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MINI Cooper



  • crcoxecrcoxe Posts: 72
    They do illuminate, but only with the headlights on. The only things I notice that illuminate automatically are the red line on the tac, the radio, and the auto climate control. During the day, you shouldn't need illumination to see the buttons on the wheel anyway. Of course, mine does not have CVT, but I can't imagine that would change anything on the steering wheel. To the best of my knowledge, the nav system does not affect the illumination of buttons either. Not sure why anyone would sink $1600 into the nav system anyway - seems like a waste of money to me.
  • dendroicadendroica Posts: 1
    I ordered my S at Westchester MINI two weeks ago. Delivery should be October or November, and I paid list.

    They said that if I'd wanted a stripper (no options) I could have one in July, again not a dime above list. Manhattan MINI has a massive wait, and likes to put those killer $3K rims on the car, but again technically they too charge list.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,586
    Westchester BMW & BMW of Manhattan (and their MINI franchises) are wholy owned subsidiaries of BMWNA (company stores). They can't charge over sticker! Congrats on your MINI COOPER S order!

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2015 Infiniti Q40 AWD, 2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD

  • scottphillipscottphillip Posts: 249
    I got turned off on Mini at the Orlando dealership because of the mandatory $1,500 in accessories. I bought a pickup truck for fun in as a second car.
  • drivinisfundrivinisfun Posts: 372
    "Congrats! With the discussion on the pepper white, I have been very curious to see one, but haven't yet. I can imagine that the cream color with the black roof/mirrors looks great. You say it's "pretty much a basic car," but as I am sure you know even the base model comes with all the toys you could ask for and then some. You really can't go wrong. I assume you got the 15" wheels - which style did you go for, the circle design or the spokes? If you get the '03, it will be interesting to see if they add a center console/armrest. It's my only real gripe about this year's model.

    Happy motoring!"

    I appreciate your enthusiasm!

    Sure, we are very excited about getting our new Cooper at the end of September. That's right, our dealer (BMW/MINI Lauderdale Imports)still had a few slots available for the end of the 2002 production run. They called me on Monday and confirmed that we could still be able to order a brand new 2002 Cooper and take delivery in about 3 months. Not bad at all. However I was given the option to get a new 2003 with a September build date and a late October delivery date. We could have gone this route but since we want to get a hold of the car sooner rather than later and in addition to the expected MSRP price hikes on the '03's (Pricing MSRP lists for 2003 will be available in August), we decided to stay with the '02 model year and get one of the very last cars made for this year's run.

    The only changes I have read about for 2003 are the possible addition of a standard front center console/armrest and the deletion of the "Silk Green Metallic" paint. I have no idea whether these rumors are true or not. (I have found a place that manufactures aftermarket front center armrests for the Cooper).

    The last model year 2002 MINIs will be built during August 2002. Cars built on or after September 2002, will officially be 2003 model year vehicles.

    I imagine this production cycle also applies to the Cooper 'S' models.

    When we went in last weekend to test drive and order our Cooper, we originally had decided to get a Velvet Red Metallic car with white roof and mirror caps. We found the color to be very nice, but darker than we actually would like it to be. As much as I like dark cars, I tend to shy away for them due to our year round climatic conditions (Hot and muggy South Florida) and dark paints are generally a royal pain in the rear end to keep looking great.

    However, Lauderdale Imports had a Pepper White Cooper with Black roof for a demo. The car came with the "Kaleido" cloth interior with red seat inserts and red door panels. It was a 5-speed and I think it had the Sport Package with the nice 5-spoke wheels and the run flat tires. The car looked terrific. Pepper white is not your everyday white car as it is a off white or cream color. Is not like a Diamond Metallic paint either. The color is surprinsigly very rich looking with fantastic "Depth". I can't accurately describe it, you have to see it in person under direct sunlight as we did last weekend. This is one of the most beautifully done white paint finishes that I have seen on a production car in recent time. This is the kind of color you probably will find on a classic Jaguar F-type that nice! The Cooper looks very elegant in Pepper white and the Chrome accents in the body work are further enhanced against the cream color panels. The black roof adds a very nice contrast and noticed how it matches so much better with the black "Cladding" in the edges of the wheel wells and the car's underbody.

    Representation made in the internet of Pepper white Coopers simply do not do enough justice to the quality of this color.

