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Mazda CX-5



  • midocmidoc Posts: 5
    I just got 27.1K OTD in Michigan for AWD base model

    I considering the 1.5K tax here I think I got at least $600 off MSRP
  • autotimerautotimer Posts: 5
    First, the CX-5 Owners Manual states fuel is to be 87 octane or above. Which means it is one of the few engines that can run on either gas. Next, I have been using premium gas in my CX-5 for the last two months and it has slighty better performance characterisics. Also, the acceleration is less hesitant when the engine is cold. Next, when the car runs under more load (like more people in the car) the low frequency engine noise is reduced (in my estimate by 60%). Since I drive low miles and premium gas is not costing me more than $5 / month then premiunm gas will stay in the tank.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,175
    There is a Mazda specific forum on another website and this has been discussed and experimented with by several CX-5 owners. The consensus is just the opposite of what you've found as far as better performance. In fact a couple of people have reported no extra power and lower MPG using premium. I just thought with the high compression that a higher octane may bring a little more oomph but the engine is engineered to us 87 octane so I jsut don't know. From what you experienced it sounds promising but sometimes the mind can play tricks on us when we expect a certain result. Kind of like the placebo affect.
  • smasheksmashek Posts: 2
    Just test drove a cx-5 over the weekend loved it and just need to decide on it or an Impreza. Although not planning to tow much with it, want to install a hitch. Not wasting the time or money on a class I hitch since all of my accessories are set up for a 2" square tube hitch. I plan on using it for a bike carrier and maybe a light utility trailer. I do not plan on pulling camper or anything very heavy.

    Started looking and found a Hidden Hitch Brand Part Number: 87623 Class Rating: CLASS III/IV Weight Carrying: 525/3,500 lbs. (WC) Box Size: 2" x 2" Uses all existing holes No Drilling required. GP Hitch crosstube concealed behind bumper. If you do it yourself it says the exhaust must be temporarily lowered for installation.

    I have used that brand before and think I will just go that route if I end up buying the CX-5 in a month or two.
  • autotimerautotimer Posts: 5
    Thanks for you response but read carefully what I said about using premium fuel. It says nothing about making the car accelerate any faster or giving better gas mileage. The acceleration and mileage are the same. The cold engine within the first few minutes does have a very slight hesitation from the stop on regular fuel. This is gone on premium fuel. I noted the same hesitation on a new Mazda 3 when test driving it. This hesitation is not evident after a few minutes. A similar thought, in older vehicles this used to be related to retarded timing issues for better emission control. Also, the noise reduction on premium fuel is very obvious to me since I am very sensitive to low frequency sound. The noise reduction is not related to any known performance characteristics like accelerating faster. I would be very interested to know at what other sites that have discussed the use of premium fuel in the CX-5 since I have looked numerous times for any such evaluation and found nothing. I have found many sites generally discussing regular vs premium fuel but nothing directly related to the CX-5 and the actual use of premium fuel in it. Finally, I have owned numerous cars and often tried to improve their characteristics and if it doesn't work then to hell with it. I totally believe in continuous improvement and not in make believe / placebo effect. However, I must admit I have no calibrated equipment to verify my "impressions."
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    The higher octane in premium does not mean higher energy content. It just means it won't knock as easily - it won't explode as easily. So premium allows for higher compression and more advanced timing (without exploding at the wrong time), which in turn provide more power. If the compression is not high, and the timing is not advanced then adding premium serves no purpose.

    Sometimes premium does have more additives, detergents etc. This may help keep things clean, but the same additives can also be in regular gas.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,175
    edited June 2012
    Next, I have been using premium gas in my CX-5 for the last two months and it has slighty better performance characterisics

    Slightly misinterpreted what you said. But you did say performance but I realize now that you were just referring to a little hesitation and noise. By the way, the placebo affect is not make believe, it happens quite frequently as I'm sure you're aware of.

