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Chevrolet Malibu Electrical/Lighting



  • prdmprdm Posts: 145
    To be honest, I'd be very reluctant to buy an American car again in the future.

    The above is your quote. I don't normally respond to these I'm never going to buy another (insert brand here) type rants because mostly they come from the kids on here but you sounded more educated and eloquent. Despite that, because of some anecdotal evidence, you take the same stance. Extrapolate that out a bit and nobody would ever buy a car again.

    I have no particular brand loyalty. A car is a tool with a job to do and at the moment a Chevy Maxx is doing that job fine. I've had VW's, Datsuns, BMW's, Ford's etc. some better than others but at no time would I paint a car company with a broad brush derived from my narrow experiences.
  • bateejeffbateejeff Posts: 11
    To prdm,

    Thanks for your comments. You were making some good points.

    However, I'd like to point out that even though I had very bad experience with 01 Malibu and 06 Malibu as I described in earlier messages, I have nothing against GM. In fact, as I metioned, last November I bought another GM vehicle, i.e., Buick 07 Rendezvous. Some friends said I was crazy to buy another GM vehicle despite all the trouble I had gone through with GM.

    If the Buick 07 Rendezvous doesn't do good for me, I will try a Japanese car to get a comparison. Maybe the lawn is indeed greener on the other side of the town. Or, may be not.

    Good luck with you Chevy Malibu Maxx. I sincerely hope you won't have to go through what I went through with my 01 Malibu.
  • dugfreshdugfresh Posts: 3
  • I have a 2000 Malibu standard with 74k on it, V6 3.1L. Recently I have had some interesting issues on startup. The engine will crank and start just fine, however the fuel gauge, coolant temp gauge, A/C blower, daytime running lights, high and low beam headlights, radio, and power doors and windows all will not function. If I turn off the car and restart it, it may happen again, or it may be completely normal with everything working. In other words, this is an intermittant problem with no rhyme or reason. Other than having no headlights at night, it doesn't seem to affect the driving characteristics of the car.

  • prdmprdm Posts: 145
    Check and test the battery. If it's original definitely change it.
  • yuryyury Posts: 146
    Yes the left turn indicator flashes faster than when the right signal is used.

    I had the same problem with the left turn bulb and the rear right stop signal bulb. 05 LS.
    The solution I came up with was incredibly simple :) It looks like there are pairs of contacts in a socket. One of them had wider spacing than the other on both sockets, hovever the bulb has the same thickness at the base. None of the bulbs had actually burned out.
    So I took a thin screwdriver and bent those plates so they are closer to one another. And I also had to sand the wires on the bulb to remove the black resedue.

    Works so far. I did the turn signal abobut 3 weeks ago and the brake light 2 days ago. Not sure if it will last, on the other hand don't see why not.....
  • sean74sean74 Posts: 18
    The left turn signals, both front and rear of my 2005 Malibu have broken twice during the past year. The dealer has changed bulbs for me. The rear brake bulb also was broken once. I doubt that the left side circuit or the bulb socket has deficiency. Does anybody have similar experience? Thanks for your advice.
  • yuryyury Posts: 146
    have you read my post just prior to yours ? i fixed my problem by simply bending the contact plates in the sockets.

    do your bulbs actually burn out ? I found that in my case they don't.
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    04 new style. I found some old posts on coolant temp intermittent, no fix reported.
    I had my not move off C for a whole day, next day it worked. Anyone know of a fix, or TSB.
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    he, he, he....its fixed....this seems to be a right of passage for the Malibu. It seems to happen only once to everyone; most people don't even know that it happens. I don't believe there has been one repeat incident reported on these pages.
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    I posted on another site, a GM tech stated he fixed one the other day. He found a loose pin at the sensor connector at the right head. Sounds right, poor connections do come and go.

    I am going to have them check it when I go in for my new rack this week. I road on a gravel road this weekend for the first time, got the infamous rack rattle. 28K miles
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    yep, the stearing gear rattles the most on gravel roads. Good luck.
  • shinranshinran Posts: 2
    Had many problems, much like yours. I'm taking it to the dealer to check out the electrical system.

    Bulbs were never burnt out, just bad sensors or relays. Yesterday, I noticed that the brake/turn light was out. I had to buy a new bulb, but when I got home to fix, there wasn't an issue, but replaced anyway.

    If under warranty (like mine), return to dealer.
  • yuryyury Posts: 146
    i think if you look inside the socket you will find that the the plates are too far apart. i gently bent them so they are closer together and that fixed the problem (i did it twice, for one of the turn signals and one of the brakes lights). bulbs never really burnt out.
    it's been working for 3 months now.
    seemes easier then taking the car to the dealer :) but if that happens again i plobably will :)
  • redlemonredlemon Posts: 4
    Hi Chris
    I'm having the same issue on my 2003 at the same miles. All electronics go dead except engine. I just wanted to know if you found a fix for the problem. I'm not sure where to start looking.

