2011 Volkswagen Jetta

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The all new 2011 Jetta to arrive this Fall. It will debut with a new look and a new price!

I think it looks very much like an Audi A4. It looks a bit older, but with a sporty twist. It has increased in size and for me is a good thing. But, it doesn't look bulky either. The interior is up to a new level, seemingly expensive look for the cheaper base price to be had . Though, I will wait to see what the actual base model looks like.

I am waiting until the end of the year to attempt to trade for the new model. This could be the car for me.


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    Did not see this thread under the Jetta Forum. That is why I created a new one. Shouldn't it be placed in the Jetta forums? Did I miss something? It will be arriving soon.

    Thanks again.
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    You might wanna read the reviews on the new Jetta.....they arent good......they ruined the Jetta name.

    I wish they would have left it alone, still offer the current Jetta, and give this "NCS" a completely different name.

    But, decontented (cheap all the way around) and bigger, and a lower price, they may sell a ton of em.
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    See, exactly! I agree!! It has gotten too commercialized!! Lost a bit of the "Jetta" appeal!! I am just excited to get the chance to see it. But, if their approach is to sell as many as possible.....then you might as well be like GM.

    Cheaper price is not always better. I know that I am still willing to pay more for a VW product, given you get more too. But, I hope the 2011 doesn't ruin this approach.

    I truly hope they don't use GM's approach, obviously its not working well for them!! Their STILL using this method.

    I hope it doesn't lose that VW upper end feel.

    Kristie,...lol. I am curious to know why this forum has not been place under the VW Jetta Forum tab. Its not even there. I made a thread, but its not in the right place, it is no longer a future car here shortly. :) That way we can start discussing it.
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    It absolutely is there, and always has been. It just doesn't have the proper category assigned, but if you go to Sedans, then to VW Jetta, you'll see it right there on the list with all of the other Jetta discussions.


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  • bvdj84bvdj84 Member Posts: 1,724
    Awesome! Thanks Kirstie!!:)
    It was there all along.
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    ">link titleI got some hands-on experience with the new Jetta.
    You can see information, pricing and videos here:
    link title
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    Just got an email message from my dealer. He announced that they're getting the 2011 Jettas this week, and scheduling test drives next week.

    I hope they did not mess around too much with it. From the accompanying photo, it definitely looks much different from the current version, and the term used is fully re-designed. I hope they have TDI's as well. The VW website has no indication of what it will look like, so far.
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    2011 Jetta TDI is scheduled for January 2011.

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    I have never owned a VW - been driving mostly Japanese cars. Was just wondering what makes the TDI model so special?

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    The TDI is Diesel.

    However, I am wondering if they are still offering the 2.0T engine? I am only going to get the car with this engine. The 2.5 is just fine, but I want a bit more fun!!

    IF they don't offer the 2.0T then it will be a mistake for them. Even, the guy on the above link stated that it would be hard to leave his 09 Wolfsburg with the 2.0T.

    I wonder if they will still offer the Wolfsburg or GLI.
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    I think they will only offer the 2.0T in the GLI version initially. Hopefully, they will come to their senses later in the year and offer a Wolfsburg version with the 2.0T like they did in the past. If they offer a Wolfsburg version only with the standard 2.0 or 2.5, then I will be sorely disappointed...
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    Yes! Exactly! The VW Jetta symbolizes youth, a drivers car. That car that you can open the roof, play a favorite tune and hug the road!! Fun!!! If they drop it, then they will simply grow old and die. Might as well be like any other car.

    I would get one in Red, 2.0T
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    Thanks...I understand they prohibited diesel vehicle sales in California, Maine, Massachusetts, New York and Vermont at one point. Is it still the case? Can you at least buy diesel fuel in those states?
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    When VW reintroduced the TDI in late 08, the 09 it was 50 state legal.
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    The reviews arent good, the Jetta V gave you 180hp, sure it was a 5er, but they should have been bragging about most hp in a standard engine. Some other car company could've made a V6 standard, but they didnt.

    I drove a I-5 Jetta V and it seemed ok..........til I drove the turbo 4!!!

    Traction control, stability control, TPMS.....the list went on and on....and thats why the V was a success. Sure you paid more for it, but you get what you pay for.

