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Suzuki Forenza Troubles



  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,437
    I feel you guys' pain, but you have to remember something: the Forenza was actually an old Daewoo design from Korea that was badge-engineered for Suzuki by then parent old GM. The Daewoo model was originally designed back when Korean cars were mostly cheap, not as reliable as Japanese cars, but offered a lot of features for the money (just as in earlier Hyundais and Kias). Daewoo did not keep up and old GM did not help them very much to do so. Thus the nameplate has gone under and been mostly replaced with Chevrolet.

    So, given the low purchase price of the car, and given that it was merely ok transportation but hardly quality stuff, and given that your cars are now 6 years old, you may want to think about cutting your losses and buying something else used to replace it. Lots of people still have fairly trouble-free Forenzas, but if you have trouble, that is problematic on many levels.

    Some people, unfortunately, were suckered into paying more than these cars were worth when they bought them used. My mother bought a low mileage 2007 Forenza still under some warranty over two years ago, and only paid a bit over $6K for it. Other than an intermittent engine light, she has had no trouble with it yet. However, if she does, my advice would be to dump it.

    Also, Suzuki makes good vehicles (they no longer sell Daewoos), but they are faltering badly in the US marketplace, and may have to pull out entirely. Fighting the company may not be worth the effort. Your call.
  • I purchased a used '06 Forenza only 5 months ago. It was a panic purchase (my prior car had finally crapped out at almost 2k miles). I thought I was getting a great deal for my Suzuki - only 80k miles on it and for $6000. Well, I should have known the day I drove it off the lot that this car WAS NOT a good purchase. On my way home on the day I signed off on the car, the alternator died. Fortunately, the used car dealership fixed it for me at no charge, but I immediately lost faith in the car at that moment. After that incident, I began to notice that the car had a rough/hard start, and sometimes would sputter and not turn over entirely. I also realized the notorious broken indoor door handles, as my passenger front door handle has cracked and had to be gorilla glued together. This past October, my blower motor died - replaced for $295! Literally 2 weeks after that, my CEL came on and my engine was having more starting problems and it seemed as if I was going through more gas than normal. Had it scanned at AdvancedAuto, two codes came up P0133 and P2135. Took the car to a mechanic and was told that it was my O2 censor AND my throttle position sensor (which I found out shortly after is ANOTHER common problem with this car). I had my O2 censor replaced this past weekend for $315.60 and they were hoping that this "lazy" censor was causing other codes to go off. Well, only 4 days later and the CEL is back on again, so this means I will likely need to replace the TPS after all, which according to my mechanic and other folks I've spoken to, I may not be able to get just the sensor, but will need to replace the ENTIRE break pedal system. I have no idea how much this is going to cost, but I know it will not be cheap, especially since it has to come from the dealership itself, which there is only 1 in the state that I live in.

    I have read so much about this car, and I cannot believe that I purchased it. I had no idea at the time what I was getting into. All I know is that someday down the road, I will say that I have learned from this, and when I get another car, I will do my HOMEWORK.
    Oh, and I tried to possibly do another trade in since I am now terrified of this car, but I owe too much negative equity to do so, so I am stuck with it for awhile. And according to kelly blue book, I paid more for the car than what it is really worth.

    Again, I have only owned this car for 5 months - this is completely insane.
  • There was also some recall recently sent to me for these suzikis between 2004 and 2006 about a faulty wiring pack, don't have it near.Plus unfortunately I was hit by two cars in July of this year and the car got repoed do to my wife being out of work.There have been a lot of issues on theses cars
  • You know they have stopped making the Forenza. The wiring on my car was recalled a few weeks after I paid $240 to have it fixed. They reimbursed me $70!!! Two weeks after I cashed the check, they sent it back to my bank. Their check bounced!!! They have filed bankruptcy!!!

