Volvo C70 Audio System Problems



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    yes it is the center speaker. If you get the NAV the screen pops out in the same general area of the center spearker.
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    The speaker actually wraps around the Nav pop up with most of the speaker located in front and on the sides of the NAV lid. It's very nicely designed.
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    I will be very curious to get a closer look at it. It seems like the nav screen would interfere with the sound when in the closed position.
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    Okay, I am wrong again. I listened more carefully for the thudding and thumping from the subwoofer and IT IS THERE. Yuck. I hadn't been noticing it until I turned the subwoofer up a little more. Maybe I hadn't noticed it because I was on "3-channel" and not on Dolby Pro earlier. Either way, this time I was on Dolby Pro and I heard it. And, yes, turning down the volume takes care of that. It's not too bad.
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    Will receive my C70 tomorrow (T5, Dynaudio, Nav).

    Dealer told that for Volvo BT handsfree he must also add installation set for premium sound or high performance sound system (Volvo part # 30775964) and something called AEM block (30752453). No big deal, but still twice $100+.

    Any experiences about handsfree installations? Are these two parts really a must or tries my dealer to get bit better markup on his first C70?
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    Simply put, the parts book dictates what must be part of the installation.
    Some people here have complained about the Bluetooth w/ the Dynaudio system, so maybe their dealer didn't include the parts in question.
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    Know where i can get a 3 cd mag for my 2003 c70 sc 901 cd/radio? Or where i can get a cheap replacement cd/radio if the problem ( the mag keeps going in and out without ever seeming to accept a cd) is more than the mag?

  • tmarttmart Spring, TXMember Posts: 1,796
    Obviously, you can get them from your dealer. Sometimes they are on Ebay.
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    Sounds like an issue w/ the radio.
  • jaanjaan Member Posts: 3
    After some consulting with dealer I decided to go for Nokia 616 instead of Volvo (Motorola) BT unit. Got it installed a while ago, but using separate speaker and no radio mute (some cable missing on dealer's side).

    Two weeks ago wrong cable delivered...

    Last try just finished: right(?) cable set delivered, mute finally working, but sound still only via separate speaker. Explanation by dealer: there is no right amplifier in Nokia 616 to connect it to Volvo head unit. Sounds like BS.

    Q: Any [postive] experiences about Nokia 616 (or other Nokia HF) and new C70, using factory speakers?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Member Posts: 5,238
    Why didn't you just go w/ the factory Motorola unit???
  • jaanjaan Member Posts: 3
    Nokia 616 advantages:
    1) Additional display, showing caller Id, even keeping phone in the pocket.
    2) Ability to dial any number (not only voice-tags) and any number in address book (incl for contacts with multiple numbers attached).
    3) Number of reports about Volvo BT handsfree, complaining about incompatibility with Nokia phones.
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    I need a handsfree solution for my '7 C70, with Dynaudio, for safety. (By the way, isn't driving the car just glorious?! Tons of money, but I'm so affected daily, with 5k on the car now in 3 months). I'd like 75mph top-down driving across L.A. on serious (sounding) business calls. Wonder if the $35 bluetooth headset option is better sound quality, with mic closer to my mouth, than the Volvo bluetooth accessory.

    On-line, the Scala 700 seems the most citations for top-down good noise reduction. Wish I knew results of someone's good research on this subject, or that I could design the product myself.

    It's worth it to me to pay $35 or $450, to get a great solution here -- use of commute time.

  • freddy8freddy8 Member Posts: 13
    Make your own discussion:

    The Scala 700 worked horribly.

