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Infiniti M37



  • keithlkeithl Posts: 106
    edited February 2013
    I came from numerous Acura TLs and got my M37 in June 2010 and it shows where they cut corner, my dealer took 2 days with the regional rep and got the panels quiet. There is supposed to be a TSB to quiet the panels. Hard to believe in the QA proces of designing the car they did not recognize this. Over all I love the styling and the ride, but it took a few dealer visits to get some of the sub-par build issues resolved. What surprised me is that even people that bought cars recently have the panel rattles, seems that Infiniti is not serious about build quality. Also the Bose system just does not compete with Mark Levinson in Lexus or even ELS in Acura, and Acura is offering a Krell sound system in the new RLX.

    The car has been very reliable with 37K miles, but you can feel the build quality issues, doors feel light and don't have that bank vault feel. I may be headed back to Acura. I agre Inifniti leases suck, you can't get out of them and I hear they nit pick you on wear and tear when you turn them in if you are not getting another Infiniti. Also they charge you a turn in fee. Acura is more forgiving on lease turn in and also does not charge you any fees.
  • You neglected to mention that the 5 year cost of ownership for the E350 is a whopping $15,000 higher than the Infiniti. The E350 also has transmission issues, and the Command system is a nightmare.
  • skerew1skerew1 Posts: 1
    I bought a 2013 model and i have about 1200 miles. just started doing the exact some things posted above. the major problem bein the hesitation at time of needed acceleration. did any of you earlier posters from when this thread ended last spring ever find a solution (besides getting rid of the car)?
  • biensterbienster Posts: 23
    I was one of the very early people to experience all the problems the M-37 had. This was because I took delivery of the car in April of 2010 as a 2011 model year vehicle. The problems came fast, furious, and diverse. Clearly, unlike the wine company that advertised that we shall sell no wine before it's time, this car's time still has not come.

    After multiple reprogramming of both the TCM and ECM to no avail and promisses of a new car which never happened, I took the car to CarMax and sold it since the Hyundai dealer did not want the car as a trade. I got myself and my wife each a new Genesis 3.8 sedan. While they do not have the prestige or gadgets of the M, what they do have works. When you want to go it goes without first having a committee meeting to decide if now is the time.

    It appears they are never going to get it right. Like The Leaning
    Tower of Pisa, bad foundation; bad building. Either live with the problems or sell the car. Good luck.
  • sgl1sgl1 Posts: 34
    I too have had my ECU TCU reprogrammed several times to no avail. Each time I visit the dealer I ask if there's a new flash for the transmission. Seems they keep making changes but none of them resolve the lag. Very frustrating!

    It's really a shame because I love everything else about the car. Mine is a 2011 M56x. I'm not willing to sell it yet - still have my fingers crossed they'll resolve the software bug before mine is out of warranty.

    ...Unfortunately I'm not sure I can recommend Infiniti to others even though the rest of the car is pretty solid. ...I just don't get it Infiniti.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    Hard to believe they still haven't fixed that problem. I'm really glad I turned in my leased m37 when I did....I considered it unsafe.
  • I feel your pain. I've had the transmission flashed twice and still find it frustrating in full automatic mode sometimes. At other times it's just plain dangerous how the transmission behaves. My recommendation is that you do your own shifting. The car has an excellent manumatic mode. You really feel connected to the engine when you slide the shifter to the left. I also like the car better with VDC off. I've found that taking more control over the shifts has made me much happier with my M. The transmission (in full auto mode) has but a single goal: to maximize fuel economy. I recently test drove offerings from Audi and BMW and can report that they too suffer from these issues. This is why my next car will likely have a manual transmission. "If you want something done right, do it yourself."
  • almattialmatti Posts: 164
    I have a new 2013 M37X - Leased on JUne 26, 2013. I grappled for months on the replacemnt of my 2010 G37X. The 7AT was quirky, hesitant, and exhibited poor response. It was improved finally in June 2012 when a new TSB was issued which offered a reflashing of the ECU and TCM (transmission Control Module). The behavior was much better, more responive, and smoother shifting. But after some months, the Adaptive Driver Control feature of the ECU (many cars have this built into the software including Infinitis [check out the Web Site for info], some of the quirkiness would reappear. It was strange in that, the quirkiness would come and go. As mgoingsoon stated, all of this programming is to increase the overall Fleet MPGs at the sacrifice of performance.
    Anyway, I drove a number of vehicles I was considering to replace the G. Audi A-6 3.0T Quattro topped the list; MB E-350 4Matic; BMW 535i xdrive; Lincoln MKZ AWD 3.7L Limited; and the 2013 M37X. I shopped these cars for months. I looked and rove new 2013s, and also considered 2012 or 2011 CPOs. My lease was over in August 2013, but I began looking in February. I was tempted with an "offer" for early termination of the G lease from my Infiniti Dealer (Pepe Infiniti in White Plains, NY - the largest in the world, they say) which supposedly was to waive 6 months of lease payments : 3 From Infiniti and 3 from the Dealer. That did not work out that way and I pulled form the deal: 39 month lease, no $$$$ down, 15K miles per year, $655.00 per month. I'm glad I pulled from the deal. I decided to wait and shop the cars I mentioned above. FYI, my advice is to shop at least 3 dealers for each car considered. I received big variances in pricing from each of them.
    In early June, Infiniti again offered the Pull Ahead program - waiving up to 3 lease payments for a new Infiniti car lease for current leases that mature by Dec 2013. So I test drove the M37X again, shopped 3 dealers, took advantage of the Pull Ahead program (which saved me $425 X 3 = $1,275) which were my remaining lease payments. I had to battle Infiniti USA for the June payment but that's another story. I leased a new 2013 M37X Premium & Deluxe Touring interior (really nice feature !!), $1,500 Down, TTL which came to OTD of $4,500, added Remote Start, and Entire Car Protection package, 16.5 K Miles per year, for $575.00 per month. Without the Entire Car Protection which included a Armour Exterior and Interior protection treatment, guaranties for chips, leather damage, etc., the lease would have been $550.00 - a great deal at Greenwich Infiniti. Other dealers told me that I made a fantastic deal - they couldn't touch that.
    Getting back to the topic, the 7AT drive train, after about 3K miles my Check Engine Light came on. dealer thought initially that it was gas cap issue. It was not. A code P0710 came up which required the application of ITB13-019a - a reprogram of the TCM. At first the M ran beautifully, and then the past few weeks I had noticed some of the G's quirkiness eking into the behavior. After they applied this "fix" (the web says that it is a Transmission Fluid Cooling Sensor failure), Holy Mackerel !! there is much more response, smoother shifts and less gear hunting. A new Pleasure to drive. The dealer didn't actually inform me of any reprogramming but simply had the ITB on the work order to alleviate the CEL. Now, I hope this lasts and doesn't revert back to quirkiness. FYI, I drove mostly in SPORT mode.
  • I'm turning in my 2011 M37 in November at lease end, and will not be coming back to Infiniti. There have been pluses and minuses with this car, but too many minuses.

