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2013 Hyundai Elantra GT



  • bpizzutibpizzuti Posts: 2,743
    No, I have this problem with my current Touring too. In most (non electric steering) cars as well as some of the better electric steering racks, when you go over a bump or anything else that shifts the direction the wheels are pointed, you can feel the steering wheel transmitting that and fighting against your hands a little. It's communicating the road condition. Heck with a Mazda steering rack a blind person could tell you exactly what's on the road you're driving on. Not in Hyundai's system for some reason, which is what makes me think they targeted the Snuze/Cushrolla segment rather than the Focus/Mazda3 segment. Not that I have any problem with those who like driving miniature couches with wheels, of course. :shades: But such a ride is not for me.
  • 04perry04perry Posts: 3
    Have had my silver GT a week now with over 500miles on it.With the style package,I am very pleased with my purchase.Paid $450 under the MSRP! I am 62,have owned 93 Mazda RX-7,2000 Integra Type-R,2001 Boxster S,just to name a few that I enjoyed to get in and Drive.Of course,my driving has mellowed,but this Hyundai is very comfortable and "Fun to Drive".The driver selectable auto is fun to play with and you can't complain about 52cubic feet of cargo space.The only thing I question with the review is 0-60 in the 7's.Don't think so,but a full test will tell us.Also the selectable steering mode in "Normal"tracks true in the twists and on the highways.I think we are due for Focus,Golf,Mazda 3,Cruze,& Hyundai GT comparison test.Can't wait!Oh yeah,mileage has been 32,33 MPG so far.Good job Hyundai!!!
  • winwin3winwin3 Posts: 2
    This is probably the most in-depth SUBJECTIVE car review you'll ever read on the GT, or i30, or perhaps on any car for that matter.

    If you also look in that forum, the reviewer also puts up a couple comparisons as well after doing test drives..
    I think this car looks fantastic. It just recently one best UK car for Here's their video review of it.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,922
    Congrats on your new GT! You must have snagged one of the first GTs for sale in the USA!

    A few questions if you don't mind:

    * How's the ride quality, esp. with the 17" wheels (you have those, right?)
    * How's the AC? Do you live where it's been really hot of late?
    * How's the NVH? How quiet is the interior cruising on the highway? If there's noise, what kind: engine, tires, wind etc.?
    * How do you like the Blue Link?

  • 04perry04perry Posts: 3
    Backy,I'm sold on affordable 5-door hatchbacks.Our other vehicle is a 2010 Elantra Touring SE which we both love.It has the 17" rims,IRS,4 wheel discs,with 65 cubic ft of cargo space.A very capable,reliable,even sporty car.Whats missing! An up to date drivetrain.When Hyundai introduced the I30 last year overseas,I wanted it.An up to date 5 door that looks good,has an updated motor and chassis.It was introduced in the States in Feb. at the Chicago show as the GT.Was waiting since then for Hyundai to release it to the public.Was able to preorder my silver GT mid June.Dealer switched their first(red) with another dealers (silver) & I purchased it on June 26.Wheel and tire size are the same as on the SE touring(215/45-17s)Great,with no negatives to speak of.We live in Florida,so the AC is a must.As far as NVH,I am used to small cars,never have owned a "Quiet Luxury" car,so I don't know what I am missing.Test drive one to see if it meets your standards.It comes with Blue Link,but I can't comment,I'm old school.Sorry.The only thing I have found to complain about so far is that Hyundai did not import the IRS that they use overseas.We get a beam type.Our 2010 has IRS.Guess Hyundai did not think we know the difference.Waiting for magazine track tests to see how this GT stacks up.Would I recommend this vehicle to my best friend! You Betcha!!!
  • dodgeman07dodgeman07 Posts: 574
    In case you haven't read a Jalopnik review in a while, here's their take on the 2013 Elantra GT.

    Some of it is tongue-in-cheek. ;) And remember, 5/10 is average for the class in their reviews. The GT scored highest in Value at 7/10.

    Jalopnik Online
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,922
    I went by my local Hyundai dealer today because they had two stick Elantras (sedans) on the lot and I've been having a very hard time finding one to test drive. Both cars were still there when I got there. However, both cars had been sold. :cry: BUT... the sales rep said they just got some GTs in, would I want to take a look at them? Sure!