    Anyone considering a new Base Cooper and living in the "Sunbelt" states should seriously consider taking a look at one. My wife hates white cars but needless to say, she ended up picking out the Pepper that nice!

    One thing that I feel BMW should modify a bit is the Base Cooper color palette. Sure there are 12 colors to choose from, but 7 colors are of 12 are mostly dark or darker paints. To me Chili Red and Liquid Yellow (The most common Cooper colors seen around here) fall somewhere in the middle. Both are solid finishes that are neither too light or too dark. But both call too much attention upon the car...this could either be good or bad depending on what you like the most. The only colors suitable for hot weather in the Base Cooper color chart are the Pepper white, Silk Green (Nice color but could make the car a difficult sell in the future) and Pure Silver which is nice but I much prefer the Dark Silver theme offered in the Cooper 'S'. I have never been too crazy about silver cars. Someone told me that Silver cars are much more difficult to see at night. This is just hearsay, I have no evidence to support that.

    We also got the 8-Spoke 15" alloy wheels which are offered as a no cost option over the much more blah looking (They are nice but not my taste)7 Hole design 15" standard wheels. My favorites are the 5-spoke wheels offered with the 16" runflat tires but we did not want to pay another $500 for these wheels, considering the cost of replacing them ($200+ a tire) and the fact that the car already offers free 24 hour roadside assistance for 4 years or 50,000 miles. If the car hadn't offered free roadside assistance, we probably would have gone for the runflats instead.

    We ordered the standard Panther Black Leatherette seats with Silver door panels just to contrast what would otherwise be a very black interior. We liked the red "Kaleido" cloth seats with red door panels (They do match terrific with the Pepper white paint) but decided against as we might grown sick of looking at a red interior and again making the car harder to sell in the future due to the unsual interior color. A Black/Silver interior is more agreeable to a lot of people, plus we felt we wqould enjoy it more over the years and not grown sick of it.

    We also ordered the CVT tranny. I agree with some of the Edmund's comments about the kinda akward shift action of the steptronic (During the test drive I almost could not get a hang of it as the shifter uses reverse logic to upshift/downshift thru the 6 programmed gears). I would have preferred steering wheel buttons as the ones found in the Lexus IS300 sedan with E-Shift. Much nicer ergonomically speaking. But I don't fully agree with Edmund's about the acceleration quality of the car with the CVT. We did not buy the Cooper to win stoplight contests. We had an opportunity to drive the car in dense, fast moving traffic and did not find it lacking in response or downshift reponse. MINI does not market this car as a tire/asphalt burner. Cooments like this totally make me be skiptical about the accuracy of the information protrayed in Edmund's reviews. Too much opinion and little objectivity. I was cracking up about the comment of a Hyundai Elantra being faster off the line than a CVT Cooper...who the heck cares???
  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    I think the white and black color combo looks great, but I'd never get a car with a black roof in a sunbelt state. I live in south TX, and the same applies to us - that roof is likely going to make for a very warm interior come summertime.
  • stryderstryder Posts: 140
    drivinisfun - minus the obvious $500 cost for the 16" wheels and the run flats, you might want to keep in mind that all coopers come with a donut/mini-spare tire, so its really quite feasable to replace the runflat tires with normal tires at under $100 each (tirerack only seems to have one kind of tire in 195/55/16 but I have yet to look very far, and its like $75 each) you may have your reasons, but if you do really like the 16" wheels, you can keep your options open still for replacement tires.

    the two other rumored changes for '03 include slightly different seat controls (I believe the slide adjustment moves to the side of the seat, but that has already happened on later '02's from what I hear) and new cupholders, since most everyone agrees there's only one usable one in the rear of the car as the fronts are too small for most everything.

    Otherwise congrats on getting your order in, and enjoy the wait.
  • hpulley4hpulley4 Posts: 591
    Only cars without runflats come with spares&jacks or the MINI mobility kit (can of goo and a compressor). Some early cars with runflats came with spares&jacks but it was a mistake. You can buy spare&jacks or the mobility kit separately though.

