Lexus IS Tires and Wheels

tonyguy2000tonyguy2000 Member Posts: 39
Can anyone tell me that after you replace the original tires on a rear wheel IS250 if the replacement tires can be the same size to facilitate tire rotation. I don't think it can but my lexus salesman is insisting they can be rotated when you put same size tires on. he acknowledges the wheels are bigger in the back but says you can put the same size tires as the front!


  • kominskykominsky Member Posts: 850
    I'd pose the question at Their techs are very helpful and would be able to tell you what size tires can fit on what size rims. They're usually well informed, but since the car is pretty new, it might not hurt to know/include your wheel sizes when asking.
  • tonyguy2000tonyguy2000 Member Posts: 39
    Thanks for the reply but thats not what I was asking. I got 2 different answers from lexus dealers and was hoping a 250 owner has had the opportunity to change their tires since they last only 15k. I want to know if the second set if tires can be rotated like the salesman said. The backs are a bit wider with the original tires and wheels.
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    I just purchased an 06 Is 250 and i wanna find some bad [non-permissible content removed] rims for it. Im new to the world of purchasing after market things so I was wondering what bad [non-permissible content removed] rims are out there that would look good on a black w/black int. IS? I kinda wanna go darker rims. But i am looking for suggestions. Also what do y'all think of the G-Spider rims from lexus?
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    If you have 18" + summer tire option then you "can not" rotate these tires between front and back. They are in different "width". The front rim is about 225 and back rim is 245. IS got a staggering setup to privde better traction.

    Hope this help.
  • truckasaurustruckasaurus Member Posts: 44
    You cannot rotate them on the same axle either because they are directional.
  • from_flfrom_fl Member Posts: 113
    Try search them on-line.

    You could try spinning rims..
  • razo250razo250 Member Posts: 4
    eh would rather not. I dont care to much for spinning rims. Looking for maybe a black or dark grey/gun metal color maybe. Any suggestions?
  • wale_bate1wale_bate1 Member Posts: 1,986
    The front rim is 8" wide and the rear is 8.5" wide. So to answer your question in simplest terms, you could put a 225/40-18 on the rim in the back and run it. Could.

    Reasons for not doing it:

    1. Technically a 225/40 should be run on a rim width of 7"-8", so you'd be outside spec on the rears

    2. 225/40-18 (front) gives you an outside diameter of 25"; 255/40-18 (rear) gives you an OD of 26.1" - your suspension is set up for this 1" difference, even with the 17" wheels (though the difference there is more like .75"), and running the shorter, not just narrower, rubber in the back will make a dent in driving characteristics

    3. Least important, but still annoying, it will look somewhat like you are running on spare tires in the back - it will look silly.

    The staggered set-up works. The car has been designed that way. I suggest knuckling under and living with a tire purchase every 15-17K miles if you're dainty, and 10-14K miles if you're actually driving the car!

    I get new rubber every 13K miles on average. Based on sheer driving pleasure, it's worth it. Well worth it.
  • wale_bate1wale_bate1 Member Posts: 1,986
    Sorry, little brain cramp there: your rim width would actually be OK; 7.5"-9" for the 225. Coffee-optional morning here.

    I still wouldn't do it based on the other criteria, especially the handling/performance criterion.
  • wale_bate1wale_bate1 Member Posts: 1,986
    Log on to and look for wheels that match your vehicle. One of the choices is this:
    SSR GT7

    If you want to go with a dark insert, at least do it with a forged, lightweight wheel. These come in at about 20lbs, which ain't too shabby for an 18"x9. Just remember, real wheels have five spokes and more than seven basically screams either "juvenile pimp" or "geriatric poseur" in a loud, high-pitched whiny voice. IMNSHO, of course...
  • tonyguy2000tonyguy2000 Member Posts: 39
    Thank you wale_bate1.

    Thats the answer I was looking for, I appreciate the full explanation.

    Thanks again.
  • wale_bate1wale_bate1 Member Posts: 1,986
    Genuinely happy to help if I can.

