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Ford Windstar Problems



  • clove1999clove1999 Posts: 2
    I have this problem too :P

    where would I find these vacuum hose to see if its loose? I have re-connected all the connections behind the control switches, should i follow the tubes?
  • coderedcodered Posts: 43
    do 99 & up windstars have same troubles as the 98????
    i have a 98 and looking to trade

    thanks :)
  • themainmanthemainman Posts: 5
    I know this issue has alreay been hashed through but I just want to make sure...The other day I started my '00 3.8 SEL and it was "feeling" weird. Seemed to be a loss of about 10K RPM and began stalling while at stops. I got it home, change the fuel filter change. Took it to a local AZ and had the battery and Alt. checked....everything AOK. Had them read the computer even though the check eng. light wasn't codes. Took it to a local mech and he says he believes its a leak in the upper manifold but wasn't sure. I've never taken anything to him before but he seems up to date, even researched the TSB's.....I've done the research work myself and it seems to be the case but I' just want to toss this out there to see if there are any other suggestions.....

    He's quoting me the following:
    valve cover gasket, left bank(b) ...........?? what the left bank (b)???
    intake manifold gasket
    manifold gasket upper, lower, right
    Manifold gasket upper (B)...........???? see above :)
    intake bolts
    valve cover

    this with labor is $315.00.....

    any body have 1) thoughts....
    2) links to the parts and pictures....
    3) maybe pictures of a job being done....??

    Thanks for any help
  • sandih1sandih1 Posts: 1
    I stumbled on this forum trying to figure out "what's wrong now?" with the 2000 Windstar I have. I too have experienced or am currently experiencing most of all the issue listed here. It started with the fuse for the cd player/and remote entry blowing randomnly. Then is blew everytime I replaced it. Then it was the check engine light...the bank 1 and bank 2 thing. Fixed that, then it randomnly wouldn't start. Took it to the shop...drove fine for him no problem. Well it got worse and finally got to the point that when it WOULD crank it took all you had to keep it running. That was some vacumn issue. Finally got that fixed. Then the heat stopped working up front, followed by a very annoying clicking from under the radio. Well I've learned here that this appears to be some blend door issue. Last but certainly not least, this morning went out to crank it and all I get is this weird clicking noise. I'm almost certain it's electrical because the gauges go all the way to the top and then back down and the ac/heat comes on and it's not turned on. If anybody had any ideas I could really use them! We don't have cliffs where I live high enough to drive it off of. :sick:
  • momstaxi1momstaxi1 Posts: 1
    Purchased my windstar for $34,000.00 cash (money thrown out the window), 1st week wire harness burned out, dealer made repairs, next month sliding doors either wont open....or stay closed (while driving) in the shop 5 times for that......then transmission the shop but was "unfounded", lets see...steering wheel replaced due to cruise control NOT turning off, hummmmmm next side molding on driver door paint just rolled off, to body shop replaced not correctly so that was 2 more trips to dealer, more transmission problem...again "unfounded, VCR not rewinding, stopping, nor fast forwarding, new VCR ordered and replaced. Last weekend suddenly bells and whistles sounding off like a 5 alarm fire, went from 45 to 3 mph, pushed the gas pedal needle says I'm going 100 mph...lucky I could go 3 mph, drove to dealer got a loner car, guess what is wrong???? TRANSMISSION, "something leaked from somewhere and ruined the tranny" Included in the $34,000.00 was a 7 yr, 80,000.00 comprehensive coverage warranty so no cost to me on repairs,, My windstar only has 45,000.00 miles. I pick up my Winstar Monday afternoon, driving it from ford right over to another dealer and tradeing it in!
  • mammabecmammabec Posts: 1
    I was driving our 95 Windstar down the highway the other day doing about 60-65 mph. All of a sudden, I began to lose power. . .then I heard a loud noise and the next thing I know there was tons of white smoke coming out of my exhaust, and of course filling up the vehicle, since the only windows that work are the rear wings.. The car died at about 45 mph, total power loss. I was able to get over to the side of the road where I found the entire back of the van covered in oil. Additionally there was tons of oil leaking from the car. It would not start or even fire, just clicks. We replaced the head gasket about 3 years, less than 10k miles ago. I think that it's fatal but my spouse would like to fix it and keep it. . .My dilemma is that I need a diagnosis. . .any help and/or experience. Thanks
  • themainmanthemainman Posts: 5
    Great. Thanks for the link and pics......My problem is I didn't take it to the dealer for $$$$ reasons.....I just want to make sure this guy's assessment is correct....I hate to spend $$$, it still isn't fixed, and spend more $$$$$....
  • shealybshealyb Posts: 3
    we went and got an estimate for the van because the guy we got it from is no longer there (of course). Was told it was a timing chain cover and would cost at least $1700.00 to start work because they have to take the engine out. Does this sound right? Debating??!!
  • haulthault Columbus OhioPosts: 128
    Not yet. I have not smelled it lately. I had check engine light come on and stay on. Dealer said it was DPFE which is of course not under warranty.
  • themainmanthemainman Posts: 5
    Welll my woes just keep getting worse......They didn't replace the intake gaskets, etc...because they said it looked as though it had already been done. Now they're standing around scratching their heads. They keep testing stuff and THINK it's the MAF sensor but aren't sure....They've had my Windstar for 4 days now and I'm at a loss as to what to do....any suggestions?
  • HI there folks... just came across this board and thought someone might jhave a suggestion or two ... My "new to me" 2000 windstar LX is causing me grief over the drivers side sliding door.. It seemed to "stick" for a bit now has completely stopped working and of course it's stuck in the lock mode.. I've pulled the panel off and sprayed lubricant ( WD40) in hopes to lube it up abit ... now I've seen in here that someone suggested brake cleaner? anyone have any suggestions before I end up taking to the "ford guys" lol... Any help would be great thanks...
  • mansfield1mansfield1 Posts: 1
    Lately my 1996 Winstar started to give me some trouble.Whenever I drive slow there is a grinding noise then it turns to a (clunking) breaking noise somewhere near the Passenger side of the front wheel. However,when at high speed it just dissapear.

