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Volvo V40 - Information & Experiences

stickguystickguy Posts: 26,347
edited July 2014 in Volvo
Saw an S40 and V40 yesterday at the Philadelphia auto show. According to the dealer, they will be on sale in August or september.

I really loved this car (I think we bonded). Maybe I'm swedish, since the other car I really liked was the new SAAB 9-5. Actually, I kind of liked the BMW Z3 roadster also (maybe because it looks like an old Volvo P1800ES?

Anyway, the Volvo (sat in the wagon) had a great interior. Super comfortable, very rich looking, seemed plenty roomy. And it had a stick shift! No third seat, don't think there was enough room. The cargo area seemed a bit smaller than a V70, but still seemed pretty large (at least as big as a Passat). Can't wait to see how it drives, and if you can get a wagon with a 5spd and moonroof for less than 25K with the rest of the expected goodies.

2018 Hyundai Elantra Sport (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)



  • MiroMiro Posts: 15
    WOW! This Volvo (and the s80) really changes my impression of this carmaker. I must admit that the 3 spoke alloys and the rear styling are really attractive, reminding me of the 9-5 wagon, another good looking Swede.
    If the V40 became available as a 2000 model with a manual for $35K (Cdn) then things might get interesting! Will we switchover from Subaru to Volvo? Maybe...
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 26,347
    according to the rep at the car show, they intend to compete with Accord and Camry 9probably the V6 higher end models. he anticipates prices around 25K (US)

    2018 Hyundai Elantra Sport (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • MiroMiro Posts: 15
    I little tough to compete with discontinued models, I guess then the V40 would compete with the Legacy. Did the rep hint at powertrains and date of arrival?
  • MiroMiro Posts: 15
    Just scrolled back, date of arrival august or september? Got it. More impressions would be appreciated stickguy. Thanks.
  • LeffeLeffe Posts: 2
    The S40 and V40 will be fitted with a 2 litre,
    160 hp turbocharged 4 cyl engine.
  • I've heard that Volvo is going to come out with an XC version of the V40. Has anyone heard anything about that? If so, price???
  • MiroMiro Posts: 15
    When will someone ask: will a sports version be released, i.e. with bodywork like the Legacy GT?
    I'm frankly tired of seeing the SUV influence in wagons, afterall they are cars not trucks. To me the V70 XC is not desirable, an R AWD would suit me better. However, I'm still not too keen on the traditional boxy styling. The V40 should be a major improvement in this regard.

  • mcohenmcohen Posts: 21
    Has anyone heard anything on the new V40 coming
    out? I would like a new Volvo in the $25k price
    The V40 is about the size of the BMW 3 series and will bring back a tweaked version of that venerable 4 banger found in the old 240s.

    The sales manger @ our dealership said that he thought the sedan was nicer than the wagon, which he described as a little too toy like. Im not sure what he meant by that but you should be able to see them at your dealership near you later this summer.
  • mrjmrj Posts: 21
    I saw both the S40 and the V40 in Denver last Friday. Very nice,, you can check out some specs at this site:

    I liked the wagon better - stacks up pretty nicely to an A4 Avant, but no AWD yet. Great interior and exterior, about the same size as an Avant with maybe a touch more rear seat room. Definately marketing an outdoor lifestyle audience.
  • KicKMan1KicKMan1 Posts: 45
    Was this V40 wagon parked on the 16th Street Mall, with a guy asking people to take a picture with the car? If so, I saw the same car. The guy told me that a loaded wagon (like to one we say) would sell for about $26K. Small world.
  • tfmivtfmiv Posts: 1
    See my post number 18 on topic number 177 for some camparisons between V40 and Passat/Outback. There are some dimensions listed there.
  • gclugclu Posts: 23
    Here are the MSRP and packages available for the new Volvo due out this fall. I got this from the Brickboard forum via a saleman? from Stillman Volvo.

