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Acura RSX (All years/types)



  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    the base RSX manual runs 0-60 in the mid-7s. Car mags generally run mid to high 7s for the Civic SI, which has the same power and weight, but requires a shift to third to hit 60, so I figure the RSX should do a couple of ticks better.

    Straight line power is not the rush of the RSX, lithe responsiveness is. But it is also plenty fast enough to get out of its own way, without being a gas hog.

    beowulf: that is the second time I have heard good things about those Pilot Exaltos, and I must admit I am keping them at the top of my mind for replacements. I must admit I lean toward Michelins just from having had many good experiences with them, so if I can stay with Michelins and find a good tire, I would like to. Tire Rack not only rated the Exalto better than its old fave, the ContiExtremeContact, it also mentions that the Michelins are QUIETER than the Continentals. Any ounce of "quieter" I can extract from the tires in this particular car, I will take! :-)

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  • joaorvjoaorv Posts: 6
    Thanks for all the replies!

    nitromax - Good to know the squential gear box is holdign out well, although i suspect i would abuse it a bit more than you do :). 0-60 in the low 8s sounds a tad slow for what i had in mind :(

    carlisimo - I live in the City, in Macau, near Hong kong, it's all city no highway, so i realy enjoy cornering a lot, there are some roads here that are prety deserted at night and are in the less developed part of the city where they haven't built much yet so you can put your foot down and enjoy the drive. I want a car that can get to high speed on short ammount of road, corners well then has the power to get out of the corner and up to speed again quickly.

    I've owned a 1999 Hyunday coupe 2.0 140hp (i think its called tiburon in the states) it was a nice car to drive... for a while, then it just felt slugish, no recovery power when you are forced to break and want to get back up to high speed, bad suspention arround the corners and the breaks were not what i had hoped for either, basicaly i would never buy another one and i sold mine a few years back.

    I used that money towards the house i bought and i bought a used 1991 Daihatsu cuore for very cheap, i basicaly destroyed the car, oil started leaking to the head of the engine, i broke part of the front suspention on the driver side (i'm heavy!), basicaly had to sell the car after 1 year.

    Then bought a 1990 Subaro M80, it's a nice litle car, and it has held out quite a bit, have had it the last 3 years. It has suffered it's share of abuses, needed a new camber shaft (think thats what its claled that revolving part at the top of the cylinders, also needed one piece replaced at the bottom of one of the cylinders crank shaft. it over heat and when it cool down it was deformed so was making a lot of noise, those were last year after a particulary abusive night and the engine almost died. then this year i had to replace the whole gear box. good thing is you can get second hand pieces for dirty cheap. over here.

    It's a fun car as far as small cars go, and i do give the imprenzas and civics a run for their money arroudn the corners, probably because most of the guys that tweak up their cars and come "race" at night just don't drive that well, but it does say something for my litle car. I can pull so much out of him and so eay to get back under controll. realy fun car. But... it doesn't satisfy, not nearly and i'm gona end up destroying this car since my low end driving still puts it at red line most of the time and near fusion point when i realy go for it.

    Anyway for my next car i wanted something with over 200hp and under 6.5sec 0-60 that handled well while at the same time lookign like a respectfull enough car during normal everyday driving', and the Type S seemed to have all that, now the Base RSX on paper just seems to fall short.

    I was actualy quite shocked they don't get the RSX-S here since we are so close to Japan, I still have to check with other car dealers, i still have confidence i can push them into ordering a type S for me but that's a very long shot, if the car is not "leagal" here there's not much i can do, but i suppose if the RSX is legal here then why wouldnt the type S be, it's still a 2 liter engine. For exemple the Mitsubishy eclipe is not legal here. Anoher oddity since we are in Asia.

    I will defntly try to push for a 5 speed manual in case the S is simply impossible to get, but the car market here is prety anal... the normal asia doesn;t know how to drive AT let alone MT. I'm alone in the desert...

    And yet thx for the heads up on the aftermarket parts, i was actualy thinking of going with "official" racing parts if i mod anyrthing.

