded.
  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 298
    Cooley: I generally do not use cruse control, but to check out your problem I did yesterday on short 220 mile trip. When our 2010 CXL with 3.0L engine is in cruse teh trans shifting is very orderly. It shifts down when needed and promptly shifts back up as soon as possible for maximum MPG.
    Reason for this test was to see if the mechanics performed differently with the operator (human) out of the loop. Also noted that the MPG was averaging 28 with 76 MPH and some hills on route.
    The cruse is very consistent and smooth IMO- worked flawlessly.
    If yours does not work right in cruse mode it may be mechanical problem- try it out for yourself.
    great cars - enjoy
  • cooleyddcooleydd Posts: 105
    crankeee: Sounds like a good idea. Will try and report back. I have never used the cruise control in hilly driving but will make a special trip and give it a try. The problem may be that I notice it most at speeds below the minimum speed of the cruise control.
  • bobbob2bobbob2 Posts: 28
    Picked up my 2011 LaX CXS Tues from dealer. They replaced a sensor/module. This is a two trip repair as dealers don t stock the item. I asked them to show it to me. It was a black box the size of a deck of cards. No one cud tell me just where it was located. I learned nothing by looking at it except it was heavier than its size hinted and controlled the left side(mirror). What was interesting was that its failure also put the right side on the fritz.

    Car seems to be working fine again[knock wood] and I am glad to be back enjoying it.

    Warranted covered all expense.

    The Service Dept of Union Park. Wilm., DE, ran car thru their washer gratis before turning it back which I thot was a very nice touch.
  • ab348ab348 Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, CanadaPosts: 8,604
    I have read reports of Bluetooth problems not only in the Lacrosse but also in many other vehicles. This article here on Edmunds explains many of the reasons why:

    Bluetooth Blues

    The cellular industry really needs to work on consistency in its application of technology. Right now everything is like a shell game as to whether it actually works as advertised.

    2017 Cadillac ATS Performance Premium 3.6, 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass S Holiday Coupe

  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252

    Thank you for the update! Glad to hear everything has been fixed and you are able to enjoy the vehicle! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us directly.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    The recent posting on the blind zone alert was new to me. But I should have known with my luck. Mine hit me from a different angle though. The right side little car lit up when travelling the outside lane and on a two lane road. The first incident went out after some time on its own. The second time it seemed to stay on much longer, at least a mile. I turned the directional on to check effect. The little car obligingly flashed as if something was there. There definitely was not. I turned directional off and it went to steady light. I turned on left directional and the right side stayed lit. When I turned directional off, the light went out on right side. Dealer said there is nothing in computer about it.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    I think my last update was that dealer replaced steering column because of the lock and that exhaust system was on order.
    Since this was the first high speed driving since they did a bit of work, some things did not show until we were hitting highway.
    Car packed and family rolling, before we got away from city, I got a "service suppension system" message. Straight to dealer, and they would not put me in one of there vehicles because of miles I would have driven. So they called Enterprise, and unless you use the airport division, which no local dealers do, it should be named rent a wreck. So that did not go well. They hurried my vehicle through and reset computer saying it was nothing to be concerned over.
    Car had heat soaked before we got to leave dealer. The first I notice is that is does not seem to be cooling as well as previously. Remember they were going to change the expansion valve which would have lost freon. I wonder if they weighed the new charge in? It cooled down eventually and about 60 miles out I notice a vibration from front that was coming and going in a rythmic pattern. At first only in steering wheel, and then it became constant at highway speeds and started to show up in seat. And my first contact with roads that were not glass smooth, it feels like there is some play in steering. They had just replaced the steering column. Enough play that if a front tire contacts some irregularities that the steering will change with holding wheel steady. And then you must initiate corrective action. I have not been happy with the handling of the vehicle in that respect, but at least it had razor tight steering before.
    For most of the trip, the lumbar did not lose air. But I have decided this is some Chinese logic of how this is too function. There is no way to adjust upper and lower independently. If you think you have either lower or upper adjusted but need to alter the opposite, it is impossible to do. And the location of the bags seems to be for only very short people. I have previously commented about the firmness of suede seating in Malibu which gives very good support. Support is definitely lacking in these seats. Often feeling pressure points it reminds me of an old poor quality chair where the stuffing has shifted and you feel the springs, on long drives.
    But we pushed on, taking an unfamiliar route because of someones info, but relying on navigation.
    I complained constantly about the lousy XM reception on this vehicle. It is satelite, and so is the GPS. In rain, rather heavy, near midnight, and having chosen shortest route from my current location, which shortened the remaining 100 miles by about 80 miles when not sticking to interstate. Yep, in unfamiliar territory with no towns to mention, Nav started giving me "no signal" message. So, when I really needed it, it craps out too.
    And the CAF, well I needed it more than ever and it is still not working. Barely half way into trip, something in the air was a real sinus killer. Only a couple brief periods of a few hours did the air clear enough for the headache to go away. And there was some really ugly smells entering vehicle as well. It sure don't filter skunk or dairy liquid maure. If you get a dose of the later and know the decomposing body smell, you choose the rotting body smell.
    I decide I've got to have a minimum of relief, if just when I'm driving, because allergy pills are not working. So I take to local dealer for the CAF, the imbalance, and blindspot.
    They said the front were only minor, but one of the rear they had to dismount and rotate. They believed the outside air door was not fully closing and said there was an update as well as recalibrated the doors. Nothing in system about blindspot or suspension.
    BTW, I discovered that in bug country, the vehicle would get a lot of them inside if sitting tightly closed. A darned mosquito don't care if they land on your eye which is a real driving hazard.
    So, ugly smells and bugs still enter vehicle. The front still has vibration which I now think may be the drive shafts. And the tire they rotated on wheel now leaks down after a few hours. I had to put air in several times on return trip. I noted it was three pounds lower than others when I left their shop and filled appropriately. The next day after about 60 miles of driving I got the low pressure message.
    REal idiots when it comes to seat design. Almost anyone who sits in car should have their tail bone in the same location relative to seat. Yet the design puts pressure on tail bone. BTW, this is not the first vehicle to have that terrible seat support design. But at this level of vehicle it should not be.
    I will rest my aching, painful back today, and maybe call dealer. Afterall, maybe the new exhaust came in and I can add to the list.
    PS, manager mentioned lemon law the last time I was there.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    I may have mentioned that they told me they changed the battery again for the leaking acid and told me they'd clean the underhood area of that yellow fluffy lead sulfate which dissolves with hot water. And when I filled with gas and checked oil, that yellow stuff was still all over under hood. Checking oil during trip on way home I discovered this battery is leaking too! And it has a significant corrosion, deep pitting on frame member where it is dripping. Enough that it would be a weak point in a significant crumple.
    I am so disappointed in this vehicle. I thought it would be the last I'd buy for a very long time.
    This alone brings up a number of safety issues including some the EPA could be involved with. They dang sure don't want lead-acid being spewed all over the environment. And they don't want us breathing those fumes either, especially with bad CAF or whatever the leak is.
  • ab348ab348 Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, CanadaPosts: 8,604
    You're obviously never going to be happy with this car. Trade it in on something else.

