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Does anyone know of a source for an engine cover for the 3500 engine that is in the MAXX? I see I mine does not have one and others do. Thanks!


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    Second to that!
    Where is no engine cover on my 2004 MAXX LS.
    Is it suppose to be there?
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    I put on a set of BF GOODRICH TRACTION T/A's. &0k tire and teh best I have found for Iowa driving! I had them on my Grand Prix GTP and put them on the 'boo, and she goes through anything! YOu will love them. Check out for reviews. I got mine from walmart for under $400 for 4 mounted.
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    try gmpartsdirect.....if you know the part your dealers parts department and ask....
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    I agree with pao about GM Parts Direct. The part number you want is 12593411 and it shows up on their site. Looks like GM list price is $86.73. They show their price <$50 but I have no idea what you would actually pay - probably somewhere in middle.
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    THANKS guys for your help! I had not been able to find a part number. I found one online from a place that parts out new cars - $75 shipped. I don't know why I want one, but I do :-)
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    "I found one online from a place that parts out new cars..."

    Can you post the link to where you got the part?
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    It is: They sell all kinds of auto parts and specialize in cars with less than a few hundred miles on them. The local dealer wants $86.73 for the part. Thanks again to all who helped me on this!
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    my obvious question is since all ours seems to have the engine cover...why didnt yours come with one...????? ask the dealer to get you one for free!?!
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    I have tried the dealer I bought from. They keep skirting around the question. So, I decided to find one myself. I think they are only there for cosmetic reasons?
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    be insistent..most are for noise level control inside the passenger compartment..dont think that is much of a problem with the Maxx however
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    Thanks for the advise! I have contacted them again and will see. I should have looked/paid attention when we bought the car the end of Oct. I did not know that it was suppose to have one until a few weeks ago when i saw a pic of the Maxx's engine. I do want one though :-)
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    I am confused now! Looking at a local dealers website, the photos of the enignes in the Maxx, there is not an engine cover! So I am wondering, is it standard on an 05 Maxx LS or not? Very confusing!


    Larry :-)
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    I just got word from the dealer that they will special order one in at no charge! THANKS for the advice! I really like this forum! I was a member of a Grand Prix forum (previous car), and while I did learn some things, I think it had a lot of younger members on it, and it was pretty out of hand. The Maxx and Malibu forums seem real helpfull, and there seems to be a lot more friendlyness.

    Larry :-)
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    I have an 04 Maxx LT...will have to look tonight..but I pretty sure I have a engine cover on new 06 Pontiac Solstice has one for sure!!!!
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    Am I the only one who's not sure what an engine cover even is? Any photo links?
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    Well, I just got another email from the dealer. He is saying the don't make them for the MAXX. I have seen them on the MAXX, so I know they have them! here is what he wrote me:

    My parts department went to order the engine cover and a message popped up that said engine cover not available for year make and model of vehicle. So they called General Motors and in 2005 General Motors did not put engine covers on the Malibu Maxx. There is not even one that can be ordered. This was a big surprise to me, apparently you can get one for the regular Malibu's but not the Maxx. Anyways, let me know if there is anything further I can do for you. "

    So back to square one. Oh, and what does it look like? They are black plastic, with "3500 V6" on them and they cover the top of the engine. Looks rather nice!
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    Engine cover was a late add to the 2005 Malibu but went on both sedan and Maxx. Underhood there really isn't any physical difference between them anyways.

    However I should have mentioned this - cover won't attach properly to older engine because there were some other changes to put in attachment provisions. One would likely have to have 2 cars before/after to see what changed
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    I wondered if that was the case. THe build date was Aug 04, so it is an early 05. I can live without it :-)Just thought it dressed it up...but who sees it anyway? :-)
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    I call them dust collectors. All they serve is to make it harder to take off the valve cover to repair the engine. I originally thought you were talking about the fire blanket under the hood. I'm glad I was wrong; no car should be without that.
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    -I originally thought you were talking about the fire blanket under the hood. I'm glad I was wrong; no car should be without that.-