    For starters i was going to put the best tires for the particular car i think thats the number one thing that you can do to improve the car and the maybe some racing breakses if i find the original ones don't cut it. Also the normal RSX onyl offers up to 16" wheels while the Type S ofers 17", do you think 17" on the normal one would be deterimental or can the engine handle it?

    nippononly - seems like it would be more or less on par with the 1999 tiburon i had, man i realy wanted that type-S!

    Yep i also noticed the millage is quite decent for sucha car, the Tiburon was a damn hog. one of the reasons i sold it.

    I'll keep those tires in mind too :)
  • joaorvjoaorv Posts: 6
    I was looking through the goverment website under the list of authorised cars and under acura they just had the 2004 RSX model but under honda they had the 2005 Integra Type R M/T. Now am i dreaming or isn't this the RSX-S? i searched on the web and found out it is the same car only it gets called RSX in the US.

    I'm gona check some dealers and get to the bottom of this. There is hope!

    Anyone know if there is any diference at all between the RSX and the Integra type-R?
  • joaorvjoaorv Posts: 6
    Found a webpage with the type R, it has 217 Hp and 153 torque or about that, so it is more powerfull than the Type-S. I realy got to go dealer hunting and find one that imports this model then test drive it.
  • nitromaxnitromax Posts: 641
    The RSX is only called an Integra evreywhere except the US. You may have hit the jackpot!
  • joaorvjoaorv Posts: 6
    Sure hope so! that Type-R looks very sweet, limited slip diferential, momo wheel, brembo breakes, and this page i found estimates the 0-60 at arround 5.5 secs, but they have a desclaimers that is a power calculation and not from a road test.

    Macau is very wierd as far as cars go, we get some stuff then don't get other and there are many diferent car dealers, there is no "Honda" dealer here, there are several diferent dealers that import Honda/ Acura cars.

    I asked the father of on of my collegues at work (he is prety old now but used to work as a salesman) and he checked with some car dealer for the RSX-S he told me they would have in about a month. Then the other day my wife was passing by another dealer and asked them for prices and they did not have the Type S only the normal RSX and said Macau does not have the Type S.

    Then yesterday i found in the goverment website that the integra Type R is listed in the authorised cars list. Someone must have legalised it so someone must be importing it. The goverment works would not go and add the car themselves, there must be a dealer out here that is importing them and legalised the car to be imported to macau.

    Then there are other wierd things, like the Integra appears under honda mostly but there is also an entry for a 1996 integra under acura, then under acura you have the 2002 and 2004 RSX but nothign for 2005.

    My big hope is that the Integra Type-R M/T is clearely listed as a 2005 model so worst case scenario i could order it myself from japan and it would be legal here, but then i probably would have no warranties here. I'm going on vacation for a few dyas, when i come back i'm going to check that dealer that the father of my firend sugested and check out if they have the S or the R. Any of those will do alright. Just not the base model.

    I could end up owning one before the end of the year! Gona depend on a few financial things going on too.
  • carlisimocarlisimo Posts: 1,280
    Yes, the type-R is better than the RSX-S, with 10 more hp (due to better gas, I think), and the limited-slip differential. However, the RSX-S is more luxurious... it has leather seats, which are too slippery and wide for me (as does the Integra type-S... which appears to be the RSX-S?). The type-R has Recaro racing seats. Also, the RSX-S has a lot of sound insulation. I don't know if the type-R has that too... but I wouldn't assume so. R has no moonroof; S does. R gets beautiful wheels, too.

    It only has strong power at high revs though, so you'll be waking up the neighbhorhood as you try to keep the engine in its sweet spot when you exit corners. Something torquey like the Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec-V or V6 Hyundai Coupe might be less frantic. But the RSX-S or Integra type-R are better cars, overall.

    (Hey can you get a Nissan Silvia there? That'd be even cooler!)

