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Cadillac CTS/CTS-V



  • Necros and mannytranny...good luck on your racing ventures. Please keep us posted with results and driving impressions. Thanks to necros for the tirerack site link, too. That's a great site! Keep those performance parts links comin!

    I assume that any mods will void warranty. Does anyone out there who would consider making mods care?

    Thanks too, for the gas mileage posts from everyone. I'll try paying more attention to mine but right now, I'm having too much fun to care. I've been using the middle grade Shell gas pump rated at 89 octane.

    Regards factory and dealer... I've received a thank you note and package of goodies from Cad, three letters from the dealership (two from sales, one from service) and a phone call from the dealer, all to make sure I was happy and satisfied with my purchase. I'd say that 's pretty good attention to the customer. Are others also receiving this treatment?
  • them they should make it. I've pasted their response to me and my original email to them below. I don't know why the guy said "quality products from Chevrolet Motor Division" in the 5th and 6th lines, he must have gotten mixed up and said Chevrolet instead of Cadillac.

    Dear Mr. Herzog,

    Thank you for contacting the Cadillac Customer Assistance Center.

    We certainly appreciate your enthusiasm for the Cadillac Fleetwood. Your
    suggestions will help us
    provide the quality products and services you expect from Chevrolet Motor
    Division. Comments, from
    current and prospective owners, keep us aware of customer expectations. We have
    forwarded your
    comments to Cadillac Brand Management for their review and possible
    implementation. If you have any
    further questions, please feel free to contact our Customer Assistance Center at
    the toll-free
    telephone number listed below.

    Again, we thank you for your e-mail and your interest in Cadillac. If you
    should need to contact us
    in the future, you may e-mail us at or call our Customer
    Assistance Center at
    1-800-458-8006. Advisors are available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.


    James Noble
    Customer Relationship Manager
    Cadillac Customer Assistance Center

    Original message follows:


    Name : Brian Herzog
    Address :

    : , -

    Daytime Phone Number : () -
    Evening Phone Number : () -

    Comments : I think that Cadillac needs a
    really, really big car again. Like
    the Fleetwood was, around 20 feet.
    I think Cadillac should make a
    concept car called the Deville
    Fleetwood concept or just the
    Fleetwood. It should be style with
    the Art and Science theme and
    should have all the goodies.
    Including an onboard personal
    computer, and a flat panal tv and
    DVD player fit into the rear center
    console. Also all the other
    Cadillac inovations. I think this
    would be a real hit concept and
    Cadillac could base the next
    Deville on its styling and
    features. Please, please make a
    concept like this!!!

    Brian Herzog
  • Long post coming :-)

    In regards to cadman88's product matrix, I like it but I'm wondering about one thing. First, let's look at the current product matrix of the major competitors for 2002:

    Small Sedans:
    BMW: 325i, 325xi, 330i 330xi
    Mercedes: C240, C320
    Lexus: ES300, IS300
    Cadillac: CTS

    Small Coupes:
    BMW: 325Ci, 330Ci
    Mercedes: C230K SC
    Lexus: none
    Cadillac: none

    Small Convertibles:
    BMW: 325i, 330i
    Mercedes: none
    Lexus: none
    Cadillac: none

    Small Wagon:
    BMW: 325i, 325xi
    Mercedes: C320
    Lexus: IS300 Sportcross
    Cadillac: none

    Small "super":
    BMW: M3 Coupe, M3 Convertible
    Mercedes: C32 AMG
    Lexus: none
    Cadillac: none

    Midsize Sedan:
    BMW: 525i, 530i, 540i
    Mercedes: E320, E500
    Lexus: GS300, GS430
    Cadillac: SLS, STS

    Midsize Coupes:
    BMW: none
    Mercedes: CLK320, CLK500
    Lexus: none
    Cadillac: Eldorado*

    Midsize Convertible:
    BMW: none
    Mercedes: CLK320, CLK500
    Lexus: none
    Cadillac: none

    Midsize "super":
    BMW: M5
    Mercedes: none
    Lexus: none
    Cadillac: none

    Fullsize Sedan:
    BMW: 745i, 745Li
    Mercedes: S430, S500, S600
    Lexus: LS430
    Cadillac: Deville, DHS, DTS

    Fullsize Coupe:
    BMW: none
    Mercedes: CL500, CL600
    Lexus: none
    Cadillac: none

    Fullsize "super":
    BMW: none
    Mercedes: S55AMG, CL55AMG
    Lexus: none
    Cadillac: none