    Official S/V40 prices as of June 30, 1999:
    These are MSRPs:

    S40A $22,900
    S40AS $24,100 (S=sunroof)
    V40A $23,900
    V40AS $25,100

    Destination Charge: $575

    Metallic paint: $400
    Leather: $1,200
    Sport Package: $550
    Touring Package: $1,500
    Sport Plus Package: $1,200
    Weather Package: $850

    Most dealers will get ONE S40 and ONE V40 around the 3rd week of July for DEMO purposes only...these cars will be the property of VCNA until September 1st.
  • jottmanjottman Posts: 4
    I have seen several dealers with them on the lot now. I test drove the V40, it does not drive like a 'volvo' depending on what you want that could be good or bad.
  • I drove a v40 at my local dealer this past Saturday and I was impressed. The fit and finish appear top rate and the interior size is rather good considering the car's compact size. The car the dealer had was red with grey cloth interior and it looked very sharp. Interior ergonomics were good, but there were a few buttons whose function was not readily apparent. Visibility is also good.

    The dealer only let me take a short 10 minute drive, but I liked it. The car has good acceleration with no noticable turbo lag. The engine revs responsively and the transmission shifts smoothly. The brakes modulate well and stop the car quickly. The car handles well and provides good road feel, but isolates much of the bumps in the road. The car is generally quiet, but you hear the engine when accelerating quickly.

    Overall I like the car, and I will seriously consider the Volvo as an alternative to the 2000 Subaru Legacy/Outback. I need to spend more time driving the Volvo, as well as driving the Legacy to decide. The dealer would only quote me the list prices on the Volvo and I do not know what the invoice is, but I would expect there is room to negotiate. The Subaru dealer has given me a good price on the 2000's (I think about 2-3% over invoice) without even negotiating yet. Also, I have read that the s/V40 has not compiled a great reliability record in Europe, so that is another factor I will try to get more insight into before making a decision.
  • Someone was looking for specifications on the new Volvo. This is what I was able to get on a Xeroxed page from the brochure... dealer did not have any brochures for distribution yet.

    Engine: 4 cylinder, 16 valve, DOHC, low pressure turbo, 1948cc, 160hp@5100 rpm, 170lb ft torque @ 1800-4800 rpm

    Transmission: 4 speed auto from S70/V70 program

    Drivetrain: front wheel drive. ABS with vented front / solid rear discs

    Measurements S40 (V40):
    Length 176.6"
    Width 67.6"
    Height 55.6" (55.7")
    Wheelbase 100.5"
    Turning Radius 34.8 feet
    Curb weight 2865 lbs (2910 lbs)
    Fuel tank 15.8 gallons
    Luggage capacity 14.8 cu ft (33.5 cu ft)
  • Our First Drive: 2000 Volvo S40/V40,
    Not Necessarily Married--Volvo Goes for a Younger Crowd, by Brent Romans?

    Bonnie Rick
    Town Hall Community Manager,
  • rlmingorlmingo Posts: 8
    If anyone is lucky enough to go for a test drive, please post your comments!
  • padgettpadgett Posts: 4
    My wife and I have enough small urchins (3 smaller kids)to fill a V70 (needed occasional use of third seat)so I went to our local Volvo dealer to buy one. While I was waiting on the normal background paperwork shuffle, I went for a test drive in the V40 out of curiosity since I knew I was going to be looking for a good commuter car(, safe, classy, sharp looks, but understated) next summer. The V40 was a blast. The dealer had a red one with the touring package. I was impressed with the car's spunk and handling. We have huge potholes here and there was sufficient comfort and no noticeable noise. Controls were practical for the most part. I came away wanting one for next year. We picked up our V70 and drove it home.

    As it happens, the following day (2 days ago) I was on my way home when my normal commuting vehicle was broadsided & destroyed by a 1997 Nissan--totaled. No one was hurt, but I find myself in need of a new car. Strange coincidence.