    I have a 2014 BMW 550i on order, and will make the jump. If you want to lease, BMW is the way to go with their high residuals and great terms.
  • This is just my experience with the M37. IMO, the transmission lag (or whatever you want to call it) has been greatly overstated in this forum. I purchased a used 2011 M37 w/12K miles. I was very very hesitant after reading the dreaded reviews in this forum and other so called car experts about the transmission lag. However, I am glad that was not the case. I have experience this transmission lag maybe once or twice while driving the M37. IMO, it is not a lag it is just normal driving to me. When it happened in my mind I thought, "Oh, this is the lag people are talking about". It happened on the highway, I never felt like I was going to get ran over or was in any danger. I simply accelerated and the car responded and felt like it shot out of a cannon and accelerated accordingly, similiar but not quite the take-off of a Mercedes S550.

    I will choose to stay with the M b/c I don't like Lexus G, I love the Audi A6, Benz E Class, and BMW 5 series, but I refuse to pay an arm and/or leg for maintenance and repairs and the M is just as nice if not better than those cars, just doesn't have snob appeal of a BMW, Audi, or MB, which I am more than okay with.

    Again this is just my experience with the M, but I felt after reading the posts on this forum that the transmission lag has been greatly overstated.
  • My old Infiniti I35 lasted me 200K miles without any major issue, it was recently totaled by a crazy driver on the freeway, it was a hit and run accident, I walked away from the car without a scratch.

    No doubt, I have great confidence in the quality and reliability of the Infiniti brand, that is the precise reason I bought M37, it was a CPO used car from Infiniti dealer, with 27K miles on it.

    I had the car for almost a week now (bought on new years eve, 2013), the engine is very powerful, and the power delivery is very smooth, compare with the other car we owned (Lexus ES300h), this is a much fun car to drive.

    The car is heavy and feel very solid, I have no issue with the 7 speed transmission as mentioned by many here on this board, even when I floor the gas, the car just go, no hesitation, no delay. In my personal opinion, Infiniti is opted for smooth power delivery, and has very short 1st and 2nd gear, the shift is imperceptible to me, and create a luxurious smooth feeling, it also may be misinterpreted as a long gear shift time, but watch the speed build up so quickly, I do not think the car is slow or has problem in power delivery.

    The interior of the car is very classy, you can feel the quality that built into this car, seat is very comfortable, back seats are good from passenger's point of view, as you completely cuddled by the seat and feel really relaxed, something you cannot measure using the common standards.

    Obviously, I like this car, and think very highly of it, if anything from the past can serve as a guide, I think this car will be in my garage for a long time to come.

  • Why has Infiniti delayed the introduction of the 2014 model ? Is there a new model in the works?

  • tinker15tinker15 Posts: 1

    I have a 2011 M37S with the same transmission issues listed above (very disappointing car). Had the re-flash etc., but, problems returned.

    Anyone know of recent ECU updates from Infinity?

  • Ok, I have a different problem - can anyone shed any light on this ?

    On 2 occasions, I parked the 2011 M37x in the garage and closed the door. Next morning, all 4 windows were down - exactly the same distance. The windows were all fully closed both times when I left the car; especially as it was raining when I drove in this week.

    In both cases there was a thunderstorm with some nearby lightning strikes.

    This is not a significant problem, but its driving me nuts. Any thoughts about an EMP causing the computer to tell the windows to go down?

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