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Ford Freestar Transmission Problems



  • I also had #3 misfiring. I replaced them all too! Now the computer reader system saya it is the MAF (mass air flow sensor) I cleaned that (with MAF cleaner!) and changed the idle contol valve and the pcv valve. Now it wont even start!! I have a friend that works on cars and said it could now be the fuel pump. Haven't tested it yet, but plan to today.

    I too am at a loss for what might be going on here. Good luck.
  • mrfozmrfoz Posts: 2
    We had the torque converter replaced before a 2500 mile summer vacation. Ford did the recall work. Just short of our destination the powertrain failure light comes on. I had to have the tranmission valve body replaced at my expense -almost $2500. On the way home, powertrain failure light is on again. We make it home. Ford replaced the torque converter again as they claimed it was defective. I called Ford customer service asking for a refund for the $2500.00 valve body repair. NO! Has anyone else had a similar experience? The tech at one of the dealers told me Ford should have ordered the recall for both the torque converter and valve body.
  • I just bought a new EGR for my 2004 was 130.00 bucks and we put it on ourselves. there is a video on youtube showing how to do it...its fairly simple. I also just took my van to the shop and my PCM is bad...a total of $1200 to get it fixed. I plan on saving receipt hoping ford will eventually recall for the PCM and hopefully I can get some of my money back.
  • i have an 05 freestar and just had my torque converter replaced by the recall.. i just got it back on 1-18-13 and now my warning light for the powertrain is on.. it wasn't before.. its flashing non stop.. not sure why.. i plan on calling the dealership and finding out what they will do.. it wasnt flashing til they put the new converter in.. hopefully they will fix it and bill ford for it.. after reading these post i plan on paying this piece of crap van off and getting rid of it.. i still owe 2000 on it.. i put it on a tester and it told me i had a prob with the egr cuz my check engine light was on too now.. none of these lights were on til they put the new converter in.. will not buy another ford again after all the probs everyone else is having with ford and their customer service..
  • my van is doing the same thing.. my powertrain light keeps flashing.. it didn't do it until i had the torque converter replaced with the recall one.. it started as soon as the new converter was put in.. did you have a test done to see what made your powertrain light come on?.. my brother in law tested my van and it said it was some turbine in speed sensor that is connected to the top of the tranny that is messing up.. if anyone else is having this prob or did and it was the same thing messing up please let me know..
  • drr5drr5 Posts: 1
    I am very disappointed. I got a recall notice on my 2005 Ford Freestar SEL been a good van. 185 thousand ks on it. They put a new torque converter in it. Two months latter the transmission is load with water and I am stuck with 2500 dollar bill. The transmission man said it is a common issue with Ford Freestars. Going to call Ford but not holdimg my breath. What really ticks me off is that the Ford dealership wanted 4500 hundred bucks. The transmission guy down the street said 2500. If you get a recall notice ignore it. FORD FIX OR REPAIR DAILY OR FOUND ON ROAD DEAD.
  • Wow, after all the bad posts on here I am really hesitating about getting my van fixed. Ford does not have a recall on it and I'm scared to even put money into it. Don't really know what's wrong with it. My husband drove it work on September 2, 2011 and when he got in it to come home it wouldn't move and it's been sitting in the ever since. One guy said it is the torque converter and another said it could be the computer. Someone please give me some suggestions.
  • If the torque converter is bad, plan on replacing the whole transmission. This should be included on the Ford recall list. Unfortunately Ford will only pay for the converter replacement, which has been, up to this point, $1250.00. My transmission replacement cost me $3300.00. I had my trans replaced by an independent service shop and it came with a 3 year parts and labor warranty. Your friendly Ford dealer with probably be more costly. The van is no good without it, and is worth about $7000.00 retail in good shape. Your kind of stuck in the middle. I

  • i had mine just like that a year ago . on my way back home , i stopped in a red light and then in all of sudden the van won't move no matter how hard i accelerate .
    it happened to be the torque converter that went bad . it cost me 485 to buy a new one and 500 labor .
    30000 miles with the new one and still runs fine except that i need to change a engine mount
  • You are having pcm failure due to water dripping on the computer.. this is very common on these vans. it is it is located on the right side fire wall. should be about $600 for the computer..
  • sjtdadsjtdad Posts: 11
    A pcm failure--are these symptoms intermittent---does this only occur when it gets wet, such as during a heavy rain, and then is fine later? Or does the pcm get shorted out once and for all and die? I had the trans replaced abut 3 years ago and it is doing fine. However, over the past 3 months or so the van has popped, bucked, and misfired twice during pouring rains. After I stop and it sits a while--and the rain has stopped--it runs fine again.
  • my parents van

    It happened the week before the recall.

