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Jaguar XJ-Series: Sudden Acceleration



  • I had to share my story involving an unprovoked and unexpected acceleration in my 2002 Jaguar XJ8. As I was attempting to pull out of a gas station bay, my car suddenly sped forward at a high rate of speed. I avoided hitting an air pump station, a sign, a tree, and a utility pole. I then sailed over one curb, down and over an embankment, over a second curb and then onto a highway finding myself in the wrong lane (thankfully no one was in my way)! I had absolutely no control over my vehicle whatsoever during this ordeal. I was then thankfully able to limp into a nearrby shopping mall parking lot. My car sustained over $5000 damage, mostly to the cross member "cradle" and bottom bumper. I feel very fortunate that I did not harm anyone or anything. I'm lucky to have survived this bizarre and most terrifying magic carpet ride! Now I'm petrified to drive this car!
  • leadfoot4leadfoot4 Posts: 593
    We've had an '01 XJ8 in our garage since December of 2000, having taken delivery of this car brand new. I'll readily admit, that 28,000 miles, it's a low mileage car, however the only issues we've ever had are with the sunroof tracks. mechanically, the car has been flawless.

    To one of the earlier posters, I find it hard to believe the car is "drive by wire". Although I haven't been under the hood of ours lately, I'm pretty sure that I saw a cable and bellcrank on the throttle body, the last time I looked in that vicinity....
  • I had a similiar incident with my 2004 Jaguar XJ8. As I was accelerating onto the on ramp, my car decided to continue to accelerate. For about 3 miles the car continued to accelerate. After giving up on the brakes doing anything, I down shifted, put the car in neutral, shutoff and turned on the car, everything to try and control the car. Then I was stomping on and manipulating the accelerator until the car decided to come back into control. I've been dealing with Jaguar Corporate on this issue, who pretty much is saying "not our problem". Is there enough people here who have had this problem who are interested in doing a class action law suit against Jaguar? It sure seems like they don't give a damn if we die or not. They have no interest to even investigate the matter properly.
  • My 2005 vp has done the acceleration thing 4 times in 36000 miles. My wife will no longer drive it. The dealership is going to review it on Monday. Expect them to find no fault and Charge me $1000's. I have been lucky and been able to put the car in neutral , turn off the key and restart. The issue has only happened from a stop .My cell phone picks up interference from the car. I am thinking that the run by wire is not shielded properly and outside rf signals are causing the problem. Love the car , but the dealership is more interested in [non-permissible content removed] covering then problem solving. I beleive Jag is covering this up in fear of a recall. Also had an issue with them on lifetime window firm repair that they would not honor.
  • xbaronxbaron Posts: 6
    Had the car repaired, they flashed the memory for 135.00 but found no fault. Also said some hoses were loose. I sold it, replaced it with an FX. I will miss the XJ. The bottom line was we could not trust the car again. Hope I do not get a recall on a defect like I did when I sold my firebird.
  • Stopping in a local street
  • this weekend driving in a local street after making a slow slow braking my car in my car took off a high speed .suddle acceleration that I was not able to control crashing two car in front of me ,Brakes were not functional I. am scare out of my mind. took my car to the jaguar dealer and they "claimed they never hear of another case" that my car was in perfect mechanical condition""not malfunction detected "but denied to give me the pc report ,claiming was confidential??
    A question to another people who experience the same case ,this episodes of suddle acceleration occurred more that ones???p lease help me
  • xbaronxbaron Posts: 6
    I had uncontrolled acceleration 4 times in 35000 miles with my 05xj. Got the same line that it was an unknown problem. Traded it in for a XF. Really did not want to sell my car but the thought of killing others on the road was a good motivator. It is a real problem but the stakes are too high on a personal level to continue to drive a car that could destroy your life.