    The Jetta VI?........cheap interior etc. They should have left the Jetta as is (until a real redesign, yes it is, or was a Golf with a trunk) Call this "NCS" the VW fridgidaire or, kenmore.......oh those names are taken, if you want a boring appliance to drive everyone knows you buy Toyota.

    And havent we seen this look before? I'm not saying the Jetta V was a styling leader, but somehow they made the VI....an appliance.

    I love my Jetta, and when the time comes to get a new VW I hope they will have learned the lesson from J VI and never, ever do that again!
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    The 09 Jetta Sportswagen was 50-state legal.

    What's so special with TDI? When you get between 50 - 60 mpg, it's hard to let go. I enjoy driving, and I'm not going back to gasoline. Once, I filled up and drove around for 575 miles before the empty tank sign came up. I've had my wagon for 18 months, and I'm already up to 30K+. Big smile at the gas station.

    Give it a test drive, it's not going to hurt. If you're looking for a lot of power, diesel cars may not be for you. The engine is adequate for normal driving mostly. Lots of pulling power. You get a lot of torque, but not much speed beyond 100mph. Then again, why do you have to go too fast? Don't need speeding tickets or higher insurance premiums, or worse.

    I like Japanese cars, too, but no one makes a diesel. I'll grab a diesel Subaru if they sold one, if only for the AWD feature which is not offered by Audi, Benz or BMW in a manual.

    Oh, BTW. Didn't Audi TDI cars sweep the Le Mans race this year? I may be mistaken.

    Enjoy the ride.
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    That makes a lot of sense. Are diesel engines more durable than gas ones? what's the overall reliability of the Jetta TDI;s?

  • mariobgoodemariobgoode Member Posts: 114
    I drove a Japanese SUV on RUG for 12 years and only gave it up because the body started falling apart. I have heard of diesel engines going well over 25 years. I have a neighbor who had been driving a diesel Benz for at least 35 years. He got it in the 70's and it still runs fine, although he doesn't drive it very far from home.

    The next time you see a truck driver, ask him how many miles he's got on his rig. You'll be surprised how many thousand miles those things cover before they are retired. You all see this 16-wheelers going off in the highways forever - guess what their engines are? Yep, diesel. They are usually fast and carry a lot of load.

    One other thing I like about diesels is the longer you drive it, the better the engine gets in terms of performance. If you know a good mechanic, ask him about diesel engines.

    For reliability, I'm not an expert but my experience had been positive for the 18 months I have owned my Jetta. Positively problem-free and worry-free, which is good for me because I'm the type who just drives and hardly looks under the hood. There should be guys or gals out there who can give us their feedback in that regard.

    Enjoy the ride.
  • fho2008fho2008 Member Posts: 393
    I've heard or some big rig diesels with a million miles or more, original, not rebuilt engine.

    Back to our topic.
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    New Jetta available on Ebay!!! They have an SEL and the S. The S model looks really base!!! In fact a bit dingy. Not too impressed. The SEL looks great! However, here and there are spots where they skipped out. I am not sure how I feel about it. I certainly do NOT like their whole approach of selling more! I feel like you have to get the SE or SEL to get the most appeal. Anyway, I would still get one, I will need to drive it. A 2.0T is a must!!
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    Oh, BTW. Didn't Audi TDI cars sweep the Le Mans race this year? I may be mistaken.

    I'm not certain either, but I know that Audi did extremely well. I recall reading an article that said the drivers and cars were excellent and that the diesel's fuel economy gave them an edge -- Audi's were eating up the miles while the other contestants were pitting for fuel. ;)
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Member Posts: 4,085
    The Audi TDI engines have been winning at LeMans since they were introduced several years ago. With the rules limiting how much fuel each team gets for the race, the TDIs are able to produce HUGE amount of torque and win the race while consuming much less fuel than the gasoline-powered vehicles.

    The bottom line is that diesel fuel has MORE ENERGY PER GALLON than gasoline. Hence, a diesel engine can produce more power and MPG than gasoline.
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    That is why they must offer a TDI and a 2.0T model! It is a must! People will want that. Otherwise the Jetta might as well be like any other car on the road. If anything, they need it more now, because it has lost some sport appeal.