    As for the Honda/Acura thing... nitromax explained the current situation, but I can see why you're still confused. The car came out in 1986, called the Integra. In the US it was the Acura Integra, but Acura only exists in the US, so in the rest of the world it was the Honda Integra. In 2002 when the current one came out (DC5 body code), the name in Japan didn't change. But in the US, all Acuras now had letter names, so they had to change it to the Acura RSX. Some American drivers replace the badges with the Honda H and "Integra" instead of "RSX".
    Oh and here there is a 2005 RSX. Like the Integra, it looks a little different - much more aggressive.
    (What the heck? I just went on Honda's Japanese site, and they have an Integra type-S too! I'm confused!)

    I spent some time in Taiwan and noticed the lack of MT drivers. And man... tons of different and varied cars from all over the world, but very, very few sport coupes. Probably all special ordered.
  • tridderitridderi Posts: 9
    Use A/C and no re-circ to un-fog the windshield.
    I have owned several Hondas. My first was a '91 Prelude, then a '98 Accord and now an '05 TSX. The Prelude seemed to have that problem quite frequently. The Accord would automatically select A/C and not re-circ when I would press defrost. If I left it like that, it was clear. If I changed either one, it would fog up instantly. I asked the dealership and they also told me that combination. I am using it on my new TSX, and it seems fine.
    Hope this helps ...
  • joaorvjoaorv Posts: 6
    I'm back from vacation and i went to the recomended dealer.... no Type S and no Type R, but they do have a 5 speed manual base RSX, the price is arround 28K US$. Man i wish i lived in the US with your wide array of options and cheaper prices. I asked about optional 16" wheel but they only have 15".

    I asked about installing Mugen/ JDM parts and they said they don't do it and that it could void the warranty. Basicaly he told me that japan doesn't give a rats [non-permissible content removed] about the Macau market and they only give them very limited options and their hands are tied.

    He did point me in the right direction for a type R, wich was prety cool of him. So i went and found this shop that does import the Type R straight from Japan... they had two in the stand right there!!! they look damn sweet!

    I sat in one and checked it out, the recaro seats are way to small, i had one but cheek completly outside the seating area, on top of the side thingy. And they don't change them for me, they said i would have to order new ones myself and they don't offer any rebate on the original ones. Also the speedometer only goes to 180 km/h (in japan all cars get the same 180 km'h speedometer) so i would want to change that too. The guy said each seat would probably be arround 1250 US$ each!

    The wheels looked super hot 17", with the big brambo brakes showing through... i had to wipe some drool and a grin off my face. They had potenza tires too.

    But the price tag was about 34K US$ only 1 year warranty on the engine and transmission. add the price of changing the seats... totaly off budget for me. I was about ready to sob.

    So where i stand now is wait a few weeks for the normal RSX to arrive, the man is gona call me and test drive it (he said he thinks i'll change my mind once i test drive it, i told him i was afraid the base model would just feel too slow). So once i test drive it i'll see what i think about it.

    The intirior of the base model will be much more luxurious than the type R, leather and all.

    If it were 3-5 years from now with the house almost payed i might be able to cough up the money for a type R, but it will just set us back too much, the base model at the prices they are asking here is already a big streach. I had hoped i would be able to get the S for the price they are asking for the base model....

    So i'm thinking if i do buy the base model, after 3-4 years when the warranty is over and the house is almost paid i have a few choices. Start upgrading parts like cold air intake, put some brambo breaks and whatever else i can think of/ learn about. or sell the car and buy something better. I'm sure 4 years from now the car market and my financial situation will offer a lot more options.