    Those are merely sound insulation - they will not drop down and smother any engine fire.
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    Hi i have a 2005 maxx ls and was interested in putting a roof rack on top basically just for looks. Can anyone recommend a good one? so far i really am enjoying my car had it about a 2 weeks now. I wonder why don't see more of them on the road? I live in S.C. and have only seen one to date.
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    do a google search for yakima or careful of clearances if you have the sunroof....since it slides back over the roof of the VA here but come down to Greenville during football season...also to there is where my son lives
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    I would like to add a GPS to my Maxx and would like to find out if any of my chat friends have installed one on a MAXX. Which one would be a good fit for our car?
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    I didnt do an install...simply got the magellan roadmate series...and with a mounting bracket...mounted it to the dash...been there almost two years now
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    Pao, can you send me a photo so see how it looks installed? The dash on the Maxx is kind of odd and I am interested in seen where did you install it that it can be reached from the driver seat. My email is [email protected]

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    will have to look and see if I have was a profit can order it....and it is on the top of the the left of the little shelf that has the hazard button and the malibu name plate... foward to the point that dash curves up for the drivers gauges....hope this helps..will try to see if I have a photo of it tonight
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    Thanks Pao. You gave such a good description that I do not need the photo anymore. If you have it, so much better but I get the idea.
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    There might be some type of system offered which is a complete add-on but the factory remote start system isn't supported as an upgrade for 2004/5 models. For 2006, Chevy started building all Malibus "remote start ready" so that the dealer can quite easily upgrade one of those vehicles with a GM Accessories Kit which includes new fobs and a unique authorization code.

    I am sure someone else will post about replacement tires since there have been some messages previously on that subject. Not from personal experience but I have seem many positive comments on the Goodyear TripleTred however it depends on how much you want to pay.
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    We had the dealer put a remote starter on our 05 MAXX. We wanted an 06, for that reason, and the dealer wanted to sell the 05, so he added that in to ours. It is -15 with -25 wind chill, so it has been awesome having it!
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    Are there any performance chips or tricks that can improve the gas mileage? I can't really complain, but drive enough to look for any improvement. I tried both the ignitor and the tornado, but returned both because they worsened the mileage.

    What gear ratio is in the Maxx and the Malibu? I understand they are different. I wonder what the Maxx would get if the ratio's were swapped. But then could the speedo be corrected?
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    Keeping tires inflated properly and non-aggressive driving really helps. I need to work on both those myself ;)

    The final drive ratio on transaxle for the sedan with 6 cylinder is 3.05, for the Maxx and Sedan SS it is 3.29.
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    ...equipped with a steeper drive ratio?

    I remember reading (C&D perhaps) that the Maxx was 3.65 or something like that?

    It was one reason the Maxx SS did so poorly in fuel economy ( but burned rubber easilly, a trait delighting the CD folks).
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    whoops you are right, 3.69. I based it on something else I looked up which obviously wasn't updated.

    Thanks for catching it :blush:
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    Was thinking of installing a trailer hitch on my 05 Maxx LT Was wondering if there is anything else I should be thinking about installing?? Such as Tranny cooler, oil cooler or anything else.
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    all the above depends on the what type of towing you will be doing over what distance and terrain....
  • meandmymaxxmeandmymaxx Member Posts: 134
    Thinking of pulling a 800lbs motorcycle from Toronto to Florida all interstate approx 1300 miles one way.
  • paopao Member Posts: 1,867
    shouldnt be a problem..just add the hitch....
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    I would like to see more Maxx accessories like seat covers and floor mats that have the Maxx logo on it. Has anyone come across any unique stuff?
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    go to for custom floormats.....
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    Finally bought a Maxx I'd been looking at. Wondered, though, if it's possible to find a roof rack of any sort to attack to it for transporting kayaks. Any thoughts?
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    do a search on the yakima or thule sites..for racks
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    always looking to add a more personalized touch to my two small items..ordered an overhead console faux wood kit for the car..covers the homelink area and the overhead console lights....$29....had already done the area around the CD and

    the other item I did....since I had custom rims for two years now.....five spokes.......I painted the brake calipers this weekend ceramic silver...really makes them stand out..behind the rims now...also wired brushed the rusted areas of the rotors..and spray painted them a high Temp offset the silver calipers and wheels....paint kit 7.95 at any autoparts store
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    Before I open up the panel I'd like to know what it there.

    I have a 05 Max LT with the dual line UN0 radio unit. It has a band selector but when I cycle thru it doesn't show an aux (just fm-am-cd). I want to connect my Sirius Sat radio via an aux-in.


    Are there straight forward aux-ins (ie no need for converter, DIN plugs, ect)?

    Will the "band" button recognize the aux unit?

