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2005 Chevrolet Cobalt



  • sharkman1sharkman1 Posts: 19
    Sounds like what happened to mine('06) it's an automatic but acting like a manual. Turned out to be the transmission control module. It was throwing various codes & was hard to track down. They(chevy) happened to have a new tcm on the shelf & decided to give that a try, cured the prob. That was at 85k or 86k, now it has 98,877 & no prob since. Good Luck! :)
  • Ok i will take the transmission control module into consideration. However I don't know if mine is throwing any kind of codes because my check engine light has not come on when this happens. Did your check engine light ever come on?
  • sharkman1sharkman1 Posts: 19
    Yes, that's when I took it to chevy. Told them what it was doing. A couple days later they called & said "its throwing different codes, can't pinpoint yet can we keep it a little longer? We haven't seen this before."

    Anyway, suggest that to your service rep it'll be a good place to continue. How many miles do you have? And what are your thoughts on timing chains?
  • My car hasn't even thrown a check engine light yet, however I know there is something wrong with my car. I can feel it when I put my foot lightly on the gas pedal. I will run the transmission module control idea past them and see what they say. Thank you for that info that may help me get my car fixed. I have over 76,000 miles on my car and I am trying to get the most out of it.
    On the timing chain question I really don't have an answer. I have never really thought about the timing chain at all.
  • lol i know old post but still funny
  • lidavislidavis Posts: 3
    edited May 2012
    So, last night MY check engine light came on. I've had shudders before but they seemingly went away. I have noticed that my car didn't seem to go as fast as it once had before, and chalked it up to older age. It's a 2005, with 80k on it, I took it to a local place thinking about getting a flush, but they said I needed to go to a transmission specialist, that it was throwing out codes: 700, 752 and 106.

    if you could let me know how much a new TCM cost? and if this issue sounds similar to your own? I'd love to know. I don't have money for an expensive fix. :sick: :confuse: :cry:
  • My car has been doing exactly the same thing, did the transmission control module workout for you? I still have no check engine light. I will take my car for diagnostic next week I will mention TCM to see if replacement fixes problem first hand.
  • my 2005 chevy cobalt wont t shift into second gear unless you let out of the gas.... please help
  • Good morning colleenhaire,

    We would be happy to look into your situation further, although we cannot guarantee what the results will be up front. Please send us the following information via email at so we can set up a Service Request: your name and Edmunds username, phone and address, the last 8 of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your preferred dealership.

    GM Customer Service
  • lidavislidavis Posts: 3
    edited August 2012
    I took it into the dealership, advised that the PEPBOYS got the codes, and they took over from there. After about 3 days of them having my car, it was fixed. They advised that out of the 2 transmission codes that pepboy's found that it was actually the Mapping Censor that was the issue, not either of the transmission codes. ( LIES! :mad: ) Which I'm amazed by b/c once Pepboys realized it was out of the scope of their availability to work with, they didn't even charge me for the work to look into the issue. The Dealership just fixed something so they could get $$.

    The problem with parts, labor and tax, at the dealership came to ~$750.

    The next day I was still getting the same issue with the jerking, and the sputtering, :( but it was still driving. FINALLY though, after about 1 month of this, the light came back on, and again I put it in the shop, advised the EXACT same issues were happening that I put the car in for a month before, after 2 days of pulling it apart and putting it back together again, i was advised that "the mapping censor is working as it should."

    My issue though, is that it's STILL jerking, and shuttering, which is what i put the car in the shop for. :mad: Now I'm being told that they need 5 "certified" hours to be able to look into the sealed Transmission to SEE what the real problem is @ $101/hr. Translating to $505.00 just to SEE what this issue MIGHT be.

    As of the moment I haven't had the TMC changed or recoded yet, I did do a flush and it doesn't seem to have helped anything. I'm really not a car person like this, and i feel like those sharks at the dealership know it, and are basically out to rob me blind.

    I will Say that i have loved my car for every moment that I've had it except when it's needed fixing, b/c while i think the product wasn't bad, the face of GM that is at the dealership, those uncaring, half-hearted, barley sympathetic folks make me hard pressed to ever want another GM product again.

    As it is, I'm honestly looking at the next fix, if that doesn't work I'm now saving for a new car, and I'm pretty sure it wont be another Chevy after all this.

    My car is turning out to be a :lemon:
    Mileage: 83,300
    Previous Repairs(that i've had done): Sunroof Motor (twice), Driver's side window motor, fuses on the driver-side heated seats, taillight's going out about once every 6 months - a year, 1 headlight, had the keyless remote recoded - it broke again and i left it that way, and the recall b/c it could get someone killed; had the power steering column changed out.
    Other random issues i had a problem but it never happened again or is just not THAT problematic: break light warning: just randomly comes on - doesn't stay on, just likes to flash a happy little hello :surprise:, for a while my automatic door-locks would play a drumbeat going off and back on before just staying either locked or unlocked, keyless remote finally broke again after having it recoded - that lasted about 6 months before it broke. Something, Not sure what exactly b/c i haven't bothered to have it fixed, is that my key gets stuck in the ignition, making it so that i cant turn my car off. Another reason i hate the dealers is that they told me that i could leave the key in the car, just make sure everything was turned off and that i should be able to make it in, in the morning. This was a bald-faced-lie, as i had a 1 ton paperweight when i woke up the next day. THAT issue i found a fix for online, which is to just use the emergency key release. For anyone with that issue, you can go here: image push that handy button and you got a freed key! (Oh yeah, that's located on the underside of the steering wheel. there's a little door/hatch, pop it off, and the button is at the top left of that photo.) Other then all of the above, i once adjusted the steering wheel while sitting at a red light and the whole car just turned off.

    Was dead. :surprise:

    Had to crank it again and it just seemed to be fine as it was, THAT hasn't happened again yet but yeah...

    :lemon: !!!
  • We're sorry to hear about this situation, lidavis. If you would like for us to open up a Service Request and check in with your dealership on this, please email us the following information at your name and Edmunds username, phone and address, the last 8 digits of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your involved dealership.

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • I bought this car used last year for my son. It is now dead and I am still paying for it!! Car was maintained as it was supposed to be. Had issues with mapping device or something like that, but mechanics were unable to fix properly... DO NOT BUY A CHEVY OR ANY GM PRODUCT!!! I ALWAYS BUY HONDA OR TOYOTA, BUT MY SON LIKED THIS COBALT SO I BOUGHT IT....BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER GM PRODUCT!!!
  • Don't blame the Cobalt, you didn't do your homework. It's no secret that the '05 Cobalts were plagued with issues. If its the transmission shuttering issue, a transmission control module should take care of it.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Are the mechanics you've been working with at one of our GM dealerships? If so, we can check into this further for you if you would please send us more information to (include your name and contact information, a summary of the situation, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and the name of your dealership).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • Honest opinion, is it worth putting performance parts on a 2005 Cobalt? Its nothing special, not an SS or LS or anything.
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