    I got the muffler checked out and the mechanic said the muffler system is not touching the frame .

    Had anyone encounter a problem like this before?

    BTW , I bought this Winstar from an auction with 85000 miles.The problem with it then was the Transmission was not changing on the first gear. being an electronics guy I took out my meter and test the little module on top of the Transmission and found it to be defective.I went straight to the office and bought it for $3,000 took it home and I went to ford and bought the module for approx $100.00 and put it on. This unit never give me any problems until now 6 years later.
  • micvacmicvac Posts: 1
    hi i had my oil change last week and they told me that i had about a cup of oil in my air filter ( i was noticing that my gas milleage was bad ) they told me that my engine must be going bad engine has 170000km about 100000 mile i talk with another mechanic and he told me that i should change my pcv valve witch i did and the air filter too clean everything but thereis still a bit of oil going in my air filter and i dont know if it could be related but we notice about 3 to 4 weeks ago a '' hissing sound '' comming from the right side of the engine closer to the inside of the van when sitting inside cause my mechanic told me it might be a pressure problem i took the engine oil cover out put my hand on top of it to check to see if there was a lot of pressure comming out and everything seemed normal can anybody help me with this problem . thank you
  • mickemicke Posts: 1
    The problem is that the coupelights doesnt turn off at all!?? (i´m sorry for my bad english but i´m from sweden!) The lights go on when i open any door, just as they should but when i close the door they never turn off unless i don´t take the fuse away!! Please help a confused swede!!
  • 4wheels14wheels1 Posts: 23
    Well, I finally got the transmission shudder to go away. Took a rebuild to do it, the sun gear, pump shaft and valves all had to be replaced. $2500 courtesy of the extended warranty company. That brings their share of my Windstar ownership up to $6500 since the expiration of the Ford warranty 43000 miles ago.
  • haulthault Columbus OhioPosts: 128
    I had a 95 Windstar with a popping and sometimes clunking type noise. Ford replaced the suspension bushings and the noise went away.
  • haulthault Columbus OhioPosts: 128
    I had a 95, bought new, went through the head gasket leak. Ford finally replaced the head gasket, but it was too late. The coolant gets into the oiling system and ruins the main engine bearings. I had gaskets at 55,000 miles. Engine died at 65,000 miles. You will need a new or rebuilt block. Cost will probably exceed value of the vehicle.
  • haulthault Columbus OhioPosts: 128
    My 2000 Windstar has the same problem with the electric locks. Ford replaced the electric motor that unlocks/locks doors. Mine was done under extended warranty. I think it is approximately $150.
  • viper48viper48 Posts: 1
    Sorry I didn't read this sooner. I'm having the exact same problem where my odometer, speedometer, ac fuse was blowing every time I applied brakes fully. It started last november when my emergency brake light came on due to low brake fluid. I filled the brake fluid to the proper level and continued losing fluid. My cruise control quit working about the same time and now the fuse keeps blowing. I'm taking it to the ford mechanic today to have repaired. Don't know what kind of service fee or repair will be, but I contacted Ford and relayed the problem and hope I will be reimbursed for the repair on a future recall. I suggest you call them and relay your same complaint.
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    I had the same problem. Your master cylinder is leaking (at the bottom) onto the switch that controls the cruise control. This switch must be replaced to fix the problem and stop the leak. My was repaired under the ESP, so I do not have a cost from the repair. The repair looks very easy, if you are handy you might be able to do it yourself.
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