    I had a new engine put in this car at 50,000 miles. There has just been one thing after another. I just want to get rid of this car. Nothing but trouble!!!! Piece of junk!!!! Beware!!1
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,437
    edited November 2012
    Yes, you learned a tough lesson. First of all, Kelly Blue Book usually overestimates a car's value. Use one of the sites that is not a favorite of dealers like Kelley is (they like to show you how much the car is allegedly worth), and find the real selling price of a model (e.g., Clearbook, Edmunds, etc.). $6K was at least $2K too much, even if the car had very low mileage, and that is without even looking it up. Yours sounds like a car with a lot of miles on it already.

    Unfortunately, when you do have CEL problems on modern cars, the sensors or other problems are not inexpensive to replace. That is all cars, not just well-used Forenzas. Of course, a loose or improper gas cap can also trigger the CEL.

    Your car is going on 7 years old, and you don't know how it was driven or serviced before you got it. My mother's 2007 Forenza has had the CEL on most of the time she has owned it, but she has gotten good service from it, despite that. CEL does not always mean a serious problem, at least not with an older car where it may not make sense to pour lots of money into it. THe CEL indicates a code error, not necessarily a hazardous condition. However, when the CEL flashes, rather than burns steady, you need to pay attention, even in an old car. It may only mean that you have two error codes, rather than one, OR it could mean STOP RIGHT NOW, or your engine may be toast. You don't know. But yours is not flashing.

    So, rather than putting hundreds into a new throttle body, check the thing over yourself, or have a reasonable, not expensive, mechanic do so. Is the coolant ok? Has the oil been changed recently? Are the components under the hood fairly clean, and unfrayed? Do all hoses, vacuum and otherwise, seem to be in reasonable condition, and connected? Is anything leaking?

    If it is dirty, clean it up. Run a fuel injector cleaner through the gas, and use carb cleaner to get any grease or oil off the underhood components. You will then be able to see if anything is leaking (there should be no leaks and no spots on your driveway). Some of this you can do yourself.

    What you want to avoid is imminent breakdowns, and/or take care of developing problems. If the computer thinks your car is not being completely smog-free, according to the standards of 2006, it will light the CEL. However, it may or may not mean much in terms of the actual operation.

    You have only had this car for 5 months and you already have a lot of money into it. Cut your losses, figure out if you can get some more miles and months or years out of it, even if the CEL comes on adn stays on. You can chase a CEL-free existence when maybe all you need is to use better gas and get your injectors cleaned. A little care and a little observation of what is under your hood can go a long way.
  • kat811kat811 Posts: 1
    edited May 2013
    I bought a 2005 Forenza brand new, had no problems until the timing belt destroyed many parts. Thank goodness there was a recall that covered the $2500 repair to rebuild half of the motor. That was in 2007. That same year, I had problems with my exterior lights. When I took it to the dealership, they said my car had be wrecked and that was the problem, I had not wrecked my car. I took it to a friend who spliced the melted wires (I think) but, I had lights again. Last year I had problems with the clutch cylinder, that had to be replaced, my car's transmission is manual. Around that same time, my lights went crazy again. I did get the recall letter for that. My CEL is on constantly now, and the SSPS light and airbag readiness light probably came on a year after I bought the car and will not go off. The dealership told me the airbag light is probably a loose wire under the seat. I cannot get an inspection sticker as long as the CEL is on and different auto shops tell me different things are the problem. Catalytic converter, O2 sensor and something else. I am so confused, who can I trust to not rip me off replacing the converter if it's the sensor? I'm fairly new to Houston and don't know any reputable mechanics, a trustworthy one. I haven't been able to drive my car because of the expired sticker. H E L P!!!!!!!!!!!!! :sick:
  • wayne6372wayne6372 Posts: 4
    There was also a recent recall again about wires in the head lights which can cause fire.Had the same problem with the airbag light.This call has a lot defects can only suggest you stop wasting your money and by another call somewhere.
  • When I need parts for my suzuki, I usually try to get them through - just because they have been very good at getting them too me in a timely manner. My car's warranty was expired a week after I purchased it (bought a 2005 in Feb 2008, that had 13,000 miles on it).