    They had two grey GTs, one base/no options (great, that's what I'd likely get), and one loaded. Both automatics though. OK, no problem. I asked if I could take the base model for a drive, and the sales rep went to find a key. Came back after a few minutes: car wasn't fully PDIed yet, so no one can drive it until Monday. :cry: So I settled for looking over the car.

    Interior even in the base model looked well-executed, with a different dash (and high-mounted air vents), door panels, and fabric than the sedan. Kinda dour in black, though--so I think for sure I'd get the tan interior (with red exterior). I thought the car looks better in person than in photos--less weird, more "poised to pounce" or whatever.

    So I'll see if I can snag a drive on Monday... if it isn't sold yet!
  • sb222sb222 Posts: 6
    I test drove a volcanic red GT with style and nav packages yesterday and an atlantic blue GT (also style / nav packages) today at two different NY dealers. Both automatics. I currently have an '11 Sonata Limited. As far as the ride with the 17" wheels, I'd say I was more aware of minor road imperfections than I would be in the Sonata but I'd expect that with a short wheelbase car. I didn't find the ride punishing in any way. I thought the leather seat was comfortable, at least for a short ride. The steering was OK, I'm not an expert on this other than to say that I think the return to center is a bit less "enthusiastic" than in the Sonata. I didn't try the steering calibration button. The car seemed well assembled and tight. I could adjust the front seats for my 5'8" frame and sit in the back seat with a couple of inches of leg room. With the air conditioning cranked up and the salesman on board I'd say acceleration is just enough, no more. On a winding moderate hill you have to put your foot into it to keep up speed. The hatch is larger than I thought it would be before I opened it. The backup camera behind the logo is cute. Overall if this was available when I bought the Sonata I'd give it serious consideration. It's just me in the car 99% of the time and I'm impressed with the roomy packaging in such a compact size car.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,922
    I got to drive the base GT with automatic today. It was an ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE car! I can't see how ANYONE in his RIGHT MIND would buy one!!!

    OK, have all the prospective GT buyers left now??? ;) Good... I don't want lots of other people driving up demand, and prices, for this great little car! :)

    There's lots to like about this car. First, the interior quality is at or near best in class. Lots of padded surfaces (including door tops, a rarity nowadays), nice-looking plastic bits, smooth switchgear... it looks a class above its price point and puts cars like the Focus, Mazda3, and Impreza to shame.

    The driving position was comfortable, with a meaty plastic wheel (leather with packages) and grippy fabric (leather with packages). I felt at ease in the driver's seat, but I'd like to see two improvements: 1) a height adjuster that doesn't tilt the seat bottom forward as it rises (my 2004 GT has two height adjusters), and 2) an adjustable lumbar support (which my 2004 GT has). The telescopic steering column made up for the lack of adjustment on the seat height, although it forced me to move the seat back more and set it lower than I'd prefer--which compromises rear seat leg and foot room behind the driver.

    I tried out the adjustable steering and it works as advertised: firms up the feel going from Comfort to Normal to Sport. I tried Comfort briefly, thought "why would anyone want this?", switched to Normal which felt... normal, then to Sport for most of the drive. I'd probably leave it in Sport all the time unless I knew I'd be doing a lot of parallel parking that day. Had a nice heft to it, and the car tracked straight and true on the road w/o the need for constant attention/correction. Not as much "feel" as say the Mazda3 or Golf, but I doubt 99% of owners will notice. Turning circle (tested in the dealer's lot) seems nice and tight.

    Ride was actually smoother and quieter than I expected. It had the 16" wheels, and probably provide a cushier ride than the optional 17" wheels and tires. I like that for where I do almost all my driving, in the frost-heaved roads of Minnesnowta. I thought my 2010 Sentra has a smooth and quiet ride for a small car--the GT was quite a notch up from that car. Ride compliance and noise over bumps and tar strips was good for a car of this size and price, I think.

    I took a few sharp corners to test the handling, and there was a little lean but the car felt well planted. Again, 99% of owners will probably find the handling to their liking. The optioned-up GT with bigger rubber and adjustable suspension will probably be crisper in the turns. Not a big deal for me, in the flat Midwest.