    Where do I start in taking apart the panel?
  • paopao Member Posts: 1,867
    dont beleive you will find an aux port on the back of this headunit.....also dont beleive their is a CD port out on the back since the headunit comes with a 6 disk player internal to the head unit......I beleive the only option is thru the FM mod connecting between the antenna and the connnection on the headunit...dont beleive there are any PIE interface cables available yet...
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    I have Googled this and I get the same lame info on the Tornado for the intake... washable air filters like K&N... Anyone heard, or better yet implemented, anything that gave them more horse power from the 3.5L V6? I would love to get another 5-10 HP out of this thing. I don't wat to go the route of super charger or anything in the $2-3k price range. I haven't even seen throttle body spacers for this engine.

    Almost 16K on my 2005 Maxx LS... only issue has been the driverside front turn signal... rigged repair from dealership waiting for new socket to come in... unfortunately they gauge the hell out my lamp module and are replacing that as well.
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    There is a $15 replacement chip that claims an extra 20hp and 20ft/lb torque.

    Its called an AR Power Chip (for Max 04-06 part #1010)from Accel Racing ([email protected]). Here's the ad:

    Specifically created for the CHEVROLET MALIBU MAXX, the AR power chip is built and designed with horsepower in mind. 20+ to be specific. Amazingly small and simplistic, this mod is guaranteed to increase your engine&#146;s horsepower and torque output.

    Accelerate faster. You can be guaranteed to feel a difference. 20 horsepower is exactly the type of performance upgrade you could expect from more popular yet more expensive modifications. The AR power chip gives you this exact same performance boost out of a small, inexpensive chip. And best of all it&#146;s easy to install. NO MECHANICAL EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED. You plug and play this chip.

    No soldering wires. No splicing wires. No cutting wires. No welding. No disassembling and reassembling required. This allows YOU to install our chip. Even cold air intakes require some sort of mechanical knowledge to install. With our exceptionally detailed instructions you can be rest assured to have the chip installed in less than 5 minutes by YOU! Don&#146;t pay a mechanic $60 an hour to install an expensive modification that has exactly the same effect on performance as the AR power chip.

    With such a small price tag you might think this mod is nothing but an ebook with instructions to modify your engine as it is. But the AR power chip is an actual electronic chip that is plugged into a sensor near your vehicle&#146;s air box. It&#146;s a simple plug and play installation that is guaranteed to provide results. It&#146;s small. It&#146;s simple. It&#146;s amazingly effective.

    Many of our customers tell us that the price and performance promise of our chip seemed simply too good to be true. Paying less than $20 for a modification that will have the same effect of a brand new cat-back exhaust just seems mind-boggling.

    So how can we sell you such an effective modification at such a low cost?

    First of all, we manufacture and distribute our chips in extremely large quantities. Add in the fact that we avoid overhead costs associated with keeping a storefront, and you can quickly see that we can sell a valid product at an extremely low cost.

    Maybe you&#146;re looking for just a little added horsepower to get rid of your car&#146;s sluggish engine. Maybe you&#146;re looking for a little bit of added torque to tow your boat. Maybe you&#146;re just interested in more horsepower for as little $$$ as possible. In any case, you simply cannot go wrong with the AR power chip.

    So what are the facts?

    Complete AR power chip kit including the chip and instructions for under $20 shipped

    At least 20 added HORSEPOWER

    Increased TORQUE output &#150; increased TOWING CAPACITY


    100% satisfaction guarantee backed by our 100% money back guarantee. NO FINE PRINT. NO HASSLES.

    I haven't used it nor have any information beyond this, but I guess for $15 and a willingness to tamper with ones car it seems like the solution for you.
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    dont waste your money on a 15$ chip...most performance chips can run a 100 or two.....dont know if there is a retune available for the BCM or not.......not much on the aftermarket performance wise for the 3.5 that Im aware of
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    I just bought a 2005 Maxx LS. Silver green with alloys and the rear spoiler / wiper. I have already added a K&N panel filter and am interested in any performance upgrades that you all know about. I've tried to get the upper strut tie bar from the SS, but GM isn't selling it seperate yet. I like the 16 inch wheel size, and as soon as the tires wear out, I'll go for something a bit more sporty. How about exhaust upgrade? Cold air intake? Sway bars etc. I am up for most anything that can bolt on. Any input would be appreciated!
  • paopao Member Posts: 1,867
    your arent going to find much for the 3.5l unfortunately in the aftermarket....Ive been looking for 2 years now and nothing......wheel upgrades are even hard to find due to the bold pattern......I simply added 17inch with beefer the look..suffer a little in gas mileage

    04 LT here
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