    Another thought popped in here: the offset on the 8.5" rears, in order to carry the 255mm rubber without sticking out of the wells, is likely greater than the fronts. If too much moreso than the fronts, the tires will rub inside the wells at full crank. OTOH, if too little, the rims up front might actually stick out of the wells just a touch. Gives that oh-so-sophistcated air of an '84 Camaro from Compton. Mmmmm, tasty!
  • cc12359cc12359 Member Posts: 31
    The G Spyder Rims is dark finished. It's look really nice and no dust problem on mine. (i got those for free.) :P
  • razo250razo250 Member Posts: 4
    how did you get them for free? I found them for a g online
  • doggiebusdoggiebus Member Posts: 11
    Just ordered a black on black 250 should be in a week or two. I wanted to know if the Lexus Car Care Service Plan or the Lexus Road Hazard Tire Plan was worth having on the IS? Or is it a rip off?
  • lop868lop868 Member Posts: 7
    worth it,i just got the is350,18 inch alloy,run flat,etc...friend works for a tire company,tires run about 300 each,not including if you bend the rim,tires that come with last about 15,000 but can get eggs if you hit potholes,i got the 5 year tire plan,totally worth it,the price of 2 tires and it covers the rim...
  • doggiebusdoggiebus Member Posts: 11
    Thanks for the tire info, I am going to get the Road Hazard Tire Plan. What do you think about the Car Care Service Plan, did you get it? I know it included oil changes does it included new brakes? I can't remember what she said...
  • benzoservceguybenzoservceguy Member Posts: 60
    actually the answer is yes & no.
    If you have staggered tires (the tires/rims in the rear are LARGER than the tires/rims in the front) then you CAMMOT rotate staggered tires. You need to keep an eye on your tire pressure(s) AND you should (read: recommendation) perform an alignment at a minimum of 2X per year.
    HOWEVER, you could mount a front tire on a rear size rim BUT it won't feel or drive right and you might get some rubbing at the fender/wheel well housing) or the brake caliper might touch the inside of the rim (NOT what you want to happen).
    The idea of staggered tires is that it lends to better performance and if you paid for the 18' tire package why would you want to change it?
    Stick to keeping the tires inflated to the proper level & the front end in alignment and you should have NO problem. Also, don't take the car to a jiffy-boob or a Midas for an alignment (or maintenance for that matter). Take it to the dealer - they have the right equiptment and the know how. You spend a lot of $$ for a premium car, don't let just any idiot work on it. That's like buying a million dollar home and furnishing it with IKEA crap! Spend the money & get it done right. Remember, you get what you pay for!
  • digital_bdigital_b Member Posts: 129
    its worthless unless youre talking about the wheels. I dont see why you wouldnt go to sears or tire rack and get the tires for much less.
  • from_flfrom_fl Member Posts: 113
    For those who have 18" summer tires on their IS, do you plan to replace them at lexus dealer or some where else(where)?

    Do you plan to use the same dunlop maxx tires or other brand?

    Does mounting require special know-how since this car come with tire pressure monitoring system?

    Please advise,

  • louisweilouiswei Member Posts: 3,715
    I planned to change my tires every 15k miles at the dealer.

    Although I don't think mounting requires special tools or knowledge because of the tire pressure monitoring system I just don't want to give Lexus any execuse by changing them elsewhere. Since I change it at the leader they better take care of the car or else it's their asses.

    I am pretty sure you may be able to save some bucks by not going to the dealer but for me I am willing to pay those money in order to avoid any potential troubles in the future.

    That's just me though. :)
  • wale_bate1wale_bate1 Member Posts: 1,986
    Suggestion: anyplace other than the dealer. Not only will the dealership charge you full retail+, but if you spec an alignment, as you should at every rubber change, it will be out-sourced to a local tire shop in most instances.

    Tires I would strongly recommend over any Dunlop would be:
    1. Goodyear F1 DS-G3 (top personal rec.)
    2. Michelin Pilot Sport (I'm not a Michelin fan, but these have been consistently good with each iteration)
    3. Bridgestone Potenza S-03 Pole Position (very precise, but not quite as good as the Goodyear in the wet, and treadwear ain't great)

    The Michelins are available from Costco, which is convenient, and their prices include mount and balance. They don't do alignment, though, IIRC.

    The Goodyears and Bridgestones are standard Wheelworks or any other major discounter fare, and most of those shops can align as well.

    If you don't feel comfortable changing brands, there is nothing terribly wrong with the Dunlops. Then again, there's nothing so very right with them either.