    The car really shines aft of the B pillar. The rear seat has ample thigh support, good headroom (I'm 5'9-1/2"), and adequate leg room for my "sit-behind-me" test. As noted above, I had to move the driver's seat back and down more than I'd prefer to get comfy. The main problem there is it makes toe space marginal under the driver's seat. But it has more room in back than the Focus or Mazda3, about the same as the Impreza (which has the same toe-space problem) and Golf.

    The cargo area is nicely designed. First, the rear seat bottoms fold forward to create a perfectly flat load floor--really rare in this class, as usually either the seat backs aren't flat, or there's a step-up between the trunk and rear seat backs. Under the trunk floor there's a small storage compartment on each side, and a large divided compartment in the middle. And, under that, is... (drum roll)... a spare tire! Hyundai must have listened to complaints about no spare on the 2011-12 Elantras.

    I reset the mpg meter before my test drive and got 25 mpg for the short (10 miles?) trip. Most of that was in-town driving, in rush hour and construction, several long stops/waits, and only a 2-mile freeway segment (1 mile each way with turn-around). And max AC on. Two people in the car. So not too bad given conditions. I had the instantaneous mpg readout (a bar graph vs. numbers, yuck) visible during the test drive and noticed it was often in the 40-50 mpg range when cruising on a city road or highway (it pegs at 50). My highway speeds were 55-65. Not a good mpg test, but gives me some idea what the car can do.

    Power-wise, I thought the car had ample oomph from start, with only light pressure on the gas. But I have a light foot, with gas prices as they are. Going up grades weren't a problem, and I suspect the car downshifted to get up them but the automatic is pretty unobtrusive. I didn't try the manumatic feature.

    So a lot to like in this car, with only a few little things I'd like to change (height adjuster, add lumbar adjuster, use numbers for instantaneous mpg readout, make auto-up driver's window standard), but I think the biggest problem with this car is, Hyundai needs to make more of them. The sales rep said they were getting only 5 of them, that was more than any other area dealer, and he thought that was for the YEAR! I suspect he's mistaken about that last part, at least I hope so or it will be hard to find one of these little numbers if I decide to get one when it's New Car time.
  • ajfinoakajfinoak Posts: 58
    I purchased a new GT with Style Pkg 1 week ago in No CA for $500 under MSRP (most wanted sticker or 2k above and there is practically no availability!). Very good experience with Petaluma Hyundai. I had been cross shopping the Veloster with Style, Mazda 3 Hatch Grand Touring and Ford Focus SEL. Never had a Ford before but too many unresolved issues with their dual clutch. (Need an auto or similar for driving in San Fran Bay Area traffic). Same dual clutch issues with Veloster and wanted a more useable back seat. Wanted to like the Mazda (test drove it 5 times!) but could not embrace the style inside and out plus the new Skyactiv engine and tranny are very new and warranty much shorter than Hyundai. Got the Elantra GT and seats are great, car has more legroom in back than my Lexus IS 250, handles quite well on twisty hill back road, and power is adequate on hills and freeway and shifts are generally smooth unless really pushing it. Ride is quiet on the highway. Fit and finish in and out beats the others. A/C is strong enough in 85 degrees with sunroof glass exposed (love the sunroof- makes the care feel very open and roomy). Plus, I do think it looks better than most of the cars (and certainly the hatchbacks) out there. Hoping my love affair with it continues.
  • bpizzutibpizzuti Posts: 2,743
    edited July 2012
    Bet if you had mentioned the warranty as a sticking point they'd have thrown an extended warranty in. And the thing handles so sweet it makes up some for the interior (at least for 2013 Mazda is putting in a USB port...). Plus, unlike certain other cars, the Mazda3 actually does get 40 MPG in real life, not just with the EPA.