    Looks like there's a product called "The Boom" that has been tested in helicopters. A headset for cell phones with active noise reduction technology.
  • cricket4cricket4 Member Posts: 94
    Whatever you find out please let us know. I have the dealership-installed Volvo bluetooth and I like it. However, when the top is down, I don't even bother answering my phone b/c I know there is no way the person on the other end will be able to hear a word I say. I just call them back when I'm not driving or when the top is up.
  • freddy8freddy8 Member Posts: 13
    Yep. Product called "The Boom". 80mph on urban freeway, under an overpass, and no background noise was detectable. Nice find. Keep those kids in science class....
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    My Volvo has the Premium sound system and the dealer-installed Hands Free Bluetooth car kit, which is an OEM version of the Motorola IHF1000. It worked fine for the first two weeks, then developed an odd little quirk: the car kit no longer mutes the paired cell phone handset ring on incoming calls, so both the cell phone and the car kit ring at the same time. It does this with three different Verizon network cell phones, so the problem is not with the phone. I have talked at length with both Motorola and Verizon tech support to no avail. Anyone out there have any thoughts on this problem? Apologies in advance for cross-posting this message to the S40 and V50 forums.
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    I just purchased a used 2006 C70 that has a nav system. No one can seem to tell me how to equip it with satellite radio? how can I tell if it's satellite ready or already installed. Please help.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Member Posts: 5,238
    Sat radio has to come from the factory.
    There is no way to add the factory system.

    If it has Sat radio, the tuner button would show it when you change bands.
  • tsk1tsk1 Member Posts: 31
    Just look the the fin attenna!
  • volvomaxvolvomax Member Posts: 5,238
    Fin antenna isn't alway the clue.
    If the car has Nav, it has the Fin antenna as well.
    Car can have Nav and not have Sat radio.
  • redbuzzredbuzz Member Posts: 57
    My dealer told me that all S40s have the fin regardless of whether they have satellite radio or navigation. Apparently it is easier production wise to put it on every unit. I dont know if the wiring is also always installed. This is not the case with C70s.
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    Thanks for the info - which model of the booms did you purchase? (I see there are a few)

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    I have this interesting problem with my Ipod 5th gen 30gb and 2007 C70. If I leave it in the car, turned off, attached to the AUX port, and come back anywhere from 12-24 hours later, the Ipod battery is completely discharged - even though the car has not been turned on during the time. Doesn't matter if I have the Ipod connected to the 12v or not.

    I suspect that the Ipod is somehow getting a signal through the AUX port that is causing it to turn on. I've tried leaving the Ipod connected to the stereo cable, but not connecting the stereo cable to the AUX port. In this case, there is no discharge. I'm going to do some more experiments (different cable, connecting Ipod to my home stereo), but was wondering if anyone had any info on this problem.
  • knirenbergknirenberg Member Posts: 2
    Solved the problem. Turns out that the mini stereo cable must have a short in it. Tried a different cable - no problem.
  • dfaydfay Member Posts: 1
    I've got a 2000 C70 and I'd like to replace the original audio system. I'd appreciate any ideas/possibilites of systems that you may know of that can be used. Thanks!
  • beantownchampsbeantownchamps Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1998 volvo C70. I just bought a new VALOR ITS-703W in dash DVD Player. I need to know if there is a kit that would fit my car, or if I will need a custom kit made.
  • mvnmvn Member Posts: 5
    I do not know if you have found a solution or not, but I own an 06 c70 convertible and found a way to install an FM modulator through the antenna to attach an XM radio.

    Since there is no way to connect the modulator directly to the radio, I traced the antenna connection back to the antenna itself and found the antenna connects up to the car using a European style cable kit as seen.

    The difficult part was running a long XM antenna extension 30' cable from the docking station to the back of the car. Then figuring a way to run the antenna from the trunk to the FM modulator mounted in the passenger rear quarter by the antenna without getting the wire cut by the hard top roof. I used 2- sided automotive tape to attach to the trunk lid; seeing that the trunk is fiberglass/plastic. Plus, the extension cable needs to run up through the center console and out from under the shifter (there is a space behind the radio and just above that cubby hole behind the radio.)

    This was certainly a challenge, and I may recommend buying the gaurantee for the satellite radio from stores like Circuit city, considering it took me two tries to keep the antenna from being torn/cut in the convertible framework.