    Like I said, you should re-align at each rubber change, especially if changing the spec on the tire. My Lexus shop subs it out to the local Wheelworks, where I buy my tires. I found that out after letting the dealership take care of it once, and found the invoice from Wheelworks for the job attached to my Lexus invoice, sans price. Paid Lexus $150 for the privelege, only to find out that the local Wheelworks charges $60. Closing on $90 extra profit for my dealer...
  • wale_bate1wale_bate1 Member Posts: 1,986
    Louis: it isn't just saving a few bucks, though that surely figures in considering the cost is annual for me and most others, it's much more the fact that there isn't anything the dealer can do for you regarding rubber that exceeds, or frankly even approaches what a tire retailer can.

    Re TPM: Any reputable tire retailer knows how to deal with TPMs. There are no special tricks any dealer has up its sleeve for that one.

    Believe me, when there's a service, warranty or performance advantage to using the dealer, I do it. Nothing there on the tire change, other than a loaner car. That's actually another sore point: Lexus had my car all day while I was stuck in a porky ES330 (why can't they give IS loaners?); the tire shop had me in and out in just over an hour - just enough time for lunch!
  • dtezladtezla Member Posts: 88
    I'm surprised your dealership outsources an alignment. Most larger Lexus (or even Kia for that matter) have their own Alignment machine.
  • wale_bate1wale_bate1 Member Posts: 1,986
    And it's a newer shop in a major retailer's row in the SF Bay Area. They own BMW, Mini, Volvo and Acura stands in the same location as well. Same deal. Outsourced.

    Honestly, dtezla, I don't think that many brick and mortars do bother with the pad and box in their own shops. There are two other Lex shops in proximity, and neither of them do their own. No good reason to if you can sub it locally and still rake a fat profit. No hardware to maintain nor software to update and you don't need to train the techs to operate and adjust, nor pay them benefits either.

    No significant brand-only technology here either; not exactly rocket science after all.
  • netwonnetwon Member Posts: 53
    I know the two Lexus dealers here in Alberta, and the Lexus Dealer in Vancouver change(Canada), change tires themselves. I found myself asking the dealer about why I should use there tire shop, for the extra price.
    He had a simple answer:
    1) We will take better care of your car and offer you a loaner car for the day and
    2) if your wheel/car should become damaged in our possession we will make it right. All local tire shops in my area advise that if you drop off a flat or are having work done the tires are left at your own risk and they do not cover scratches or nicks from their work/damage to car in parking lot etc.

    Not sure if in the US the dealers have the same policy of giving a loaner car for all service work performed. In Edmonton we can get them for oil changes if we give 1 wk notice.

    Just my thoughts on the matter.
  • wale_bate1wale_bate1 Member Posts: 1,986
    All the dealers can change tires, the question was really regarding alignments, which should happen at any rubber change.

    As for the dealer's rationale as to why his shop is worth a premium, it sounds nice, but other than the loaner, it's all bunk.

    Perhaps laws are significantly different north of us, but here dealerships are't legally liable for damage to your car while its on their property. Not liable for theft either. Doesn't mean they won't make it right if something happens, but legally, they're no more or less responsible than any tire shop.

    I think he's blowing sunshine to keep some bidniss... ;) And at those profit levels, I can see why!
  • louisweilouiswei Member Posts: 3,715
    if your wheel/car should become damaged in our possession we will make it right. All local tire shops in my area advise that if you drop off a flat or are having work done the tires are left at your own risk and they do not cover scratches or nicks from their work/damage to car in parking lot etc.

    That's exactly the reason I'll do my tire replacement service at the dealer. Like I said earlier, when I take my Lexus to a Lexus dealer for any kind of service I know they will take care of my car or else they will make it up to me unlike the other local shops.
  • smokey100smokey100 Member Posts: 26
    I'm seriously considering buying an IS but I've read the sticker on the window that says the tires may only last 15,000 miles. Since low profile tires are more expensive, it would cost about $1,000 every year to replace them. That's a big extra expense. Are there replacement tires that last longer and would perform well with the IS?
  • inthezoneinthezone Member Posts: 21
    Have an 2003 Sport Design model. Purchased new, current mileage is 26,050. Dealer says tread wear is approx. 5/32 & suggested purchasing new tires. Dealer will charge $1,300 (not including mounting, alignment) for original tires-Bridgestone Protenza, 215/45ZR17. Seems way too expensive.

    Checked out Costco. They no longer have a contract w/Bridgestone. Currently, there is a Michelin tire sale from 8/15 to 9/3/2006. So they suggested Michelin Primacy @$215.99 per tire - all 4 @$839.96 (this includes current coupon $60.00 off for all 4 tires)or Michelin Pilot Sport @$212.99 per tire (just $3.00 difference - weird huh?)