    Carlisimo - The nissan silvia is the nissan 200X? here they call it the "airplane" and it's a few years old right? I wouldn't trust buying "racing" cars second hand here. They drive them too horribly and mod them in a way i'm not sure they don't do more harm than good. I never see any good car be driven properly over here. i'm realy looking for a first hand car that will give me no problems.
  • zak_autozak_auto Posts: 19
    If anyone is interested I recently bought a set of Toyo Proxes 4 to replace the original tires that came with my '03 RSX Type-S. Wow what a difference. The Toyos stick to the ground much better than the originals. They are much stiffer in corners as well. I no longer feel like my tires are flexing during aggressive cornering. I could 'chirp' my old tires in the 1st 3 gears fairly easily. Now I can barely get a chirp in 1st and nothing in 2nd or 3rd. I feel much more secure on the road now. Unfortunately I had to buy them a little earlier than I wanted because of a flat tire. They will have a little wear before the next winter season rolls along. They will still have plenty of tread before the next snow starts to fall.
  • kmakma Posts: 7
    I'm in the market for a new car (my '94 Altima is starting to require more and more upkeep costs). I've narrowed it down to an '05 RSX base, 4cyl, AT, or an Accord EX 4 cyl, AT. The dealer prices I've received have been pretty similar (with the RSX being slightly cheaper). I plan on keeping the car for a minimum of 7 or 8 years so resale value doesn't matter much. Other than the RSX being sportier, what are the other differences between the cars? Any reliability issues with either? I'm looking for something will low maintenance costs and something that will continue to look "new" for years, instead of the models that look dated two years later.

    Any advice would be appreciated!!!
  • joe249joe249 Posts: 95
    The RSX to me would be a bullet proof car and the four cyl Ex would have a softer ride. Either car will be slower than your Altma,but better on gas.If you get leather in the EX you can get heated seats.
    The RSX is a fun ride and has good low end torque.
    Me I get the RSX,but it's a lot fimer and how's your back? I have a Type S now and had 3 Integras and no problems at all.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    nailed it. I would add that there is a BIG difference space-wise between the two cars, and visibility out of the RSX is noticeably worse. Accord feels like a fairly big car to me, whereas the RSX is a driver's cockpit, which might feel confined to some.

    RSX stereo sucks, the 6-disc in the Accord EX is a pretty nice unit, and you can get it with XM.

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  • kmakma Posts: 7
    Thanks for the feedback re: Accord vs. RSX. I've talked to a few dealers, and they've given me mixed answers on the type of gas to use. The brochure says 86 for base model and 91 for the S model, but I've been told by some that the base model should have the higher grade gas as well. I'd really like to be able to use regular fuel (gas prices in San Diego are $2.50+). Has anyone had any trouble with using regular gas in the base model?

    So far I'm getting OTD quotes of $22,000 for the '05 base model, AT, cloth, with the spoiler. Seem like a good deal?

  • carlisimocarlisimo Posts: 1,280

    My girlfriend got a base RSX with leather and AT for $20,500 (not out of door). She sent out emails to get quotes from the internet salesmen.

    As for gas, the type-S needs premium for its rated power output. The base is fine on the cheap stuff (its power rating is based on it) but its engine can take advantage of better gas. Many modern cars' computers adjust the engine timing to increase power as much as the gasoline will allow before it starts knocking.



    That sucks about the prices. In Spain cars sell for similar prices - I guess there's a tax on speed. For what it's worth though, people in the US also wonder if the type-S is worth the extra cost. The type-S would've been a good fit, since you get most of the type-R's ability, but you get the base model's leather interior and larger seats. Still, the normal RSX is great, now that you've found one with a manual transmission.

    After the warranty period (think of it as a few years in which to master the car before you upgrade it), some people swap the engine out for a type-R's, others turbo it. Supercharging seems to be the most common. But you probably won't be drag racing a lot. (Gotta warn you though; I found out recently that the Toyota Celica GT-S is considered to handle better, unless you modify the RSX's suspension.)

    I'm not sure if the Nissan Silvia is the 200SX. In the US, the 200SX was the name given to a 2-door version of the Sentra; it was a weak, ugly, front-wheel drive unsport car. In Europe, I think the Silvia was called the 200SX, but it's confusing. The chassis code doesn't change though, and for the three generations of the Silvia they've been S13, S14, and S15. Either way, you're right about not wanting to buy a second-hand one.
  • wco81wco81 Posts: 561
    This is the kind of choice I'm looking at too.

