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2010 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • This is a follow up posting from my June 11, 2013 post regarding the laundry list of problems I have had with my 2010 Chevrolet Equinox, AWD LT2, 2.4 L 4 cyl. engine. I will begin by saying that my husband and I purchased the vehicle for its excellent reported gas mileage, comfortable ride, and expected (excellent) reliability. We take long trips (800+ miles per trip) to visit family and needed a reliable car with good gas mileage, adequate space, and good handling ability in all weather. The Equinox seemed to fit the bill and was an excellent car through 47,000 miles. We followed good maintenance practices, changing the oil around 3500-4000 miles using the recommended durablend oil.

    At just under 47,000 miles we began experiencing the engine problems cataloged repeatedly on this forum discussion (i.e., consuming oil, missing engine threatening to stall at low speeds and when idling, severe shaking of the car). At this point, the car was just over two years old. Since then we have had the drivetrain and air conditioning compressor replaced (47,000 miles), followed by a new engine when we began experiencing the same engine issues we had experienced earlier (62,000 miles), a blown windshield wiper transmission (67,000 miles), a temperature actuator went bad at 67,000 miles, a blown transmission left me stranded a couple of weeks ago at 77,000 miles, and the antifreeze smell I have noticed for the past 10,000 miles was finally identified as a radiator leak at our GM service center (they were not able to find the leak prior to the transmission visit). :lemon:

    I have been fortunate to work with an excellent GM service department in a small town. They have fought for my new engine and the recent transmission replacement all covered under the GM 5 year/100,000 mile warranty. They have provided me a rental car for each major repair (each taking 6 - 18 days). I also worked with GM Customer Service to receive a 60,000 extended warranty on the new engine (not offered up front upon receiving the engine). After many letters to GM all the way up the chain to the CEO and talking with no less than four customer service (CS) representatives, each stating they were higher up the food chain than the previous CS rep, I received the option for a $5000.00 customer appreciation credit toward a new GM vehicle. I received this prior to the blown transmission. When the credit was offered, I I seriously considered using the it toward a new 2014 Equinox with the expectation that the 2014 could not possibly be as bad as the 2010 model. After the blown transmission, I have had enough loss of work time, frustration and lack of faith that GM can offer a reliable vehicle. In addition, after discussions with my friendly GM service center and sales manager, I suspect that I would receive a bottom of the barrel auction price on the trade-in for my lemon, increasing the amount of cash I will have to outlay to purchase the new Equinox for which engine problems may still be an issue (jury is still out).

    Going back to the 1940’s (my parents’ first cars), of the many cars my family has owned (Ford/Mercury, Chrysler/Dodge, Honda, Subaru, Toyota) across my parents’ and now their children’s life times, none of us have ever had a car with such poor reliability. It may be that this particular car was manufactured the day after New Year’s when the entire staff was recovering from hangovers (How else could one explain the incredible list of repairs on a vehicle just three years old!), but the 2010 Equinox’s track record indicates that anyone contemplating the purchase of a used 2010 Equinox should either purchase the extended 100,000 mile warranty and be ready for possible engine issues, or look at newer models, or better yet, look at reliable cars from other manufactures.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Your posting is VERY well written! ---- It tells is all! ----- The vehicle is a Lemon! ----- The service / concern from GM is less than professional! ----- The quality of the vehicle is poor! ------ The Customers are being abused! ----- No more GM vehicles for me! ----- Dwayne
  • The rear camera went out today. It's been on an off since it was new. They said it was a $450 rear view mirror. I had the car in twice under warranty but each time the camera was working so they couldn't work on it. Today we brought it in while it wasn't working. They agreed to order one and take car of the cost since we had brought the car in while it was under warranty. Good Dealer. Car looks great, but it's the oldsmobile diesel of our era.

    Oh to the person with the pinging knocking problem, I put premium gas in it an it went away and I lived with it till the pump started leaking gas in the engine oil. Make them fix it now. It should not ping with 87 octane. If it's pinging, you are in for problems.

    Let's see, in 45K, we've had the fuel pump, timing chain tensioner, water pump, transmission clutches, rear camera fail, AC condenser. The fit and finish on the Equinox LTZ is perfect. The drive train, not so much.