    My question is: Has anybody installed Michelin Primacy or Michelin Pilot Sport? Are Michelins any good?

    Hoping somebody on this forum can help me. Just wanna say that if it wasn't for this particular site I wouldn't have purchased the car. The responses were extremely helpful & truthful!! Its really nice to know that being honest is in vogue for some!!

    Thanking all in advance!!
  • benzoservceguybenzoservceguy Member Posts: 60
    My PERSONAL opinio is that Michelin are the best tires.
    I have had very good success with them on my BMW
    MY new IS250
    6 speed MT w/ Sport Pak has Bridgestone Potenza RE050
    Too early to tell how they are (only 2,700 miles on it)

    Be careful of COSTCO .. the tires might look and smell like OEM but you need to look carefully at the LOAD rating. This is what gives the tires the handling characteristics. The load rating is the last set of #'s & letters. Without comparing these, you are comparing apples to pineapples.
    If you have the 18" you should be looking @ 225/40/R18 88Y and 255/40R18 95Y
    MY PERSONAl choice would be Piliot Sport 2
    Remember compare apples to apples
    You could always try to get the dealer to match or come close to a TIRE STORE price.
    Have you tried TIRE RACK .. their prices are INSANE and they will drop ship (send it to where you want it sent) the tires for you.
    Some of our higher end clients do this with us. We just charge them the installation fee.

  • ajmtbmajmtbm Member Posts: 245
    any idea what one can expect for tire and brake life under "normal" (i.e. not aggressive) driving?
  • martin350martin350 Member Posts: 1
    I forgot the actual title of the program, but for somewhat under $900, dealer will replace tires at specified tread wear on new IS350. Checked with local high-quality tire resaler (only mildly discounted at best) and their price was over $1100. Anyone else offered and take up this deal?
  • billmvbillmv Member Posts: 148
    Hello lop868. I'm just starting a 3 year lease on a '07 IS250 RWD with the 18" summer tires. Didn't have any choice but to take that setup. Does Lex have a 3 year tire plan? Cost? Worth it? Thanks, guys! Great comments.
  • inthezoneinthezone Member Posts: 21
    Thanks for the response. I forgot to mention that the dealer also said to get a "Z" rated tire otherwise my warranty would be void.

    Costco does not have the Primacys in stock. The tire is currently in production & will not arrive for another 2 weeks. The Michelin Primacy has a "W" rating. Costco says that it is the equivalent to a "Z" rated tire. I am not sure what you mean by "load" but will surf the net for that. Will also try Tire Rack! Why do you like Pilot Sport?

    If you buy the car brand new are tires under normal warranty (not the extended warranty)?

    Sorry! I am really "car challenged". Also, is it easy to change out the air conditioning filter?

    Thank you very much for your help!!! :)
  • billmvbillmv Member Posts: 148
    wale bate1......if you're still checking this board once in a while, what would you think you could get in terms of treadwear out of either the Goodyears or the Michelins you mention here as replacements once the original rubber wears out? We'll be getting the 18" wheels that are standard on the 2007 IS250 RWD. The wife will be behind the wheel 98% of the time. Thanks!
  • benzoservceguybenzoservceguy Member Posts: 60
    Don't consider yourself "car challenged", that's what we are all here to do .. help you !!!

    yes, get "Z" rated tires if that is what is on there now. You don't want to change the rating and NO NO NO "Z" rated tires are not the same as "W" rated tires.
    Is Lexus the same as Toyota?
    And I have never heard of a manufacturer warranty being voided because you changed the load or speed rating of the tire .. That is TOTAL BS & CRAP. The only thing you are "voiding" is the performance and handling aspects of the car by going to a lower rated tire. Manufacturers spend lots of money to come up with a tire that is designed to give the handling & performance that is engineered into the car. Why go against what the engineers have designed?

    Piliot Sports are more performance oriented than Primacy's.
    I personally like them because as they wear out, they don't have or create as much tire noise as other brands.