    Personally, I like the peace of mind the runflats give. Note that they have much greater range than your average space-saver spare. The runflats go 250km at 80km/h while most space-savers go less than 100km.
  • stryderstryder Posts: 140
    well I guess I was lucky then, no one at the dealer seemed to think it was odd I had runflats and the spare...sorry for the aparantly wrong info. I certainly like the piece of mind, but depending on where I end up next year, I may want snow tires, which I have yet to see in runflat, so its nice to keep my options open.
  • drivinisfundrivinisfun Posts: 372
    For the heck of it (Got to love Sunday afternoons!), I did some research to see if indeed the new MINI is the smallest car sold in America in recent time. Well, the MINI is indeed the SHORTEST car sold in America lengthwise, but hardly the tinniest of them all. I made a quick comparison among all available subcompacts in the US and here is what I found:

    Shortest (Lengthwise) Subcompacts:

    1)MINI Cooper = 142.8 in.
    2)Chevy/Geo Metro - Suzuki Swift (Discontinued as of 2001, 3 door model) = 149.4 in.
    3)Toyota MR2 Spyder = 153.0
    4)Honda Insight = 155.0
    5)Mazda Miata = 155.3
    6)Daewoo Lanos = 160.4
    7)Toyota Echo = 163.2
    8) Suzuki Esteem = 166.3
    9) KIA Rio sedan = 165.9
    10)Hyundai Accent = 166.7
    11)Toyota Prius = 169.6
    12)Ford Escort ZX2 Coupe = 175.2

    By Wheelbase:
    1)Mazda Miata = 89.2
    2)Chevy/Geo Metro - Suzuki Swift (Discontinued as of 2001, 3 door model) = 93.1
    3)Toyota Echo = 93.3
    4)Honda Insight = 94.5
    5)KIA Rio = 94.9
    6)Hyundai Accent = 96.1
    7)Toyota MR2 Spyder = 96.5
    8)MINI Cooper = 97.1
    9)Suzuki Esteem = 97.6
    10)Ford Escort ZX2 = 98.4
    11)Daewoo Lanos = 99.2

    By Width:
    1)Chevy/Geo Metro - Suzuki Swift (Discontinued as of 2001, 3 door model) = 62.6
    2)Toyota Echo = 65.4
    3)Hyundai Accent = 65.7
    4)KIA Rio = 65.9
    5)Mazda Miata = 66.0
    6)Daewoo Lanos & Suzuki Esteem = 66.1
    7)MINI Cooper = 66.5
    8)Honda Insight, Toyota Prius,Toyota MR2 = 66.7
    9)Ford Escort ZX2 = 67.4

    And by laden weight:
    1)Honda Insight = 1,878 lbs
    2)Chevy/Geo Metro - Suzuki Swift (Discontinued as of 2001, 3 door model) = 1,895 lbs
    3)Toyota Echo = 2,055 lbs
    4)Toyota MR2 = 2,195 lbs
    5)KIA Rio = 2,242 lbs
    6)Hyundai Accent = 2,255 lbs
    7)Suzuki Esteem = 2,271 lbs
    8)MINI Cooper = 2,315 lbs
    9)Mazda Miata = 2,387 lbs
    10)Daewoo Lanos = 2,447 lbs
    11)Ford Escort ZX2 = 2,464 lbs
    12)Toyota Prius = 2,765 lbs

    The MINI is by an inch or so almost as wide as other popular bigger compacts such as the Ford Focus, VW Golf and Honda Civic.
  • drivinisfundrivinisfun Posts: 372
    I had an opportunity to test drive a Cooper fitted with the 16" runflats tires. I think the ride quality somewhat deteriorates with these tires due to their very stiff than usual sidewalls. I still think the safety element they offer is paramount specially for women. We passed on them however for 3 reasons:

    1)Stiffer ride quality
    2)Car already offers 4 years or 50K miles of free roadside assistance.
    3)Car will be driven daily over short distances.

    To a lesser extent, the added cost of fitting the car with these tires (Albeit the 5 spoke alloys make it worth it on them alone) and the cost of replacing these runflat tires.

    We still have time to change our minds should we decide to add them to our existing order. But overall I found the standard 15" pretty competent under normal urban driving conditions. The 8 spoke wheels are also very nice.

    Another point that I have started debating is on the front and rear chrome bumper accents. We ordered our Cooper without them. Not because we don't like them but mostly every Cooper we have seen so far already has the extra chrome bumper accents attached. The Cooper 'S' does not have these chrome accents in the bumpers which adds to their sportier appearance.