    Here is the link to the discussion I was talking about. I found it by using Google.
  • autotimerautotimer Posts: 5
    I appreciate you taking the time to send me link on which you found a discussion on premium gas use in tne CX-5. This new technology with the high compression and regular gas or in some cases (14.1 compression) with premium gas I believe goes outside the normal discussion of using regular or premium fuel. The owner's manual itself states 87 octane or above which allows for multiple octane useage. The first time I have seen this specification. Also, I believe Mazda probably knows exactly what each octane rating can bring to the table for each compression point. Probably in time this data will be presented to the public. I believe this engine might be different beast when it comes to the typical octane influence. However no matter what octane I use, I really enjoy driving this beast. Later dude.
  • fredinhbgpafredinhbgpa Posts: 1
    edited July 2012
    I'm also deciding between an Impreza Sport Ltd and CX-5 Grand Touring. And both cars are selling like crazy. Which one did you buy, if you have already done so?
  • stan6201stan6201 Posts: 25
    I went thru the same choice back in March. I ended up with a CX-5 Touring AWD. I love it. I have 5,000 miles and so far my mpg is 29.6. It has a better ride height and is much quieter than the Impreza. It is worth the extra money.
  • fastgstfastgst Posts: 46
    Does anyone know how they managed to put 13.0 compression ratio and run on 87 octane.
    I have set up fuel and timing maps on cars and 13.0 is alot of compression and likely to detonate on 87 octane. Granted they are only getting 155 HP out of this.

    I would think they have to run less timing advance. I don't know too much about the skyactiv but hard to buy into it.. the engine life maybe reduced?
  • bpizzutibpizzuti Posts: 2,743
    edited July 2012
    Specially designed piston heads and a more freely-flowing exhaust header.
  • johnptjohnpt Posts: 7
    I put down a deposit on a CX-5 touring model that is already scheduled to be built, so hopefully it will arrive a bit quicker than putting in an order for a custom-built model. It will be the AWD & AT model. The dealer has agreed to install a (non-Mazda) Class III trailer hitch, after I had a long talk with the Parts Department manager and convinced him that I understand and will fully comply with the 2000 lb towing limit of the vehicle. I want the Class III hitch (2" receiver) because I already own a bunch of accessories that fit that size hitch. I had been occasionally towing a 4x8 foot U-haul trailer but will probably buy a smaller trailer so I don't need to spend roughly $500 per year for a round trip between MN and TX and back. The trailer I'm looking at could hypothetically carry 2200 lbs, but I have no intention of ever loading it with anything close to 2000 lbs, so there should be no problems with damaging the CX-5 by overloading it. I realize that MPG will suffer with the weight and wind resistance of a trailer, but keeping the trailer small and lightly loaded (and the fact that it is mainly a twice-a-year trip) will keep the overall impact on my gasoline consumption small. Of course, acceleration will also be affected, so lots of extra care in entering/leaving interstate highways, merging and passing will all be required. But I plan to be very careful with my new baby once it arrives! :)
  • sparklandsparkland Posts: 119
    Here in Colorado the 87 octane will not really be beneficial due to the elevation. Purely a waste of money.
  • dougnutsdougnuts Posts: 25
    Direct injection is the main trick to allow the high compression, but other things help. Valve timing, knock sensors, fast acting ECUs, cooling jackets in the right spots and, apparently, a tuned header to help evacuate heat.
  • fastgstfastgst Posts: 46
    I thought the engine is struggling to tow it's own body weight already :(
    I imagine mountain passes and over elevation of 4-5000 ft the vehicle might have an VERY tough time.

    Get a roof rack instead?

    That said, didn't know CX5 has a 2000 lb limit, the new Acura RDX has 273HP and only rated for 1500 lbs. I think it has to do more with the towing hitch being light duty and it's attachment points than the engine.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Does anyone know how they managed to put 13.0 compression ratio and run on 87 octane.

    Highly advanced DI system that injects fuel at up to 2900psi through a 6-hole spray nozzle and does it at various points in the combustion process to help cool the cylinder. Volcano-top piston to ensure a complete burn and 4-2-1 exhaust header to pull away exhaust gasses and prevent re-entry of exhaust gas.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    That said, didn't know CX5 has a 2000 lb limit, the new Acura RDX has 273HP and only rated for 1500 lbs. I think it has to do more with the towing hitch being light duty and it's attachment points than the engine.

    Also has to do with the frame in which the hitch is attached too. These are all unibody frames, so tow capacity tends to be low, especially on the MDX.
  • maryb4maryb4 Posts: 4
    I don't know if you have purchased already but you could have the dealer add leather to a touring model. It's cheaper than a g/t and there is much more touring inventory.
  • fastgstfastgst Posts: 46
    except the leather added to the rear seats added to the thickness of the 60/40 and when you try to fold them flat they sort of fight each other.

