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Dodge Magnum Transmission Issues



  • I have a 05 rt and iwas stuck in the snow. While trying to get unstuck the trans incured a problem. When in park,reverse,drive the car tries to move forward but won't but if placed in neutral the car goes forward for a half block. The engine sounds like it has a load on it no matter where the shifter is but it never attempts to go into reverse. Call or text 586-738-4991 john if anyone can help or had the same problem. Also when the trans messed up my climate controls quit working and there's no blown fuses :(
  • rhtransrhtrans Posts: 84
    05's have a mecedes unit 722.6 if i'm not mistaken. forward and reverse i believe are still hydraulically controlled..if it moves forward in neutral and binds in reverse most likely somethin burnt and welded up on your attempt to get out the snow.
  • Need some help, if possible, I have a 2006 sxt dodge magnum... Got ready to back up and it was moving inch by inch,, same thing when i went forward...finally it was working but when it shifts, it feels like it is shifting really hard... I carrried it to the dealer thinking it was low on fluid... and how can we find out about that...30$ to tell me the levels were correct and the transmission guy was not in and to make another appointment to bring it back into the dealer...a couple days later the check engine light comes on and stays on all day then goes what is there to do???? I want to know if you can work around the dealer and check the fluid yourself... and what is going on with the transmission... PLEASE let me know...
  • u can buy a trans dipstick from a dealer or the snap-on tool man I have a 05 rt hemi and it sounds like either ur trans silinoid located under the shifter or the torque converter clutch is burning out. I need a trans for mine. If there is a autozone near u they will plug ur car in and tell u whats wrong for free
  • In the book it says it has a saftey deley where it has to be warmed up or it will go into saftey mode... but now i went to start my car this morning and it idioled for about 2 seconds then shut off... i tried giveing it gas but it still shut off. The security light is on and will not go off... think it is a defect with the securtiy
  • jacc335jacc335 Posts: 3
    Do you know the part # for the dipstick & how remove the dipstick tube cap? I have been told the trans is sealed &draws in water & will not let it evatorate out
  • dtray50dtray50 Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 sxt dodge magnum that is giving me the same issues (exact issues) that you are experiencing. Have you located the cause or had the issues resolved?
  • jacc335jacc335 Posts: 3
    I'm Jacc335,I got your email of Mar 16. I have not had any issues with my trans in my 05 magnum. I removed the fill tube cap, got dip stick from junk yard, I'm going to add trans cooler later this summer .The sealed trans draws in water but does not vent it out.
  • noocytnoocyt Posts: 1
  • jacc335jacc335 Posts: 3
    The part # is9336 I found it on internet for $109. I got one at junk yard for $1.00. Turn the fill tube cap slow,to left ,as you push down. cut the dip stick to fit. Mine is about "28.25..I will use top brand of oil. You can email oil co.
  • Well carried car to dealer and they said that it was ""veh had codes P0700, P0703 in correct gear ration. Codes are not current cleared codes and test drove if codes come back trans will need further diagnoses""... I was not told what the codes were or anything just rying to dig deeper into my pocket.. Looked codes up on net and found that P0700 is Transmission Control System Malfuction..P0703 is Brake Switch Circuit Malfuction... Has any one had such a thing happen Please let me know what the fix was??? Thanks
  • kraygolfkraygolf Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 SXT that I bought 3 weeks ago with 22K on it. Within 3 days I had this exact same issue. The shift from first to second gear in low RPM (around 1800) will clunk or even shudder. Best way I can describe is when you're driving a manual transmission and you shift at too low of an RPM and the car almost stalls. Took it to the dealership twice already, and they ran a TSB on it to flash the transmission computer as well as a quick learn. Still does it. And now I can feel it when it shifts in other gears. Also, it seems to slip at higher gears but only at low RPMs. Anyone else have this "fixed" and can give me some advice?
  • gerardlgerardl Posts: 1
    think i have the same think . at about 140 miles the rpm will start going up and at 200 miles it just stops moving . i pull over stop shut off engine wait a min or so start up and go for a mile as it starts slipping to a stop well its been in the shop, was said the trans filter was not seated correct. that happen six day after i drove off the car lot now six day later the same thing just about 200 miles i drove .so now its back in the shop.I have 50000. mile on my used rt love the car hope they find a real fix hate to have to give it up please some one find a fix. just got a call from dealer said car is fixed after six days had said replaced tourgue converter and pump did a extensive road test and i should have no proplems so said. hey guys ill be back to give an up my RT.oh it' an 2005
  • redorangeredorange Posts: 1
    Do you guys have the 4 speed or the 5 speed transmissions with the autostick? Just trying to see if the problems are with the 42RLE or the NAG1 transmissions that have the problems. We just got a magnum and it has the 42RLE 4 speed transmission and yesterday it was holding it's shift longer tha I am use to with A/T's. When I mashed the pedal it would hit up to 7000RPM before shifting and at one point would shift up anymore and I was just goping about 85mph at the time. I will be checking the fluid if it's low or has any burnt smell to it.
  • acsbillwacsbillw Posts: 1
    I have an 05, got it new and it started having sluggish starts at lights and even started stalling. The check engine light kept coming on, then off again. It didn't like going under 40 MPH, if you did it would run bad like above. I would have bet it was the transmission. The problem ended up being the EGR Valve. Fault code P0406.