    That 12:1 compression ratio is enough to give someone a little pause, of course, but it runs so nice, the powertrain difference between the Elantra and the Mazda3 is night and day. Much like the interior design vice versa in fact...except for the design of the slapshifter, which only Mazda, BMW, and Dodge get right. :shades: Seriously, who thought pushing the shifter AWAY from the driver for manual shift mode was the right way to go?
  • ajfinoakajfinoak Posts: 58
    It was a pretty close contest narrowed down to the Mazda and the Elantra GT. Dealer told me that Mazda was adding the USB Port and some other goodies to the '13 model but that price was going up about $700 which brings the MSRP close to 25K. The Mazda did handle great but low end torque was slow starting out and the engine seemed to lug a bit from 1st into 2nd and you had to really push the accelerator down a ways to get a downshift which then had the engine rev way up. I would bet the manual is sweet without those issues. Plus 2 of the Mazdas I test drove had some vibration in the steering wheel at idle in "D". Coming from mostly 6 cylinder cars for the past 20 years, 4 cylinder engine vibration when present drives me a little crazy. RE; Gas mileage- I can't comment yet on mine (only have 225 miles) but a friend of mine with the same power train (2012 Elantra) just got 46 mpg on a road trip from Ft Lauderdale to Key West with A/C running (of course, FL is flat unlike where I live in No CA).
  • bpizzutibpizzuti Posts: 2,743
    Plus 2 of the Mazdas I test drove had some vibration in the steering wheel at idle in "D".

    You realize that's a good thing, right? Means there's actual road feel, what you're feeling is the difference in vibration between the chassis and the wheels.
  • tenpin288tenpin288 Posts: 804
    Here's Motor Trend's First Drive report...

    MT First Drive
  • ajfinoakajfinoak Posts: 58
    Actually, I don't consider vibration at idle in D while standing still to be a good thing in any car. When moving, perhaps.
  • Hello,

    I am interested in buying a 2013 Elantra GT with A/Trans. , no style or tech. package, and mud flaps, carpeted floor mats, and cargo net.

    Can anyone share what they paid for this vehicle or at least give me a idea how much under MSRP would be a great deal ?

    Thank you in advance !
  • 04perry04perry Posts: 3
    There is only about $1,000.00 difference between the dealers invoice and the M.S.R.P. window sticker price of the GTs.I paid $450 over invoice at my Florida dealership in Delray.My vehicle was equipped with the style package,mud flaps,floor mats, & "first aid kit-$25".Then factor in dealers fees,taxes,tag,title,ect and there you go.Just under $25,000,out the door.The decision is yours to make!You won't be disappointed.
  • markjennmarkjenn Posts: 1,142
    I bought essentially the same car a few days ago (2013 GT base with wheel locks and mats, MSRP $23,315). Including all fees except TTL, I managed about $800 under MSRP which I recall was about $100 under invoice. (These cars have tiny margins, so I guess the dealer makes most of his money on the holdback and the upsell on accessories, warranties, etc.) I didn't have to try terribly hard for this and probably could have done a little better but the dealer was very straightforward in negotiations and I didn't attempt to push them to the absolute limit.

    Of course, deals vary by local market, but I would think anything around invoice would be doing fine.
  • bpizzutibpizzuti Posts: 2,743
    After I test drove one they were practically trying to throw it at me, offered me $8000 on an 84k mile 09 Elantra Touring, and knocked over $1000 off of MSRP.

    Then again, this dealer actually had 6 Velosters on the lot, where some have trouble keeping one. Plus the car was white, always a deal-breaker for me.
  • forensicsforensics Posts: 1
    Thanks for posting those two excellent links! Just purchased an Elantra GT with Style/Tech package combo a few days ago, and loving it! I especially liked the video, and wonder why they eliminated the completely fold down flat rear seat option, when they brought this vehicle to the US.......I love that feature in the Honda Fit, and would have been 100% sold on the GT had it come with that as well. Should I move to Europe, it will be the i30 for me!!
  • whitegtwhitegt Posts: 1
    edited August 2012
    The back seats do fold down flat. First, you have to pull the front of the rear seat cushion forward then flip it up against the back of the font seat, then you fold the seat back down flat.
  • I just purchased the base unit (which actually has a bunch of goodies) with mud flaps and carpeted floor mats. I used a $500 cash bonus for veterans to bring the out the door price to $19,550. Some of the positives thus far are: the transmission is smooth, the ride is smooth, I love the bluetooth, the car looks great, and I think I got a pretty good deal.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,922
    I saw an odd thing the other day in suburban Chicago. I was driving to an appointment and saw what I thought was a new Elantra GT, blue, turning left ahead of me. But then I saw an "i30" badge on the hatch lid! I wonder if someone simply bought an i30 badge and stuck it on their new GT, or it was imported somehow. I am pretty sure it had IL plates, but not 100% sure.
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    Yep; In my area I've seen an i30 badge on an Elantra Touring and a Honda Jazz badge on a Fit.
  • Just bought one this weekend with the options you listed, automatic, floor mats and mudguards.
    $22,000 out the door.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,922
    I finally found a GT with a stick at my local Hyundai dealer today. Actually, they had several... and a huge assortment of GTs and sedans (several stick sedans too)--more stick Elantras than I've seen on one lot for maybe... ever. So inventories are building on the GT, and sedan. Consequently there's a $1000 rebate on the GT now.