    I'm getting a V40 in the next week. A couple of points though, 1) it seems the dealers have sparse supply unless you're in a high volume Volvo area. Some dealers were supposedly only alloted 2 or 3 total for the year. 2) After the initial shipment hits the states, I was told the vast majority of the V40s would be fully loaded out (sunroof package and either the sport-plus package or the touring package--MSRP about 28k). However, our local dealer (a large dealer in this region SE, had 2 base models and a base with leather coming in the next 3 weeks so base models can be had if you look. 3)If you put a deposit down on a V40 before the dealership receives the car, Volvo will throw in a $500 goodies package (I'll opt for the load bars and the cargo carrier package)--they have 5 to choose from, but only two seem worthwhile to me.

  • rlmingorlmingo Posts: 8
    Padgett: All I have to say is, "Be careful what you wish for... It might come true!" Glad you are o.k. and congrats on your 2nd new Volvo.

    Could you tell me how the cargo area is in the V40? I have a 65lb. yellow lab that I want to keep gated in the back of whatever I drive so I am no longer blinded by a flailing toungue as she presently rides "shotgun" with me! The idea of buying an SUV (waayyyy to much vehicle for me) just to lug her around doesn't make sense to me.

    The V40 just seems so much sportier than the V70 in pictures (haven't seen one for real yet).
  • padgettpadgett Posts: 4
    I agree with you..never know when you might actually get something you ask for. In my opinion, the V40 is sportier than the V70. The look and feel of the car is quite athletic. Performance matches with the turbo also. GLT and T versions of the V70 are quick too, but the V40 is quick and has quite a different look...more European to me.

    As for Cujo, you should have enough room if you take out the cargo shelf (should you get a goody package with one as per my earlier post). The dealer tells me (and it looks to be the case upon inspection) that there is a 7% space difference between the 40 and the 70. The cargo area is a bit shorter, but it seems the "biggest" difference in space comes from the rounded and sloped roof-line near the rear hatch on the 40 versus the higher, squared roof-line on the 70.

    I thought the 40 had plenty of space for the athletic equipment, the dog, or the occasional haul of camping equipment or groceries.

    Speaking of sporty, I haven't seen the V40 decked out with the sports package (rear spoiler and fog lights) yet, or the sport-plus package, but I suspect that would add to the sporty look of the car.

    Also, for those of you interested in price, I saw a quote from Ohio for $800 above invoice, but that was on a base with no package or option ad-ons. I suspect (and will find out shortly how much)that a more loaded version currently commands a higher margin. I heard also that some people are paying MSRP in markets where the supply is virtually non-existent as of yet.
  • mcohenmcohen Posts: 21
    Out in California, there are none available yet. I drove the S40 and was laso impressed. There is no turbo lag.

    I would get one, but I need a new job (if padgett get get what he asked for, why can't I :) ).
  • Padgett,

    I am curious about the 7% difference in space in the the V70 vs the V40 because I have read many references on this site that compare the V40 to the Audi 4 Avant...and most comparisons between the Audi A4 and the V70 are like David & Goliath!
    I agree the real difference is in the slope of the roof and the curve of the back hatch. the closest dealer to me (Los Angeles area) has only one S40 on disply and none to drive. The salesman has already taken a deposit for one coming in and expects some wagons in next week. I am getting serious about giving up the Grand Cherokee for a wagon but worry about the V40's "Audi like size" and only 4 cylinders. Whats your car like loaded down trudging up a steep hill? And do you have the optional traction control?
  • domaticdomatic Posts: 3
    I can't seem to find good specifications on the V40 ( cargo capacity. etc.) Does anyboy have these? How does it compare to the Audi A4, VW Passat and Subaru Forrester?

    I plan to test drive the V40 this afternoon.

  • padgettpadgett Posts: 4
    I haven't actually taken delivery of my V40 yet, it's on the way. However, given your situation (currently with the Grand Cherokee), I have these comments.

    First, I wouldn't worry about the 4. It's a turbo and has a great deal more pickup and given the torque difference a better chance of making quick work of the hill than our base V70 5 cyl fully loaded. However, we don't have a hill around here (Mississippi delta coutry) to test this on so you're on your own on that one. Hence, no need of the traction control since if it snows here it means a really hot place has frozen over and we have bigger concerns if you catch my meaning.