    I suspect they have corrected these issues since 2010. Call me a fool but I bought a new Chevy truck last Oct. We will see how it goes. It's doing better than the equinox.
  • Been working with dealer for months now on engine issues (4 cylinder). First found it was consuming oil, got the oil life recall about same time as this was getting way to bad to live with (I hate to ever take my cars back to dealers). Instead of just doing an oil consumption test they did the oil life computer update and changed the oil. Got car back, had no power at all (detuned the motor?). Found they overfilled the oil, took it back and made them change it again while I watched. That reduced the consumption but was a danger to drive, no throttle response, just long hesitation and no power when it did go until after 2200 rpm and real bad mileage. Back to dealer, they can't reproduce problem. Back to dealer a few more time to work on this, mileage never came back, a bit better to drive but nothing like before the oil life update. Lot more to this than posted here.

    Next up Gas in the Oil, back to dealer with oil in sealed container. Just got the Gas in Oil notice from GM in the mail also. They report changing the Fuel Pump and Balance Chain etc. Got car back running way better but had to go back to dealer right away (hose left off and oil getting on engine etc). They put hose on. Good for a week or so, better mileage, better power. That didn't last, mileage down, gas in oil again. Back to dealer. They let car sit for a week, I call they say and report no gas in oil. I say after a week it evaporated just like it would if I pored it on your parking lot. They say they are done, go take it for a second opinion (and I thought we were getting so close to making this engine work), (maybe just another pump)!

    So now I need to go and start contacting GM. I'm sure the only reason my car still runs at all is because I have been on top of it with servicing the oil and treating it well as I drive. I'm also sure most of the problems with the engine are due to these Fuel Pumps leaking gas into the oil, damaging the balance chain, cylinders, bearings, etc. etc. in the motor.

    Help Gm: I need a good motor (a new motor), this car should last over 200,000 miles. Why should I have to think I should be getting rid of this car? I have been all GM for years and years. This car has been back to the dealer more than all of my other cars combined (not exaggerating here).
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    This story is so typical of this poorly designed engine! ----- If I had this vehicle I would put magnetic signs on this vehicle describing the current state of my vehicle, and the name of the selling dealer. ----- My logic is "IF" the manufacturer thinks that this is "state of the art customer service," then I should advertise this fact to the automotive buying public. ------ My signs might say; "Equinox engine burning oil, no power, no cooperation from manufacturer, purchased from XXXXXXXXX" -------- I would have this sign on both sides of the vehicle. ---- Please be advised that I am NOT telling YOU what to do, I am simply sharing my feelings on this subject! ---- IMPORTANT NOTE: ---- I would NOT deliberately drive past the dealer, but I might contact the local newspaper or the local TV station, and ask if they would like to do a "human interest / consumer automotive story" on my "state of the art / high tech vehicle!" ----- I would give them a written history of the repairs made on this vehicle to date. ------ QUESTION: ----- What do you think would happen if you took this action? Let's explore the possibilities. The dealer and the manufacturer might take legal action against you. While that sounds threatening, it lacks substance since where are they going to find 12 people on a jury that have not be hurt by a car dealer in the United States. Besides the "negative publicity" will do them more harm than good! It will force the quality or I should say the "lack of product quality" into the light thus causing them to lose more sales! If I were a betting person, I would say that you would be contacted, and your vehicle would be repaired in a professional manner, which is what should have been done in the first place. Remember; for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. ----- Just sharing some information for your consideration. The final decision is yours, because YOU must live with that decision. ---- Best regards. ----- Dwayne.
  • Your first statement said it all. "This story is so typical of this poorly designed engine!" So putting signs to hurt the dealer would be unfair. This is a GM problem not the dealer. I've had my share of hassle with dealers, don't get me wrong but the dealer has been very fair with me. So far I haven't put out a penny to fix this lemon. Believe me, GM knows they put out a lemon and they are having to own up to it with the 100K power train warranty and they are giving an extra 20K. I don't plan on keeping this lemon but I can't blame the dealer. They are good people having to deal with a bad product.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    edited October 2013
    Have you considered all the stress and loss of use that you have experienced because of this purchase? ---- Have you considered the loss that you are going to take when you trade this vehicle to the dealer? ---- Justice would be if the dealer gives you "full trade in value," and sells you a new vehicle at $200.00 over his cost! ---- Dwayne
  • I bought a 2010 Chevy Equinox after having major issues with a 2013 Chevy Cruze. The dealership was wonderful to deal with(my 3rd car now through them). The Equinox is horrible, from a grinding noise on the passenger side, the crappy brake pads they use and always making noise, a antifreeze smell and now the car jumps while driving down the road at different speeds. I have lost my fuel mileage, the malfunction light came on while on a road trip...hate being away from home when those come on. When the malfunction light came on, my fuel mileage went up and then the light went off when I was almost home and the fuel mileage sucked again.
    I went to the dealership today and told them to keep my car until they could fix it, they gave me a crappy car that is in worse shape then mine and when I went back in, furious, The Sales Manager had the nerve to tell me "We will not fix your car and we need to break this relationship"...WHAT??? Yeah, not the right words to say to me...I am furious, and I did talk to the Owner and I have to take the car back on Monday so they can put it on the "machine"...Whatever happened to the good ole mechanics that actually look at the car, take things apart and not rely on a textbook or a "machine"....Has anyone else had issues with their Equinox jumping while driving down the road?
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    Now you have a loyal GM owners oppion for sales service and warranty matters; its really easy stuff if you do good honest business!
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712

    1.) What kind of a warranty did you get on this "used vehicle purchase" from the dealer?