    As for warranty on tires ... 99.5% of all tires maufactured are defect free. The warranty only covers defects in material & workmanship. A bubble on the side wall, uneven wear patterns, feathering & cupping are NOT warrantible defects. 99.9% of the time they are caused by "outside influence" (read: NOT covered by a warranty)
    You can however when purchasing new tires either at a dealer or a tire shop, PURCHASE a road hazard guarantee. They usually cover the items I described above. First yr is free and 2 yr, 3rd yr etc . is usually prorated based on tread life remaining. Client is usually responsible for labor charges to "replace" tires (ie: mounting, balancing & disposal)

    Personally, I would stay AWAY from COSTCO for my tire needs. Go to a professional tire shop or the dealer. Usually there is very little difference in $$ between an indy tire guy and the dealer.
    And always, do an alignment when you change rubber. Again, best bet is to have the dealer who has the specialized equiptment and know how to do the alignment RIGHT (as long as they do it in house and don't sublet it out) - ALWAYS ask first to make sure they do it in house.

    As for the A/C filter do you mean the charcoal filter?
    I actually have no idea ... now if it were a BENZ ... that would be a different story!!
  • tazdevltazdevl Member Posts: 3
    Just wanted to pass along... picked up a IS350 Sport/Levinson. Replaced the OE tires with Michelin Pilot Sport A/S. Dealer uses a tire shop for tire/wheel upgrades, cost ~$200 more mounted, balanced etc... Shop gave me a credit for the OE tires.

    Initial impressions after a couple hundred miles... handling is about the same as the Dunlop Maxx, tracks better on rough road and are a fair bit quieter, much better in the rain.
  • billmvbillmv Member Posts: 148
    hello tazdvl. Did you arrange this with the dealer before you took delivery, or did you just go to the tire shop yourself and have this done? What were the OE tires that came with the car? I want to do the same with my 250, which I should be getting this week. I'm in San Francisco, BTW. You? Thanks!
  • garandmangarandman Member Posts: 524
    Be careful of COSTCO .. the tires might look and smell like OEM but you need to look carefully at the LOAD rating. This is what gives the tires the handling characteristics. The load rating is the last set of #'s & letters. Without comparing these, you are comparing apples to pineapples.
    If you have the 18" you should be looking 225/40/R18 88Y and 255/40R18 95Y

    Costco will only mount OEM sizes. Their tires are the same Pilot Sport you buy anywhere else.
  • benzoservceguybenzoservceguy Member Posts: 60
    No, they are not the same!

    I should know .. I was just there this past weekend.

    The size is correct .. the load rating is INCORRECT ...
  • netwonnetwon Member Posts: 53
    That is very common! In fact my friend was unfortunate enough to buy a Chrysler Sebring. The tires that came on it did not had a lower speed rating, and load rating to save money OEM. But the tires had the identical name, and markings (save the ratings). Always beware of the price that beats EVERYONE else.

  • ajmtbmajmtbm Member Posts: 245
    ran over a bolt (pretty big one). tire not repairable (potenza). $292 at a local tire place. Ouch. probably could have saved $50n at tire rack but obviously couldnt wait.
  • piasonpiason Member Posts: 55
    How about the is250 AWD? All four tires are the same size and I would think you should be able to rotate them. How many miles are we getting out of the AWD tires?
  • piasonpiason Member Posts: 55
    How about the is250 AWD? All four tires are the same size and I would think you should be able to rotate them. How many miles are we getting out of the AWD tires?
  • jyunjyun Member Posts: 2
    Hey folks,

    I noticed that some of you had Dunlop tires on your 18" wheels for your IS, while I have the Bridgestones. Any reason for this? Is one better than the other? An thoughts on a good set of replacements for these 18" wheels? I live in Seattle (rains quite a bit) and I'm looking for something with good wet/dry traction..

    Thanks guys
  • jerry kjerry k Member Posts: 45
    I picked up my car yesterday in Southern Ca. - my car had the 18" summer tires and they were Bridgestone as well!
  • carmonkeycarmonkey Member Posts: 32
    There's a good article reprinted from Car & Driver on the site and it rates various tires including the Dunlop SportMaxx. Check out

    The GoodYear Eagle F1 is the top rated tire for wet performance.

    Personally, I'm planning on replacing my Dunlop SportMaxx tires in April with Michelin Pilot Sports through Costco. But I'm in a fairly dry part of Texas.
  • crapoudcrapoud Member Posts: 2
    Does anyone know how wide of a rim can fit onto the is 250.
  • carhunter3carhunter3 Member Posts: 11
    I have 23K+ miles on my '06 IS 250 and I'm in the market now for a new set of tires. Treadwear indicators are not quite at the "replace" level but I'm starting my search now. I consider this good as I'd heard that I'd be lucky to get 12-15K miles. Breaks are still fine too, and I do a lot of city driving.
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