    However, the chrome accents seem to further enhance the Pepper White paint, but it is a toss up between wanting the "Sportier" look vs the "Classier" look. My wife does not want the bumper accents as she thinks the car has enough chrome in it (Front grille, headlight rims, door handles, window weatherstrip trim and rear tailght license plate accent)and it looks nice as is. But I am still over the fence as if the car will look better with them, but at the same time having the bumpers fully color body matched would make the car more unique looking.

    Has anyone ordered/bought a new Cooper with or without the bumper chrome accents? Why did you order the car with or without them?

    Would it be too much chrome on a Pepper White car? The wife seems to think so...
  • hpulley4hpulley4 Posts: 591
    I traded in a '95 Geo Metro on my MINI Cooper. Believe me, those 4" of extra width and wheelbase make a huge difference, as does the extra weight. In crosswinds the Metro felt like it was going to blow off the road while the MINI feels like it's on rails.

    I love the 16" 5-star wheels and find the handling of the Goodyear Eagle NCT5 EMT (runflat) tires to be excellent. The ride is stiff but I have real fun driving this car so I want the best handling I can get.

    In Canada you generally get the chrome bumpers with the premium package (which has 15" wheels) but body-coloured with the sport package. My Launch Edition car is 'unique' up here in that it has chrome bumpers on the sport package car. I love the chrome, but my car is IndiBlue -- I haven't seen a while one in the flesh so I'm not sure which I'd prefer but on blue and red I much prefer the chrome.
  • johnny36johnny36 Posts: 10

    I ordered my BRG with white roof without the chrome accents.

    Reasons; NYC and NJ parking lots will result in bumper taps (or even hits) and I could see the chrome being scraped off in no time.

    I also wanted the car to reference the classic rally Mini, so the striped down look was definitely what I was going for. I also added rally lights, so there is more than enough chrome.

    Good luck on that fence...
  • Hey all,

    I have found a dealer willing to order an 'S' right now, but they say that certain options are not yet available for the 'S'. The two in question are 1) cold weather package (web site says available 9/02) and 2) British Racing Green (web site says available soon).

    My question is who else has heard anything about the availability of these options? To the best of my knowledge both are shipping on the base cooper right?
  • drivinisfundrivinisfun Posts: 372
    "ordered my BRG with white roof without the chrome accents.

    Reasons; NYC and NJ parking lots will result in bumper taps (or even hits) and I could see the chrome being scraped off in no time."

    That's an excellent point indeed. Although the chrome bumper accents tend to look nicer and enhance the overall look of the car, I figure it is easier to repair a scratched or dinged painted bumper than one with a chrome strip in it. I could be wrong, but I think trying to repair or restore a damaged chrome strip could be harder than repainting over the affected area of the bumper.

    Also if you want a more classic/cleaner/sportier look, the color body painted bumper strips may make more sense than the more common chrome accents.

    Decisions, decisions.....
  • huckhillhuckhill Posts: 20
    I took a look at my other love and found that although the Cooper is nearly 10 inches shorter than the Jeep Wrangler, it is about the same width and actually has a longer wheelbase (by almost 4 inches).

    Thanks to these comparisons, the Mini suddenly seems less tiny.
  • drivinisfundrivinisfun Posts: 372
    "ordered my BRG with white roof without the chrome accents.

    Reasons; NYC and NJ parking lots will result in bumper taps (or even hits) and I could see the chrome being scraped off in no time."

    That's an excellent point indeed. Although the chrome bumper accents tend to look nicer and enhance the overall look of the car, I figure it is easier to repair a scratched or dinged painted bumper than one with a chrome strip in it. I could be wrong, but I think trying to repair or restore a damaged chrome strip could be harder than repainting over the affected area of the bumper.

    Also if you want a more classic/cleaner/sportier look, the color body painted bumper strips may make more sense than the more common chrome accents.

    Decisions, decisions.....
  • drivinisfundrivinisfun Posts: 372
    The MINI is a pretty deceiving car sizewise. I find some of the comments here in Edmund's as well as from some detractors of this car in the automotive press, to greatly exaggerate the exterior and interior dimension "Constraints" of the MINI vs other cars in its immediate size class. (Remember the MINI is in a class of its own).

    I am 5'10" and found the back seat very comfortable, much more so than the back seat of the "Larger" VW Golf 5 door hatchback. Sure I would not want to spend 3 hours back there, but for quick urban jaunts the back seat is not the torture chamber some might want you to believe. My head never touched the headliner/roof and not even the hatchback glass, even if I wanted to. The test Cooper had the panoramic sunroof. We were very pleased with the overall roominess of the Cooper's interior given the short overall length. The front is roomier than the VW Golf and affords better headroom and shoulder room.