  • Thank you very much for your response I am contemplating to sell my car to?you are complete right "the stakes are too hight"
    Take care
  • zvwadezvwade Posts: 1
    In December 2011, I purchased a pre-owned 2004 Jaguar XJ8 Vanden Plas (58K miles, garage kept—it was a beauty, I couldn’t resist!). After purchasing the car, I searched the Internet for any known problems (should’ve done that prior to making the purchase!). That was when I found that the car had a problem with sudden acceleration. On Saturday, May 12, I was pulling into a parking space at the post office. The car suddenly lurched forward and my brakes were not responsive, my car slammed into the curb. Had there been a pedestrian crossing the parking lot at that time, the results could have been fatal. Now my car sits in my driveway and I am afraid to drive it, for fear the next time this occurs I may be in traffic and lose control of the vehicle. Surely, I cannot sell the car knowing that is a life-threatening problem. I want to explore filing a class action suit against Jaguar. If anyone is interested in getting in on this, please email me at I am consulting with an attorney today.

    I am angry the car of that the car I’ve dreamt of owning since I was a child is unsafe to drive. I can only be thankful that my second vehicle is a Lexus.
  • xbaronxbaron Posts: 6
    I will be happy to testify to my own 4 times experience with my 05 jag. VP I traded it in to jag after I paid to have it fixed. I like you, could not sell it with a clear conscience. It had 35000 miles on it and I planned to keep it as a collector. Tata vis Ford vis you and me. Good luck. We should live so long. Better to cut your loss and live to drive another day. I am now slumming it with a XF. Life sucks sometimes. Ha ha
  • ok.I spoke with jaguar ,I took the car to two dealership dealer for service and both told me there are nothing wrong with the car ?? "I can not sell the car in good conscience either" Jaguar corp is telling me "It had never been reports of car acceleration" I would like to see if as a group we can talk about some kind of legal action towards Jaguar"please lets talk .I live in miami florida and I did not contact any lawyer yet but is my understanding that some of you already did. lets do something before somebody is kill .
  • xbaronxbaron Posts: 6
    Hello Gino,
    The line from Jag is so canned it was just the same as I got. Unless we can get a lot of owners behind us I do not know what would be an successful action.
    I would like to get service people under oath if in fact Jaguar, under Ford or Tata is coaching their people. A major recall could cripple Jag. The other
    part of this is what do we the owners or past owners want as compensation. t
    The failure of my car cost me to purchase a replacement at least 3 years ahead of time. I would estimate a cost of 10k per year times 3 years. It works out to be close to the resale value of my car. I really liked my car but there is no money in sentiment.
  • OME_OMYOME_OMY Posts: 12
    I do have a Jaguar XJ series and have experienced the Sudden Acceleration on a number of occasions in a prior past year. It is about the scariest experience I have had. I did not get into an accident. I was lucky several times. I took it to an independent repair facility that had a former Jaguar employee working there. They did an expensive procedure that basically cleaned the internals of all of the fuel system and checked the entire fuel system out in every way, replacing fuel filter, etc. That "cleaning" procedure has kept the sudden acceleration problem from returning. It is not a commonly known procedure. I will tell you the repair facility if you contact me by email and you can discuss it with the manager there.
  • xkrjwxkrjw Posts: 1
    I have a 98 XK8 convertible that I bought in 2005 from the original owner. The car had 16000 original miles on it and I have now accumulated 46000 total miles with no problems until 2 weeks ago when I experienced 2 episodes of sudden acceleration after stopping at a traffic light. I brought the car to the Jaguar dealer that sold it to the first owner and they kept it for 4 days and said they could find nothing wrong with the car and they had never heard of this problem. Since getting the car back, I have experienced another episode of sudden acceleration and decided to park it until I can get issue resolved. I plan to contact the Jaguar dealer and escalate through their chain of command but based on comments I've seen on blogs I'm not very optimistic ---- any advice on dealing with this issue would be appreciated.
