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Infiniti FX45 Infiniti FX35



  • I was just told by my dealer that my 04 FX45 needs a new muffler because it has a leak in the flange area. I was told the the FX45 has two mufflers.. a center one and a rear one and the rear one is the problem. The dealer wants $761+ tax for a replacement. I see that there are many aftermarket mufflers available but I do not know if they are good replacements. The dealer's service department has said that they know of many people that try aftermarket mufflers but that many of them aren't good fits because the pipes arent bent properly. I do not know what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    Jeff, see my post #335 above. You may want to ask the dealer to approach Infiniti to see if they could share the expense with you.
  • I know your post is older but I hope you still sign on... I have the same issue with my 08 FX35, the odometer, compared to my garmin, is about .038% over what it should be. I brought it up to my dealer, who denied there was a problem, and said go to infiniti. I emailed the consumer affairs dept, and they told me to call the financing dept. Did you deal with issue, I could use some pointers on how to approach this with them.

    My speedometer is also off by 5mph. They put in a new one but said it was an issue they had no fix for at that time...

    Any help is appreciated, thanks
  • Hello from Sweden!
    I have a problem with my FX35 that i shipped from the states...I knew that the Nav system was a problem. Think its locked to US region...but there must be a way to unlock the system and make the Navigation open to all maps...the GPS must be the same all over the world...Hopefully someone could help me with this must be the same problem on all cars exported to Europe.

    I was thinking to either unlock the DVD player...or make a regionfree copy of a europe map would solve it...but i dont know how to do it.

    I would be so happy if someone out there can help...Greetings from Sweden//Arne Johansson
  • I suspect your problem is that the DVD is only for North America. There is no European data on it. I would contact Zenrin to see if they have a DVD for Europe.
  • Yes the maps are for US...but i have tried the european maps , but there seems to be a lock in the system...could the DVD be locked to it is on some regular DVD players?
    Any advice would be helpfull!
    Thank you//Arne Json
  • Did you actually replace the DVD in your system. If not, then the DVD that came with the car has no European GPS data in it (I suspect). I don't think it is a matter of being locked out, there simply is no data to access. On the Zenrin site, the product info suggests on USA and Canada data is on the disc. I can only recommend contacting Infiniti and Zenrin to see if a European DVD is available.
  • aq684caq684c Posts: 2
    hello just recently purchased an 06"fx35 AWD and need beige/tan oem floor mats
    anyone have any ideas?
    i tried ebay the dealership says they dont make it anymore pls help
    thank you
  • wolfie1wolfie1 Posts: 14
    I brought up the issue of my fast speedo the last time I was in for service. There comment simply was "we won't do anything because your GPS is aftermarket". In other words, they didn't even acknowledge an issue.

    My FX now has 22k miles on it, and by my calculation, the mileage on the speedo is now about 1800 miles over true mileage. At 20 cents/mile on the overage rate for leases, thats $360 worth of overcharging.

    I have 2 years left on my lease still have time to rattle the cage at Infiniti more.

    btw, for the numbers...when my Garmin 205 gps says 65, my fx speedo says 71.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    I've noticed some error on my FX45 (compared to what my Garmin indicates) but not to that extent, maybe 3 mph tops which is pretty normal. What tire size (diameter) are you running? Mine are 265/50-20's which have a 30.5" diameter.
  • I am trying to turn in my lease (and get a new 09) with their pull ahead program because Im way over milage because of the inaccurate odometer. Last August when I reported the problem, my dealer told me that a GPS is the most accurate measure of speed and milage because it is triangulated by satelite. They also acknowledged the spedometer issue and said that Infiniti knew about it but had no fix for it. My garmin 350 reads 5mph slower exactly, and is off 3.2% - over 4% on milage, depending on the kind of driving I do.

    I spoke with infiniti consumer affairs today who is supposed to call me by the end of the day tomorrow. They acted like they never heard of the issue, and I told them that Ive read blogs on line from several customers with the same exact problem. Again, they acted shocked.

