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Suzuki Forenza Troubles



  • lonesanlonesan Posts: 9
    I had tried to trade mine in a few different time around 45K I was only offered 2,000 by 3 different dealers.. around 49-50K I was offered 1,500 at one place and another offered me 2,500.. Im up to 62K now.. :(
  • bukswifebukswife Posts: 3
    i just had something repaired on my transmission..of course it wasnt covered...i have a 2006 forenza about 54,000.. now the ac isnt working..and of course that isnt this how it all starts?? i hate to sell the car as i still owe on it but i cant afford to keep putting money into it..
  • I have a 2008 Forenza that I bought new. Five days ago I noticed another Forenza that was blowing black smoke. I thought that was strange so, when I got home I checked and sure enough there is a lot of black soot ringing the tailpipe. Has anyone else had this problem or heard of anything that might explain this? I have an appointment with the dealer in the morning but the service department has already indicated that they have never heard of a problem of this type with a Forenza. Any info or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • lonesanlonesan Posts: 9
    my 2004 doesn't blow black smoke but the exhaust pipe does always have a nice thick black ring on the outside of it that comes back up the pipe about 1/4inch after a day of driving.. But i think thats normal for most cars.. Good luck with that black smoke puffer.. i wont buy another Suzuki, the day i can finally afford to rid myself of this one will be the last one i own. :lemon:
  • jess40356jess40356 Posts: 2
    Hi there. Does the no start problem that you have include a 'dead' battery like situation? My car keeps refusing to start when it gets over 80+ degrees outside after I've run the a/c and stopped it for a little while. I have a jump start box in my car I have to keep with me so I won't be stranded somewhere. I've had the car since around first week of June and it keeps happening. Dealership just checked the computer, found nothing wrong, and said if it keeps doing it to bring it back. I've brought it back to them a couple times since I bought it and they found nothing. It's a 2006 Forenza wagon. I even bought a new battery for over $100 with the sales tax first time it happened because I thought the battery was bad. :lemon:
  • maddudemaddude Posts: 4
    You can go to and read what I have went through with the dealership and with Brea CA to no avail as of yet.
  • jess40356jess40356 Posts: 2
    Thank you. The service department says basically they cannot duplicate the problem, either. I feel like I'm being talked down to or something and they kind of rush me off.

    My car has a problem with starting, but doesn't sound like the same problem. It is like the battery is dead, almost, except when I put the key in the ignition it makes a dinging noise and there will be lights, but when I turn the key there will be no noise indicating the car is even trying to turn over. I then have to jump my car and it'll start right up with the jump box attached. I just bought it about a month and half ago, and have had it in the shop twice and had to buy a new battery (when I thought it was the battery, although it keeps doing it with the new battery so I wasted over a hundred bucks on a new battery). It's a 2006 Forenza station wagon.

    The car does have weird stuff happen with the transmission from time to time. It's like a vibration or something. And the check engine light comes on sometimes. And when it fails to start, sometimes there's a weird hold light on.

    I'm going to try and sell or trade it in before it dies. I paid nearly $10k for it. I feel so sick about it. I miss my escort. I regret I'd ever got this car or traded my old one in.
  • mark210mark210 Posts: 4
    my daughters 2006 forenza engine light came on. took and had code read they said it was tps. Suzuki dealer says have to buy entire throttle body, est $700. Any advise or tips.
  • dee42dee42 Posts: 1
    Hello, I recently had my check engine light come on. After trying to get through car inspection i was told this is an Emissions failure and my car failed. The code was P0420. I went to Suzuki to have it checked and because i purchased an extended100,000 warranty with the car. Thinking this would be resolved, boy was i wrong. Suzuki told me this problem is not covered under extended warranty, only 8 year 80,000 mile factory warranty the parts. They also told me about some federal law that warrantys a converter for 8 year 80,000 miles. Sounds like a line to me. Well i have 89,000 miles on the car and it's only 4 years old, but they won't help me. Now the real problem. The cost to repair this is anywhere from 1600.00 for front cat and to 3000.00 dollars for both, how can this be. The car right now is only worth 4800.00. I can not find anybody with aftermarket parts to repair this. They all want over 1000.00 for each piece plus installation, for factory replacment, and being unemployed right now, I am at a loss. I would think these parts would be warrantied for longer and my exted warranty would cover this. Why are there no aftermarket parts for this and why are they so expensive. Anybody with any advice or thoughts would be appreciated, thanks Dee
  • maddudemaddude Posts: 4
    it may very well be that the entire throttle body has to be changed out to correct this condition. I would use a great deal of caution and make sure everything is documented and that you receive all old parts. I can't say enough about covering your own interests when it comes to Suzuki. They will do any and everything to ensure that they come out on top. My website has some of my story available to read, believe me its worth your time.
  • mark210mark210 Posts: 4
    What is the warranty on these cars. She bought it used and its an 06 with 62,000 miles. Would a tps or in this case a throttle body be covered?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,484
    3 yr/ 36 monts basic