    Was looking at sportier, high performance cards. But I realize getting 25 MPG in the city is better than getting 20 MPG in the city these days.

    Don't need a real fast car, want AT.

    Other factors are good crash ratings, quiet operation and aux port for iPods.

    Unfortunately, these factors favor more expensive cars while the mileage and performance factors favor something like the RSX or the Accord EX.

    Are people definitely getting 25 MPG in the city with the AT RSX?
  • feltfelt Posts: 105
    I own a 2004 RSX, manual with about 25,000 miles. I enjoy every aspect of the vehicle. It is sporty, comfortable, fun to drive, very efficient, and it has Acura quality.

    I must admit that I live in New Hampshire, and do not experience much in the way of "city" driving. My normal driving is in the 40 - 70 mph range, but I consistently get 38-41 mpg per tank on low test gas. With the price of gas ... I consider this my economy car. Why buy a hybrid? They do not do much better.

    Now, driving habits are all important. To achieve that kind of efficiency, you cannot "race" away from every stop light. But oh how I love the feel when I pass someone, and occasionally let the "horses romp."

    Honda/Acura have achieved a remarkably versatile engine .... it is like the best of both worlds. The engines two personalities are neck snapping performance or efficiency. With the price of gas, the efficiency is the predominant personality right now. It is all on the way that you drive it.
    Happy motoring.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    I couldn't agree more about the "two personalities" thing. Move up to a "sport sedan" (or even a regular sedan) with a V-6 or a large 4, and the ability to extract that really great gas mileage is gone. With RSX, you can have both. I don't really baby mine the way you probably do to achieve those numbers, but I have plenty of fun and still get 31-32 mpg all the time in suburban driving.

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  • beowulf7beowulf7 Posts: 290
    beowulf: that is the second time I have heard good things about those Pilot Exaltos, and I must admit I am keping them at the top of my mind for replacements. I must admit I lean toward Michelins just from having had many good experiences with them, so if I can stay with Michelins and find a good tire, I would like to. Tire Rack not only rated the Exalto better than its old fave, the ContiExtremeContact, it also mentions that the Michelins are QUIETER than the Continentals. Any ounce of "quieter" I can extract from the tires in this particular car, I will take! :)

    Hey nippon, I must say that I'm pretty interested in those Michelins, too. I actually have had a poor opinion of them based on their stock tires that were in my then Integra and now RSX-S. But I will look for user reviews once more and more people buy those tires and post their opinions. Yeah, the extra quiet factor would be a nice bonus, but I mainly want very good wet/dry performance and acceptable snow/ice performance. :shades:
  • beowulf7beowulf7 Posts: 290
    The RSX is only called an Integra evreywhere except the US. You may have hit the jackpot! :)

    Actually, it's also called "RSX" in Canada. ;)
  • nitromaxnitromax Posts: 641
    Actually, it's also called "RSX" in Canada.

    I sit corrected.

    ok, North America :P
  • Just curious if anyone has heard whether Acura has planned a redesign of the RSX for 2006 or 2007. I've looked at many web sites and have not seen any news. thanks
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    the Integra might get a redesign for MY '07, but signs seem to be suggesting that when that happens, the RSX line at Acura North America will end. I think they will cover this area of the price and performance spectrum with higher-trim Civics from then on. I still hold out a little hope they will bring the Integra here as a Honda Integra, but I kinda doubt that will happen. :-(

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • Thanks. I would be very disappointed if Acura discontinued its sport coupe. This car -- sporty, performance, quality build, reasonable expense -- may be completely unique in the car market. It has been on my very short list. I was hoping for an aggressive redesign in the next couple of years.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    that's what I am saying: Acura WILL more than likely discontinue its sport coupe in North America. Will there be a next-gen Integra that you can get if you live in Japan? Yeah, probably. But if you've seen what Honda is going to do with the next Civic, it seems like it is written in the cards that Civic EXs and SIs will substitute for the Integra/RSX at Honda North America after MY '06.