    It happened with-in the month after... Twice I think, and now about a half hour ago......
  • I was told to take me paperwork to the local dealer for my refund. I did this and they refused it because it didn't have "torque converter" on the paperwork. I had my work done at a local well respected shop and they made up another bill with this information on it. I took it back to the local dealer and they had my check ready in a week. Problem is I only received $1450. and now I am out $1000. I went search the net and found that the makers of the transmission has admitted the transmission can fail and need to be rebuilt. This is what happen to mine, the shaft inside the transmission broke in half and I had metal shavings everywhere, which is what the maker of the transmission said happens. Even with this information I cannot seem to get the balance of my money back. I cannot find the company that made the transmission as it keeps taking me back to Ford. This make me think that the makers of the transmission is a subsidiary company of Ford, which keeps Ford from being sued directly. All I want is what I spent on my repairs and I am not getting it. My 2004 had 87,000 miles on it when it failed in May of 2010. I am tired of being screwed.
  • jkicksjkicks Posts: 1
    well it has happened to me twice now, first time I was on a major highway and lost all gears, I was able to get it off the road, but the converter took out everything. it cost me 3 grand to fix. it was just before the recall, now it has kind a done it again in my drive way. i started it and moved it, put it in park for a minute and then went to drive away and I had no forward gears, it has reverse but no drive. the recall will not cover this as it has reverse, now they are covering $1450 of the rebuild it had almost two years ago. any ideas as to what to look at? it has 90000 miles on it and i really do not want to put much money into it.
  • We ended up with a buste transmission.

    We said screw you and traded it in for a Kia
  • Our stories are similar... I purchased my 04 Freestar in July 2012, still owing about $6000... The dealer told me that the recall on the transmission was completed upon purchase. However, since January 2013, I've noticed my van suddenly reducing speed, and jerking into gear. Just a few weeks ago, I had a certified mechanic do some necessary maintenance work and was informed that the transmission is indeed slipping yet again. I took my van to the dealership to see if there were any more recalls that needed to be completed...Their response was NO, no new or incomplete recalls. The certified mechanic informed me that I should get out of this vehicle as fast as I can because it's just a matter of time before the vehicle leaves me stranded or putting in too much $. Any suggestions on how to get rid of a car with $6000 owed?
  • enough1enough1 Posts: 1
    I have been a mechanic for over twenty years,and I alway's honoured my repair's.[even at times when it wasn't my work to blame!!!] I have been reading post after post about frigging ford B.S. and I cannot believe nobody' sueing them or their so called service center's. my sister in-law owns a 2004 freestar .I know these are trouble but she already owned it.she called me about a ford recall{torque converter] and asked what should she do.I went to vancouver and checked the vehicle top to bottom and was very suprised at it's condition. No serious ford issue's,the only problem was a sluggish accelleration[tranny oil smelt burn and was black] I advised her to get the recall work done because it was only a matter of time before the tranny was done for.HA-HA on me,biggest mistake ever!!!!!! when they changed the torque converter they obviously smashed the vss or pinched the wiring,which they admitted on paper!!!!! FIxed no charge! Three day's later,vss again $500 not their fault,she paid. one week later tps gone $385 she paid, now it's in their again egr sensor gone,fuel sensor gone,brake pressure sensor gone,$800!!!!!! She called me and that's how I've learned about this absolute rip off.I told her not to pay another dime and now we are consulting a lawyer.Out of curiosity I looked in on this forum and I can't believe ford or their so called service people would even try to pull this crap on a single mother with three little girl's shame on them and if anyone want's your money back let's get together on this rsvp. I am going to ask about a class action lawsuit!!!!!!!!!!
  • mrsjaymrsjay Posts: 4
    I have a 2006 Ford Freestar that I just paid over $1800 to get the torque converter replaced and my transmission rebuilt because Ford does not have a recall on it. My van was manufactured in 2005 so it should have went under recall with the 04s and 05s because I'm pretty sure that it has the same parts. We all do need to sue Ford for these crappy vans that they have sold to many people. So far I haven't had any other issues with it and I'm praying that nothing else goes wrong, but Ford really needs to do something about it. Yes, I'm for a lawsuit because I want my money back because they know about the issues and aren't doing anything about it.
  • marcies9marcies9 Posts: 5
    I had my tranny and torque converter replaced a few years ago and got the refund and all that. This thing with the PCM module is just ridiculous. Last year I replaced the cam shaft sensor twice, and the synchronizer once before my mechanic told me what he thought it was. When I got the $$$ from the recall I decided to take it to Ford and have it fixed but the manager of the dealership told me they were "too busy" to do the $800 labor and work. Since then I've been driving with the engine light on(actually it has been over for well over a year) and it sputters sporadically and stalls out from time to time. With 189,000 miles on it I'm just biding my time with it at this point...still can't fathom that FORD didn't want to fix it and turn down $$$!
  • Mrs. Jay,

