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Volvo V40 - Information & Experiences



  • direniusdirenius Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 V40 (Phase II, almost 10 years old) with over 100.000 km on it. However apart from a few knobs and buttons that has started to wear out (and which are extremely expensive to replace) the car is still superb. It easily reaches 205 km/h on the highway, its fuel comsuption is probabily a litte bit high when compared to newer cars. But apart from the small crack in the back lid (above the key entrance) interestingly I have not experienced any of the problems mentioned in this forum. The car is a dream. The seats are the same as the V70, so is the automatic transmission. Its as comfortable as a car can be while driving. I sometimes think about replacing it with the new V50, but then feels the V40 is a better-qualitly, better designed car. Even my mechanic thinks it interesting that a car at this age and this milage is this problem-free. I changed the tyres once after I bought it, but I have been using the same break pads for 30.000 km now and they're still OK. Overall its a greatly designed and manufactured car and from what I hear the V70, the new V40 causes more problems than I have experienced in this old lady. (PS. My previous Volvo was a 1987 240GL station wagon, a pure legend)
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