    2017 Cadillac ATS Performance Premium 3.6, 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass S Holiday Coupe

  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    One more event that just came to mind.
    Fortunately it was not an emergency or short stop. When I applied brake it veered to the left as if a caliper stuck. I let off brake, corrected, and cautiously applied brake again. It did not stick the second time. It makes me wonder if GM has lowered the standards in that area thinking the other systems will take over. If the road had been slippery, it could have thrown me into a skid or oncoming traffic. Those backup systems can only do so much and in the 09 Malibu I found they did not work very well.
    The only times I ever had such happening before these two new vehicles was in high mileage/time vehicles where the brakes and fluid had not been serviced in a very long time. Never in a new vehicle before these two.
    And though I've mentioned the sun hitting the screen before, it was particularly bad on this trip. For hours each day the sun would make it hard to see.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    I'll say that Buick did a fair job of implementing Bluetooth but it is lacking in some profiles. Profiles being the specific things it is capable of such as pairing address books or being able to transmit to wireless mike/earphone or specifically to stereo headphones. But then some of them are not needed in some cases. It would seem easier to use the chip that handles all profiles.
    As to cellular, they apparently use some proprietary profiles, that is they don't follow the profile according to the official bluetooth specification, which should work for everyone unless there is a mistake found post release.
    Intel seems to be quite bad in the USB area. They totally mucked up USB 1 and it was at USB 1.1 they finally got it straight. And when USB 2.0 came out, many hardware makers messed it up. In the spec was a new specific about shielding connections and almost everyone got it wrong when making the hardware. Just by luck most of it worked anyway. But now that USB 3.0 is out, although greatly delayed, some have it right. Latest word is Intel is again having trouble and if it is an Intel system it only works with the very latest chipsets because earlier ones that were supposed to, don't!
    And such is the trouble with Bluetooth. Some trying to jump out ahead of the specification or even trying to force the committee to change to their proprietary methods.
    In my opinion, Apple is terrible about implementing bluetooth and other compatibilities, even their iPod software to PC usage has had problems.
    I'm not familiar with Sync other than it is a MS product. Hopefully it is done on widely accepted standards, nothing proprietary.
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 2,138
    edited June 2011
    My oil change yesterday cost $10 more than the last one, so in response to my inquiry the dealer said that dexos synthetic oil is now the required standard for all new GM cars. I did a brief internet search and at this aol website they discuss dexos oil.

