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Ford Mustang Convertible Top Problems



  • I'm curious where you got this info. I am looking for a new top for my '97, which has the stock sailcloth (vinyl) and is beginning to tear at the fold points. One of the sites I found sells both but said the wear is pretty much the same for either cloth or sailcloth tops. I'd like to check the site you got your info from because I like the cloth better too.
  • The 1995 convertible came with a rigid semi-folding boot and a boot cover to keep it in the trunk. It took up the majority of the trunk and I have used mine maybe four times due to the difficulty of putting it on and making it stay in place properly. I just ordered a replacement top and window due to my car being vandalized.

    Anyone know of a good installer in San Antonio, Texas?
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    He told me that the cloth has better flexible strength. The vinyl suffers more from the opening and the closing and the folding.

  • Thanks for the link! That's a great step-by-step and the pictures are very helpful!
  • I love my mustang but the top only lasted 3 years and 6 months before the seal around the back glass came loose. Replaced the top yesterday our of warranty for $1560 with an after market Robbins top. Have talked to the service manager at the dealership where I purchased the car but so far just a comment that "first time I have seen this problem", "no call-back", "will call Ford and call you". Disappointed but still love to drive the car. The place that did the work said he has seen two others like this. One came from the dealership that never saw this before.
  • sargentrxsargentrx Posts: 4
    I have an '05 convertible and the metal parts of the top bent and bowed out making it impossible to raise or lower the top. I have 38K miles and the waranty is expired. I took it to an upholstery/top repair place and the guy looks at my car and pulls out a TSB from Ford dated Nov., 2005 addressing issues with tops on 05 and 06 convertibles. The repair guy says he has seen quite a few of these problems and I should "raise cane" with Ford. Ford is not budging. They say the car is out of warranty and I am out of luck. I look on here and see that I am not the only one with problems. I don't understand how Ford can sell a defective product and not replace the bad parts. I will not be buying any other Ford product in my future.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,040
    The fact that it's a known problem means nothing. Warranties have a time limit for a reason. If Ford was rolling in cash I'm sure they'd fix things like this but they can't afford to go above and beyond right now. If you think most other mfrs would fix it for free you're mistaken.
  • I saw about twelve other people on this website with the very same problem. When I took my car to the repair shop, the tech pulled out the TSB and said Ford should pay for this. If Ford is not rolling in cash, it is their own mismanagement. Lots of people buy Fords. I don't think that spending millions on Super Bowl advertisement is the way to spend your money if you are having to lay off employees. The fact that Ford sold a car with a known problem to me is enough for me to say that I think I will try another manufacturer. I have always bought American made cars by American owned companies because I think it it still the right thing to do. Selling a product with a known defect is not the right thing to do. Thanks for your comments but your principals are not honorable.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,040
    This has nothing to do with principles (or principals). If you consider a TSB to be "selling a car with a known problem" then every single car mfr is guilty.

    When you buy a car (or toaster or any other appliance) you pay for a warranty (either implicitly or explicitly). Every car made will have something break at some point. The only question is whether it's covered by the warranty or not.

    You could certainly get lifetime coverage for all problems. That would only add a few thousand dollars to the price of every new car.

    Would it be nice for Ford to step up and cover these things? Absolutely. Does it make them bad for not doing it? Absolutely not. Would other mfrs cover such a repair right now? Highly doubtful.
  • The TSB was dated November '05 and I bought my car in December '05. I should have been informed that there was a problem with the tops. I don't think that you would want to be sold a pacemaker with known problems. The repairs will cost 1/10 th of the price of the car new and 1/3 of the value of the car now. That is a significant defect. You are certainly entitled to your opinion but I know that I will never buy another Ford product. I have bought Ford products for myself and my family for over twenty years and regardless of what you say, I do not think that other car companies sell cars with known problems. I am not talking about a windsheild wiper blade or something that is expected to wear out. I am talking about the top of the car. I am talking about $2000.00 to repair a problem that Ford knew about. I would not be so upset if I were one unlucky individual who happened to get a bad part or installation but there are a lot of us who are having the same problem. I have bought two Ford products for my mother, one for my sister and three for myself in the last twenty years. I have been over all satisfied and never complained about making normal repairs on these vehicles. The TSB, dated Nov. 23, 2005, reads some 2005/2006 Mustang Convertibles may require a repair of the convertible top. Why would a company keep selling cars with known problems with the roof of the car? Not something minor, the roof!

