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MINI Cooper Clutch & Transmission Questions



  • georgiatgeorgiat Posts: 2
    We have a manual 2009 Cooper S with 20,000 miles on it. For about the last 7,000 miles it has been making a brief screeching noise - a bit like metal on metal - when the car starts off in 1st gear. We have taken it to two different Mini dealers in LA area, and both have said that they would have to open up the transmission to find the problem, which would cost $1800 if it was determined that there was abusive wear on the clutch. An 09 with only 20,000 miles having a busted clutch? The bumper to bumper warranty doesn't seem to cover anything - any problem seems to be met with a reply of "oh, that isn't included in the warranty."

    Any ideas on a fix, or anyone have a similar screeching sound with their Cooper S?
  • CeeeeCeeeeCeeeeCeeee Posts: 25
    seems to be the MINI mantra! When I heard that about my dead transmission I stood in the showroom and let "them" have it! The showroom was full of customers, by the way. It didn't take long before I had a free loaner car and, within two days, a brand new transmission PAID FOR BY THE DEALER. Abuse????? We know who the abuser is, don't we? A young man told me yesterday he has seen me with my MINI and as a result has decided that as soon as he finished college he is going to buy one. I hated to kill his dream, but I felt I had no choice. He said he was grateful for all the info and is now going to rethink what his dream car will be.
  • ccs8cccs8c Posts: 3
    I just got a call from my mini dealer saying that the clutch was burnt on my 2008 mini Cooper s that I purchased brand new last July. I brought it into the dealer two weeks ago because I thought there was a transmission problem. The dealer is telling me that it's not covered at all--I raised a stink over the phone and got a call back informing me they would pay for parts and I was responsible for labor. After reading theses posts, seems like a scam! I've had an automatic since highschool, always a Honda or toyota, and never had to replace a there something special about a mini clutch? The dealer is making me into a bad driver, even mentioning that an "old lady" had to get hers replaced at 5000 miles. I'm far from a little old lady....
  • Could you send me the emails you sent Mini CS as I have a blown transmission at 79,000 and have numerous other isues with the car prior to this HUGE issue. Thank you for you help in advance.
  • I don't have copies of the e-mails. Side note: today, while stopped at a red light, my MINI just died! It gave me no advance warning and the timing seemed fine. Fortunately, it started by up on the first try. However, I am constantly worried about a repeat of my failed transmission.....even with a new one installed! This is no way to own a car.
  • I'm still trying to figure out how the other poster got his first clutch paid for under warranty. My clutch went out at 20k miles and they told me that it wasn't covered, because it was a wearable part that depended upon the customer's driving. I raised hell. A clutch should NOT go out at 20k, even if I were an inexperienced driver who got great pleasure out of grinding gears. I ended up paying for the thing. Now, 14k miles later, THE CLUTCH IS SLIPPING AGAIN. Can't wait to see what excuse the dealership gives me now. Anyone have any ammo I can use to pad my case? I don't want to pay for another clutch, and i don't think i should have to!