    I will let you know if they do anything for me. What they are doing is consumer fraud, which in my state carries treble and punitive damages. They know about the problem and continue to rip off customers, 20 cents at a time. I also invite other FX owners/leasers to reply to this if they have similar issues. If they refuse to do anything, I will probably start a separate forum for feedback. It seems to be a problem on the vehicles with the 20in tires, but it may be others.

    Ill keep you posted.
  • Read my last post. I have the same tires. Set your trip odometer and your garmin and see if its inaccurate. Do this on a longer trip because its usually off by a few tenths of a mile per mile, which adds up. It also fluctuates depending on the type of driving you do.
  • wolfie1wolfie1 Posts: 14
    I to have the 20's on my 08 FX35. I am taking a trip this weekend...I will reset the trip odometer on both my GARMIN gps and the fx and see what the difference is over 500+ miles.
  • FYI: I am on my third (3) yes ! 3rd wheel bearing replacement. Only one more to go.Infinity has not recalled anything yet, but I urge those owners who think you are getting excessive tire noise to check the wheel bearings. Nissan has re-called a wheel bearing issue in the Nissan Altima last year. each one is about $1,000
  • I currently have the same issue with my 07 Fx35. My wife is always telling me to slow down due to the wrong speedometer reading. It has a 10mph discrepancy.

    As a matter of fact, I passed in front of a police car with scanner with my speed reading at 83 yet the police officer did not even budge.

    Do you get any response from Infinity customer service from you last inquiry?
  • I see this post was about a year ago, but I am curious to hear the outcome of your inquiry with Infiniti. My husband has a 2005 FX45 that just surpassed the 60K mile mark and had started with the bubbling on the dash. It is spreading rapidly and we fear that Infiniti will say it is out of warranty. It looks terrible and is very disappointing for an automobile that he bought brand new and paid so much for to have such a problem. If you have had any success in disputing I would like to hear about it.
  • We just got our fx last week and can't seem to get the music box to work. Does it not read mp3 cds? And it doesn't read off the CF card? If that's the case, it's pretty worthless.

    Also, how do you access all the nav options while driving? I only get 5 options. I can get to a gas station while driving but not a hospital. This can't be right, or if it is it's really not well thought through.
  • navboynavboy Posts: 32
    It seems that the 2010 FX35's are on sale now at Infiniti dealerships. I've included an update for 2010 model below (as of 10/2/09). Does anyone have a link to a "build your own" website for the 2010 model?

    From 10/2/09:

    Infiniti today announced pricing on the 2010 Infiniti FX, which is on sale now at Infiniti retailers nationwide.

    The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP)* for the three available 2010 Infiniti FX models are:

    FX35 RWD $42,400
    FX35 AWD $43,850
    FX50 AWD $58,400

    For 2010, changes to FX include standard Bluetooth Hands-free Phone System on all models, the addition of a standard USB Connection Port for iPod and other compatible devices, the addition of a 2.0GB Music Box hard drive to the Bose Premium Audio system (on vehicles without navigation) and simplified exterior/interior color combinations. FX's available Infiniti Hard Drive Navigation System has been enhanced for 2010 with the addition of an in-dash single disc DVD audio/video drive, streaming audio via Bluetooth, Zagat Restaurant Guide and XM NavWeather (along with the previously available XM NavTraffic).
  • navboynavboy Posts: 32
    Infiniti says the 2010 FX35 will offer "simplified exterior/interior color combinations" This sounds potentially bad. Does anyone know what the new color combinations are?
  • navboynavboy Posts: 32
    I have a 2007 FX35, and plan to turn it in and lease a new FX35.

