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Nissan XTerra SUV



  • bskohlerbskohler Posts: 53
    Well...the Pathfinder skidplate fits the Xterra. It bolts right into the transfer case. It's not exactly a plate, but rather more like a bar that croses over it. It offers a little protection, but it's not the most optimum. For full skids, check out someplace like

    or check at They have skids to replace the gas tank, and a skid for the rear diff.

    Part Numbers for Pathfinder transfer case skid and bolts:

    skidplate pn - 30409-33G00

    The Pathfinder transfer skid plate does not come with the required mounting bolts, you will have to order them in addition:

    Bolt-fix pn - 33201-33G10
    Bolt+hex pn - 08121-0201E

    You will need two (2) of each bolt.

    Read more about it here...

    Hope this helps.
  • dhdunndhdunn Posts: 51
    Thanks very much for this invaluable information!! I'm not going to go the Pathfinder skidplate route, as it is mounted on the transfer case itself, which doesn't provide any shock protection whatsoever.

    But the other 2 sources are excellent. Thanks again!!

  • I just bought a 2002 se/sc last week. After three days I hear a funny sound that I think is under the hood or possibly in the shock towers. It sounds like something is like a piece of rubber that is being vibrated or rubbing up against a moving part. I sometimes get it going over a bump or just accelerating from a stop. It will usually go away after about five seconds or so but it really annoys me considering I have only had the car for about 5 days now. I was thinking it was the belt but it seems tight as can be. I was also wondering if it could the drive shaft vibrating something. Any thoughts would be helpful, especially if any of you have experienced this type of problem
  • ctb933ctb933 Posts: 1
    I am considering buying a Xterra S/C sometime this year and was wondering how they handle in the mountains? I have a 1996 Isuzu Rodeo and it is terrible in the mountains (Colorado). It is always trying to shift gears (Auto Trans) while climbing. I was wondering how the xterra Auto trans drove in the mountains if it is always trying to find the right gear i.e. second or third gear or if it is smooth and has the power to climb 6-7 % grades in the mountains without shifting every few seconds.

    Thanks for the feedback.
  • dhdunndhdunn Posts: 51
    Hi!! i have a new XTerra SC with a 5-speed manual, and have about 1600 miles on it. i took it up to the mountains around the CU High Altitude Research Center (between Nederland and Ward), and it did great. As a matter of fact, I bailed on a road (Caribou jeep trail, FS Road 505) because of being out of practice/short on confidence in myself, not the vehicle (and because there is no skid plate protecting the tranny - I'm fixing that with a Skidrow skid plate that I've ordered thanks to help from forum contributer bskohler).

    In any case, i would suggest that you get into manual transmissions. There's no way ANY auto can do as well as you can. It can't know when you want to shift, and you do know when you want to shift. So, I can't testify to performance with an auto, but otherwise the vehicle seems great. I've had no problems thus far, none at all (knock on the dashboard...).
  • dhdunndhdunn Posts: 51
    Ooopsies!! In a reply to ctb933's post about auto trannies and mountain driving, I said I have a 2002 "SC", and meant to say "SE". I don't have the supercharged XTerra. Phew!! Now i can sleep at nights!! :)
  • negliazx7negliazx7 Posts: 2
    Ok, need some opinions, I am going to buy the Xterra (XE) or a Hyundai Santa Fe (GLS). I currently own a 01 Sonata (love it). I know the Xterra's strength is off road and is more truck like. The Santa Fe is more car like and has a hell of a waranty. Thanks much!
  • jcliffrojcliffro Posts: 108
    Hello Xterrans. I have loved looking at XTERRAs ever since they first came out. I am torn between black and gold rush. I have read most of the nearly 2200 postings on this board and have not yet seen anything on the 2.4 liter Four version. I live in New Orleans where we encounter snow about once every 25 years, so having 4WD is not an issue. I am wondering if anyone out there has the Four and if there are any problems with it, whether you regret not having the 6 and if the mileage is decent. I really want more than 16 or 17 MPG. I have found a gold rush with the power and utility packs, body side molding, floor mats and splash guards; the dealer says he will sell it "at invoice" and with 0.9% financing for 24 months. I am going in armed with Edmond's invoice which is exactly $19,100, plus tax, license, title (which they had better not jack up).
    I am also wondering if anyone has heard of plans to put the 175 HP 2.5 liter Four from the Altima in the XTERRA soon? Man, 175 HP from that Four would be more than the HP in the current non S/C Six. That would probably still deliver great gas mileage and would be worth waiting for.
    The "shaking" in some postings is giving me great concern. Maybe I should consider leasing it so that I won't have it that long if it becomes a problem. My last new car was a 1985 Nissan 300ZX which only has 79,500 miles on it. It has been as problem-free as any vehicle ever made and I am keeping it. So, I tend to keep vehicles a long time, if warranted.
    Thanks for any help; sorry so wordy.....
  • japiercejapierce Posts: 1
    I'm looking to purchase an X SE S/C soon, however; with 2003 production so close I'm contemplating waiting until the '03 models are out. Will purchasing an '02 so close to the new model year affect potential trade in value? Does anyone know what, if any, enhancements the '03 year will provide?