    This will be the only way I would get a new Jetta. ;)
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    TDI is coming in January, and GLI with 2.0T is coming in May.
    But even as is - just drive it against any Japanese competition, and you will see that Jetta is a clear winner.

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    Jetta V is a winner Jetta VI is an appliance.
  • connecticut2connecticut2 Member Posts: 41
    Hi..I am curious as to your reply..Have you driven the new Jetta and felt that it fell short of your expectations? - the reason I am curious is because I am Japanese cars transplant and looking at a new Jetta.for the very reasons of the performance and features that a typical VW offers in the 20-25K price range cars.

  • micosilvermicosilver Member Posts: 212
    Jetta V is a winner Jetta VI is an appliance.

    That is your opinion, and I don't even know if it is based on real experience or just your feelings.

    To remind you, when Jetta V came out - everyvody was badmouthing it too, saying that it was too generic, looked like a Corolla, etc. Now suddently it is a winner.

  • bvdj84bvdj84 Member Posts: 1,724
    Really, the 2.0T is not out until May? I am sure that my current lease situation will force my out before then. I would be okay with the 2.5, but I am not going to settle as much for my next car. I really want the 2.0T. I could wait, but my current lease mileage will be getting high. The 2.5 is a strong engine! Anything will be much nicer than my 08 GM 4cyl.

    I am not impressed with the base S model. Blah.

    My dealer has yet to get a new Jetta! Their slowly coming in.
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    I have heard cars with diesel engines do not produce adequate heating because of the great efficiency of these engines..I do not know what part of the country you are from and if you have cold weather in your neck of the wood, but have you experienced inadequate heating with your diesel car?

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    Jetta VI is decontented.....ie el cheapo.....and bigger, they may sell alot with a bargain basement starting price,who knows.

    They took all of the good things out of this new Jetta, went with cheap materials for the interior, heck rear drum brakes!! No thank you, I do not need to drive this Jetta VI, just look at the reviews, they arent good. Get a real Jetta, the V while you can, or at least compare both side by side if possible and you will see the difference.
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    My experience with the weather here in the Northeast has been positive. Nothing remarkable, from my experience. Engines in general generate lots of heat when they are running, and I believe diesel engines run hotter, but not too hot to require extensive precautions. I could be wrong.
  • mariobgoodemariobgoode Member Posts: 114
    I'll see one on Saturday and post my observations. Just saw an ad for a Honda Civic hybrid with a manual six for 2011. If the new Jetta is not as good as the current one, I might want to test drive that Honda.
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    I am sorry, but I might have posed the question incorrectly. What I was looking for to ask was whether you had experienced the lack of heat in the winter when driving a car with a diesel engine...

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    I can see what you mean. However, I think consumers reacted a bit this way before the previous model came out brand new. It definitely looks much older than ever before. I think most of us would agree we would pay more to keep the integrity and quality within the car. It would be a huge disappoint and a bad business decision on their part to compromise this.

    One of the reasons our family loves VW is that it is a solid car. Drives great! and it is fun!! If I wanted to buy a look alike Kia, I would go get one.

    On that note, I have not tested one, I can only hope they didn't do what some are speculating. Just first reaction reviews.

    Who knows, perhaps VW knows what their doing? I am planning to look very closely at the Jetta SEL. But not having the 2.0T is disappointing. Go in with a bang VW!!!
  • mariobgoodemariobgoode Member Posts: 114
    I apologize for not being clear. No, I did not experience lack of heat in the winter. The heating system or equipment was adequate, and like I said, unremarkable, or average. In case you did not read my previous post, I do a lot of driving between NYC and the Pocono mountains, so a deficient heating system would have been easily noted. I wonder if other guys in this forum had a different experience.
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    I can understand wanting to sell more cars, after all it is a business, they want to make money. I knew I've this look before (Jetta VI) and sure enough, an older Passat was it (90's?).

