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Toyota Land Cruiser



  • rpsbrpsb Posts: 3
    I am looking to pull the trigger on a '05 Land Cruiser this weekend. The one that I was looking at does not have the rear DVD player installed. Was mulling over wether to find one with rear DVD or go after market. Does anyone have any expereince in getting a rear DVD installed .. overhead or in head rests? Any brands to look for? or dealers in the MD/VA/DC area?
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    I would suggest going without the DVD from the dealer.

    Firstly it is not a Factory option but dealer installed. Secondly the dealers don't install it in their shop, they outsource it to shops that install accessories. I know this because my cousin has a business that does this for some dealers. The factory dvd has only a 7 inch display and costs about 1700 bucks. You can get a really good aftermarket Sony system with a 9 inch screeen and two wireless headphones for about 800 bucks installed. 6th Avenue electronics a NY metro area electronics retailer has this sytem on sale.
  • rpsbrpsb Posts: 3
    Thanks for the advice. I went without the dealer installed DVD. Does anyone have any suggestions/recommendations in the DC/MD/VA area?
  • trdcruisertrdcruiser Posts: 2
    Hope I am not to late. I bought a 05 LC earlier this year from Miller in Manassas, great sales force, but they know nothing about the LC. Anyways, I had the Convenience Package and DVD player installed at the dealer when I bought the Land Cruiser and boy was it a mistake. The Sunroof wind deflector (SD) comes off everytime I hit 70+mph on I-66 and the DVD player they installed stained (with oil streaks) my visor that I push back to open the sunroof. If I were you I would make sure these are already installed. Another thing the sales people told me was that I could control the rear DVD from the center console where the 6 CD player is, but that is not correct. There is a separate DVD player in the back right of the vehicle by the 3rd row. good luck, you can not go wrong with Toyota and especially the Land Cruiser.
  • flyfish4lifeflyfish4life Posts: 103
    Read this on another forum....

    Land Cruiser enters the 2006 model year with several changes that add style, refinement and safety to the legendary off-road king. For the 2006 model year, the Land Cruiser receives an all new front fascia including an upscale grille and refined headlamp housings. Also, new rear tail lamps and a high gloss wheel finish raise Land Cruiser’s image to a higher level. To better handle normal road conditions and off-road trekking, Land Cruiser’s engine performance is greatly enhanced. With the addition of Variable Valve Timing with Intelligence (VVT-i), the 4.7L V8 now delivers 275 HP and 332 lb-ft of torque, for an increase of 40 HP and 12 lb-ft from 2005. Following our strategy to provide the safest vehicles on the road, Tire Pressure Monitor System has been incorporated as standard equipment.

    Additionally, optional 4-wheel Automatic Height Control is now available to further advance Land Cruiser’s renowned off-road abilities. With all of these great enhancements, Land Cruiser’s base MSRP will increase a modest $490 (+0.9%) to $55,815.

    Please note, new options available for ‘06MY Land Cruiser are as follows:
    Description Spec Code 2006 MSRP 4-Wheel Height Control NF $1,620 Rear Spoiler RF $280
  • jumper4x4jumper4x4 Posts: 2
    I have been 4x4ing my 1985 FJ60 with stock suspension for almost a year now but I want to upgrade to larger wheels. But to do so I need more wheel well clearence. I have found lift packages from old man emu and bds for over 800 bucks for only 2.5". I have also heard of a different lift called a leaf over lift? If anybody has any experience and knowledge of lifting FJ60's, I would greatly appreciate it.
  • steelcruisersteelcruiser Posts: 402
    I've now heard from two different "connected" people that the '07 LC (US version) may be built on a Sequoia frame. I hope this is not true =(

    Getting an '06 may be the last time, if you live in the US, to get a real Landcruiser?
  • flyfish4lifeflyfish4life Posts: 103
    Hard to imagine Toy would go through the trouble of updating the engine and make the aformentioned cosmetic changes and then redesign for 2007. Do your connections think the 2006 enhancements buy the 100 more than one model year or is 2006 indeed the last year for the real LC?
  • jslcruiserjslcruiser Posts: 2
    I'm the proud owner of a 1997 Land Cruiser - I absolutely love this vehicle, even though I've had multiple mechanical problems (wholly attributable to the previous owner) since I bought it a couple of years ago (with only ~ 35k miles on it). I am looking forward to participating in discussion and learning as much as I can!
  • steelcruisersteelcruiser Posts: 402

    Adding up the various bits and pieces of info I've heard and throwing in a liberal amount of self speculation, I think the 100 series is done after the '06MY.

