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Ford Windstar Problems



  • paulk4paulk4 Posts: 2
    door ajar light stays on interior lights stay on can anybody give me a clue
  • Hello .. We are encountering the exact same problem. It started when my husband was walking away from the van and double clicked to check to see if he had locked the vehicle. We get ding, ding, ding. We have interior dome lights that stay on. We have a constant "door ajar" message on the dash. We tried to remove the fuse, thinking that even if we didn't have an interior light, at least it wouldn't drain the battery. Guess what? Couldn't open that damned panel door. Our son suggested we remove the bulbs. Haven't tried that yet. Were you able to find out anything?

    The air has been replace, the original rack and pinion has been replaced twice, the rear wiper motor has been replace and is down again. The paint is chipping away.

    If you can offer any advice that assisted you, we would trulyl appreciate hearing from you. Thanks. Helen McLaughlin
  • doinwidoinwi Posts: 6
    You know, it's funny you should mention the fuel injectors. I figured it was either spark or fuel so I had the mechanic replace my plugs are 85k, a little early, to rule them out. Then, since we were starting to notice the problem around town this winter I put some STP injector cleaner into the tank. Things seemed to have cleared up, but we occasionally still notice the problem. I'll have my mechanic look at replacing injectors. Can they isolate a bad one, or do they have to replace all at once?
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    The door switches are built into the latches and the grease on them hardens over time, holding the switches open. The driver's door is most common. Open the doors and spray a liberal amount of WD40 or equivalent into the latches. May take a while to dissolve the grease.
  • drohrerdrohrer Posts: 37
    I won't say that I cured the problem, but the liberal application of WD-40 seems to help. I have sprayed it on all the latches I could find a couple of times with great success.

    The lights and chimes can be a little slow to stop, but not like before. I plan to use it often and hope the problems don't reappear.
  • fox24fox24 Posts: 1
    My brother was recently in an accident in his 2003 Ford Windstar cargo van. He was hit in the passenger side on the rear corner of the van. This impact swirled the van around into a telephone pole. The front-end was severly damaged. The van was totaled. The airbags DID NOT DEPLOY !! His injuries would have been less, had the airbags worked. Is this a wide-spread problem with this vehicle?
  • bobowensbobowens Posts: 2
    My keyless entry remote only works intermittently to not at all. I'm thinking grounding problem. Where is the receiver box that I might check for proper grounding? Does anyone have some other solutions? The remote battery is good?
  • Ford Windstar Van ....chimes, lights, etc. Yes, cleaning the door latches helps for sure. Also...disconnect the battery until the computer has time to reset itself. We finally tried that and it worked. No more chimes, no more interior lights on and no more door ajar message, etc. Good luck everyone.
  • timbob1timbob1 Posts: 9
    Ive had all kinds of problems with my windstar, but if I had bought the extended warranty it wouldn't be an issue, ALL cars have issues, actually the caravans are fairly reliable, the reason you always see one in a shop is they are the #1 selling model. Toyotas and Hondas have their fair amount of issues as well don't be fooled just because it says Toy on Honda
  • timbob1timbob1 Posts: 9
    bad door jamb switch, probably on drivers door, 10-15$ from parts store or dealer
  • timbob1timbob1 Posts: 9
    move the belt tensioner, have a 2001 it on the bottom of the passenger side, replacement tensioners from carquest have clip loccking auto tensioner in back position, put belt on and pop. If not sure should not have removed alt.
  • timbob1timbob1 Posts: 9
    air bags only deploy over a certain speed, ithink 12 mph, and you have to trigger 2+ sensors simultaneously, chances are he was braking when happened or with latteral movement of van no speed was recoqnized. probably not an air bag problem, and the bag in inflated for less than a second had they gone off at initial impact, they would have been deflated by the time he hit the pole. unfortunately sounds like got hit in the worst spot. air bags are built for head on collision.
  • timbob1timbob1 Posts: 9
    wayy too much - had complete tranny rebuild for 1700 by trans shop - dealer replaces for around 2K$ - get your van out of there
  • timbob1timbob1 Posts: 9
    all ford ps pumps whine, try an additive from lubegaurd available at carquest, may not stock it but can get it in a day or two - I think its a four ounce bottle of LUBEGAURD ps Additive. - it works
  • dtrumandtruman Posts: 2
    we're looking to purchase a 2000 windstar with 137,000 kms and there appears to be fresh looking oil on top of the motor just under the air intakes (plenum?) I'm concerned about this.The van is in really good shape and I'm tempted to buy it. Does anybody know where this oil could be coming from? Am I too paranoid?
  • Hello Doug,
    It's your lucky day since I was researching a problem on my Windstar when I came across yours. I bought a 2000 Windstar a couple of years ago that had a similar problem. When I went to change the air filter I noticed motor oil in the intake plenum. I panicked at first thinking the thing was burping up motor oil! After a closer examining I found the problem was a bad PCV valve. Now PCV valves usually don't go bad at 27K but I figured all was okay after I replaced it. Well the thing was still sucking up some motor oil but not nearly as much as it did before.

    I figured everything was okay until one day my wife comes home and says the check engine light is one. Since the vehicle was still under warranty I had her take it to the Ford dealer. To make a long story short the OBDII code was PO171/PO174 or 'lean burn bank 1 & 2'. By the time we got our van back the dealer had replaced the front valve cover, intake gasket, egr valve, and pvc valve. The dealer then told us our cost would be $10 since the PCV valve wasn't an original part!

    Being I never heard of a valve cover causing a 'lean burn' condition I did some research in forums like this. As it turns out there is TSB 03-16-01 that details this exact problem and how to correct it. What it boils down to is there is so much intake vacumn at the PCV valve it litterally sucks the motor oil out of the engine! Once it has hosed up the PCV valve the oil will be drawn into the intake plenum where it will clog up the emissions garbage. Over a period of time it will build up carbon deposits on the heads until the engine literraly self destructs!