    While the Golf and Jetta Sportwagen carry on they put the Jetta name on this NCS Jetta VI....I wish they would have called it something else and continued Jetta V production, oh well, I have mine, but if it comes time to replace it, I'll stay away from Jetta VI.
  • deerlake7deerlake7 Member Posts: 176
    As a former owner of new V6 Passats in 2000 and 2002 I decided to test drive the '11 Jetta. The Passats were the best driving cars I've ever had, but their poor reliability drove me to Honda and Toyota. In terms of the '11 Jetta, I found the interior quality has declined some, but still better than the Japanese competition despite all the negative press. Only the loss of the sliding center arm rest put me off and since it's a comfort issue for me, it could be a deal breaker. In terms of driving, despite the "de contented" rear suspension, the ride/handling balance was very good. The steering, while losing some of its former road feel, was precise and tracked in a straight line with few steering corrections needed. For me, the main problem of the de contenting was a lot more wind noise. When I returned to the dealer I walked over to two Jettas on the show floor. One a '10 and one an '11. When I opened the front door of the '10 there were two gaskets around the perimeter of the door and only one on the '11. I presume at least some of the increased wind noise came from this move. In the end, when I first drove a new Passat in 2000 I said WOW, this is better than anything out there. For me, at least, the new Jetta has lost that. If I haven't found something else when the NMS arrives, I'll give it chance, but I'm passing on the Jetta.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Member Posts: 1,724
    Thank you for you take on the new Jetta. Sounds like it is a decent contender.
    I am still going to test drive it and see what I think as well. I would be willing to get one. Hoping it hasn't grown up so much that VW regrets it, along with myself.

    Apparently, my dealer did say they are leasing well, meaning the residuals are pretty good now. Many are doing a $0 down deal with a good lease.
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    Had a chance to sit in the U.S. base model (S), 5 speed. Kudos on the standard heatable outside door mirrors. Also kudos on fully adjustable
    front seats with seat height adjustment on both driver and passenger seats.
    However, no optional winter package is being offered on the S model. I
    don't see heated front cloth seats nor heated washer nozzles available.
    The Canadian model of this very same trim level does make it available as
    an extra $275. option. Trendline or Trendline Plus model. This seems to
    apply only to the 2 litre engine only. Higher trim levels I did not check, nor
    would I want...the expense of the vehicle ramps up quickly with the larger
    2.5 litre engine.
    Also..for the S model only...there is no satellite antenna installed. And I
    understand that given the trim level. But why hide it with a black plastic
    cover that looks chintzy?
    Last beef...no armrest available for the S model? Not even as an option?
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Member Posts: 1,724
    I hoping it is not their intention to sell mostly S models. Because, it really is stripped down. I don't think the SE is much more, if you want a bit more features. The S model really doesn't even look like a VW at this point. The SEL is the only model I have my eye on. Plus, I want Red!! Apparently, per the website, it will not be available until later. And, the 2.0T is not until later. But, with all that, the 2.0T would put my into nearly $26,000 for the car! Worth it? I bet. I want to test drive! My dealer has yet to have any.

    But, with that said VW is a brand where there is car pretty much for any taste, but wrapped up with VW flavor. I am sure the S still drives quite well, perhaps better than most base model cars.
  • ike3ike3 Member Posts: 81
    Hey bvdj84, yes, the S model is decontented, but compared to a base model
    Civic, this vehicle shines. Yes, it does lack steering wheel controls, bluetooth,
    i-pod input and cruise control (?). But does come standard with vehicle skid control (some call it stability control), ABS, remote keyless entry, fully up and down power windows on all four positions, split folding rear seats and air conditioning. Leaving out an armrest in the center is something that VW has
    done in the past with the Rabbit/Golf 2 door.
    However, I can't justify spending $26,000 for a fully loaded model, with the
    2.0T or TDI version. For that kind of money, I could get into a higher pedigreed car, such as a Volvo C-30 hatchback or Mini.
    I haven't seen any reviews yet for the Jetta S model and the smaller 2 litre,
    8 valve motor. Based on the price-point its a good value. I know I'm giving
    up a number of things. I just wished that a winter package was made available. I live 2 hours from the Canadian border, but I can't legally import one brand new from a dealer there..due to 'franchise agreements' and regulations.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Member Posts: 1,724
    Well, I really cannot wait until May when the 2.0T comes available! So it is either get the 2.5. Which would be okay. I already have an 08 Jetta SE now. But, its not my car. My car's current lease will be pushing into mile overage in about 2mths, so I must move on a car soon. The new Jetta is leasing quite well now apparently.