    In part the article makes this cautionary statement: "Further, GM says that if a customer has an engine failure that is traced to oil or lubrication issues, and if the customer does not use dexos 1 oil in their gasoline-powered GM vehicle, that act alone could void the warranty."

    Since I am a novice at this I am hoping that readers will share their experiences with dexos oil and why the dealer also added a "solvent w/w cleaner"?
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 22,439
    >solvent w/w cleaner

    I think that is related to the yacht payment the dealership owner has coming due. It's an unneeded extra. In fact, if you look in your GM owners manual, it most likely says that no additional additives are needed nor recommended.

    The dexos requirement is available in most brands now. Read the label on the bottles at Walmart. Look for the dexos rating on the info on the back or front. The rating for GM in the for synthetic oil quality was GM 4718 IIRC. Now oils have improved a step.

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    I had noticed that one dealer advertised dexos oil change, non-synthetic. What I remember of the dexos spec is the oil did not necessarily need be synthetic. Things may have changed since then. To meet the dexos requirement at that time oil jobbers had to purchase the ingredient(s) from GM and that is why many chose not to market dexos or only in a few of their brands or weights.
    Perhaps your dealer found a source for dexos oil that is cheaper than GM?
    Supposition was that dexos was created because of the high gasoline content showing up in used oil analysis from direct injection motors.
    I agree on boat to some degree.
    That is not an oil additive. That is for filling your windshield washer tank.
  • bobbob2bobbob2 Posts: 28
    e net rider

    Sorry to hear. BTW we all appreciate ur many notes on this site.

    A few points I learned may help.

    When I took my LaX CXS '11 in, the service dept asked questions such as when, how often, which side... the icons (dis)appeared. I wasn t really able to answer as specific as I wanted to. I thot they wud hav a diagnostic to run down the trouble. Sounds like u have some good ground data to help.

    I'm surmising this is a generic flaw and Buick shud by now ack and have a solution and maybe a recall as this is definitely a SAFETY RISK.

    When I drove mine in for fix naturally it worked fine. SO it s an on again/Off problem - the worst kind. Fortunately my dealer took it out for a test drive and found I was of sound mind. You may need to press for a test.

    My recall is that the signals seemed to be random and misplaced ie inconsistent and either seeing ghost cars or missing the real ones.

    So far the fix seems OK but u kno how it is once something like this goes wrong there a drop in confidence while we expect a revisit of problem. I'd like to hear form someone who had a fix months ago and problem was permanently corrected.

    Good luck.
  • bobbob2bobbob2 Posts: 28
    Anyone come up with a good solution?

    I found that when I had my cellphone plugged, laying on passenger seat and charging in consol of my LaX CXS '11 I cudn t put the arm rest all the way down for fear I wud damage the cord. If I kept the fone in consol with rest down the fone seemed to get hot not surprisingly.

    A second outlet in the rear consol is not easy to get to from drivers seat and leaves an unanswered question where to set the fone during charge.

    Any suggestions?
  • bobinorbobinor Posts: 63
    Yes. You'll notice the tray that sits above the deep storage space has a hole in the back left corner. There is also a depression in the plastic that the tray sits on at this same position. Feed your cord through these slots and you're good to go with no cord damage.
  • daluchedaluche Posts: 2
    I have been to several dealers and each one tell me different GMAC offerings for leasing this vehicle - impossible to get to the truth. Im close to signing a deal for a CXS with every option except touring and sunroof and with $1,675 out of pocket my payment will be $449 for 39 months. Anyone know if this is realistic to be paying? To me this seems rediculously high considering Buick has a Regal lease special for $329 mo at just about $2,000 less than of my CXS purchase with less money down. How could this very little change in purchase price add up to $120 mo increase X 39 months?
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 2,138
    edited July 2011
    "LaCrosse retail sales [for June] were up 2 percent over May, but down 3 percent through the first half of the year. Total LaCrosse sales grew 25 percent month over month, but were down 4 percent calendar year to date. LaCrosse sales are expected to return to growth this fall with the introduction of the 2012 LaCrosse with eAssist™, which is expected to deliver class-leading highway fuel economy of 36 mpg.

    About Buick
    Buick is a modern luxury brand offering vehicles with sculpted designs, luxurious interiors with thoughtful personal technologies, along with responsive-yet-efficient performance. Buick is attracting new customers with its portfolio of award-winning models, including the Enclave crossover, LaCrosse sedan, Regal sport sedan and highly anticipated all-new 2012 Buick Verano compact luxury sedan. Buick is one of the fastest growing majors in the U.S. and remains a best-selling brand in China, with continuing record growth. " - s/us/en/2011/Jul/buicksales
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