  • bskohlerbskohler Posts: 53
    I's get the 02 at the end of the year and try and save on price. I heard (can't confirm) that the 03's may be a little less off-road worthy. They are switching to another LSD unit and making some other changes that seem to limit it's off-road capabilities (one of the Xterra's strong points to begin with). I don't have the specifics, but I remember being less than impressed with what I read about the 03 changes. If you do not leave the pavement or off-road, then the changes probably will not make a difference. Cosmetically, it will probably look about the same.

    As for engine upgrades, I read that for 04 they may add an optional engine with more HP. Not confirmed though. Hopefully they will add the 240 HP Pathfinder engine someday. Project X (by Calmini) has one shoehorned into it.

    BTW - The above company is another decent place to get skids and other beefed up off-road parts.

    My opinion - get an 02 while the gettin's good :)

  • jcliffrojcliffro Posts: 108
    OK, I test drove the new 2002 Gold Rush Xterra 2.4 liter Four with the 5-speed, power pack, utility pack, body side molding, splash guards, floor mats, plus dealer installed wheel locks and some kind of paint protector crap. Anyway, this salesman in Covington, LA gets my GOOD GUY HONESTY award. I went in hoping he would say $19,100.00 (since he said invoice price). He said $19,009.00 and did not charge for the wheel locks and that paint protector.
    I drove it. I love it. I have some issues regarding affordability right now with the stock market crash. I thought the pick up was adequate and I love the way it drives. This is a guy's truck and it has my name written on it. The salesman did say that since 2000 about 4 customers have traded in the 4-cylinder either because they got tired of a 5-speed (a 5-speed is the only thing I would want) or because they decided to use their X to tow something so they needed the 6. His other comment was "since the X has only been out since 2000, I wonder about the long term durability of the 4 after years of hauling around a heavy vehicle like this."
    So I guess I have 2 concerns: that shaking stuff some owners of 2002s seem to be having and the long term durability of the 4-cylinder.
    Thanks for any insight.
  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423
    A local Nissan dealer is advertising $750.00 below invoice on any 2002 Xterra with $500.00 cash rebate and 3.9% financing. I'm going into Nissan with my brother to help him buy one a 2002 (XE SC) should we expect this deal when we get there?

  • jcliffrojcliffro Posts: 108
    Where are you and where is the dealer that is offering that deal? The only thing I would look out for is "invoice price". I was told I could have any Xterra "at invoice price". When I got to the dealer, a supplemental sticker was next to the factory and it had $795.00 for paint protector and $179.00 for wheel locks. I had calculated the invoice price without those 2 items to be $19,100.00; the dealer was true to his word and offered to sell it for $19,009.00. I suspect there must be some type of dealer incentive that has not been made public yet.
    I assume you are going to the dealer with a print out of Edmond's base price and options list. Let us know how this turned out.
  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423
    I took the add in the Sunday (7-21-02) Chicago Tribune to the dealer offering $750 below invoice on any 2002 Xterra. The deal is the $500 cash back from Nissan is included in there advertised $750.00 below invoice price. So actually they are selling the Xterra $250.00 below invoice and the $500.00 in coming from Nissan which is applied after you add the tax. The 3.9% for 60 months is also available.
  • jcliffrojcliffro Posts: 108
    I did not know about the $500 rebate available to everyone; I thought it was just for recent college grads, although perhaps that is only in my area (New Orleans). I am wondering if your dealer's invoice price included any dealer installed items? Sometimes they jack up the price of that on "invoice". My understanding is that under my state's sales tax laws, if the rebate goes to the consumer, you pay the sales tax on the full purchase price BEFORE the rebate. If we are talking "dealer incentive" so that the cash goes to the dealer, then you pay the sales tax on the lower amount (after dealer rebate) since that is the true "sales price" from the dealer to you. So dealer cash is 8.75% more valuable in my area than a rebate to the buyer.
    I read somewhere that all auto manufacturers are likely to start offering very large rebates in August because of slow sales and the coming 2003s.
    The 2003 Xterra is supposed to have side curtain airbags as an option, so that may be an incentive to discount the 2002s even more.
  • bskohlerbskohler Posts: 53
    That seems to be a decent price for the 4cyl. Keep in mind though, that you were driving the 4 cyl alone (I presume). Add some additional passengers and/or cargo and I think you will wish you had the V6. If price is a big issue, why not look at a recently used V6, like a 2001 or something? I personally would not recommend the 4 at all. Yes, you save money up front, but I think down the road you will probably wish you had spent the extra $$$ for the V6. I can't imagine loading the 4 cyl down with cargo and making up any mountain passes or inclines. Just my 2 cents.