    Ford is aware the 2006 Freestar has the same problems as the 2004-5 models.

    Sending my demand letter to Ford this week.

    If you send yours, and, we can gether 2006 owners to do the same *hint-hint to 2006 owners* we can get our monies back.

    Let me know what you are going to do.
  • My 05 Freestar just did this to me last night. I had no power, at 40mph, put it in neutral and restarted only to die again 3 more times. I thought I was out of gas but the gage said 1/8th of a tank. Pulled off the road and had friends bring gas. Started up fine and drove maybe a block when it started sputtering and bucking. The check engine idiot light came on so I pulled over again. I reset the battery connection and light went off. I pulled off to drive around in the parking lot and it died when I cranked the wheel turning every corner. Started again, this time it was hard to turn over, and it sputtered and the transaxle idiot light started flashing! Checked the tranny fluid, it looked a little low in the dark(midnight) so put in half a quart. light went out but the van refused to go forward. I dropped it manually into 1st and it slowly moved. parked it and tried other gears, but when shifting into neutral the engine jumped and the rpms revved up to 3000!! I shut it off and cried. this is my 3rd mini that has broke down on me. the others were caravans. I'm a single mom of 5 and on disability. do I fix it or ditch it? I just bought it 6 months ago and still owe $5k to the used car dealer (who PROMISED this mini was different than my other vans and had no issues). I am sad. :lemon:
  • Hi, sorry to hear about all your me I understand. Mt wife was driving with my 3 kids all the time and this van SUCKED!!! It spent more time in the shop for the 3 years we owned it than it did on the road with us.....GET RID OF IT NOW...figure out a way to just let it go. IT IS CRAP...MY WIFE AND I NOW STICK TWO MIDDLE FINGERS UP EVERY TIME WE DRIVE BY A FORD DEALER....This was my 3rd Ford and it was the last! It made me = :mad: :cry: :sick: :lemon:
  • I want to send a letter as well. Can you provide the complete address where you sent yours? I have drafted my letter,but don't know where to send it.
  • I just filed my complaint!
    Your Confirmation number (ODI Number) is: 10504650