    2.) Did you purchase an extended used vehicle GM warranty?

    3.) Why did you go from a 2013 Chevy Cruze to a 2010 used vehicle?

    Read the postings on this board, and you will find the cause of your Equinox problems. ------ This is an "on-going issue!"

    All the best! ---------- Dwayne
  • In the Obama economy, dealer cost is too much. I got $8,000 of my LTZ Silverado. This is a car buyer's market. I was going to pay cash but at 1.6% loan, I kept the money in investments. From what I've seen, GM and the dealers are very willing to give you a good deal. The Equinox, I can't figure out how GM would let it on the market with so many engine and tranny issues. But they increased the warranty to 120K so I'll run the wheels off of it. So far, I've not had to pay a penny for repairs.
  • I also got a recall on the oil change indication. They said it was showing you had less wear on the oil than you really had. I don't pay much attention to it anyway.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    That is why I change both the oil and the filter, on both of my vehicles, every 2,500 miles. (The recommended interval by both manufacturer's is 5,000 miles.) ----- NOTE: One of the manufacturer's is noted for "sludge producing engines!" ----- Clean engines are happy engines. ------ I also use an oil additive at every oil and filter change / BG -MOA (my choice.) ---- I also use a fuel additive at every fill up and I burn no name / off brand 87 octane gasoline in both vehicles without a fuel, fuel pump, engine or fuel injector issue. ---- I am not trying to sell my maintenance program to anyone, I am just sharing some information. ------- (In terms of a fuel additive I would use Lucas Upper Cylinder Lubricant or Marvel Mystery Oil. {FOUR OUNCES to every ten gallons of fuel.} ----- Marvel is cheaper than Lucas, and it does about the same thing! ----- Dwayne
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    That reminds me, found a link here the other day for you . :D
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Good Morning Stever:

    What is GREAT about the United States, --- is that everyone can have an opinion, as long as everyone respects other person's opinion. ----- Some people spend their money on golf, some people spend their money on beer, some people purchase expensive boats, some people purchase expensive cars and some people give their vehicles some extras loving care. ----- What is VERY interesting is that I have met people who criticize me for putting fuel in my boat at $4.50 a gallon as wasteful, but they think nothing of smoking a pack of cigarettes at $7.00 + a pack, drinking a case of beer on a weekend, or spending one night a week at the local watering hole! ----- I do not insist that other people following my life style. Personally I could care less. ----- I just share information. I enjoyed reading the postings about extended oil and filter changes, and if this type of service works for the owner's of those vehicle's, and they are comfortable with the process, more power to them! ------ I will not insist that they following my maintenance schedule because it all boils down to opinion! ----- Have a GREAT DAY! ----- All the best! ---- Remember; ---- Life is short so do what makes you happy! ------ Dwayne
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    The other interesting thing that comes up around the net is that a filter will become more efficient as it becomes loaded with particles. It's a bit counterintuitive, but your engine may run cleaner if you don't change the oil filter more frequently than the manufacturer recommends.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
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    I am in the Boat Business. ------ If you think the "OIL CHANGE SUBJECT is a "BIG ISSUE" with cars, ----- you have not seen anything until you have been in the company of boat owners. ----- Some boat owners, like myself, will only use the engine manufacturer's oil. (I only use MerCruiser oil 20W40 Full Synthetic for twin 4.3 Cat Converter gasoline Maine Engines.) ---- Other boat owners will try to find "name brand automotive / diesel oil" in the equivalent weight to put into their marine engines. (This could be hard to fine because most marine engines take 20W-40, 25W-40 or straight 30) ---- Other boat owners will go to Walmart & Kmart and use the store's brand of oil in the marine engine. This is especially true of the outboard boat owners. Picture this, the owner has $50,000.000 + dollars worth of out board engines on the back of an expensive fishing boat, and he is using "Wally World Oil" in the Oil injection system!" What is wrong with this picture? ---- I tell them to drink one less case of beer on the water, and put the name brand engine oil in the engine. ----- Remember, the warranty that you save may be your own! ----- Human beings are strange animals. They spend $150, 000.00 dollars on a high tech boat, and then they want to save on maintenance! GET REAL! ----- But on the other side of the engine issue, when the engine "blows," and the manufacturer voids the warranty, the owner gets to purchase a new long block! ------ This makes more money for the engine manufacturer. (Penny wise and dollar foolish!) -----In addition to the engine oil issue, I have seen boat owners use cheap automotive oil filters on marine engines. ---- What are they saving? If the engine blows, and the MerCruiser, Volvo or Crusader representatives sees an automotive oil filter on the marine engine kiss your warranty good by! ---- All the best! ------- Dwayne
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    You must really have fun with fiberglass gas tanks and ethanol fuel.

