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Dodge-Plymouth Neon: Water Leak



  • Yo dragonman3, did you find your leaking problem? :confuse:
  • Hey Neon Nut, most of the responses you have been getting are all pretty much correct, Neons a good about the tail lights leaking, I used an adheasive mechanics refer to as gorilla snot, it's yellow and is primarily adheasive for trim on cars, only problem is when you try to replace one if sealed right it is a nasty effort to get them off, but the water doesn't come back in, at least not there.
    Go to your dodge dealer and get new factory seals also, any job worth doing is worth doring right.
    Take care and hope you get it fixed friend. :)
  • My 95 Neon collected water in the tail light housing but that is as far as it went. Water collected inside the lens of the taillights and they would fill so the water must have come in from the top, that makes sense but it didn't leak out. by the way, great car, engine overheated for maybe 500 miles but engine was great, 205k miles (no problems) when I sold it. My 2002 has a leak that lets water puddle on the right side passenger floor. Have noticed that it may come in from the ride side tail light.
  • Bought a Actron OBDII scanner which shows parameter identification data (PID) results. Some are obvious such as coolant temp or RPM. Others such as O2 volts and long term fuel trim are not. How do I know what the range of values should be as normal. I have no Check engine or MIL light on but idles rough and hesitates on first start in a.m. Thanks :confuse:
  • I also have a 2000 Neon, did that fix the problem for you? I'm having the same problems.
  • got a 2005 dodge neon and the back seat gets wet but it seems to be from the inside as you only notice it when someone sits on the seat. the water will soak up
    before the carpet in the back seat got super wet but has not in a long time.
    only the back seat!
    is this the seal on the trunk? or rear wind sheild? or tail lights? or all three! :)
    any help would be appreciated!
  • naedrnaedr Posts: 5
    I posted this response a couple years ago for my 1998 Neon. The trunk, back seat and floor board would get wet after heavy rains or snow. After adding the caulking, no more wetness anywhere inside the car:

    I applied bathroom silicone caulking around the entire tail light assembly on both sides of the car. I did not remove the taillights. I just filled the gap between the tail light housing and body panels. The caulking solved the water problem. We have had snow and heavy rains since the caulking was added in January '08. No more water. The small tube of caulking cost less than $5 at a local hardware store.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 60,952
    Tail lights are a good guess here---not the lenses, but where the tail light assembly goes into the body. You can use a clear LATEX caulk, as this goes on easily with a wet finger and is an easy cleanup with the damp cloth.

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