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I have a 07 xls Outlander and love it . I was wondering why did  Mitis put that worthless back seat in a small CUV ??  I thnk it is worthless and would rather have that space as hidden strorage space like I had on my Montero Sport . Does anyone use that seat?? My teenage son can't sit in it.


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    That's why I bought an '07 LS vs XLS. I didn't want all the extras like the 3rd row seats and low profile tires (it's an SUV, not a sports car and taller profile/narrower tires are better in snow and less prone to damaging rims with potholes.). Some of the XLS's also had the expensive NAV system, which I didn't want either. As for the storage space, instead of the rear seat: it's not much space but I removed the styrofoam organizer insert to gain a little more space where I've put some tools and the towing ball mount for the hitch. The storage space cover is a bit primitive in its attachment, but works for me.
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    I'm guessing they did it so they can call it a 7 passenger vehicle. The cheesy seat is pretty laughable. Maybe you could use it in a pinch. Mine does'nt have it either.
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    My Grandchildren boy 9 and girl 4 love the seats.
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