    As for the shaking thing...what you are seeing is a few people commenting on very specific issue. This is not a widespread problem with the X at all. I don't think it's really a problem to begin with. It's probably a subjective thing, due to the fact that the X sits up higher, has beefier tires, and does not handle like a car. It's a truck. Or it could be that one or two people need their tires balanced or something. Don't let one or two posts here on edmunds lead you to believe that it's a major problem. I have never seen it documented anywhere or sen it mentioned anywhere else other then the few posts here on edmunds.

    Good luck with whatever you choose (get the V6) :)
  • jcliffrojcliffro Posts: 108
    Thanks bskohler for your input. Since I don't need a new vehicle immediately and because I am feeling especially poor because of the stock market, I think maybe the best thing to do is wait a while and make this decision when I am really ready to commit.
    It may be that next year at this time they are offering great deals on the 2003 models and I may even be able to get one with the side air bags.
    I don't think I would be hauling anything up any mountain passes since I live below sea level, but some extra power (the 2003 V-6 supposedly has 180HP instead of 170HP) wouldn't hurt; it's just that I have always been mileage conscious. Still curious to hear some input from any of those who did buy the 4-cylinder.
  • bskohlerbskohler Posts: 53
    If you are mileage conscious, there are much better vehicles than the Xterra, be it 4cyl or V6. The 4cyl gets only slightly better than the V6 (I think it's rated at 19 city and 24 highway). 19 mpg is more like what you'll get most of the time, regardless of the type of driving you do. The V6 is rated around 17 city and 19 highway, and rarely do I get more than the lower number (17 mpg) even on long highway trips. I track my mileage both manually and with a GPS and I always get 17 to 17.5 (sometimes worse). With the wind at my back and going downhill, I *might* get around 20 mpg :)

    You may not be driving up any mountain passages, but I think with passengers and or cargo, the 4cyl is not very good. The V6 is only adequate as it is. But then again, it's a truck, not a sports car. But I know when I'm hauling stuff, or have additonal passengers, the V6 gets by, but it's no rocket. Plus, the X is not exactly light. Depending on if you have 4wd or not it's anywhere from 3,500 to 4,000 lbs. That's a lot of weight right there for a 4cyl to manage.

    Even if the X does move up to 180 hp someday, you are still going to be paying the same price (relatively speaking) in the future as you would today. I feel your pain with all of the craziness in the market, but I would consider only the V6 or try and find another vehicle that's better on mileage and/or price. The Xterra is a great utility vehicle for camping, off-roading, outdoors stuff, etc; but if you don't do much of that kind of thing I would look for a more "car based" SUV like the Honda CRV or something.

    Anyway, just my opinion. I'm not ridiculing the 4cyl, but from my experience in the V6, I can't imagine having any less power and being happy with it. Maybe you could go and test drive both back-to-back. I think when you hit the gas and try and merge onto a highway is where you'll really feel the lack of pep in the 4cyl.
  • jcliffrojcliffro Posts: 108
    Thanks for the additional response. You are probably right. Putting the 2 side by side, the V-6 would end up being a little more than $1300 more than the 2.4 Four. I rarely put more than 500 miles a month on a vehicle, so at an average of $1.50 a gallon, we are talking about less than $72 a year in gas according to my estimates.

    And the most important thing to me in the long run is durability and dependability. I bought my 1985 300ZX partly because its 3.0 V-6 had been rated number one for dependability. After 17 years of driving this car, I would say it has earned that ranking and reputation. I know the 3.3 V-6 is a truck engine and has a somewhat different origin, but I think the dependability of the 3.3 V-6 has proven itself to be up there with my 3.0.