    If this were 25 years ago I could understand Toy opting the LC out of the US market because of the cost to certify the vehicle here--but, I think most new vehicles are "green" friendly now. That is emissions etc are pretty much standard worldwide. Of course as time goes on fewer SUV customers want to pony up the extra $$$ for the smaller LC when they just look at the LC and compare it to a Sequoia.

    My plea to Toy is to continue with the real LC here in order to satisfy that niche market. Can't fathom seeing a Sequoia with Landcruiser badging! Hopefully, we'll get some solid info before the new one comes out and we can jump on an '06 100 if it is indeed the last of the real LCs.

  • flyfish4lifeflyfish4life Posts: 103
    Thanks, Steel. This waiting game is getting very tiresome. I am on the verge of going ahead and ordering a 2006 once production starts, but will probably hold out for a little more solid info as you suggest. You are probably right about 2007 being the next generation LC since that will also mark the 50th anniversary of the LC, I believe. Of course, the last year of the 80 series was 1997, which happened to be the 40th anniversary, so go figure. All I know is a Sequoia-based LC (US version), while making since for Toy from a $ perspective, will be a huge disappointment.
  • 3rdgin3rdgin Posts: 22
    I have been debating on what type of vehicle I am going to buy next. Narrowed down to three choices so far. The Land Cruiser, Land Rover LR3 and the new Jeep Commander. I have to have a vehicle that seats at least 7, smaller than what I am currently driving (Expy), and has some nice luxury appointments. Not long ago, I was sold on the LR3 but they seem to be having a fair share of problems. I liked the layout but for the price, it's not up to speed with the LC.

    Any advice?
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,555
    Toyota or Lexus Landcruiser! :)
  • steelcruisersteelcruiser Posts: 402
    FF4L. I just checked out the 2006 Lexus link. It has all the specs for the LX470 updates. I too am taking a hard look at getting an oh six. Which is probably exactly what Toy wants me (and you?) to do =) Then, when the new one comes out will be kicking ourselves for not waiting for the new model?

    In the back of my mind, I just can't imagine Toy opting out of the luxury SUV market and re-badging a Sequoia. There I go agian letting my emotions getting the better of me.

    As you say, this waiting game is getting tiresome and I'm focusing way too much on what Toy's going to do :confuse:
  • flyfish4lifeflyfish4life Posts: 103
    Steel - I've been waiting ever since I chickened out in 2001 and bought my SR5 Sequoia - have been lamenting ever since. With 95K miles, I am definitely at a crossroad. My current thought is to go ahead and get the oh six and consider a hybrid LC down the road once the bugs are worked out. Based on limited information available and the supposed spy shots (artist renditions) of the 130 series or whatever it ends up being are far from what I have in mind as my next vehicle. Basically anything remotely resembling the FTX concept truck ("F platform") is going to be disappointing.
  • vavavavolvovavavavolvo Posts: 110
    Here are the details spelled out in your previous posting on an official Toyota site. All correct.

  • steelcruisersteelcruiser Posts: 402
    FF4L. I'm pretty much thinking of doing the same thing--getting an '06 and seeing what develops down the line. Then again, I'm thinking maybe I should just keep my '02--I hate the new car neurosis! :confuse:

    Hey, you want a low mileage, clean '02?
  • jesterg42jesterg42 Posts: 1
    When the weather is warm I get an annoying rattle inside the front passenger door panel. I am trying to remove the panel to see if anything is loose. I have removed the screw inside the door pull, the 2 screws under the covers on the top front edge, and the 4 screws across the bottom of the panel.
    It looks like the last thing holding the panel on is a "catch" on the front edge and 2 on the back. They seem spring loaded. I can pull them part way out, but can not get them all of the way out.
    How do I complete the process to remove the door panel?

