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Ford Windstar Problems



  • mlpntrmlpntr Posts: 61
    Had the same problem on my 95 and it was a bad computer. Do you get a check engine light?
  • telfordtelford Posts: 2
    Thanks so much for the help-I will give it a try!!!!
  • jessie23jessie23 Posts: 3
    no engine light on, i had that problem awhile ago n had a computer chip replaced under warranty
  • redbaronsredbarons Posts: 4
    :( Have a 99 Winstar with approx. 90,000 miles & the check engine light is on ( again ) code states - Left & Right Bank TOO LEAN !! Ran Fuel Injector cleaner through and reset the light . Everything went great for quite a while ( almost forgot all about it ) but now it is back again . Car runs fine , smooth & same power !! Anyone have any problems with engine light with a TOO LEAN CODE ?? What did you do ? Seems that a cleaner should do the job ...
  • aaron01aaron01 Posts: 3
    hey Wayne,I finally decided to get online to research for answers to the same problems you are having with my 2000 ford windstar sel-speedometer,ometer,air conditioning,not sure on cruise,but I also replaced #10 fuse on drivers side and fuse immediately blows no time for a relay to get hot,I was just wondering if you were able to fix your problem any helpful information would be greatly appreciated,the windstar sel is a cool looking and comfortable van but after replacing transmission already and now this I am considering selling mine and it is way too hot with no ac right now,very frustrating problem and i just cant seem to figure it out,thanks for any help,Aaron
  • littlemomlittlemom Posts: 5
    I had the same problem with my 2001 windstar. It turned out to be a problem with the intake manifold. The bolts holding the manifold down had loosened over time, allowing air to come in. Watch the intake manifold while having some on press on the accelerator. If the manifold cover moves, it is allowing air to come in and will cause the check engine light problem you are getting. Hope this suggestion helps. :)
  • mlpntrmlpntr Posts: 61
    You would think but not the case. There was a tech bulletin released on the too lean and too rich codes. Replace your MAF sensor. It's very easy to do. It's right behind the air filter houseing and is in line with the air intake. It's the thing with the wire harness attached.
  • mlpntrmlpntr Posts: 61
    Have the computer checked. It's behind te glove compartment.
  • aprendizaprendiz Posts: 17
    I have the master lighting warning on, have not manual and dont know even what it mean. Any info? How to fix?
  • mlpntrmlpntr Posts: 61
    What do you mean by master lighting?
  • aprendizaprendiz Posts: 17
    May be I'm wrong, but is the name as found in other Ford owner manual. It's a warning icon, like a "lamp on" with an "!" inside.
  • mlpntrmlpntr Posts: 61
    Ah, that would be the master cylinder. Your brake light.
    First, check to see that your emergency brake is released. Next check the brake fluid level. If everything there is fine then change the brake pads (if needed). Next to check would be the brake lines and master cylinder. You maywant to have a technician check the brakes, brake lines, and master cylinder unless you have done it before.
  • aprendizaprendiz Posts: 17
    No it's not Brake icon, brake is red one and I know it. My unknow light is lightly yelow and it is in the right lower corner of the instrument cluster (windstar 2001). In a Taurus 2003 owners manual is referred as Master Lighting switch but my lights and sw seems to work properly.
    Thanks for the help
  • basem37basem37 Posts: 4
    hi i have problem with my windstar 2001 LX. the airbag light and ENGINE LIGHT is not on all the time. when i turn on the start key only these lights is not on. can anyone help me please with this problem. and please can anyone tell me is the 2001 ford windstar LX is good car or no. i just bought this car from 2 month ago and i'm scare if this car give me problems later. thanks
  • mikandjenmikandjen Posts: 2
    we had been having this problem as well. took it to a local shop who sent us to an electrical shop. they thought it was in the cluster as well.So we took to the dealer. turns out there was a stuck (broken) vaulve in the master cyl. that was causing fluid to drip onto the wiring causing everything to short out. Seems that they had seen it before as it took less than two hours to find and fix. $230 total with tax.
  • aprendizaprendiz Posts: 17
    Brake lights!! I have no brake lights at all! Any wiring around for a windstar 2001?
  • aprendizaprendiz Posts: 17
    Any fuse chart? or at least fuse code for stop light fuse?
    Thanks in adv
  • aprendizaprendiz Posts: 17
    Fuse and switch are ok. There is any relay in this system?, any wiring?
  • mrjjpmrjjp Posts: 1
    Every so often when I shut off my Windstar the cooling fans stay running and will never shut off. I disconnect the negitive cable from the battery and re-connect and it keeps running.. No one can resolve this.... Help???????????
  • matilematile Posts: 1
    THANK YOU SO MUCH. I believe this solution also solved our Fuse #10 repeatedly blowing (takes out odometer, speedometer, air conditioning, and ABS light comes on). We followed your advice and replaced the brake pressure switch with the redesigned switch (SW-6351 XW7Z-9F924-BA Brake Repair Kit) and so far the fuse has not blown. This part cost about $25.00 through the Ford dealer.
  • remi96remi96 Posts: 5
    Its at the dealer now. first they replaced the coil assembly, the van was misfiring, thats all fixed now. they reprogrammed my computer or updated it... now they are checking the transmission. Oh boy am I ever sorry I bought a Ford Windstar.. never again. only 30,000 and I can't tell you how many things have been fixed or replaced.Its irrelevant that I have my own extended warranty and a great plan too.. its annoying and I dont trust the van at all. :lemon:
  • bclaytonbclayton Posts: 2
    My speed control just QUIT, anyone delt with this problem?
    TIA Bill
  • remi96remi96 Posts: 5
    I recently brought in my van to the dealer (30,000 miles) cuz it was misfiring, and at 38 mph + it was shuttering. They replaced the coil assembly, updated my computer, now the other problem they say is the torque converter. they have to take everything apart for my extended warranty company to get more info on what they will approve. If the torque converter is replaced, does that mean the whole tranny needs to be done or what.. totally confused and annoyed that this is in the shop AGAIN. :confuse:
  • pepper4pepper4 Posts: 10