    For even more fun, ask a newer GM owner if they know what dexos2 is.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
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    I just took delivery of a new 29' boat with twin 4.3 GM / CAT Converter / MerCruiser Engines & Alpha I/O drives. The fuel tank is Aluminum. I lost my old boat in Storm Sandy. Some of the old boats have fiberglass tanks and the ethanol and the resin did not mix well! The 4.3 engines run on 87 octane fuel. My marina sells only 89 octane Valve Tec Fuel, so octane is not an issue. I burn 8.3 gallons per hour on plane at 3200 rpm which translates into about 28mph. Fuel on the dock in New York State is $4.50 per gallon so if your fill up the 100 gallon tank you are in the hole for $450.00 dollars. If my friends want to go for a day's boat ride, I make it VERY clear that they need to contribute to the fuel! ---- All the best. ------ Dwayne.
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    lol, and we're back full circle to the old joke about a boat being a hole in the water to put money in eh? There's a fancy Kevlar canoe in my garage that's worth about two tanks of gas. Hope you got some insurance money from the old one.

    Back to the topic, anyone have any Nox problems over the weekend?
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    I think your questions should be; ---- Did anyone who owns an Equinox NOT have a problem over the weekend! ---- OR ---- Did anyone have a "positive experience" with a Chevrolet dealer in terms of getting their Equinox Engine repaired under the warranty? ----- OR ---- Is there any Equinox out there in the "automotive world" that is completely trouble free? ---- OR ---- Has GM designed a fuel pump for the direct injection engine that DOES NOT leak raw fuel into the crankcase of the engine? ----- OR ---- Is there a person out there who owns a "trouble ridden Equinox" that would purchase another Equinox or any other GM vehicle? ------ All the best! ---------- Dwayne
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    Dwayne - I'm the owner of a 2010 Equinox that has had more than it's fair share of issues. I've had to have the engine replaced and I have to tell you that my Service Dept at the Chevrolet dealer has been awesome to work with on all the problems.
    They have been open and honest with me about the work being done and made sure that I was happy with the car, AND that ALL of the work was done and paid for under the warranty.
    There are design issues with this car I agree, but I am sure that I am not the only Equinox owner who has had positive experiences with GM Service. Not all dealers only want the money for purchase. Some do work to stand behind the product - even if it is showing signs of being a lemon.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    That is simply OUTSTANDING, and that is the way it should be in a "professional world!" ------- If all the GM dealers had this "professional attitude," this situation would have been resolved a long time ago, and the owners would feel good about GM, and the "product line." ------- But this is not the case! ---- Some dealers are "less than professional," and I blame GM for that condition. ----- They set the standards for warranty work! ----- The solution to any mechanical problem under warranty is to "FIX THE PROBLEM" without inconvenience to the customer. The questions becomes: --- Why do some GM dealers refuse to fix the problem in a timely / professional manner? ---- What is in it for them if they do not fix the problem? ---- All the best! ---- Dwayne
  • I've been having some ongoing issues with my 2010 Equinox - but I will say that most of the customer service from GM Corporate has been stellar. The customer service folks who follow these forums are very proactive and hear what everyone's saying - and will email you back with a PERSONAL reply within 24 hours.

    The major problem that I've faced is dealing with my local dealer. I'm not going to name them on this forum because I don't believe in that kind of behavior, but I will say that they've been less than proactive in helping me with my lemon. They only agreed to replacing my high pressure fuel pump (the timing chain was replaced by my family mechanic), after I held the GM recall letter to their face and made them read it several times. It was a VERY frustrating experience dealing with this good ol' boy's club. This particular dealership that I HAVE to take my car to unfortunately is extremely rundown, and the guys who work the "customer service" area are a bunch of slobs. In the end after they were "done" with my car, they quickly shoved me out the door and would barely answer my questions about the future of my vehicle. One of the guys even eluded to me trading it in while it "still has some value".