    At my local dealer ship they added much to add stuff to each car like wheel locks marked up to $95, cargo cover at $240. $2000 cat skins leather, Navigation system etc. They aren't able to add the keyless entry on the "real" tech package. These are almost 100% inflated over MSRP of these accessories. No way one should be paying overinflated price. Seriously can cross shop Acura RDX once the sticker go past $33000 don't you think.
  • Guess I was lucky. My dealer added nothing to the vehicle. I have a Sky Blue Touring that replaced a leased 2009 Honda Accord LX-P. My wife and I were tired of sitting down into, and getting out of a regular height seat. We just want to slide in and out. A little low on power but I am used to that. From 1982 - 1985 I drove a 52 hp Jetta Diesel, and from 1985 to 1990 a 68 hp Jetta turbo-diesel.
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    Saw my 1st CX-5 in person today - same color combo as your's and it's my favorite! Will go back for a test drive this week. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of cargo space with the rear seats down. Want to be able to fit my bike in the back WITHOUT having to remove the front wheel and didn't think it was possible with the CX-5. But according to my measurements, it will fit nicely. Just have to accept that I'm gonna have to pay sticker for it..... :(
  • fastgstfastgst Posts: 46
    edited July 2012
    Not sure if you can fit it without removing the bicycle front wheel, maybe you can if you want to move the front seats forward or risk marring up some pieces of the interior.
    I believe the CR-V even have slightly more cargo space, and the flip down seat they have is pretty impressive in the way the headrest folds itself with 1 touch. At least stop by and take a look. It gets almost as good gas mileage with a bit more power but the handling CX-5 is better, the CR-V has a pudding like ride, although some people call this comfortable.
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    It will def fit w/o removing wheel - that's why I went to the dealer and sat in it and took measurements. Would get a cargo tray/liner to protect the interior (btw, it is not a mt bike, would not be muddy, etc). CR-V has more measured cargo space by a "tish" but some of that is vertical - not a player here. Besides, I don't like the look of the new CR-V. Have already been to the Honda dealer and it has LESS space front to rear for a bike - would be very, very tight. Plus....the CX-5 would be more fun to drive hands down..... ;) ...and get better mileage and has better color choices for me (black interior).
  • I looked at the CRV, here are the reasons I did not get one

    6 speed auto in CX5 versus 5 speed

    CRV has parking brake pedal instead of lever in console

    Much wider single center arm rest in CX5 versus fold down narrow ones

    Sun visors in CX-5 have slide out sections to lengthen them when used on the side window

    If you want a power seat in the CRV, you have to get a CRV-EXL, $4,000 more.

    Styling and handling of CX5
  • caliche67caliche67 Posts: 27
    Got my new CX-5 two weeks ago, in replacement of my 2009 Tribute GT 4WD, which was totaled in an accident in late June. By the way, I have to take my hat off to my Mazda Tribute, the truck did what it was supposed to do as far as safety and because of it, my 19-year old son walked away unscathed! What a great SUV the Tribe, gonna miss it. But on to the CX-5, great CUV thus far. I now am fortunate to say that I have one each of all three CXs and have a hard time selecting which one to drive every day, they're all so cool!

    2008 CX-9 GT AWD - Liquid Platinum.
    2010 CX-7 GT AWD - Copper Red (had the 2008 CX-7 GT AWD - Black Cherry Mica before this one).
    2013 CX-5 GT AWD - Sky Blue (had the 2009 Tribute GT 4WD before this one).

    Mazda makes great performing cars. Also at one time had the 2007 Mazda6 i-GT. Great car too.
  • fastgstfastgst Posts: 46
    I would like to see a picture of a bicycle fit without removing the wheel
  • jxnguyjxnguy Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2013 CX-5 GT about a month ago and have noticed a slight shake in the steering. It's been to the shop twice and they say the alignment is spot on and the tires are in balance. Is anyone else having this issue?
  • autotimerautotimer Posts: 5
    I have had my CX-5 for 4 months. The steering, ride, and and handling set a standard of pure enjoyment and excellence....I have experienced no shake. I would suggest that you go somewhere else like a tire supply business and have the tires rebalanced. This type of business "usually" can provide a better / correct balance. Good luck.
  • stan6201stan6201 Posts: 25
    I have 5,700 miles on my CX-5 with no vibration problem. Good Luck with yours.
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