    However, that said, if you have a Grand Cherokee because you haul a bunch of adults on long trips in the back (I have no idea of the rear space for a Cherokee), the V40 may be smaller in the rear seating than you want. I have kids who would normally occupy the back seat if we went on a long trip so the 3 inches shorter leg room between the V40 and the V70 isn't an issue for me. Same thing with the head room difference from the sloped roofline.

    Cargo Space:
    One problem you'll have comparing "cargo space" is that some reports spec cargo space as the total area floor to roof in the wagon, while other reports include only the useful space below site line (only the area below the hatch window and seat). Still others, especially for the SUVs use a maximum cargo space spec that measures basically the entire area behind the front seats. Here are the V70 and V40 Specs for "cargo capacity" from the Volvo brochures:

    V70 33.9 cubic feet (seat up)
    V70 69.0 cubic feet (seat down)

    V40 30.2 cubic feet (seat up)

    Sitting our V70 next to the V40 I can say there is a difference in width and length for the seating areas and the cargo area. However, while this does make a difference for the occasional piece of plywood, it really doesn't hamper the weekend trip or the trip to the grocery store. You can pile a good bit of "stuff" in the back of the V40. My suggestion is for anyone interested in "cargo space" to take a "normal" load of luggage or your bike or whatever with you when you go test drive the V40 (& competition). Then you can see exactly what the real difference is for you for cargo space and for hauling with a load.

    Finally, I can't say much about driving a V40 vs. a Cherokee since I've never had a Cherokee. Why were you considering the V40 instead of a Cherokee (i.e. what did you want from a wagon that you feel is missing in the Cherokee)?
  • domaticdomatic Posts: 3

    Excellent info provided above. As for me I have been looking at sport utes for the last year. Had my hopes on the Nissan Exterra, just the right size and price. Well the price wasn't right ( in my opinion) and I think it is underpowered.

    I am leaning toward a Dodge Durango but gas mileage and reliability scare me. I drove it and liked it and it does have the cargo capacity and towing.

    A wagon still provides plenty of cargo space, not in Durango league but almost in Grand Cherokee league. The wagon will be more fun to drive ( I'm stuck getting an automatic, daughter won't learn how to drive a stick!) Gas mileage will be much better. I'l give up the towing capabilities.

    But driving a Volvo says a little more than driving a Durango.
  • padgettpadgett Posts: 4
    Did you drive the V40 as planned? What did you think? Also, why a sport-ute?
  • zebomanzeboman Posts: 1
    It seems that most dealers in my area will only sell the V40, regardless of trim level, at MSRP. DOes anyone know a dealer willing to work a bit on price?
  • domaticdomatic Posts: 3
    I'm torn betwen the these becuase I am looking for something I can put some cargo in as well as some light/medium towing capabilities.

    I also need a vehicle with an automatic. I have a teen age daughter who is just learning to drive and wants no part of a manual tranny. Both of our vehicles are currently 5-speeds and I struggle with the thought of going back to an automatic.

    The ute gives both (towing and cargo) but poor gas mileage and overall size are the disadvantages. Daughter may find this thing difficult to drive. But a V8 will give it some pep. The Nissan Xterra was going to be my savior but IMO it is overpriced and underpowed, with the auto anyway.

    A wagon will give me some cargo room and perhaps some light towing with the advantage of good gas mileage and better handling. The powerplant will determine the performance.

    Yes, the VW Passat my be the ideal solution but they seem to be very rare and I will not pay sticker for a VW. I owned a VW Jetta GLI (1986)and loved it but reliability and resale value still seem to be an issue with the VW's.

    I didn't drive the V40. Both the V40 and S40 looked wonderful to me. I would pay sticker for the Volvo's at this point in the game.

    I don't now if I would call the V40 a glorified hatchback.

    Somebody please stop me, but I have actually looked at a few used mini-vans!

    Still debating....
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    Passat wagons are somewhat scarce, but people seem to be getting them for quite a bit less than MSRP. So I wouldn't let that hold you back. And at least it is available with a 5spd, unlike the V40.
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