    7 yr/ 70,000 miles drivetrain

    8 yr/80000 Federal emissions warranty*

    *major emissions systems, of which there are 3 -- the catalytic, the ECU and the OBD-II diagnostic system.

    But unfortunately the TPS is not covered under any of these.

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  • mark210mark210 Posts: 4
    I figured that. Thanks.
  • No shizzle. My Cat blew out TWICE, and they won't replace it. So I bought a performance catalytic converter, welded it on myself, shortened the pipe so it wouldn't bottom out. No problems since.
  • You need to replace the gasket inside the steering column. It's like.. 12$ at Autozone.
  • Replace the stuff yourself and have the exhaust replaced, WAY less money. The cat is like 80$ and the piping is even less than that.
  • my 2007 suzuki forenza transmission has just started sliiping at 52,000 miles, i'm taking to shop monday for repair, suzuki should recall this, and the door handles that keep breaking off, please post if you hear a suzuki recall on anything, the whole car is falling apart. :sick:
  • well drive a suzuki and let it break down a year and a half after you bought it, then suzuki says it aint warranty for transmission, door handles, paint coming off, etc.
    then see what you feel or do :mad:
  • Hey maddude, sorry to hear about the trouble you went through. I had so many problems with my Forenza also, but they did not go though any trouble for me, as far as giving me a rental or anything.

    I bought my 2005 suzuki forenza brand new from quality cars in san antonio, and had taken my car to chacon also. Chacon Suzuki is the worst dealership ever man! I have taken my vehicle there at least four times for the same problem, engine vibration. The vibration is so bad that steering wheel shakes, and if you lean your head on the headrest, you can feel your eyes bounce around in your eye sockets. The second time I took the car to them, I told them that I had a mechanic look at my forenza and he told me that the left motor mount was broken. They replaced it after verifying this. The vibration was almost gone, but a year later it started again. They said that they could not find anything wrong with it.My fourth time there, they just charged me the diagnostic fee of $80. I guess that is what they are doing now to keep people from taking their cars there.

    Anyone that reads this message and lives in the New Braunfels- San Antonio area, your probably better off taking your car to any other Suzuki dealership to get worked on. Chacon Suzuki's technicians are worhtless, and so are their whole entire staff!!!
  • i have a 2006 suzuki forenza4cyl wagon i went to a mechanic and he said to replace the crankshaft and camshaft senors an also to replace the ignition coil and the car will start will the car still wont start why? aslo could the reason for the car not starting be the engine sensor because i keep blown that fuse and where is it located?
  • So I just rolled 75,000miles earlyer tonight and right then the check engine light came on.. Great *Now* whats wrong with this :lemon:

    Closest Suzuki dealer is 60-100miles away and they are retards (actually messed up my car more last time they touched it.)

    few things to Note about this *Lemon*

    I have replaced the Headlights (both of them) professionaly once and 2twice on my own (even used premium bulbs) in the last 10,000miles Last bulb replaced lasted less then 3,000miles before going out..