    When you first start the van it will run rough for 30 seconds and runs fine and idles fine then and i do not get a check engine light. The van has 114,000 miles on it.

  • mlpntrmlpntr Posts: 61
    Chances are that the torgue converter is clogged with bits of metal due to a damaged piston. You will likely need a complete overhaul. Mine has been through 3 and is a 1995 with 130k. First one was at 50K.
  • remi96remi96 Posts: 5
    thats great news, well before i go on my 2nd round, i will dump this and get something and not a ford thats for sure
  • aceladyacelady Posts: 10
    I have finally gotten to the point that I have cut a piece of electrical tape over the check engine light because I am tired of it flashing at me. I think it does it just to mock me.

    The code says there is a misfire on one of the injectors, the injectors have all been replaced within the last two months, as has the alternator. I've also replaced the spark plugs and the wires.

    Any ideas? My van is a '96 GL and I really do like the ride, am not crazy about the gas mileage, but it serves me fine ;) :) :)
  • bclaytonbclayton Posts: 2
    I recently had a similar problem with the kids 2003 van, Check engine light was flashing, took it to Auto Zone and they checked it on there hand held computer. It said check wires, plugs, coil, injectors.I replaced wires, plugs and coil and had same code show up. Finally took it to dealer who checked the injector, which were ok. They did a compression test and found a broken exhaust valve spring on #3 cylinder. This caused the engine to run rough. Replaced the spring now everything is all right.
  • Hi everyone; its my first post here but I was very active on CarTrackers until it went dead. I have read a few replies for this problem and I think it has been answered but I will add my 2 cents. The heating/air conditioning switches have small vacuum lines going to them and some of these lines go into engine compartment. The default situation when one of these lines develops a hole or leak of some kind is DEFROST only. So to fix, one must carefully examine all these lines to find the break. You may wish to start at the 3 dash switches. Escapes me right now how this panel is removed. A helpful hint-did someone just finish working in the engine compartment? Anyways, glad to be abord. SHADETREE 98 Windstar with potential ABS/Trac Control module problem
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