    What I don't understand is why they would be so eager to push off their customers? Ultimately any warranty work that they would be doing would be reimbursed by GM correct? Obviously they don't care about their dealer reputation for whatever reason, or else they would can these rude, old relics that are working directly with their customers.

    Currently this is my view on GM: When I trade this car in - it will definitely be the LAST GM I ever purchase because I cannot invest my hard earned money into a company that creates faulty products, and then recognizes what they've done, and then only creates bandaid fixes instead of making the product 100% right like it should've been when it left the plant.

    I just wish that GM would do a final recall and replace all of these damaged engines. Even if the new fuel pumps hold up, there has been MAJOR damage done to these cars that will ultimately lessen their lifespan. These forums would go quiet and these furious customers would be happy again if GM would just own up to their mistakes and fix these cars once and for all. Cough up some money upfront to make your angry customers happy and you will save your name, salvage the Equinox line's reputation, and earn customers for life. I'm sure their PR people have already factored in the loss of customer plus 30 of their friends and family too right? Or have they?
  • I have the full warranty on my Equinox and it looks as though the engine will be replaced.

    I went to a used vehicle due to financial issues. I was limited on how much I could spend on a vehicle and I did look into the 2 SUV's I was looking at. I honestly didn't see this website until after the fact...

    As for the other person saying Global, just looking for advice and others did for their vehicle.
  • knw82knw82 Posts: 3
    I wanted to see what the dealership would give me on a trade for my 2010 Chevy equinox LS with 92k miles on it. They offered 7k and I rejected it! That's a 11k dollar depreciation in 15 months and 44k miles later. I've already had the oil and fuel mixing and the engine basically rebuilt instead of GM giving me a brand new motor bc of the timing chain issues. I'm highly disappointed with all the problems I've had with my Equinox.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    VERY WELL WRITTEN AND VERY WELL SAID! -----YES, ---- Why doesn't GM do a "final recall," and replace all of these damaged engines because MAJOR DAMAGE has been done to these cars because of the fuel pump issue? ----- THIS IS THE ALL IMPORTANT QUESTION! ---- YES, ---- These forums would go quiet, and the furious / abandoned customers would be happy with GM. THEY MIGHT EVEN PURCHASE ANOTHER GM VEHICLE! ---- The question becomes, Why doesn't GM take this action? ---- Are they waiting for all of these vehicles to go off warranty so their liability will be lessened? ---- Let's speculate on the possible reasons! ---- I think, based on the postings on this site, GM simply does not care about the customer, and the quality of the Equinox product line. What is going to happen if someone gets into a serious accident because of the performance issues associated with this vehicle? -------All the best! --------- Dwayne
  • duetsuduetsu Posts: 36
    The professional work done by a reputable dealer is without a doubt the best thing for GM in resolving this issue with the Equinox. GM needs to work with those dealers to fix this car....
    The dealer I have had the pleasure of using for these problems is NOT the dealer I bought the car from. That dealer didn't give a damn once the ink dried on the check and it cleared the bank.
    This car had a factory recall a few months after I bought it to replace the computer module for the defrost/heating/cooling system. That service dept just reset the codes (they did this to me three times), told me that was the proper fix , not to worry but I kept getting recall notices from GM.
    Finally after contacting GM Customer Service directly (I was afraid not replacing this would void my warranty), it was suggested, by GM, (when the CS rep could not get the service manager on the phone herself), that I go to a different dealer for the warranty work.
    Dealer #1 wouldn't even give me a loaner to use for a FACTORY RECALL bulletin. They wanted me to rent a car from them and I had to talk to the salesman who sold me the car to get a loaner
    I am so glad that I followed the advice of the CS rep. I shudder to think what I would have ended up with if I had to deal with service dept #1 when the engine crapped out ...
    I agree that the dealer is representing GM (even if they are independent owners) and GM should support and hold them accountable. Word of mouth customer satisfaction is more valuable than any slick TV production or magazine ad.
  • Yea, the old Dexos. I bet a lot of do it yourselfers and quick oil changers don't have a clue even though it's written right on the oil filler cap.
  • Today my airbag sensor light goes on my 2011 Chevy equinox,so here I am at the dealer. The manager tells me it will cost 316.00 dollars to repair this. So, what happens if I don't fix it, he tells me that the airbags won't work during a collision. I am a fireman and a paramedic. I have cut people out of cars. I feel that there should be recalls on safety components for all types of vehicles. My life safety or my passengers should not cost me 316.00 dollars to stay safe.
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