    Would it be nice for me to overlook this oversight and keep purchasing Ford products? Absulutely. Does it make me bad for buying from another manufacturer? Absolutely not. Would you feel the same if the roof of your car was sold to you with known defects? Highly doubtful.
  • do not buy a ford at all... have a new 08 the thing is a piece of junk ... DONT DO IT YOU WILL BE SORRY........ :lemon:
  • does not suprise me i have a new 08 convt. water has been coming thru the door for 1 yr 4 months ... they just keep putting you off and there favorite words are that is what it is supposed to do or can not dupicate... i am with you i will never buy another ford product again and i will tell everyone that ask not to buy one either ... :lemon:
  • Hey Saregentrx

    I have just experienced the same problem with my 05 Mustang. Ford is giving me the same crap they told you. They even have the nerve to insinuate that I must have done something to it and said this just doesn't happen unless someone deliberately damages the roof. I have a witness that was beside me when the top went down and there was no problem. The problem occured 20 mins later when I tried to put the roof back up. What's worse is Ford is telling me to get my insurance to pay for it - basically do some insurance fraud! I bought the Extended Warranty and can't believe a part worth $8000 is not covered in a warranty - this is more than the cost of replacing the engine and transmission can it not be included in a warranty??? Needless to say I am completely frustrated with Ford and regret having gone down the path of buying a North American car for the first time in my life. I've bought new and really used Hondas all my life and never, ever experienced any issues with these cars. North American car companies deserve to go out of business - they sell defective products and don't stand by them!!!! Were you able to get resolution somehow?
  • Unfortunately, my post mentioning a class-action against Ford was deleted. It was an honest mistake...I meant it more as a comment of criticism than a solicitation. But what's done is done. In any event, I've written to Mulally and the rest of the directors at Ford telling them that I'll take my complaint (on behalf of others with the same problem) to the Attorney General and the FTC if they don't help with repairs. As with at least one other poster on this message board, TSBs were issued on my convertible top indicating these problems before I even took delivery of my car and I should have been told about it. My "PremiumCARE" extended warranty is in force, yet they're still refusing to repair it. Ford states that the warranty will give you "Peace of Mind" with "No Surprises" and covers over "500+ Key Components." How can they tell me that the mechanical system which makes a convertible top go up and down aren't "Key Components" for that model car?! If they hold to that, then the sale of that warranty is deceptive and fraudulent.
  • I agree completely. I just cannot believe that a company like Ford can sell products knowing that there is a problem. Please keep me posted on your progress. I think that you are doing the right thing. Someone should shine a light on the fraud.
  • I am calling Connecticut dealer about flooding within my 2006 Ford Convertable in the am. From the things I am reading it appears I have my work cut out for me. I have extended bumper to bumper but I wonder about the damage to insides of panels and as I plan on insisting on new interior carpeting I wonder how long it will stay dry after (hopeful) new interior is in. I also have a spastic turn signal but wonder about parts not showing water damage yet. I will swish my way to dealer and pray for the best but as for Ford I am fed up. One of my last cars was a Ford Eddie Bower but it was running firestone tires and it endowed three times. Thank God for sun roof as I ejected from this window or I would not be here today. When I was in hospital with 10 broken ribs and punchered lung, Ford rep took tires to be looked at. You wouldn't believe it, they vanished. I'll keep you posted as to the service I recieve.
    Carol in Ct.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 12,127
    thanks for the very funny post.
    when was the last time in rained in connecticut?
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  • As a matter of fact we had rain two times last week. Glad you enjoyed :)
  • I also have a 93 and it sticks at 6" but I've always gave it a little help and it finished fine - also on coming back up I cushion it at the last 6" or it will slam into top of windshield ,there has to be an adjustment but I don't know what to adjust .
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