    Small Sport Utility:
    BMW: none
    Mercedes: none
    Lexus: RX300
    Cadillac: none

    Midsize Sport Utility:
    BMW: X5 3.0i, X5 4.4i, X5 4.6is
    Mercedes: ML320, ML500
    Lexus: none
    Cadillac: none

    Fullsize Sport Utility:
    BMW: none
    Mercedes: G500
    Lexus: LX450
    Cadillac: Escalade, Escalade EXT

    Small Convertible:
    BMW: Z3 2.5i*, Z3 3.0i*
    Mercedes: SLK230, SLK320
    Lexus: none
    Cadillac: none

    Small Coupe:
    BMW: Z3 3.0i* Coupe
    Mercedes: none
    Lexus: none
    Cadillac: none

    Small "super":
    BMW: M roadster*, M coupe*
    Mercedes: SLK32 AMG
    Lexus: none
    Cadillac: none

    Luxury Convertible:
    BMW: Z8
    Mercedes: SL500
    Lexus: SC430
    Cadillac: none

    Luxury "super":
    BMW: none
    Mercedes: SL55 AMG
    Lexus: none
    Cadillac: none

    *Discontinued for 2003

    Clearly Cadillac trails badly in just providing basic competition. The most obvious problem is engine programs. Mercedes and BMW offer many sized engines across many price points. BMW carries 2 I-6s, 2 V-8s and a V-12. Mercedes carries a I-4, 2 V-6s, 2 V-8s and a V-12. Cadillac carries 1 V6, 2 V-8s (same displacement) and no V-12. Part of this advantage is the basic fact that they compete worldwide and need a lot of different engines for different markets. In other parts of the world, you also add diesel engines to the mix, something else Cadillac will need as they orient themselves to being a world brand.

    The second problem is variety of models. Cadillac has some models that don't compete well (front wheel drive models in a rear wheel drive market) or none at all (no mid size sport utes, coupes and convertibles of any size).

    Now look to the future. Cadillac has shown the SRX with two engine choices. The CTS will get a new engine but probably won't keep the old, even though it could serve as an entry level engine. The V-series will begin with the CTS, XLR and eventually the STS. The XLR will fill the void of the Luxury convertible segment. A new rear wheel drive STS will bow in 2005. V12 engine choices are rumored for the future too.

    There should be a CTS coupe (CTC) but 2007 is a long time to wait. No word if a "STC" coupe is even being considered.

    From rumors, Cadillac will show a "FTS" high end luxury sedan concept with a V16 engine. Although I don't think the V16 will see the light of day, the FTS will be more interesting. Does Cadillac really need more than one full size luxury vehicle? Excluding Maybach and Rolls Royce, BMW and Mercedes stretch their full size models over many price ranges with wheel base and engine choice upgrades. A better DTS could do that, unless Cadillac wants to keep an older less expensive car around for certain buyers and rental fleets. If the FTS is a Rolls/Maybach class car, then that's another story.

    And I guess the "F" in FTS stands for Fleetwood? ;-)
  • F in FTS stands for nothing but F. F-Series Touring Sedan...

    And yes, indeed, Cadillac will showcase a V16 limousine at NAIAS 2003. It may or may not be named FTS...some sources indicate it may be "Affinity" or "Affinite" (old french).
  • I just picked my new CTS on Friday, so I don't have a lot of distance on it yet, but so far, I am very impressed with the fit and finish - I think the black paint is flawless - the car feels solid, and I think Cadillac has a winner here.
    I'm coming from a Grand Cherokee Ltd, so of course the handling is noticeably better - now I can take off-ramps at speed without feeling that I might roll over!
    I chose the auto over the stick as I found it to be so smooth, and as I am not a professional driver, I think it can shift faster and better than I can; as well, I drive a lot in heavy traffic where constant shifting becomes more work than fun.
    I love the personalization programming you can do - not just seat and mirror settings, but driver's name, radio station pre-sets, tone and equalizer settings for each station and source, and on and on.
    I'm having fun with OnStar too - I called yesterday and asked where there was an open gas station - the operator checked the vehicle location, and told me exactly how to find the closet station; he did not say, "you moron, you're three blocks from your own house and there's a gas station within site"!
    So far, the reaction of neighbours has been very positive - comments like, that doesn't look like any Caddy I've ever seen - and the best one, from a group of kids cycling past my house when I brought the car home, was "Wow. there's one of those new Cadillacs". I wonder how long it's been since teenagers would be interested in a Cadillac? I think Cadillac will find the younger market they've been trying to win.
  • First off, congratulations on the new CTS sreynolds1 ! I think you'll be surprised at ALL the positive comments you'll get whether it's from kids or older folks. I got a 'thumbs up' from some teenager the other day!