    Your complaint information will be entered into the NHTSA vehicle owner complaint database. NHTSA technical staff review this information to identify potential safety problems. While you may or may not be contacted by a NHTSA investigator to clarify the information submitted, all reports are reviewed and analyzed for potential defects trends. Also, the NHTSA complaint database provides valuable information to other consumers and to manufacturers.
  • I purchased a 2005 ford freestar about 2 yrs ago. Biggest mistake i have ever made. about 4 months after the purchase and about 74,000 miles it started to make this cherping noise shifting from 1st to 2nd gear. it would not always do it. then it starting running like if i was giving it throttle but felt like it was holding back like the engine was working harder then it shld. after that i filled a complaint with ford along with many others and finnally got work that they were recalling the torque converter. well after the 5 months it took them to get the part in i had it replaced DID NOT HAVE ANY AFFECT. No differance about a week later the trans went so i purchased a new trans. and put it in along with the new converter quess what its doing it again same old crap. i dont think it was ever the converter i think its a faulty trans maybe the design or just the parts they used idk all i know is JUNK. They need to recall the whole vehicle every single one and refund some money its not right at all. trading in asap.
  • matt166matt166 Posts: 1
    It dont matter i have an 05 had the recall done and put a used trans. In. After the old trans went out. Still doing same old crap. Its not the torque converter that is the issue nvr was that was just the cheapest fastest fix to them that way they can say they did their part to try and fix it. Its the tranny that are bad in these vans and they will nvr fix that prob. After mine is paid off its gone im buying a Toyota nvr will I buy another ford unless its a truck.
  • abakesabakes Posts: 3
    I have a 2006 Ford Freestar also. My transmission went out last year and I complained to Ford and to the NHTA. So far, nothing has been done. I am out $3500. I was just going down the road about 50 miles per hour, and then nothing. No power whatsoever, no warning lights, nothing.

    I will join a class action lawsuit. I have even thought about suing Ford in small claims court. I doubt they would fight it, but I guess you never know...
  • tcb54tcb54 Posts: 1
    I just called Ford and they do have a recall for the torque convertors on the 2004 and 2005 ford freestar
  • Just a week ago, I was driving on a main road in my town and my 2004 Ford Freestar started sputtering and jerking. It did this for several minutes and then seemed to die. I was sitting in traffic and my vehicle wouldn't go anywhere! I turned off the engine, waited a moment, then re started it. It seemed to run fine then so I continued to drive. Less than 5 minutes later it started jerking again. I pulled over into a gas station and called my husband, who was on his way home from work. He asked if the van was still driveable. I told him that it had sputtered twice and wouldn't drive but that when I re started it, it drove fine. He told me to shut it off for a few minutes and then try again. I did and it drove fine....until I was in the middle of traffic again. This time it didn't want to do anything. It sputtered and jerked and wouldn't go in drive or reverse. I finally made it to another gas station and called the hubby again. He figured it was the transmission, and as regular American citizens, we don't have the extra money to put it in a shop all the time, so the hubby has to do the work himself on his days off (of which he only gets 2 a month). We had to have it towed home ($170) only to find out the next day that there was a recall on the torque converter. THANKS, FORD, FOR NOT SENDING US A NOTIFICATION! We bought the van in 2011 and the recall was in 2012. Doesn't make sense that we didn't get a letter. It would have saved us a ton on towing because the second gas station I went to was literally next door to a Ford dealership! So then we had to have it towed back to Ford. They assured us they would fix the torque converter and that should take care of the problem. A week later, and today we went to pick up the van. The paper work says "toque converter replaced as per recall. vehicle will still not engage in forward or reverse." So, because there are no other recalls affecting our vehicle we decided to have a diagnostic run on it. Oh, but wait! The transmission technician is on vacation and won't be in for another week and we can't let the van sit there. So another $170 out the window to have it towed back home. Now my van is sitting in my driveway, I can't drive it anywhere, I have a mechanically-inclined husband and neighbors that can't figure out what's wrong with it, and not enough money to buy a new transmission. So then I get online and find this site where all the complaints are being made about the PCM and it gets me wondering how Ford could have this many pissed off customers and yet they haven't made an effort to do anything about it! Tomorrow starts the beginning of my onslaught. Everyday, up until the day something is done, I am sending a formal letter to Ford (through snail-mail) as well as filing a daily complaint on their website and sending emails until they agree to fix my van for me! I have 2 children in school, a full-time working husband, and I have no vehicle to go anywhere with! Good thing I don't have a full-time job or I'd be fired because I couldn't show up.
  • We just had our torque converter replaced. Picked up the van today. It still won't drive and Ford refuses to do anything more without a $100 diagnostic fee upfront. The recall DOES NOT fix the problem!
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