    They also repaired it about a year ago, and found that the vibration I was having at high speeds was from a drive shaft nut not being tight.

    My car has 76000 miles on it and is now running great!

    All the above repairs was less then 600.00

    Best car I ever owned!
  • I have a 2008 mag sxt 3.5, purchased used w/24k miles. I own a 2007, 300 with same engine and trans so I had definite expectations. I immediately noticed the low gear clunk and less responsiveness than my 300. Once while making a hard stop in the mag, the engine stalled. The dealer stated that there was a transmission code update needed and performed the update. For a few months, the trans was smooth but soon after I began noticing the clunk again. The dealer recently advised me that I needed a new transmission valve body. The dealer order the part yesterday. I will update after the repair.
  • For starters to all Magnum owners, I saw a very short interview of a Chrystler executive Winter of 2008 and this is what he said re status of Chrystler at that time: "we lose money every time we build a Dodge Magnum," I am not kidding. Wonder what that meant ? What did he mean ? (That statement sticks in my mind)

    Anyway here is my concern re my 2007 Magnum SXT @22Kmiles, purchased from a dodge dealer in Bellevue, WA with 12K June 2008. Build date May, 2007:

    At 13kmiles started hearing a "rattle" as soon as all is warmed-up to operating temp coming from somewhere down under. Local dealer here in Ellensburg, WA not able to find anything conclusive. Still living with this rattle, for now. (Rattle sounds exactly like a loose exhaust hanger wiggling. This is not the case. )

    Most important concern for me now is the "thump" I too am getting when trans downshifts from 3rd to 2nd especially when slowing down to a stop when exiting a freeway. Getting a bit more pronounced very recently. Local dealer here did find a "flash code" re the thump I was getting on upshift from 2nd to 3rd and that is all OK for now, so far.

    Local dealer and I have good working relationship and they called me back re my email to them about the downshift "thump" and they want to look at it today.

    Although only 22K miles, today I will request an ATF fluid flush and filter clean. filters are re-useable (they clean them.) Hopefully an ATF change out might fix the problem. Also, maybe they did some more research and might be another code adjustment.

    I will get back to all of you to share my results.
  • I drove around for an hour, came home and parked the magnum. It ran just fine. An hour later I try to leave and it's stuck in park now. There are no lights on the dash, the brake lights work, the fliuds are fine. Its just stuck in park and will not budge. What can I do to fix this problem?
  • My car is at the dealership now (2 wks), clunk and shudder from 1st to second when releasing the gas pedal after accelerating. The dealer did a trans flush to no avail. Then the service mgr tried to tell me that the clunk was "normal"!
    I took the tech for a test drive, he agrees, not normal. Gonna check the whole drive line, incl the u joints.
    Will keep you posted.
    By the way, the car has 160,102 kms. So it is now over the 160 power warranty, Chrysler Canada is looking at this under goodwill warranty and issued a case number when I called the 800 line to complain.
  • I drove around for an hour, came home and parked the magnum. It ran just fine. An hour later I try to leave and it's stuck in park now. There are no lights on the dash, the brake lights work, the fliuds are fine. Its just stuck in park and will not budge. What can I do to fix this problem?
    2006 Mag SRT8 (25,000 miles) same problem last Friday. No indication lights & stuck in park. Had to have Chrysler send a tow truck. The driver (independent tow company) says this problem happens often with Dodges. The trasmission lock module failed. He had to lift the rear of the car climb under to pull (a cable?) to release the car from park to nuetral. Luckily the car was not in the garage. By the way the wife's Honda and my company car (accord) have a key override to release to park.