    Anyway, I just thought I'd bring up an 'interesting' ad in my local newspapers classified section. I saw there was a 2003 CTS for sale with automatic transmission and 5k miles for $29,950. The only other feature it mentioned was a 'carriage top'. I thought about it for quite some time and for the life of me I couldn't figure out what in earth a 'carriage top' was. First I thought it was another name for a sunroof...then I thought it might be like a luggage rack...then the horror set in when I finally figured it out...............

    -Great way to ruin a new CTS with only 5k miles, eh?
  • I wonder how and why he found someone to install a carriage top? Do you think he has to try and sell it now because it looks so bad?
    I think the CTS looks great without any changes - the view from behind, with those tall tail lights and the deep bumper make it look very distinctive. I look for other CTS's on the road, and there aren't too many, but when you see one there is no mistaking it for any other car.
  • Congrats on your new CTS.

    Hope that you enjoy the ride! Black is just really sharp.

    Keep checking back and let us know what you think as you get more mileage on it.

    You"ll be more and more surprised at the different ages that "oogle" your car. Happens all the time. Whenever I go out driving I count the "oogles" and report the results at home.Just great!

  • richw5richw5 Posts: 152
    Congrats - sreynolds1!!

    I know you'll be really happy with your CTS. It's a drivers car, and needs to be on the road, where it can be seen and admired. It's also a fun car, nimble and a blast to drive.

    Have fun and let us know about your experiences on a regular basis.

    Rich W
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Posts: 535
    Does the center of the grill emblem of the CTS-V spy photo many posts ago look like it was sporting night vision in the center or was it my wishful thinking?
  • How many of you have experienced the reaction of drivers ahead of you when you roll up on them in the fast lane of the highway? Whether during day or night, I'm finding that people get out of the way in a hurry when they see the front end of the CTS a-comin'. During the day, drivers are intimidated by the sinister front end, especially with the windows all blacked out. At night, the xenon beams with the small triangular "diamond" lights and the fog lights on display a light pattern in other driver's rear view mirror that is unlike any other vehicle on the road.

    On another note (although this is probably not a politically correct question) what is the fastest sustained speed you've had your CTS up to? I commute about 60 miles to work, on a desolate three-lane divided highway very early in the fastest was averaging 95 MPH with sustained speeds around 110. I know it's not the safest way to drive and there are serious risks associated with high speed driving, but the car is rock solid at that speed and could easily be pushed higher in a safer environment. What are your CTS "performance" stories?


    My CTS Pictures

  • I have a 17 mile commute from the southwest suburbs of Chicago to the near west-side of the city for school everyday and I thought that was far!! Of course, I am taking metropolitan commuter rail (Metra) and then walking to school from Union Station everyday, but still that must be a major pain. My commute is a pain IMO...I hate leaving my house at 6:30 AM (and I also hate having 4 hours of work a night)!! At least I commute to school with about 15 of my friends, though...

    Haha, anyway, I am glad you are enjoying the CTS so much. I am looking to hopefully get a certified pre-owned CTS at some point in about 16-24 months for driving to school...

    Our local dealer has been twisitng my dad's arm since January to buy me a CTS with 5 speed for school next year. It's all fun and games, and would never happen (at least that's what I gather) though...

    [Although I must say that last January, I (and the dealer) seriously thought my dad was going to get a CTS lux./sport as an "extra" car, which fell through the roof some time in February]

    ...and I might say that I would feel a little odd driving a new Cadillac to school at age 16. Can anyone say decadent (sp)??
  • richw5richw5 Posts: 152

    Here's a few items to digest.

    First - TheCarConnection has a new spy photo of the CTSV. ..... Get me a car loan!

    Second - I've seen two reports of cracked heads and coolant leaks on CTS's. Has anyone else had a problem?

    Current Cadillac production

    My wife has had the CTS up to 95 MPH so far. Just rides great at that speed.


  • necrosnecros Posts: 127
    Performance mods will not necessarily void your warranty. Federal law is pretty clear about disallowing warranty claims based on modifications.