    At this point, they should offer a winter package. As an accessory for those who want a certain feature, but don't want to go up in trim. You could just go up to the SE.
  • ike3ike3 Member Posts: 81
    True, could go to SE...but more money, less fuel efficient, motor i hear is a little rough. Also gets me into other things I don't need...such as larger wheels.
    Leasing it would be just a slight bump-up in monthly payments. In past, I usually just buy it and trade in if I keep less than 3 years.
    Winter package should've have been made available for the S trim in U.S.,
    but knowing what VW has done in the past...they'll introduce it in March!
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Member Posts: 3,855
    "the S model is decontented, but compared to a base model Civic, this vehicle shines."

    Equipping it with the ancient 2 L, 8 valve engine goes beyond "decontenting".
  • ike3ike3 Member Posts: 81
    Yes, thanks for reminding me of that fact. I'll choose my words more carefully.
    The engine being used is ancient, a direct descendant of the original 1.5 or
    1.6 litre block used in the 70's into the early 80s. I'm not happy about that
    either. Other than that, the features were generous. Of course, for modern
    needs, such as Bluetooth, Sirius-XM satellite radio, navigation, and the missing armrest, then you get the bigger 2.5 engine...for thousands higher.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Member Posts: 1,724
    Perhaps a different car for you all together. See, I am not so sure it was the right move for VW to even lower their price to begin with. They want the brand to be more accessible, however people were already buying them with the higher price. We want that quality and build. Not a cheaper price at the expense of quality. The price wasn't bad to begin with. It was reasonable.

    If they keep the SE and SEL models flowing, that will keep the car successful! The S is a bit disappointing. Though, I have noticed that many didn't buy the S to begin with, I see many SE, TDI', GLI, and wolfsburgs. A few S models here and there.

    I saw a 2008 RED Wolfsburg 2.0T the other day and it was gorgeous!! That was one sharp looking car. I want it! I am not sure the new Jetta will be able to pull that feeling off.
  • fho2008fho2008 Member Posts: 393
    I agree with ya.

    And speaking of '08 Wolfs, I have one and love it, same engine as the GLI, but my insurance is cheaper. Let us know if ya get it.
  • mariobgoodemariobgoode Member Posts: 114
    Saw the 2011 Jetta today. I believe it was an SE because it had a 2.5L engine. I'm looking for a 6M TDI, so I just checked out the interior and exterior. From the back, the car looks like an A4. Lots of room in the trunk and in the passenger compartment. The interior finish is not much of a departure from the 09 Sportswagen I have, just a little tweak here and there. Not Audi caliber, but not Audi-priced either. Obviously, does not look like a Japanese car, has a European feel. Nav is improved (touch-screen), radio antenna is similar to other Euro sedans (like sharks' fin), turn signals, too. Option for keyless ignition with start/stop button,

    Those looking for high-end features (i.e. HID/Xenon lights, active cruise control, lane departure alerts, etc.) at a bargain price will be sorely disappointed. For the price, the car is OK, meaning, it's reasonably priced. The saying, "You get what you pay for" seems appropriate in this instance.

    I'd buy one if they can meet my specs, above. I'm very happy with my TDI wagon, I'll trade in my 06 330xi for the 2011 Jetta, with a big smile. If they will offer 4motion, so much the better.

    Enjoy the ride. M
  • orbit9090orbit9090 Member Posts: 116
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    Finally got a chance to sit inside a new 2011 VW Jetta.

    Here's our humble opinion:

    Once squeezed down through the low door opening and seated, it became apparent the Jetta sits too low and cramped compared to our Saturn ION.

    The Jetta's drivers seat travel was impressive but the steering wheel did not telescope-out enough to accommodate the lengthy seat travel. Yeah, the Jetta's back seat is a little bigger than last years...big woo.

    The Jetta's levers and switches seem cheap and flimsy compared to our Toyota Corolla.

    The Jetta's exterior styling is non-existent. In person, the Jetta's bland lines somehow impersonate the unfortunate Mitsubishi Galant.

    We obviously don't have overly high standards, owning an ION and a Corolla, but nonetheless, we were so disappointed in the new Jetta, we did not even bother to drive the thing. :sick:

    If you have even lower standards than we do, you may be fine with it, but it is still overpriced.
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