    All in all, I am happy with the set up even though I have not found a decent way that I like to mount the Roady XT. It usually is kept in that space behind the radio, or it can be pulled out to be accessed. I think reception is partly reduced because I believe the powered satellite antennas use the metal surface to magnify the signal. I notice that the signal will fall out in places where it barely comes in with the my truck.
  • freddy8freddy8 Member Posts: 13
    Hi, anyone else have this problem/know a solution: after listening to the radio in the car for awhile -- 10 - 15 minutes -- with the key in the off position, I get a bad pop/boom from the speakers when I pull the key out. Yikes! hard on my fabulous (Dynaudio) sound system.

  • hummushummus Member Posts: 11
    Has anyone had the Ipod music interface installed on a 2008 c70 and if so how does it work? Are you able to switch between playlists, artists and albums via stereo controls?

    I was ready to get this but then I tried an mp3 disc and was very disappointed to learn that you can't navigate between folders but only songs. I am concerned that the Ipod interface will have similar limitations. Thanks
  • volvomaxvolvomax Member Posts: 5,238
    According to Volvo, you can view songs and playlists on the radio screen.
    Steering wheel controls will work.
  • crixycrixy Member Posts: 3
    I've just had this fitted to an '08 C70 in the UK. You can access and control the full ipod menu via the audio controls on the centre stack. All your playlists are listed, and you can get albums and artists too. Once connected all the controls on your actual iPod are disabled so it can only be controlled via the audio menu system. Once a playlist or album is selected via the centre stack you can move forward or back a track at a time via the steering controls. I don't think you can change playlist etc via steering controls - but I'm still learning as I've only had it a week. You don't want to be swapping playlists while driving via the centre stack as it is a little tricky!
    It's a fairly expensive option - but I managed to get it almost thrown in with a deal on a new car so was worthwhile! And it leaves the sole 12v socket (why only one?) free for your phone or sat nav system.
  • hummushummus Member Posts: 11

    Thanks for the detailed feedback. Sounds like there is alot of useful functionality and worth the investment. Did you notice a difference in sound quality between the interface and the auxiallary input (like Volvo advertises)?

    I have an iphone so this seems like the perfect solution for me as I always have the device on me and will be able to charge it in the car while listening to music.
  • crixycrixy Member Posts: 3

    I can't compare sound with the aux input as I've never used it - however it is fantastic quality compared to the FM iTrip I used before.

    The bad news is that my iPhone does NOT work with the system - just says unsupported device. There might be a way to fix that - I don't know. I now just leave my old iPod mini in the car all the time..
  • hummushummus Member Posts: 11
    That is really strange because they sell a cradle for the Iphone as part of the music interface and even have a picture of it on their accessories website (see link below).

    I also called Volvo North America personal shopper and was told that it is compatible with the Iphone. I guess more investigating is in order before I shell out $600.00 for the interface combo. Thanks again for all your insight.
  • ilinevilinev Member Posts: 4
    I just bought a 2008 C70 on Saturday and would like to get the iPod music interface installed. I was wondering if hummus found out any more information about the interface's compatibility with the iPhone and whether he/she got a good deal from the dealer.

  • hummushummus Member Posts: 11
    I got it installed and it works great with the iphone. The sound is better than CD (with good encoded songs) and much, much better than the auxiliary input. The only thing I don't like is that when you are playing a song in a playlist, album, artist, etc., you can't go up one level up but have to start from scratch again. Other than that it mimics the ipod interface pretty well.

    I highly recommend you print out the part numbers and specs from the link I attached in a previous post as the dealer I went to had no clue that the interface was compatible with the iphone/itouch. They did not want to do the installation for me until I showed them the documentation that the iphone was indeed compatible. They were hesitant but still did it. Later they told me that Volvo does not communicate new products well and they learn about new developments through customers. Volvo has communication issues to resolve and I shared my feedback via a survey.

    As far as price, I think it was $650.00 with installation and tax.