    Basically, the gist of it is (and remember, IANAL) that if a mod is the specific cause of a failure, then the manufacturer can disallow a warranty claim. However, they cannot disallow a claim simply because of the presence of a mod. I think the main test case (you can Google Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act) involved a manufacturer voiding a warranty because a non-dealer air filter was installed.

    So, basically, if your engine fails because of that new supercharger you threw on, they may disallow engine warranty work. Disallowing engine work because of your aftermarket steering wheel you put on would be illegal, though.
  • from the school of been there, done that, a good rule to follow with a new car is to note the level
    of the coolant in the reservoir bottle. if it's not at the max line when the engine is cold, take a magic marker and mark the level on the bottle.
    then...wait and see what happens..can be very illuminating as to the condition of the motor. it's not always a significant loss of coolant that
    develops, sometimes it's just a slow loss over time and the problem there is you don't even notice it until sometimes, it's too late. jackg
  • The CTS has a low coolant message which should be displayed before the coolant tank is completely emptied. Although a visual check as a backup is still a good idea.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,040
    The LS V8 tops out at about 142 (tested both legally and illegally, but not by me). If you get close let us know. :-)
  • oldsman01oldsman01 Posts: 1,203
    That is one very sharp looking CTS.

    baron87, if you get a CTS to drive to school you are one lucky dog!! I wish Cadillac had a cr like that when I was in high school(and I had the means to buy one), but even though it was Sedan DeVilles, Eldorados, and Sevilles back then, I still would have loved to drive one. I always liked the Eldorado Touring Coupe of the very early 90s. They were very rare as most were just Eldos or Biarritz coupes and the early TCs were very unique. As was the Oldsmobile Trofeo. Low production cars, just like I like them.
  • vuefor2vuefor2 Posts: 490
    What an eye catching car it is, absolutely beautiful! We live in a smaller community so we often don't see new models for a while after they come out. Just thought I would post that as it's the first really nice looking Cadillac I have seen in recent memory.
  • richw5richw5 Posts: 152
    Akirby - Driving at 142 MPH would be against the law. I wouldn't do that, would I?

    The CTS has a speed limiter chip ("V" rated tires)and will only do about 127 MPH, I think. My wife has the car with the instruction manual so I don't know the exact limit.

    My STS has the same speed limiter chip due to the "H" rated tires. It's limited at about the same 125 -130 MPH. I did get my '94 STS up to 130 MPH and could have gone to 150 MPH. Fun!!!!

    The Lincoln LS is somewhat in between the CTS and STS. I drove them in the Motor Trend/Cadillac World Challange last year and the LS V8 was fun to drive. I understand Ford has really improved the LS for 2003. Some of that is due to the CTS challange.

    Since Ford created some of the cars I love the most (Thunderbird, Mustang, Lincoln Continental, etc.) I won't get into a Ford vs GM argument. I did drive a Shelby Cobra at 155 MPH outside Barstow California in 1967. It was the most awesome car I have ever driven. If the Ford '49 was in production, I would sell the STS to have one along with our CTS.

    Rich W
  • I think that the CTS's top speed is over 140, and the sport pkg tires are V rated for 149.

    The standard tires are H rated (130 MPH). So without the sport pkg the top speed would be limited to 130 (or so).
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,040
    Standard equipment tires are H - 130 mph. Sport tires are V - good up to 149 mph.

    So - who'll be the first to test out the limiter on the Sport pkg? Tested safely on a track, of course, and not on the freeway.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,040
    No fair - you edited your post!
  • Well, I wasn't sure about the standard (16 inch) tires, so I checked Cadillac's web page and then went to Goodyear to check on the speed ratings for sure. I think one of the magzine comparison tests have already taken the CTS to over 140 - but they may just be publishing manufacturers data too.
  • richw5richw5 Posts: 152
    You all are probably right. I checked the Caddy web page too. Now the question is.... Do I want to accept the mission (140 MPH) or do I just let this message self destruct. (Better the message than me). Then again, I might try 130.

  • I saw a local dealer here in So Cal advertising a CTS for sale for $27,900. Anyone actually bought one for this? What will it have/not have? Is an automatic standard, or is the manual tranny to be expected at this price? Thanks
  • I got mine in the San Fernando valley at a $2,000 discount. Applying that to the car you saw advertised would mean that it is a no option, basic CTS with manual transmission. Any options would increase the discount value.

    Where in Southern Cal is this dealer?
  • It looks like GM has reworked its incentive programs; starting today they're offering 0.0%/2.9%/3.9% financing for 36/48/60 months, respectively on all 2003 Cadillac models, including the CTS.
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