    So, I think it makes sense to wait until I can feel good about the purchase. As long as I don't NEED a new vehicle, each month I don't have one is money in the bank. Another alternative, as you so thoughtfully pointed out, is maybe picking up a great deal on a used Honda CRV if one happens along. I prefer a truck based platform to a car based one, so I hope an Xterra is in my future; I don't think Nissan would mess too much with a good thing (Xterra) so it will be around for a while, hopefully improving each year.
  • rbaderbade Posts: 1
    I was leasing a 2000 XTerra, but felt like I was wasting my money. Now that I can afford to purchase, I was planning on buying the 2002 XTerra SE, since I love my car. I work for a firm that qualifies for the Nissan VPP (Vehicle Purchase Program). The deal is dealer's invoice + 2.5% dealer delivery fee (Nissan pays the dealership another 2.5%)plus a $500 rebate. What ended up happening was that I bought a 2001 brand new XTerra (the dealership had some left over) for $3000 below the invoice price. I wasn't able to take advantage of the current 3.9% financing on XTerras because I wasn't buying the 2002 model, so my APR is at 5.9%. The deal ended up being ~$23K for the 2001 SE with sunroof. I also traded in my leased XTerra and the dealer traded it in at $17K...does this whole deal sound reasonable? Was my 2000 XTerra worth more than $17K? Was the $3000 below invoice price on a brand new 2001 XTerra a good deal or could I have gotten a bigger discount?
    Although I can't do anything about it now, I'd still liked to know if I was taken for a ride. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423
    $3000.00 below invoice is a good deal even though the car has depreciated as a 2001, but mileage is everything.
  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423
    My brother is picking up a 02 SE SC on Friday. He is thinking about buying the extended warranty in case the supercharger or any other part fails after 36k miles.

    What is a fair price to pay for a 7/100k mile warranty with a zero deductible?

  • bob367bob367 Posts: 1
    We have loved our X since Feb 2000, but have recently noticed rust in 4 places on the liftgate.
    Anyone else notice small spots appearing to rust from the inside out?
  • bskohlerbskohler Posts: 53
    Yes, there has been some talk on other boards about this, primarily with 2000's. One of the theories is that he X's were shipped on rail cars and it's rail dust particles stuck to the back hatch. The rust is actually little specks on top of the paint.

    Another theory is that the rust is coming from underneath the paint where the bubble for the first aid kit was spot welded on.

    I can't say if either theory is true, but many people have had success at their dealership in getting it repainted. All you can do is take it in and see what they say. I think their might be a TSB on this too, but I'm not sure. I'll try and look it up. Good luck with it.
  • axbalaxbal Posts: 1
    Does everyone get Spark Knock noise for about 2-3 seconds when you first start your Xterra early in the morning and the Revs go to like 1500?

    I heard the a higher octane gas may fix this, but the manual recommemds 87 octane which is regular.

  • bskohlerbskohler Posts: 53
    Are you sure you are not hearing "valve clatter" or lifter noise? That's usually what occurs at start-up with many cars.

    An oil change (preferably to a name brand synthetic oil) and a good filter with an anti-drain back valve will usually cure that problem. I haven't heard of any spark knock noise though.
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    I still visit here every so often, its where I started posting when I first got my X.

    If any owners are in/from/near N.H., the New England group ( Nexterra ) is having its 3rd annual Mt Washington Trip.. if you're curious about gatherings, its a very easy way to get into them. Here is where you can find more info.



  • chettt99chettt99 Posts: 10
    Has anyone out there found a touch up match for the flat grey paint on the 2001 xterra grille? I was surprised to find out that Nissan does not offer paint for the grille in any form. Thanks.
  • ntmtntmt Posts: 9
    hi all, i'm thinking about getting it because of special interest rate and i need a automobile. What would it be a good price for it?, i'm in DFW/TX, any suggestions?, thanks all.
  • bskohlerbskohler Posts: 53
    You didn't say if you are looking at a 4x4 or not. That makes a big difference. I would not pay over $26,750 for a 4x4 SE S/C. No matter what they tell you, they are making about $250 or so on it at that price. Ignore their rants and claims that they would be losing money if they let it go for that price, or that it's under invoice. The invoice they'll show you and the real invoice are two different things. Anything up inthe $27,000 range and you'll be getting shafted, no matter how good of a deal they try and make you think you are getting. Good luck.
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