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Audi TT Transmission Problems



  • I have the same problem - 2003 TT at 67K miles. I don't know what to do.
  • I've got an 05 1.8T audi TT with approximately 75 k miles on it. It shifts hard between gears. It will jump 1000 rpms up and back down and then shift. I've seen it between 1st / 2nd and 2nd / 3rd. I've also seen it when shifting from park to reverse. It happens more often in the evening after the engine gets warm and also if you break a little hard to a full stop.

    I took it to my mechanic and nothing shows up on his diagnostic test. He thought it could be the engine mounts or the shift solenoids. He took a look at the engine mounts and that wasn't an issue. The shift solenoids would take too much time to get into for a maybe.

    He suggested to keep driving until I see an engine check light come on so that there is more definite information. I prowled the net and found someone having an issue with the shift solenoid as well, but his problem may not be exactly mine.

    Anyone have any idea what could be the problem?
  • Overall problem, as you've probably guessed, is that the Tiptronics transmission is 100% garbage. The Chinese put better transmissions in their cars.

    Better have $6000 or so ready for when your dog of a transmission goes out. It might just be the solenoids, but is more likely ready to crash totally.

    Have your tow policy ready. My Audi was being used by my nephew for homecoming when the transmission decided to give up the ghost.
  • jrmyjrmy Posts: 2
    I started my 2004 Audi TT the other day, shifted into gear and it went nowhere, shifted into reverse went nowhere, shifted into neutral went nowhere. Its the six with the dual clutch auto.

    any ideas?
  • See comment 37. Get your checkbook out for the piece of trash transmission. I hope you got some good mileage on your car prior to a $5500+ rebuild.

    Theoretically you should be able to drive in some of the gears.
  • joeamjoeam Posts: 1
    Recently purchase a 2004 Audi TT 3.2 with 57,000 miles
    Fell in love instantly, car amazing, smooth butter like shifts with the DSG
    trans...took it to a local independent shop (no local Audi dealer) to have the
    dsg fluid and filter changed as paperwork didnt verify that the service previously done.

    Two days after back, went to leave work, key turns everything on, but no crank of engine, and "service" indicated on dash, came back next am and key in everything fine, starts runs great, shifts great, two miles down road, trans goes into what seems like false neutral, pull over no reverse or other gears engage, turned of ignition and again no
    crank and service light, scanner shows 1 logged code, U0101 lost comm with
    TCM......get it towed to independent day start runs and drives fine, then out
    of blue does it again at shop, no crank and u0101

    Also should mention on two occassions key in ignition tumbler rotated freely with no action, rotated around abit then key and switch worked properly...

    so dead in water at independent shop, not knowing if ignition switch can play into the u0101 or if im looking at a Mechatronic Unit or ?

    Any help appreciated
  • if anyone is still readin any of this, the 5sp and 6sp transmissions in the tt are the 02m code. Theseare actually pretty stout and are said to handle 500-550hp! unfortunately, they do suffer a flaw, the most common would be the shift fork for 1st and 2nd gear. Not a huge issue as it can be fixed, welded, bolstered to make it handle higher tolerances, however it explains why a lot of you with manual transmissions are having issues not being able to shift into gears, or having trouble getting into a gear. Im not saying it couldnt be another problem, but from my extensive reading this seems to be the most common, though compared to other vw transmissions, the 6sp 02m is one of the more sought after due to how stout it is. As far as the audi transmissions go, the 01e transmission found coupled with the 2.7t engine as well as the 6sp 1.8t models of the B6 A4 generation is said to be near bulletproof but i'm babbling now as that transmission won't even fit in your car. check out the shift fork and search it online to see the problem and how to get it fixed right without breaking the bank. as far as the tiptronic folks, vw/audi should've named it "failtronic" as it's more appropriate, cheers
  • I just bought a 2001 Audi TT 4 with the 1.8 and 5 speed and have noticed that it's very easy to get into third gear vs first at a stop. I don't experience any grinding though. Could this be the shift fork you are talking about?

    I bought the car yesterday and have put over 300 miles on it and can't wait to get back in for more!
  • dub13dub13 Posts: 1
    edited November 2012
    It is a bad mechatronic unit. If you take it to the dealer they'll want to replace the entire transmission and mech unit. I'd advise against that. All you probably need is a new/rebuilt mechatronic box. Cost is about $2500 for a new one, or you have your existing one rebuilt - when I had mine done I found a place in Europe that would rebuild ( ) but I never used them. Once you read about the unit it makes sense that it could be easily rebuilt.
  • Hi joeam,

    Did you ever get to the bottom of this problem.. my TT 3.2 auto has just started doing exactly the same..
    occasionally (not all the time, but just at the wrong time) it will drop out of gear, the dashboard gear indicator will start to flash and you can get any forward gear.

    If you turn the engine off and on a few dozen times (with associated failed gear selection), eventually you'll get some synchronization and you're able to go.
    Can't figure out whether its a software or synchronization belt/ gear teeth issue ?

    Blocked the road today when it happened at just the wrong time on a busy narrow stretch
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