    The dealer confirmed and replaced the module luckily still under warranty. I thought I would own one Chrysler product that did not require towing.
  • i have a dodge magnum v8 (318) when i give it gas the rpm's reve up really high but it wont change gears. It acts like its stuck in nuetral, but when i put it in nuetral and back in drive it will change, once in the right gear it runs fine. Any ideas?
  • nin77canin77ca Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 Magnum 8 cylinder Hemi.
    While on highway car would rev but speed stuck at 90km an hour.This has happened twice.We are not sure what to do since it only happens to me.Wayne only has seen the problem with headlights shutting off and on.Hope to find a fix before spending to much money.Magnum lover.No answer yet :P
  • danvasdanvas Posts: 2
    I have a 2005 Magnum R/T and yesterday I was leaving home in the morning and noticed a high pitched whine coming from the transmission. As I pulled up to a stop sign and stop I still heard it. I proceeded to go and could feel the trans start to slip in and out of gear as it slipped the RPM's would rise as if in nuetral. I got to the next stop sign and then it would not move. I tried all the gears and nothing. It has autoshift and that would not allow me to pick 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th gears. Reverse did not work either. I turned off the car for about 5 seconds and then restarted it I put it in to drive and I was able to make it home. But every stop I had to turn the car off and then back on. Any ideas, I have it a transmission place and they said it would be $450 to look inside the the transmission, because they are getting error codes that say 1st gear, 2nd gear and 3rd gear errors. I have a feeling they are going to rape me. Any ideas would be helpful.
    Thanks Dan
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    You didn't mention your mileage... I mention that because a 2005 would have a 7/70 Powertrain Warranty that would cover transmission repairs (assuming they're not from neglect).

    kcram - Pickups/Wagons Host
  • Danvas

    The transmission problem you are describing is EXACTLY what i had/have on my 2005 Magnum R/T (62,000 miles). First the high pitch noise started, took it to the dealer and they replaced the filter. Noise gone. One week later, the transmission started to slip and seconds later, all gears gone. I called a tow truck and they took it back to the dealership. This time, they explain this is known problem for this transmission, Chrysler directed them to flush the transmission, then replace the valve-body. They believe there is some debree stuck in one of the valves. This is as far we got today, the new valve-body is getting installed tomorrow.

    Common for all these failures are they only occur when the transmission has reached normal operating temperature. When cold, it is all fine.

    Hope some of this helps.
  • danvasdanvas Posts: 2
    I had 90,000 miles on it. The car was rarely driven hard and after all is said and done the transmission had to be rebuilt for $3000.00 I have owned a lot of cars from 2 Ford Mustangs. 1 an 82 GT and the other which I still have a 86 SVO. I drove the crap out of those cars and never even had to replace the clutch. But, what's done is done. I want to thank you for your help.
  • My car sat for a week at home and then had girlfriend drive to the Airport apx 65 miles. Car sat for 4 days there.Got back and started car drove to the gas station filled up and drove to the freeway. All within a mile. Went to get on the freeway and depress the accelerator and it down shifted once and then shift up as it goes thru the gears. As i got to speed the check engine light came on and the EPS traction light came on. No acceleration now, it goes thru the gears but if you put your foot down it wont go. Its just a gradual acceration and will shift and you can be going 35 in 5th? Whats the deal, does anyone know or had this issue? I also noticed that my rear end has a little puddle on the drive way? I have 71k on it and as i was driving i noticed there was no overheating or noises from the trans? It shifted so is this a trans issue or the electronics in the accecerator or AWD? :mad:
  • dang, i read therw the problems i might be running to makes me lerry. any way the answer to the tranny that wouldn't swift, a plastic part in the swifter. at the dealer for $98, installed it in 1 hour.
    they told me it was made better this time.
    p.s. if you need a picture fill free to contact.
  • I think i have the same problem...can u send me a pic?
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