    To gain a good appreciation for the engineering prowess and interior design of the Cooper, I suggest for some of you to ride in the back seat of a VW New Beetle, new Hyundai Tiburon, Toyota Celica, etc, etc. Not fun at all.

    The only area that truly affects the Cooper's short overall length is in the trunk space with the seats up.

    Some members of the American Automotive press can't seem to get over the size of the car and give it the recognition it truly deserves.

    If you want a drag racer, get yourself a Mustang, Camaro or Firebird. If you want a high quality car with a degree of engineering and attention to detail in vehicles costing much more $$$ and fun around the twisties, the MINI is a a package which is hard to beat, even at full MSRP.

    Trust me, we looked around and saw everyhting from the Pontiac Vibe, Focus, Sentra all the way to the Cooper.
  • tollagtollag Posts: 23
    The cold weather package is still there. There were however two things removed from it, the heated fron windsceen, and the auto-dimming rear view mirror. And about the BRG, that is an option that can be ordered, and by the time your order actually gets placed, it should be available!
  • I took a picture of a pepper white MINI. It seems like the total drivinisfun package right down to the lack of chrome line! You can click on this pic for a bigger version or go to More mini pix for more.

    Pepper White MINI
  • hpulley4hpulley4 Posts: 591
    I would prefer the chrome bumpers but love the silver 5-stars like I have. I got the white roof and mirrors but I still prefer the silver wheels. At 4000km, the brake dust is finally calming down too...

    Nice colour though.
  • crcoxecrcoxe Posts: 72
    That is a fantastic color. I agree, however, that the bumpers look better with the chrome than without. Without the chrome, it looks like something is missing. One of my few gripes with thie car is the failure to compensate for options you DON'T get. For example, I did not get the fog lights and there are two missing toggle switches as a result (front and rear controls). I would prefer if they put the toggles in there anyway just to complete the overall look. On the bumpers, I think it would be better if, instead of putting a body-color "insert" where the chrome would go, they just shaped the bumper as if chrome was not supposed to go there.

    And this is also personal preference, but I think the 16" rims are a must on this car. I don't mean to offend drivinisfun, it's just that the 15"s are just a little skimpy on the otherwise beefy-but-small overall image. They promote the car as having a "bulldog stance," but the smaller wheels make it seem more like a pug. It may not be too late to change your order ...
  • hpulley4hpulley4 Posts: 591

    Look down toward the bottom of the gallery.

    I much prefer the chrome (I know, slap myself in the head, my needle is skipping). In general I don't love the bonnet stripes but on this white/black roofed car it looks pretty good. I still think it looks cleaner without stripes.
  • docraddocrad Posts: 2
    Anyone interested in a COOPER S inbound to the US in August? Able to ship to east or west coast. Respond if interested. MSRP
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    Looking for two right now. Didn't you get my fax?
  • docraddocrad Posts: 2
    Are you serious? I did not get anything by fax,
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    Sent it to every dealer in the Country at my customer's request.
  • I'm glad to see supply has caught up with demand for these cars. It should help with pricing as well. I saw an article about a dealer in Pennsylvania with a wait list, but I don't see how. Here in Atlanta, I passed Global Imports BMW and saw a line of them. When I checked their web site (, they showed 16 in stock--8 base models and 8 "S" models. Plus, I have seen MINIs on the used lots at Saturn of Gwinnett, Acura Carland and Peachtree Ford. Anyway, hope they are dong well for you; and, it's good to see such a large supply all ready!
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    You've got to be kidding. I can't find an available MINI at a reasonable (MSRP) price anywhere!
  • I just got off the phone with Bob at Global Imports. According to Bob:

    * They have no cooper S cars in stock.
    * If one placed an order now, one could have a 2003 Cooper S in Decmeber.

    In my experience, that is about best case for the S. Worst case is the dealer here in Milwaukee who claims to be sold our for the next 2 years and who is still asking a $4000 premium for S.

    This week I ordered an S from Roadshow MINI of Memphis, who still has a few production slots left for 2002 cars. My car is supposed to be built in August or September and I'm supposed to get it in early November.

    Had to settle for Chili Red because British Racing Green is not available til sometime in the 2003 production season.
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