  • Same thing happened to me at 22k miles. Here I am at 36k and my clutch is slipping again. Just put my call into the dealership and waiting to see what they say. And yes, i had to pay for the first clutch.
  • ccs8cccs8c Posts: 3
    This is very disheartening. I find it unbelievable that a clutch would go out at 14,500 miles -- and that's what they are telling me. They won't cover any of it. If a Ford Mustand can make it on two clutches in 230,000 miles, a brand new mini should make one year of use and I don't care if you are the worst driver in the world! My boyfriend successfully sued Mini in 2002 and I think I'm going that route. The posts here is making me think this is a bigger problem than Mini is letting on...
  • my 02 mini just died and it is the transmission. my mechanic is telling it will be $7000 to replace. I am just starting to come accross all the info on the net on this. wow! I had no idea this situation existed. I will call the dealer and MiniUSA Monday but does anyone have any advice? :confuse:
  • ccs8cccs8c Posts: 3
    I've called Mini of North America several times about my premature burnt clutch and they aren't doing anything to help out the situation.
  • please send me your email address to and I will send you a copy of my email chain that was successful in getting Mini to provide part if I paid labor. BTW $7k is high.
  • send me your email address at and I will send you my email chain.
  • For some reason your e-mail address won't work for me. Is it
  • Well, i got a call back from the dealer regarding my clutch. To remind you, so you don't have to scroll back through posts, I have an 05. First clutch blew at 22k miles, second one blew at 34k miles. They made me pay for the first--citing that it wasn't covered by warranty, because it was a "wearable" part, due to driver habits. They tried to pull the same crap this time. I emailed mini international. They asked for my VIN number. Next thing I know, my dealership is calling me, telling me that they're paying for the whole thing. However, the dealership guy's little speech was still laced with "under the table" hints--basically telling me that I blew the clutch because i'm a poor driver. I have had 6 cars in my lifetime, all have been standards, and i have NEVER blown a clutch. I love my Mini, but i can't afford to replace a clutch and flywheel every year. I'll be trading it in.
  • Wish I could find a car as small and responsive as the MINI without the MAJOR transmission/clutch problems. I've decided to hang onto my 2004 basic MINI (automatic) until I have another problem with the transmission! At that point I will dump the car for as much as I can get for it. Never, never again.....and, all those people who come up to me with envy in their eyes, leave with a whole new appreciation (or lack, thereof) for this clunker of a car!
  • DISGUSTED with mini. First anger and then tears. 10k got a new tranny (under warranty). didnt think twice, gave bmw the benefit of the doubt and thought it was just a mistake. one in a million. now at 75k need a new tranny. not to mention ive had 2 dead batteries. and when i mean dead - i mean they couldnt even jump it regularly. the two truck had to use some super jumpers.

    now i dont know what to do. i love the car but it will be just a pit of money. do i get a lawyer involved what. so confused and so lost

    03 mini CVT
  • New to site hi all, just bought used mini 02 s with 70000 miles and clutch feels a little weird like kinda catch type grind type of deal with the pedal but seems to shift ok. I started reading on here and now im kinda worried about transmission issues.I carfaxed it and no transmission issues even willing to go w lighter flywheel and a clutch upgrade, or even try the extended warranty thing u see on tv all the time any advice is welcome. thanks p.s its a 6 speed does it hv the problems of a 5 speed or do all the tannys have issues?
  • puffin1puffin1 Posts: 276
    Mini never solved their tranny problems untill 06. mini owners formed a class action suit against BMW. You can go to Mini transmission forums of old and read alot of horror stories.
    However, like I said there are not many complaints from 06.
    I dump your car as it is a money pit.I wouldn't own one below an 06.
    The Fiesta is coming to compete with the Mini for alot less. The Titanium Ford mini outsells the Mini in Europe. I ' not a ford person but it's the rage now.
  • I Bought a 2006 Mini Copper S 4 months ago because it only had 16000 miles on it and the factory warranty still had lots of time left. Now 3000 miles later the clutch goes out. Now keep in mind that I am from Europe where we drive nothing but stick shift.
    The SF Mini people are telling me that the warranty will not cover this as I dig a little deeper i find out that this is the third time that this has happen!!! The previous owner lost their clutch at 8000 miles and then again at 11000mile......what does this tell us. Now I also have a friend that works with BMW as a car mechanic and he tells me that the clutch is a weak component with Mini. I am waiting to see a Mini Rep from Northern Ca ....any ideas out there?
  • This is most deffinitly a problem with Mini....I wish there was a way that all of us could get together and write a pertition to Mini ....there is power in numbers!
    MY mini is about to be on its third clutch and not even on 20000 miles. This is beyond the word..rediculas.
  • When my Mini clutch (2005) went out at 24000 miles, I paid for it. When it went out again, 14k miles later, I did not. I emailed Mini International and let them know of my issues. They called the dealership, and my next clutch was paid for. That same week, I traded in my Mini for a Mercedes. I LOVED my Mini. LOVED it. However, I can't fathom dropping $2400 every year to get a new clutch, all the while, having the dealership tell me "it's the way you drive."
  • Do you still the the link to Mini international? I too will try that route and see if they give me any Joy...You are right about Mini blaming in on the way you drive. We only put 3000 miles on this car since we bought it 4 months ago. I will be pushing this in a big way....thanks for the info
  • Hi Karen,