    I've had to replace interior door handles, the lid to the console, the release lever for the hood, the blower motor and switch (burned out one hot day when my husband was on the way back from a doctor's appt 4 hours away - smoke was rolling into the cab from under the dash), and the lights switch (which did not fix my DRLs, and now my high beams only come on when I pull the handle forward to flash, not when I lock it back for brights - but I think that may be a burned out connection behind the instrument panel). Which really isn't bad, considering most of this happened after 100,000 miles (currently it's at 142,467). Hubby ordered the light switch and blower motor through the nearest dealership (115 miles away), but the door handles and other items were ordered from
  • My '05 Forenza S sedan has intermittent check engine light - the code is always the same, something about the fuel mix not being just right ? Luckily, my husband is a mechanic, and we managed to narrow it down - it only happens in hot weather, and the original code (they cascade after it runs a little while with one code on) just means that the car thinks the fuel cap is loose.

    Now, when the CEL comes on, I check the temperature - if it's a hot day (over 90*F), I ignore it. If it gets 'stuck' on for awhile, I have my hubby clear the code, then I go about my business.

    We've had other issues with the car - but at least this is just an annoying non-issue.
  • Does that model have the "smart" electronically controlled automatic transmission that is supposed to get used to the way you drive and help it be more efficient? Because I know there were issues in the 2005 model with the module that controlled the transmission going bad and causing the car to run poorly. I don't have the specifics of the issue, and haven't seen a recall notice, but my husband found out about it (he's a mechanic, and has worked for several local used car dealerships). I don't think it's the main PCM that is bad, but something specifically related to the transmission. I will have to ask him for the details.
  • suzzie033suzzie033 Posts: 5
    I know the door handles and maybe some of the others were on recall, so maybe you could get your money back. Check the recall list :)
  • hollyfhollyf Posts: 1
    I am now on my 4th transmission sensor in the last year. I have had my car switch into a higher gear and a lower gear while driving. It will reset itself for a few days but then it gets worse. Clunking sound when in reverse etc..... I called the Suzuki # and was hung up on after they said there was nothing they can do for me. How do I trade this car in or sell it to someone knowing it could put them in danger?
    I then called the auto safety hotline 888-327-4236
    Everyone having a trans. sensor problem should call them! They were VERY interested in what I had to say. they need to be recalled!!!
  • I am working on a 2004 Suzuki Forenza 2.0. I replaced the water pump, timing belt, and the head gasket. After I got it in time, I cranked it over to make sure it was good and everything but after I put everything back together, water in it oil in it and ready to roll, it all of a sudden quit getting fire. Everything is hooked up right but I did notice what looks to be a temp sensor on the back of the motor (above the bell-housing) but under the coil. But there is no wire coming from anywhere that can plug into it. Any tips would be greatly appreciated
  • Car has a recall... my 07 forenza has all the same issues as all of these comments!  now they are trying to tell me I need to replace the alternator... if the recall kills the battery wouldn't that constantly overwork the alternator? In which case they should be responsible to fix! They may as well cut their losses and buy back all these defective cars, they will probably save more money that way
  • Also, anyone else have a problem with the dash display? If I'm driving my dash will display every gear all at once... D,R,N,P... sometimes it will display park-P while I'm driving, but most of the time it displays every gear at once, so it looks more like a box 8, oh and out also shows a 0 with a line crossed through. I also have a million small oil leaks, blown head gasket, transmission slips, battery dead, over heats, broken door handles, no brake lights, no head lights, tire pressure sensor, won't align, and most of the time just won't go.. very unsafe car... do not let your children ride in a Suzuki forenza... the model needs to be recalled! Besides the fact that it's a money eater! Good luck all, mine won't even start now.
  • Has anyone had a problem with their engine blowing. I bought my 05 forenza 6 months ago bought it from my grandpa and at 103,000 my engine blew 4 days ago doesn't seem right every month has been something since I've had it had to replace valve cover and gasket both fans starter twice,in a few months problem after problem but most of all my engine blowing at 103,000 has anyone had this problem 
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