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2010 Forester bought yesterday-Check Engine Light Seriously?



  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 11,226
    edited June 2011
    This is the first it has come up here, so I doubt it is overly common! If there is that sort of slipping happening in the transmission, I would think it should be noticeable in the fluid itself, either as a burned smell or discoloration due to the overheating of the fluid. Sounds like a fluid flow issue to me. These things operate under hydraulic pressure, so if the pressure goes funky, it will slip out of gear (or not attain a gear in the first place).

    Could also be the lock-up on the torque converter; perhaps it is going from lock to unlock in rapid succession? Generally you'll notice the TC lock engaging at the end of acceleration, when you just get up to speed and after the car has shifted into drive. It is very subtle, but there is a final drop in RPM as it settles into cruising speed.

    Just throwing out ideas....
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  • ugen68ugen68 Posts: 2
    I'm having the same problem with my 2010 Forrester. I've had it in to the dealer twice. Both times they could not find the problem. The second time they reprogrammed the car's computer. Now, after a 1,000 mile trip with no problems, the problem has occurred again. I'm taking the vehicle to the dealer again next week and may consider invoking my state's "lemon law." Very frustrating ....
  • deedee59deedee59 Posts: 2
    We just picked it up at the dealership and they said that the car had a P0712 code for an intermitent short in transmission harness. Transmission harness was replaced and transmission relearned. We have driven about 350 miles in one trip back home with no problems exhibited. Subaru treated us well.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Glad to hear it.
  • I have exactly the same problem:
    2010 forester with automatic transmission
    engine light on+dynamics control light on+blink cruise control light
    send to dealer several times, they can't find any code related to this problem, recently it gets worse, one time when I stopped at red light, many lights are on and after turn green, the car just didn't move at all, so I have to restart the car to make it move.
    Sube2010, how do you solve the problem finally?
    The dealer seems to be clueless
  • ugen68ugen68 Posts: 2
    I had a similar problem this summer. It was finally fixed by my dealer by replacing a defective fluid chamber that immediately precedes the transmission. This chamber controls the flow of fluid to the transmission and hydraulically controls the functioning of the transmission. I have had no problems since this repair.
  • aathertonaatherton Posts: 617
    Sounds like the torque converter, which is in the front flared end of the transmission, to the right of the differential dipstick in this photo: s.jpg
  • Same problem - 1st time AT temp, Stability, & ABS lights came on while I was in VA. Shut it off for 10 minutes, and all was fine - for 3 months. Last week I was on the Masspike and the car felt like it had been hit. RPM went to 4500, tranny was locked in 3rd. Couldn't even manually upshift. Then the same lights came on and it shifted. Shut it off, restarted, and all lights were off. Started pulling back on the highway, another jarring jolt (enough to chirp the tires), and the lights came back on. No check engine light though. Dealer kept it for a day, and couldn't find anything. No codes means no problems. They said it was down a quart of tranny fluid, but no signs of leaks. They car had just been serviced by them so I asked how the fluid could be low. "You have to check the transmission fluid cold. Went it comes in for service the car is hot so we can't check it." What a line of B.S. The dipstick has two marks - one cold, one hot. Needless to say, that service department has little credibility with me anymore. I reported the problem to Subaru of America, but they claim to have no history of such occurrences. Now they do. The car's going back to the dealer for a week this time after talking to the G.M. I'm not holding out any hope. Nice to have a car with less than 13000 miles on it that you can't trust.
  • "... They said it was down a quart of tranny fluid, but no signs of leaks. They car had just been serviced by them so I asked how the fluid could be low. "You have to check the transmission fluid cold. Went it comes in for service the car is hot so we can't check it."

    My Owners Manual contradicts that dealer's statement. It says:

    "Though the fluid level can be checked
    without warming up the fluid on the
    “COLD” range, we recommend checking
    the fluid level when the fluid is at operating
    ! Checking the fluid level when the
    fluid is hot
    Check the fluid level monthly.
    1. Drive the vehicle several miles to raise
    the temperature of the transmission fluid
    up to normal operating temperature..."

    Your symptoms are not of low fluid, but something more serious. Maybe your Transmission Control Unit (the E in the 4EAT) has gone haywire.
  • That's why I called Subaru of America to file a case with them.

    Case # 1-2080411235

    I recommed that anyone who has been having this sort of problem and can't get resolution call SOA at 800-782-2783, talk to a customer service rep, and file a complaint. If enough people complain, perhaps they'll realize that this is not a one of a kind problem.
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