    So I took a base GT with stick for a test drive. It was almost exactly as I'd buy one: red base model with a stick, no options except mats. The only thing I'd like different is a tan interior. I was glad to find out that the 6MT on the GT is a pleasure to drive--light, smooth clutch, smooth shifter, very easy to snick through the gears even for someone like me who hasn't driven a stick for awhile. The shift grip was plastic, but that can be remedied easily with one stop at the Hyundai parts counter to order the neat leather/metal grip from upscale GTs. :)

    The rest of the drive was similar to my earlier test drive of an automatic GT. We drove for awhile on an old freeway with many bumps, and the suspension smoothed them out well. I set the steering level on "Sport" and it had a firm feel, tracked straight down the highway. Not much noise inside, nice snarl from the engine when revving. Very comfortable driver's seat, fit me to a T (unlike a Focus I drove earlier today that didn't have enough thigh support).

    A couple of niggles: rear seat leg room is much less than on the sedan, but adequate for medium-sized adults like me. Rear headroom is better than the sedan's though. Also, although the rear seat cushion flips forward to allow the rear seatback to lie flat, the load floor has a "step up" behind the rear seat so it's not flat.

    Despite those issues, the GT is still on my short list along with the Mazda3 and Golf. Much will depend on what kind of deal I can get when it's time to buy. I can tell you that what the dealer was offering today (a no-haggle dealer), which was no discount other than the $1000 rebate, won't cut it.
  • markjennmarkjenn Posts: 1,142
    Haven't heard anything about a general $1K rebate on the GT. There is the standard $500 military discount and a possible $400 college grad discount, but not general rebates I'm aware of and none are listed on the sites that track this sort of thing.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,922
    No, I suspect this is a manufacturer-to-dealer rebate, not manufacturer-to-buyer.
  • After getting nowhere from the Michigan Hyundai Dealers who were not willing to budge from MSRP, I went and bought the vehicle I wanted exactly in Chicago. The salespersons name was STEVE WADE (Wade is not his last name but his nickname).

    STEVE is knowledgeable, and a MAN OF INTEGRITY, who treated me like family.

    The dealership he works at is KNAUZ - HYUNDAI, Lake Bluff, Illinois.

    This was the best new car purchase that I personally have ever had.
  • We just bought a 2013 Elantra GT about a week ago. We bought the base model with an automatic tranny. We currently own a Mazda CX-7 and went back and forth between the Hyundai and another Mazda, but finally the GT won out because of the warranty, the features, and the price. We got ours for $16,895 and with TTL and all that other crappola it was $18,495 out the door.

    The dealership tried to tack $1,495 on to the deal on the back side and we walked out. That night I wrote a letter to the GM and told him how upset I was about them trying to backdoor us.....well he called the next day and took the $1,495 off and sold it to us for the $16,895 we negotiated the day before.

    We were going to shoot the moon and get the one we test drove with Nav and sunroof and all the bells and whistles but in the end decided the 5 grand price difference wasn't worth it. The Nav and the camera were the two big things I wanted my wife to have in the higher end model, but after a little research it looks like I can buy one for about $400 and another $100 to have it installed....much cheaper than the package offered through Hyundai.

    She can ride in her Hyundai all day long I think I will stick with my Harley...LOL......but all and all she loves her new car and I firmly believe happy wife, happy life!
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