Need some help at doing my touch up paint.

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I want to do a little touch up paint job on very few little marks on my rear bumper (smaller than size eraser on pencil) CHECK THE PICTURE. Im not expecting it to look like professional job but not utterly garbage also .. i have some few questions if anyone can answer and if anyone can add more info that will be great.

1) After applying primer how long do i need to wait ?
2) same for basecoat after applying coat how long do i need to wait ? how many layers do i need?
3) how long do i need to wait before i put clear coat?
4) would sanding the final touchup paint help me merge it with old paint ? if yes what sanding grit do i need ?
5) whats a rubbing compund ? do i need to use that in my process


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    What picture?
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    1) After applying the primer you have to wait till it is dry to sand it
    2) The base coat needs to flash off (appear dull) to top coat. You need to use enough coats to cover the primer. Blend or fade into the original finish to match.
    3) Same for the clear coat. The base coat solvent has to flash off before you clear. It depends on your clear dry time as to when you recoat. Read the can. You need at least 2 wet coats if your going to wet sand and polish it. Make sure you clear past your base coat if you aren't painting the entire bumper.
    4) You can wet sand and buff it. I wouldn't want to do it by hand. I would start with 1500 grit and finish with 2000 or higher. Be careful you don't want to sand through the clear coat.
    5) If you sand it you will need a compound to bring the shine back. You will also need a polish to remove the swirls from the compounding.
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    I too need help with touch up paint... but I need a simpler process (if that exists?) I have 3 minor chips (smaller than a pencil eraser, more like tip of a ballpoint pen? And I could see gray inside the chips) on the hood on my new 2014 "Blizzard" (White) Pearl Corolla. (My first new car :( )

    I brought it to a body shop where they said they would paint on the OEM touch-up paint for me (I assumed in a superior fashion to what I could do), but they pretty much just blobbed it on/brushed it across the chip and it was nothing professional.

    I brought home (apartment complex, heated but not well-lit garage) and used acetone and toothpick to get off the excess right away. Then I tried more carefully applying some myself, using a toothpick and a needle to dab the paint into the chip and quickly wiping it away if it bubbled up above the level of the existing paint or got onto to the surrounding area.

    At first, the color looked like a really good blend/match. Then I did another coat and now on my pearly white car they look like dull spots. The issue might be that I had to prod with the toothpick to get the color to settle into the chip, making the surface a little rough. They are still not 100% up to the level of the surrounding paint because I would rather have a slight indent than a raised point.

    Should I sand these tiny chip-paint surfaces down (perhaps with fine sandpaper on the tip of a pencil? Eraser would be bigger than the chips), wash, and dry to drip again so that the surface is smoother and perhaps a better match?

    I am not comfortable with doing any major sanding and I have no idea what a rubbing compound, etc. is, how to polish or any of that. I don't own any advanced car detailing materials nor would I trust myself to try to learn how to "compound" or polish...

    To make matters more complex, I am looking to have a clear bra installed ASAP once I am satisfied with my touch up job. My idea was to sand down my existing touch up work, try again to drip in paint for a better look, let that dry a day or two, perhaps put on a clear coat of nail polish(??) and then have the dealer buff the car before they put on the bra. Does this sound at all like a good idea??

    I need a super rookie solution to make this look as acceptable as possible... :(

    PS. Sorry I just realized this is a honda thread...

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