    I threw my Timing Belt around 65,000miles and i was no where near a suzuki shop so i had to get it replaced by some local mechanic..(i was about 1,000miles or so from home) This actually fixed a issue that the Suzuki dealer had caused with my car.. I took it in because it was shifting hard on me around 60,000miles and they desided it was because the computer needed updated.. They updated the computer and my mpgs (no joke) on freeway droped to around 10-15mpgs.. took it back and they reflashed it and fixed the issue but the car droped in preformance (ALOT) very little reponse even with the gass floored.. Took it back again, and they reflashed it yet again and got some of the preformance back but only felt like it was only running at about 80-85% of the power it had before i brought it in the very first time.. Even did test drive with the OWNER of the dealership and he said it was fine.. I told him to kiss my A** and left.. Filed a complaint with Suzuki America in LA aginst the dealership ( nothing ever happend because of it, as if i really expected them to care anyhow)..

    Was driving to LA about 2 weeks ago stoped half way at the top of the grapevine got gas backed up the the building ran inside for a pitstop.. come out.. My break lights were on.. spent 30min trying to figure out why they wouldnt turn off (even with the key no where near the car).. Damn brake light switch went out.. Drove the rest of the way to my destination (about 70-80miles) at night with my breaklights stuck *ON* so no one knew if i was breaking or not. Took it to a local dealer next day.. Told me that part was recalled but the recall service had been done to the car a few years ago and wouldnt re-warrent the recall.. Told me I was going to have to pay them $80 to diagnose the problem and then pay them to fix it as well.. I told him he could kiss my a** took my keys out of his hand and left some black marks on his white parking lot.. Did some research on the problem found the part information called a parts warehouse.. part cost me $13.00 after tax and took me 20seconds to replace (i dont know much about cars, so that says ALOT) $80.00+ to fix a known issue with the car? thats got to be illegal..

    I know im not the kindest or politest person in the world and im sure many of you will comment my actions.. But i have been to 5 diffrent Suzuki dealerships and everyone of them i have been met by A******** that told me the car was fine when it clearly wasnt, or told me my warrenty is expired and or didnt cover what was wrong with it..

    I been needing to buy a new car for awhile now.. But I cant offord it because i have had to continusly get this lemon serviced atlest once a month so i can get to work the next morning.. So i have no money and maxed out 2 Creditcards fixing this stupid thing.. Now thanks to the great economy i have been Laid-off so now i have even less money and i still have to fix the stupid thing cus i cant replace it..

    Btw I took my car in to a dealer for that Cash for Clunkers thing that was going on few months ago.. Told them all the issues i had with the car.. they felt sorry for me.. Told me my car didnt qualify because it was too new and got too good of MPG's.. Is that not warped or what..

    Suzuki Forenza 2004 - :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • I have a 2006 forenza it has been to the shop more times than I can count. At 30,000 mile the struts have to be replaced. we have had electrical problems since day one. The car has left my wife on the road at least four times. the blower motor also had to be replaced . we have been waiting for the part for at least three weeks now. The service is terrible .I will never by another Suzuki product ever again. If anyone starts a class action suit I am In on it. the car has been garbage since day one. I recommend no one buy any of their products. On top of everything I had to replace the tires at 20,000. :mad:
  • I have a 2004 Forenza that has developed, what I would describe as, a hesitation or spudder in the engine once it has warmed up. It only seems to hesitate or spudder when I am at a cruising speed and the car is trying to maintain the speed. When I am accelerating it tends to stop or not as noticable. Any idea as to what could be causing this problem?
  • My daughter is having the same problem but the dealer wants all records of maintenance in order to honor the warranty. Did your dealer request all records from you to have this done?
    We don't have the records because the dealer that we went to went out of business because the goverment was after him and he would not transfer the records over.
    How did yours turn out?
  • yes our deal requested the records and they wanted to charge 1,000 dollars to replace the part that need to be replaced,so what i would suggest is go to a local mechanic and get a computer scan on the vehicle to see what is actually causing the problem just like i did,it was well worth the 20dollars and i replaced the part myself :) :) :) :) :) your daughter might be able to use the computer scan as a record to the dealership but please verify that before taking the result of the computer scan have a good day :shades: :shades: :shades:
  • here is the problem i had with my suzuki,the car was doing great for 3 months we had a mechanic fix and seal the head cover with a new gasket and replace the spark plugs at the beginning of the three months after that we went shopping and the car just died so i had it towed to a mechanic and paid the tow fee after i asked the local mechanic to check it over with his computer and give me the computer read out with the codes of the parts,well he did and he charged me 20dollars for that,after i towed it back to the house and let it set everyday i went outside and check all the sensors that i was given by code,i did this for two weeks,afterwards i thought really hard about what was the problem,so i check the fuse box and found three fuses blown-cost 5 dollars,after i replaced the fuses,i checked all wires and fond three wires that belong to one sensor that was located at the top right side of the motor which was the camshaft sensor this was my problem because a computer can not tell you about a short or blown fuses if i had bought all the parts by code it would of cost me 500dollars for me to reconnect the three wires all i needed was tape now the runs and is doing great :shades: :shades: :shades: :shades:
  • gavivewwgaviveww Posts: 1
    So I have an 08 Forenza, bought when all the dealerships were closing down out here for cheap. But the one problem I have on this car is one that my shop guys can't figure out.