    My recomendation would be to pull the air cleaner apart and look down the intake plenum. If there is a lot of motor oil in it then I would take it to an honest machanic and get his opion before you purchase the vehicle. If the front valve cover is tin instead of aluminum then the vehicle is still sucking up oil. If the motor pings or knocks real bad under load then the cylinder heads are crudded up so I would say it's too far gone.

    To have the modifications done according to TSB 03-16-01 will cost several hundered. Luckily mine was still under warranty repair and the engine had under 36K on it. Besides this problem our Windstar hasn't had any other magor problems. We really like the vehicle and it has served my familly well without taking us broke. Good luck.
  • dtrumandtruman Posts: 2
    Thanks for the info! It helps me make a decision just to walk away from this vehicle and keep looking. I really do appreciate the reply.
  • I have been having this problem as well, except now when I insert the fuse it blows immediately. Did you ever get a solution to your problem.
  • markie3markie3 Posts: 4
    I need HELP soon! I have a 2001 Windstar with 75k, spewing oil. The dealers says EGR ports are clogged & seals are bad; also DPFE sensor and needs major tuneup costing $1200-$1300. Has anyone had this problem? Is there a service bulletin on this problem? Is any of it covered under the environmental warranty? Would appreciate HELP! :(
  • debbie13debbie13 Posts: 3
    sounds like your cv shafts, I had the same thing go with mine.. good luck
  • debbie13debbie13 Posts: 3
    My 98 did the same thing we had to disconnect the wires in the hatch (back door),, then it finally stopped staying on.
  • debbie13debbie13 Posts: 3
    I have a 1998 Ford Windstar. It has been a problem since day 5. Now after mega $$$$, i am trying to figure out why Northwest is telling me the power supply is in need a replacing, but the battery, alternator, coil packs & modulae have all been replaced. It drove fine for a week after the last shop visit. Now when I put it in gear it doesnt want to hardly move, it jerks and chokes. It is not the tranny. The last time they fixed it it ran 5 days.. It is doing the same thing but they are saying it is now something different.. Anyone know what it could be.. Thank you
  • Anyone ever replace the mirror assembly on a Windstar. My 2001 passenger side mirror and housing needs to be replaced. The part is sold as a complete assy. (mirror and housing and wire harness). I am trying to see how to remove and replace the entire unit. Thanks
  • gamboa1gamboa1 Posts: 1
    Can be oxygen sensor or your catalic is plug run a diagnostic and see the computer said and take from there
  • aceladyacelady Posts: 10
    try using contact cleaner on the connections as well as using the wd40

    Contact cleaner should be sold at most hardware stores. It's alcohol based and will evaporate.

    It worked wonders with my 96. I had to take the door apart to spray the conntections.
  • aceladyacelady Posts: 10
    How do I replace the cigarette lighter on the dashboard? does it just pull out to replace?
    Any help is greatly appreciated?
  • My cruise control stopped working a couple of months ago. For about a year now my brake fluid has been slowly dripping below MAX level but a trip to the dealer found no leaks and I was told this is normal for a little drop in fluid level to occur.

    Two days ago I drove my 1996 windstar out of the driveway and around the streets for a few minutes. I noticed white smoke coming out of the engine and pulled the van into the driveway to check it out. When I opened the hood I couldnt believe what I was seeing but there was an isolated fire in the engine compartment. I scurried around got hold of a water hose and just let it rain inside the hood to put the fire out!

    After I managed to stop shivering down to my bones and got my senses back in order I started pondering how and where this fire was from. I kept looking, smelling, and touching for burnt parts until I came upon the speed control pressure switch under the master cylinder. It was partially melted and smelled of smoke. At this point I had no clue that Ford engine fires was a not so uncommon occurrence. As I read more on the internet I realized that the Ford recall (2005) for this problem didnt even include the '96 Windstar even though the same switch and design methodology is being used on it as it is for the recalls. My call to the local dealer yielded the same reaction - "96 Windstar is not part of the recall".

    All I can say is that if you've got a 96 Windstar you MUST disable this speed control pressure switch (or atleast find some other creative means to keep it from catching fire!). Loss of cruise control ability is a minor issue compared to losing your life or that of people you love.

    Furthermore - I was feeling sorry for myself that my garage was so stuffed with junk that I didnt have space to park my van inside. Well I've managed to do my spring cleaning and clear out the garage but after this experience I will never park a car in my garage!
  • bobbilbobbil Posts: 1
    I have a 98 Ford Windstar Northwoods Edition, it seems that evertime I get gas the engine light comes on. I have replaced the gas cap and I have paid a machanic 30 dollars everytime at least(6)to reset it. Now I am having the door ajar coming on. We slam it we turn the van on and off and still nothing. HELP ME, I have to drive around at night with the interior lights on because it is saying that the door(s) are open.....
  • drohrerdrohrer Posts: 37
    We have a '98 Windstar with some similar problems. The first thing to do is get some WD-40 or the like and spray the latches on all the doors. Remember the sliding door has latches front and rear. You should also look at the contact points on the front of the sliding door. There are four buttons that stick out from the door that match up to four spots on car. Take a piece of sand paper (or an emory board) and make sure those contact points are shined up and cleaned off.

    I have not tried it, but they say that AutoZone will read the codes from the engine lights. They might be able to tell you what the van thinks is going on.

    I spent many trips with interior lights on because my van was convinced the doors weren't closed properly. It might take a couple applications of WD-40 to get it done.

    Good Luck!
  • rossross Posts: 17
    If you leave the engine running while you are putting gas in, it could cause the check engine light to come on.
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