  • I have a 1999 Chevrolet Malibu LS and for some reason when we changed the brake light it keeps popping a fuse. Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you.
  • pink24pink24 Posts: 1
    My car runs fine. However the windows suddenly would not go back up, the radio stopped working, the DRLs stopped working and I have no airflow inside the car. It does this on an on and off again sorta thing. I have checked all the fuses all are fine. I have checked all the Relays and again they are all fine. I checked the connections to the battery and tightened it down. So now Im not sure what else it could be. Any help would be greatly appriciated!
  • 04cad04cad Posts: 131
    Hi, can anyone tell me how to tell if a 2004 Malibu classic should have the remote unlock feature? We are buying one for my daughter to replace her 1998 Malibu LS and the seller doesn't have the key fobs for a remote door unlock, but the car has the power locks and windows. I guess the key fob unlock system was an option that model, but with the power door locks I would think it would have the remote unlock. Also the key the seller has is not an original key (no big black plastic thingy) but it starts the car fine and we drove it for about twenty minutes with no problems, did the 2004 classic model not have the chip in the key that affects the car running if it is not there? Thanks in advance for the help. :confuse:
  • butch100butch100 Posts: 28
    Check all grounding points for loose connections,ect.
    All of the functions you mentioned are controlled by the
    BCM (body control module), it might be going bad, mine
    ('05) acts up once in awhile too. Trunk pops open, radio
    resets to an AM oldies station, door lock pop up and down.
    acts like it's friggin Christine!
  • 04cad04cad Posts: 131
    Also can anyone tell me if the 2004 classic key has to be cut by the dealer or as long as it is cut by a machine, can it be cut by any key cutter at a store? The ignition key we got with it looks to be a regular off the rack 1.00 key and it works fine. My mechanic said something like the newer cars don't have the chip on the key but the ignition recognizes whether the key is cut or if someone is trying to use a pick to start the car? thanks
  • 04cad04cad Posts: 131
    Found out if you have the right blank anyone can cut it, but cut incorrectly, you can start the car and drive it, but it won't open the doors or trunk, don't ask how I figured that out :blush: I also found a site that states that this model had the remote door unlock as standard equipment. :)
  • I bought a second-hand Malibu2003.It's good for the past year while recently the "theft" light is on or flashing sometimes. I don't what to do or Where is my dealer?
  • 04cad04cad Posts: 131
    Malibu is a chevrolet so you could go to a Chevrolet dealer or maybe a GMC dealer. Your key may be wrong or ???? Good luck with this problem.
  • lliulliu Posts: 2
    I have a second hand 2000 Malibu. It works well until recently. When i start the car, the engine is on, but the gas and coolant indicators have no reading, no airconditioner, no air flow, if in the garage, the lights are not on too. But you can still drive the car. Most weird things is that after you drive a few minutes, everything is just back to normal. Sometimes if you push a little harder when you turn on the car, I will be fine. But the past few days, it seems this trick didn't work. I don't know what to do as I knew nothing about car. I called the dealer this morning, they told me they have a look at the car before giving any suggestions. Thanks in advance for those know what's going on with my car.
  • lliulliu Posts: 2
    HI, Chris

    I have the exactly same problem as yours (same car, 95k). I just post a message for help. Did you get your car fixed?

  • i have a 04 LT model and i'm having trouble with my brake lights and cruise control. Sometimes my brake lights are always on, other times they are backwards (pressing the brake makes them go off and releasing the brake turns them on) and also when the lights are messed up the cruise control does not engage. I've replaced the fuse for the cruise but that didn't work. car is out of warranty so i'm not really wanting to take it to the dealer. Any information would be great. Thanks in advance
  • rvothrvoth Posts: 147
    Having problems with the cruise engaging, the button on the left turns on but when i push the set button , nothing!!! GM has replaced the PCM module but it hasn't fixed the problem. They are going to talk with GM techs on monday..I find this very unnerving especial with 40 days before the warranty expires..Has anyone had this happened to them??
  • Hi,

    I have the identical problem (already swapped the computer (ECM) with no success). Have you gotten a response to your post? Thanks much in advance for any help on this.

  • 04cad04cad Posts: 131
    Daughter's 04 Malibu Classic has an ignition switch glitch...... Occasionally when she turns the ignition key off, the switch assembly pops out of the car. I talked to the dealership who said something about a keeper up under the dash. I am not sure how this would work since the ignition switch is sort of a module that slips into the hole in the dash and there are four prongs that fit into four holes for the electrical connections. It isn't a problem to stick it back in, but why does it come out and what is supposed to hold it into the dash? thanks
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