    If the radio is on and I turn on the defroster the radio turns to static. They figured it would be on the back window where both the defroster and antenna are.. But I can't afford to spend the money to pay Labor that could take hours to days to even just locate the problem.

    Has anyone else had this problem and figured it out so I can just tell them how to fix it. There was no warranty and calling the dealership is useless, wasn't their car. Calling Suzuki got me nowhere either, save for a beating in how I'm not a mechanic and cannot prove the problem to them. Funny right? Anyway, anyone have some suggestions?
  • pennsy3pennsy3 Posts: 1
    We bought our 2006 Forenza as a pre-owned in March 2008. Took it to our trusted mechanic last week for state inspection and he said (and showed me) that the front shock/strut assembly seems to be defective. The mounting brackets are broken.In addition the shocks were leaking. He said he would be happy to fix it for us but advised to talk to Suzuki first about a possible recall. I called the main Suzuki number and was told if shocks are leaking, it is considered defective. The vehicle is a 2006 but was first put in service in January 2007, so the basic warranty actually just expired like 5 weeks ago. There is only 21000 miles on the car. We bought it with 11000 and only put 10000 on it in two years. The main office said we need to take it to the Suzuki dealer so they can verify the problem. And maybe they could grant us goodwill warranty if the parts are defective. And you guessed it - $750 worth of work. Of course, the Suzuki dealer says normal wear and tear, not defective parts. I asked him to hear my point of view - the car is only 3 years old with 21000 miles on it - no accidents, no neglect, no front end damage and all my service records up to date. How do you explain new shocks/struts at 21000 miles? Needless to say, I'm fighting with them but I would like to know if anyone else is having this type problem. And on a footnote, the dealer told me they can fix it, but these particular parts are back-ordered for two weeks. Hmmm? Makes me believe other people are having this problem. And by the way, two of our four door handles already broke and had to be replaced. Time to shop for something else. I guess this is just the tip of the iceberg. Good luck to everyone else.
  • mark210mark210 Posts: 4
    2006 forenza transmission started to slip engine light came on Took to auto zone abd they said it was transmission controler? Reset computer by disconecting battery and is driving normal again. any tips or advise?
  • shareee28shareee28 Posts: 2
    I am having the same problem right now with my 2007 Suzuki Forenza. All of a sudden, transmission started slipped. Jerking in and out. As with everyone else I've read on here, dealers closing down everywhere. The one I did find within 50 miles, the guy was a total jerk. Acted like he could give a flip, oh and yeah, my warranty is OUT.

    So I have a good friend who's a mechanic. And of course after an act of congress to find and then take off the plug (having to literally grind his own tool), there was plenty of fluid in there, but it STANK! Hopefully it just needs flushed out and replace. Manual says every 30,000 miles?? Hope that's it.
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