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2013 Hyundai Elantra GT



  • whitegtwhitegt Posts: 1
    edited August 2012
    The back seats do fold down flat. First, you have to pull the front of the rear seat cushion forward then flip it up against the back of the font seat, then you fold the seat back down flat.
  • I just purchased the base unit (which actually has a bunch of goodies) with mud flaps and carpeted floor mats. I used a $500 cash bonus for veterans to bring the out the door price to $19,550. Some of the positives thus far are: the transmission is smooth, the ride is smooth, I love the bluetooth, the car looks great, and I think I got a pretty good deal.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,911
    I saw an odd thing the other day in suburban Chicago. I was driving to an appointment and saw what I thought was a new Elantra GT, blue, turning left ahead of me. But then I saw an "i30" badge on the hatch lid! I wonder if someone simply bought an i30 badge and stuck it on their new GT, or it was imported somehow. I am pretty sure it had IL plates, but not 100% sure.
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    Yep; In my area I've seen an i30 badge on an Elantra Touring and a Honda Jazz badge on a Fit.
  • Just bought one this weekend with the options you listed, automatic, floor mats and mudguards.
    $22,000 out the door.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,911
    I finally found a GT with a stick at my local Hyundai dealer today. Actually, they had several... and a huge assortment of GTs and sedans (several stick sedans too)--more stick Elantras than I've seen on one lot for maybe... ever. So inventories are building on the GT, and sedan. Consequently there's a $1000 rebate on the GT now.

    So I took a base GT with stick for a test drive. It was almost exactly as I'd buy one: red base model with a stick, no options except mats. The only thing I'd like different is a tan interior. I was glad to find out that the 6MT on the GT is a pleasure to drive--light, smooth clutch, smooth shifter, very easy to snick through the gears even for someone like me who hasn't driven a stick for awhile. The shift grip was plastic, but that can be remedied easily with one stop at the Hyundai parts counter to order the neat leather/metal grip from upscale GTs. :)

    The rest of the drive was similar to my earlier test drive of an automatic GT. We drove for awhile on an old freeway with many bumps, and the suspension smoothed them out well. I set the steering level on "Sport" and it had a firm feel, tracked straight down the highway. Not much noise inside, nice snarl from the engine when revving. Very comfortable driver's seat, fit me to a T (unlike a Focus I drove earlier today that didn't have enough thigh support).

    A couple of niggles: rear seat leg room is much less than on the sedan, but adequate for medium-sized adults like me. Rear headroom is better than the sedan's though. Also, although the rear seat cushion flips forward to allow the rear seatback to lie flat, the load floor has a "step up" behind the rear seat so it's not flat.

    Despite those issues, the GT is still on my short list along with the Mazda3 and Golf. Much will depend on what kind of deal I can get when it's time to buy. I can tell you that what the dealer was offering today (a no-haggle dealer), which was no discount other than the $1000 rebate, won't cut it.
  • markjennmarkjenn Posts: 1,142
    Haven't heard anything about a general $1K rebate on the GT. There is the standard $500 military discount and a possible $400 college grad discount, but not general rebates I'm aware of and none are listed on the sites that track this sort of thing.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,911
    No, I suspect this is a manufacturer-to-dealer rebate, not manufacturer-to-buyer.
  • After getting nowhere from the Michigan Hyundai Dealers who were not willing to budge from MSRP, I went and bought the vehicle I wanted exactly in Chicago. The salespersons name was STEVE WADE (Wade is not his last name but his nickname).

    STEVE is knowledgeable, and a MAN OF INTEGRITY, who treated me like family.

    The dealership he works at is KNAUZ - HYUNDAI, Lake Bluff, Illinois.

    This was the best new car purchase that I personally have ever had.
  • We just bought a 2013 Elantra GT about a week ago. We bought the base model with an automatic tranny. We currently own a Mazda CX-7 and went back and forth between the Hyundai and another Mazda, but finally the GT won out because of the warranty, the features, and the price. We got ours for $16,895 and with TTL and all that other crappola it was $18,495 out the door.

    The dealership tried to tack $1,495 on to the deal on the back side and we walked out. That night I wrote a letter to the GM and told him how upset I was about them trying to backdoor us.....well he called the next day and took the $1,495 off and sold it to us for the $16,895 we negotiated the day before.

    We were going to shoot the moon and get the one we test drove with Nav and sunroof and all the bells and whistles but in the end decided the 5 grand price difference wasn't worth it. The Nav and the camera were the two big things I wanted my wife to have in the higher end model, but after a little research it looks like I can buy one for about $400 and another $100 to have it installed....much cheaper than the package offered through Hyundai.

    She can ride in her Hyundai all day long I think I will stick with my Harley...LOL......but all and all she loves her new car and I firmly believe happy wife, happy life!
  • debf1debf1 Posts: 2
    Not sure if this thread is still live and can't figure where else to post this question. After much deliberation between Mazda 3 and Suburu Impreza went with the GT Elantra manual. Somehow during my test drives I didn't notice the blind spot in the front from the wide A pillars. In cross walks, worry I am going to take someone out! Any advice? Will I get used to this? Any remedies??

    Still getting used to having to downshift on the freeway when I hit an incline, but otherwise super fun to drive. I had an old Honda Civic, so felt like I could like without the Zoom Zoom of the Mazda and didn't really need AWD. Was set on another Hatchback and didn't like the Fit.

    Would love some assurance from other GT owners that I will not regret my decision.
  • Hey! I work for a Hyundai dealer and just leased one myself about 2 months ago.

    That A-Pillar is a little bit of a pain - but after a few tries of readjusting my seat and "learning" where the spots are, i've made an easy transition... And this transition comes from driving a mid-size SUV so it was definitely different.

    Practice makes perfect :)
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