    And finally, a very pleasant and unanticipated surprise is that the kit included a USB interface. You can add songs (mpr and wav only) on a usb jump drive and play it through the radio with the same ease and clarity as the Ipod interface. I highly recommend the ipod/usb kit especially if you have dynaudio.
  • ilinevilinev Member Posts: 4
    I just got the iPod interface installed yesterday ($590 before tax). While I haven't had a chance to put it through a rigorous test it seemed to integrate quite nicely with my iPod Nano. The sound quality was amazingly clear--that Dynaudio really came into its own. I wish I had remembered yesterday to test it with my iPhone. Having read the instructions manual, it seems the system should be compatible with the iPhone. Apparently, Volvo designed the system to be device-agnostic, so long as the music files are stored in one of the recognized formats--MP3, WAV, etc. Like you pointed out, the package includes a 1GB USB flash drive--a nice touch.

    The one thing that concerns me a little is that it didn't become immediately clear to me how to browse my iPod's playlists. The iPod itself is disabled as soon it is plugged into the cable with a Volvo logo flashing on the screen. According to the manual, the system should mimic the iPod's file system but I have to play with it a little more to figure it out.

    All in all, I love the idea of bringing my iPod, or any other music player, into the car, plugging it in, and having access to all of my music. I think Volvo should make this option standard on all of their vehicles, especially the luxury ones.
  • philippians413philippians413 Member Posts: 1
    I, too, am considering getting the iPod music interface. I was told that it was $595 installed and that once installed by Volvo, it has a very good warranty. Given the price, I was curious as to whether anyone knows whether there is a harness or equivalent hardware set for the Volvo C70. It seems to be a crime to be able to install a Pioneer HD radio with XM satellite radio, a CD player, a ceiling-mounted dropdown DVD player, and an ipod interface that controls my iTouch in a 1998 vehicle (my old SUV) for a total of $700 while there is apparently no such option for a Volvo C70. Is it because the Volvo is so new? Is there no other source for the interface?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Member Posts: 5,238
    The problem is the software.
    The interface requires software from Volvo.
    Volvo's stereo system(or any system in the car) wasn't designed to work with any aftermarket applications.
    Nor was it desgined to be easily replaced by an aftermarket system.

    This is true for most newer cars, esp the higher end ones.
  • ilinevilinev Member Posts: 4
    Volvomax is exactly right--the dealership had to update the Dynaudio software in order for it to connect to the iPod. I was going to suggest philippians413 buy just the parts from the dealer and either install them him/herself but updating the software would have been a problem. Even with the software update, I still think the $600 is excessive. Of that, $300 was parts and the rest labor. Have you noticed that most dealerships bill at over $100/hr. now...

    I have to say that I would have happily swallowed the cost if the iPod interface worked properly. It bugs me beyond belief that I can't browse my iPod's playlists and play an album from start to finish. For some reason, the car stereo indexes all music files on the iPod and creates its own filesystem. It then proceeds to play the songs in no particular order--it's utterly frustrating. The only navigation possible is by turning the Tuning dial, which skips from song to song. Remember, however, that the songs are arranged completely haphazardly by the stereo. I have over 5,000 songs on my iPod, so you can imagine the utter mess and frustration in trying to play related songs. The songs are not organized in any logical fashion. I assume the system indexes the songs in alphabetical oder by song name. Why didn't Volvo design the system so it loads the iPod's file structure? I guess they thought they could out-design Apple.

    If someone can shed light on this issue, I'd really appreciate it.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Member Posts: 5,238
    The install isn't easy.
    You are ripping open the center console and the dash.
    If you don't now what you are doing, you can make a hash of things.

    It just amazes me that someone would spend $40-50,000 on a car and then try to save a couple hundred dollars on a complicated accessory.