  • xbaronxbaron Posts: 6
    I would have them flash the computer and do the injector and fuel filter replacement. I sold my Xj. Lost faith in it's safety. I now have an FX. No problem but liked my xj better. If you have the flash and clean and it happens again, then get rid of it. I am sure your life or someone else is worth far more than a car.good luck.
  • I recently got what I thought was a great deal on a second hand 2005 XJR SUPER 8. I was thrilled with it's handling, performance and look and still have a strange love for what I am sure is a dangerous monster in disguise. The first acceleration happened in a airport drop-off loop where I had stopped to allow 6 people to cross the road in a crosswalk. The car suddenly jumped to about 4 to 5 thousand rpm and fortunately I was able to stomp on the brake and hold back 395 wild HP until it calmed back to normal. I could have killed 6 people! I first thought it had to be me that hit the accelerator and even checked to see if the carpet had bunched up by the pedal. No it was pinned down tight. What had just happened I thought? Well after 3 more unwanted accelerations I KNOW that this car has an issue. I think the guy that sold it to me knows too but has no problem sleeping at night. What do I do? I can't sell it or even let my wife drive it. Instead I switch to neutral every time I slow down and am very aware of the feel, sound and rpms. What else can I do? Such an amazing car with such a dangerous problem. Shame on you Jaguar. luckily I have heard of no fatalities to date but sooner or later someone is going to die. Any advise is greatly appreciated but I suspect I am alone with my "monster"
  • OME_OMYOME_OMY Posts: 12
    I had it too, but on my 1994 XJ6 original engine, original everything. I finally took mine to an independent repair company in Baton Rouge, LA. This company has a rich history that now includes Jaguar repair that might be better than the local dealership because the service manager for the Jaguars is the former service manger for the Jaguar dealership. Dealerships are famous for not working on my 1994 because of it's age. They did a very special cleaning of the internals of the fuel system and some other adjustments, which changed it, and made everything good. Haven't had that problem in years after that. Donald Lowery
  • Thanks Donald for reply. I wonder however if a 94 model issue would have anything to do with a 05 problem. Very different cars. especially in the fly by wire throttle. I noticed that some earlier posts are of low mileage vehicles. Would cleaning the fuel system make sense when it probably has not had time to get dirty yet?
  • I am new to this forum but have owned my 2004 XJ from new. This morning, for the first time, I experienced sudden acceleration in a parking lot. Fortunately no damage or injuries. I have browsed the forum but found no known fix. Have I missed something?
  • I have just had the same experience of sudden acceleration on a dual carriageway and badly crashed into another car at 100mph on 13th November 2013 here in Kent in the UK.
    My XJ8, bought from new, well looked after by main dealer,50000 miles on clock, one driver (me) My car and other car probable writeoff and lucky to be alive.
    First response from dealer is that they have never heard of this problem before!
    My son researched the web and found all your problems very easily so I find it hard to believe that Jaguar are unaware. I am awaiting an independent report from my insurers before really going public here in the UK.
    Tricia Carr Kent UK
  • Watch out. I am in Kent UK and on 13th Nov 2013 I had what could have been a fatal crash on a dual carriageway . I had my XJ8 from new, 50000miles on the clock and it suddenly accelerated. Couldn't stop it and hit doing about 100mph a car moving more slowly in front of me.
    Am awaiting insurance independent expert report before really going public, but don't wish anyone else to get hurt before I take further action.
  • I have a 2005 XJL VDP .. it experienced the exact same Sudden acceleration or lunging forward or unintended acceleration, I HAVE VIDEO FOOTAGE OF IT ALMOST KILLING 3 PEOPLE BEFORE HITTING A BUS. I would love to speak to someone who has had the issue or has taken it the next level and filed against jag as I have.. please email me at... m o (dot) h a i d e r (at) r o g e r s (dot) com Car stuck in Park/ ABS message too, 100% foot on the brake, Jag denies any issue after 2 years of investigation. Black box they deny has info.
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