    Are you still dealing with your law suit?
    Please let me know whats going email is
  • Just an update to all you Mini people out there in a world of dismay....
    I just met with the Service manager of SF Mini and with the Mini Rep for northern Cal.
    After a not so well presented repertoire from the Rep explaining how the problem with the clutch was not a manufactures issue I proceeded to re-educate this man on the fact that any clutch that can't last past 10,000 miles is ridiculous regardless of how bad a persons driving is. This clutch has been replace at 8000 miles and then again at 11000 and now with a new European driver (for the last 3000 miles) that has driven only stick shift for 26 years. I did a lot of research here on this site and found out about a class action law suit .......(I need more info)...Anyway I told these guys that I was not paying their estimate of $3600 plus tax......They had the car taken apart..without my permission....They had to replace either with the broken parts or new ones???? I offer to pay for the new parts!!!
    We had a DEAL.....$1300 for me ....way less than $4000. I also told them that I am selling the car ASAP. Its lots of fun to drive but this will happen again and again.$$$$$$
    Good Luck People.
  • We have a 2008 Mini S with 17,000 miles on it. Mini replaced the clutch at 6,490 miles and again at 14,438 miles. They obviously are having clutch problems whether they admit it or not! It's either a bad design or bad manufacturing of the clutch components.
  • puffin1puffin1 Posts: 276
    you are the only person on here with brains.
    Coopers have always had problems with their clutches and trannies. Plus the Brits can't build cars.
    People think they are cute or you get alot for your money. You have to have deep pockets . People buy them ,then write glowing reviews after 100 mile up to 5k. Then the clutch goes and they get on here for help. Mini has the worse realiability . VW is now better rated than the Mini,and thats sayin' something.
    Mini buyers not all do not do their homework. :shades:
  • I get that some people are having problems with their cluthces and part of it is probably because their is a bad batch of clutches out there. I think another part of it is people don't know how to drive and/or the MINI is heavily autocrossed.

    My 2004 is still on the original clutch at close to 60,000 miles and neither myself nor the person I sold it to have ever had a problem with it.

    That car saw some hard driving too during some autocrossing and a more then a couple of burnouts.
  • My Mini is in need of major repair. I drove the car 15,000.

    The estimated cost of repairs is $6,600 for the following:
    tire arms
    tire bolts
    and more

    I bought the car, a 2004 Mini Copper S at a dealership. The car was Certified Pre-Owned and I paid for an extended warranty as well. I thought that I had covered my bases with warranties, inspections, certifications, & the added assurance of a reputable dealership. For me, buying a Mini meant that I was getting value, quality, and fun.

    Unfortunately, my experience indicates something different...

    Day 1 : I park the car in the garage and find that the bumper is two-toned, almost orange and yellow. It looks like someone used a home air brush kit. The bumper issue was not visible in the bright day light. Awesome.

    Day 256: I hear a squeaking sound in the tire well. The tensioner, crankshaft pulley/ bolt are replaced. They also change the oil. Thanks goodness it's covered.

    But why another issue?

    Day 500 (+/-): Checkout Mini Cooper Soap Box for more details & video.

    I really want resolution to this issue. Does anyone have advice?
  • I also purchased a 2004 Mini (basic,not S) as a certified pre-owned car from a Mini dealer. When I got it home I noticed the windshield was terribly pitted and the driver's seat was really "broken down" in a way which was very uncomfortable for me. The dealership replaced the windshield and the seat without so much as a "squeak". The warranty paid for all of it. It had about 44,000 miles on it. Within months, the transmission "died". The dealership tried to tell me it wasn't covered. In fact, the gal who sold me the car was the one telling me I would have to pay for the replacement of the transmission. I strongly reminded her I has voiced my concern about the high mileage when I purchased the car FROM HER and SHE had told me not to worry because it was covered as a certified pre-owned car by MINI up to 100,000 miles or 6 years. I said this in front of many shoppers in the middle of the showroom. Needless to say, they replaced the transmission at their cost. I didn't have to pay a dime. They even gave me a loaner for three days. Good luck!
  • Thanks CeeeeeCeeee!

    I will give your suggestion a try.
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