    Personally, I don't have the USB connector. I'm perfectly happy using the reg Aux input and using the controls on my iphone.
    I just start my playlist before I drive away. :)
  • hummushummus Member Posts: 11

    I am having a different experience than you with my setup. When I am in the Ipod mode, I hit the enter button and from there I can choose my album, playlist, artist, whatever (just like the regular ipod). I hit enter and then go into the next folder where I can either choose a sub folder ( a particlar album) or a song and then hit enter again and it will play all the songs in that folder in order. Once I am done with folde I am in, I have to hit enter to begin the process all over and can't just go up a level which is a little disappointing but has much more functionality than you described. Try the enter button and if that does not work talk to you dealer becasue you are missing a bunch of critical functionality. I am using an iPhone with 2.0 software on it.
  • ilinevilinev Member Posts: 4

    Wow, this is amazing. What you describe above worked like a charm. Once the stereo connected to the iPhone, I pressed Enter, which allowed me to browse the iPod file structure on the stereo LCD--Albums, Artists, Songs, Genres, Composers--they were all there. Do you have any other secrets up your sleeve you'd like to share with us? Better still, call Volvo and offer to revise the iPod interface manual because currently it leaves this "minor" detail out.

    As you can tell, I'm still giddy with excitement but I had pretty much given up on the idea of being able to listen to an album from start to finish.

    Thanks for you help

  • hummushummus Member Posts: 11
    I am glad it worked for you. As you have already experienced, this takes the interface to a whole new level that makes the money spent well worth it.
  • bobparisbobparis Member Posts: 28
    I recently had the genuine Bluetooth kit installed at my dealer and have two comments/questions:
    #1 - A few moments after I start the car, the audio is interrupted with the message that my phone is connected. This is normal. However, about two thirds of the time that I drive, a minute or two later, the Bluetooth link is "lost" and has to be restored. Seems weird that it is always a block or two after I start the car, wherever I am. Is anyone else having this same problem?
    #2 - One reason I bought the Volvo system was that the audio plays through the stereo. However, the volume adjustment is not the stereo's volume knob, but instead the pushbutton on the Bluetooth accessory. As someone else mentioned on this board, with the top down it is simply not loud enough. Does anyone know if this can be re-wired to allow the volume knob to control the volume so that it can be louder than what the accessory pushbutton allows?
  • wing31wing31 Member Posts: 1

    I pulled out the whole audio system of my volvo C70 and pluged in another one. It asked me to input a code, I input the one on the card, but after I input the code 3 times, it said:" system off" and does not work at all. I pluged in the previous one, input the code, but it does not work either. What should I do now?
  • lovethatc70lovethatc70 Member Posts: 1
    I just purchased a C70 and I would like to add Bluetooth. The dealership wants to charge $750 for this feature. Volvo's bluetooth is integrated into the stereo and speakers which is a very nice feature. My concern is this....The actual bluetooth module is $380. The additional $270. is labor. I understand the idea of making a profit but was hoping that because I purchased the car from them they would be more reasonable on the installation costs. I was told that is a very quick installation and the downloading of some software. (I was told this by one of the Volvo dealerships)
    Here is my question...Has anyone had any kind of bluetooth installed in their Volvo with Dynoaudio? I am hoping that there is a good quality bluetooth that can be integrated into the stereo so that I can hear the caller clearly and so that they can hear me clearly. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated since the dealership that I purchased my car through has been less than helpful. They do not have any valuable advice. As a matter of fact, the Sales Manager suggested that I purchase one that attaches to my visor. I already own one. It is a Parrot that I purchased for $99 and it allows too much wind noise when the top is down.
    Thanks everybody,
  • juliawadejuliawade Member Posts: 4
    Hi Wendy,
    I have the Bluetooth from the dealer. It works well with the top up, but is useless with the top down. You either have to pull over to answer the phone, or use the handset (not a big deal to change, one button). I thought the price on the Bluetooth was crazy, but there is alot more to it than a plug-in. It is mounted on the dash, and wired somehow into the car. It took them a day to install mine. We also have one in our Infiniti SUV, and theirs works better in some ways, but the voice recognition in the Volvo seems better. If your only reason for having the Bluetooth installed at the dealer is to use it with the top down, stick with the Parrot. The Volvo Bluetooth is pretty, but big bucks!
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    I recently bought a 2000 c70. it has the factory 3 disc cd stereo. Where do i find the cd changer for the stereo? :confuse:
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