    Sheesh, the '06 Civic SI is going to be equipped exactly as the current RSX-S is powertrain-wise and suspension-wise, AND it will have a standard limited slip as well! All for less money, probably, since it is likely that as a Civic it will have standard cloth and optional leather.

    This is a car that will be available in three months. A whole year before RSX/Integra gets any sort of update. It will also be the first Civic ever whose base price goes over the $20K mark, I bet.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • beowulf7beowulf7 Posts: 290
    LOL "I sit corrected". That makes more sense since usually people are sitting down when they've been corrected.

    Not to get picky, but I wonder if the RSX is sold in Mexico. :confuse:
  • beowulf7beowulf7 Posts: 290
    I've also heard that the 2006 Acura RSX will be the final year for the RSX. :( I'm sure Japan will keep the Honda Integra brand going. And I think you're right in that Integra/RSX-like features will make it into a higher trim Honda Civic. How about a Civic Type-S? :D

    So Acura would then have no 2-door cars except for the exclusive NSX. :surprise:

    Well, by the time I'm done w/ my RSX (hopefully it'll last me another 5 years of good use!), I plan to go AWD anyways, be it w/ Acura or another make.
  • joe249joe249 Posts: 95
    Well, not to beat a dead horse but, while I was gasing up an a RSX from Quebec pulled in behind me. He liked my clear mask ,spoiler.fog lamps stone guard etc. I was checking out his ride also. He had heated seats as standard equipment on his car. He didn't refer to his car as a Type S though. I could see no difference.
    Then another francais pulls in with a sweet HB called a Cherolet Ortho not made in USA according to the owner.Best fit and finish I ever saw GM put out.
    So my question is how do you buy a car in Canada an AcuraType S in order to get the heated seats?
    My dealer wants me to puchase a TSX but, to me it's a chick car.( shouldn't of said that ) I live in Maine so is it a hassle to buy over the boarder? Merci mes amies.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    Despite its age, the RSX-S just won C&D's latest "cheap speed" comparo (base price $25K or less, power at least 200 hp), so if 2006 is really its last MY, it will be going out in style.

    They called the SRT-4 the brute you would never want to drive on the street, characterized the Cobalt SS S/C and Ion Redline as acres of cheap plastic and numb steering with little feedback (and a hard unsophisticated ride in the case of the Ion, large long car driving feel in the case of the Cobalt), and liked lots of things about the WRX but hated the "Wait-all-day" turbo lag.

    The RSX was slowest through the slalom but had the best skidpad and by far the most sophisticated ride and nicest interior. It is funny, their remarks pretty much hit the best and worst of this car right on the head, as far as how I have come to think of it (one of the downsides was suspension that became a little crashy over the worst of the potholes). By FAR the best shifter of the lot, in fact C&D is slightly infatuated with the RSX's shifter and holds it up as the example all sticks should aspire to in other car ratings, even much more expensive cars from Europe. And still one of the nicest interiors in its price range/class, even after four years plus.

    I was thinking about it, and all the cars here were fairly old. They didn't include a Mustang, which they should have, although I think it would have been embarassed in the handling department (but probably would have been a better all-around car than the Dodge and Saturn). The WRX has been updated twice in four years, with no major revision, but decent interior upgrades both times. No powertrain changes though. The SRT-4 has had power upgrades but no other changes in three years. The GM cars are the newest, so to score fourth and fifth just goes to show the General still misses the point of cars like this.

    I will be sad when the RSX disappears, but I guess that just puts us owners in possession of something kinda rare, eh?! ;-)

    I doubt the whole five year run will get much over 100K cars, maybe 125K or so. Doesn't hold a candle to the Integra sales of the mid-90s, but doesn't mean you never see them anywhere either. :-)

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    and under new SAE rules for determining power output, you folks with the type-S have just lost 9 horses! That's right, for 2006 the exact same powertrain is now rated for 201 hp, down from 210. The folks with the base model lose 5 hp, to 155 hp. :-)

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

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