    Does anyone know the loyalty rebate (or any other rebates) for the 2010 or 2009 FX :confuse:
  • I am interested in your result as well my 05 fx has started bubbling and it has gotten out of hand this summer
  • My phone is compatible per the Infiniti webpage. I have had several complaints from different people that every 3rd word or so is cutting out and often have to change the call to my handset. Is there a way to fix this? Am I doing something wrong?
  • There may be a problem with the Bluetooth module in your car. I had a client come in with a similar problem last week and we had to order the unit for his FX. My advice is to schedule an appointment with your dealer service department and have it checked out.
  • nolicnolic Posts: 11
    I have a 2004 FX35 Sport AWD with over 72000 miles that has bubbles all over the dash board and a little tear on the drivers leather seat (left middle side) called Infiniti last week, complained and requested that they pay to have the dashboard and the leather seat repaired or replaced. I received a call yesterday from an Infiniti representative and she informed me that Infiniti "will not be paying for any repair or replacement because the warranty is over". For the last 17 years, I have owned 4 Nissans and 2 Infiniti's (2008 M35) and a 10 years old VW Passat V6. I even mentioned to them that my 10 years old VW Passat don't even have that problem and it cost a lot less than the 2004 FX35 but...she politely said...sorry...Infiniti will not pay for anything. I'm pissed but what can I say. Next time that I'm ready to purchase my next will definitely be...other than Infiniti.
  • cblasicblasi Posts: 2
    I also have the same problems on 07 model with 20in wheels. 14,000 miles. Took it to the dealer a month ago and they said they would reprogram the electronics. I assumed it was fixed since they said it was but I knew within 1 mile that it was not.
    I am returning to dealer tomorrow for another try at it. (I live 150 miles from the dealer and difficult for service).

    The service manager is getting short with me and said they never heard about this problem. Tommorrow I plan to share this thread to open their eyes. Next step I will contact company and I think we better initiate a class action suit or recall. When you consider the depreciation on these automobiles, 5% overage adds up. I am not sure of my rights in Colorado but I will contact our attorney general for advice. My worry is my warranty is up in three months.
  • wolfie1wolfie1 Posts: 14
    After roughly 2000 miles, comparing the car odometer (the one by the speedo) to my gps odometer - the results are...about 4.5% difference. (Its around 90 miles difference for 2000 miles). So the Odometer itself is not off as much as it would seem by looking at the speedo (the speedo itself seems to read over 5 mph off at "70").

    I would still like a fix...anyone make any progress on this?
  • wolfie1wolfie1 Posts: 14
    Just to add to my post - last time I was in for service, I registered a complaint about the speedo being off - they didn't do anything about it, of course, but for the service manager who says he has "never heard of the issue", he should check with Infiniti's central service records!
  • I bought an '06 Acura MDX a few years ago... was under the gun to make a purchase because my car had been stolen and I had the insurance payout to spend. At the time, the MDX was the best I could do with my money. HOWEVER, I wanted an Infiniti FX at the time and couldn't afford it and have never stopped thinking about it. Everytime I drive by one, my head turns...

    So, I am thinking about trying to find a dealership that will take my '06 MDX with 66K miles on it for an EVEN exchange with an Infiniti FX35 (AWD). I am thinking for this to happen the FX35 will probably be an '04 ... possibly with enough looking I can find a lower mileage older FX and it will be even.

    My question: is this a crazy thing to do? it would be an inpractical thing to do for sure but I sometimes get tired of always doing the practical thing.

    Any words of wisdom?
  • My FX45 has 80K miles, and I began to notice an unpleasant smell when I get in the car. I keep my interior clean and so I started to suspect that the smell comes in from the vent system. Later I confirmed my suspicion -- when driving with ventilation/AC off the smell goes away. It does smell kind of like exhaust fumes. I also notice some smell when I start the cold engine, and when I step on gas while driving on a freeway.
    Just did a smog check - the car passed.

    I have one more long-lasting problem with my car - high oil consumption. Infiniti refused to do anything about it because it was withing their "normal" parameters. No oil leaks though, and I've always wondered where does this oil go. So I wouldn't rule out that what I smell is burned oil.

    So I have two ideas regarding the source of the fumes: PCV valve and an exhaust leak. Any ideas or comments?
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