  • Current Situation: Being in a market research specialty for the destination resort industry, I'm reviewing the '97 40th Anniversary Edition. Currently, I have a '99 30th Anniversary Subaru Legacy. Suprisingly it has been a beast in 4 foot snow dumps around Mammoth, CA. I have a 14 month old 140 lb great dane. He has completely grown out the little Subaru huh huh.

    Being price concious, all my research is pointing towards the 97 TLC. Here's what I know: JD Power has a really high 9.1 rating for this particular model/yr. I don't care about mpg being in a ski town. I heard about the cup holder thing. I know we can sleep a 6 footer & dog car camping in back for the weekend. Any price sensitive GPS recommendations? I'm willing to fly anywhere for a great deal knowing the prices greatly fluctuates across the country. I've been reviewing: Autotrader, Carsdirect, Edmunds &

    What other questions should I be asking? What else am I missing? What other websites provide insight? Can it really handle snow storms? How's the towing? Do you think the 40th Anniversary Edition is going to hold it's value in the future? I do

    There's the challenge.. I'd love to hear your collaborative thoughts
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    I debated with the LR3 and Commander. Finally ended up getting a 2002 TLC used. I will wait untill the second or their year of the next model before I upgrade. I avoid the first model year for any vehicle. Almost always has issues that need to be sorted out.

    Landrovers depreciate like a rock. Look up some of the 3 year old models on sale and you'll see what I mean. If you are leasing an LR3 it's okay I guess, cause you can turn it into the dealer.
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,555
    I put app 60k miles on that model year. It was absolutely flawless. It had a lot of little high end stuff that I personally could have give or taken on it. But that model year pretty much came with all the trimmings, except the diff option. The brakes still had the FJZ80 moniker, so it tended to go through brake pads faster than say the FJ60. I have heard as little as 8000 miles to a high of app 40k. Mine had app 60k when I sold it, so I am guessing mine was an anomoly. I ran it a few seasons in higher altitude snow conditions CA/NV area: South and North Lake Tahoe, Reno. This past season was the greatest snow fall in recent record and my 96 TLC (virtually identical) got me through no problem no skid, no ABS functioning, etc etc.

    In terms of the Anniversary hold its value issue, in my mind the anniversary moniker is cosmetic. So at most you are talking of a 1000 premium. But as you are probably aware, TLC's tend to depreciate the least. So if you are able to get a used one at a pretty good price, you should reap the lower depreciation %, starting in the 8th year or 2005. I had one new FJ60 for 14 years and 250,000 miles and experienced a 3.125% yearly depreciation. I think for the 97 TLC more like 4-7% yearl depreciation
  • grantchstrgrantchstr Posts: 371
    I think for the 97 TLC more like 4-7% yearl depreciation

    While that was the case in the past, I would suspect that high gas prices now and in the forseeable future are going to produce a greater supply of used LCs and much less demand. Every cloud has a silver lining - the good news is that you should be able to pick a used one up much cheaper to start with................
  • Thanks for the insight. Sampson Momma & I are leaning more towards Mt. Bachelor this upcoming season. It's nice to to hear the snow comments too. It seems Florida is the place to pick one up right now. There's an $8000 spread for apples to apples models. It's worth the flight. I'm going to car camp the whole way back too. I wish I could bring the Sampsonator.

    Has anyone heard of historical problems with the AC?

    My Subaru Air Conditioning just crashed and I'm in Phoenix where it's 110 degrees. Looks like I'll be searching for the right one sooner than later. Thanks bro's
  • grantchstrgrantchstr Posts: 371
    I have to say that the AC is the one thing that doesnt function in my Fj80 - but the car was 10 years old when the thing seized up. Its a $1,200+ fix so I have survived without AC for a while now. BTW AC is important in the winter as well owing to condensation problems in cold weather. But when I had a Volvo 760 the AC broke (after only 7+ years - just outta warranty!) so I dont think its a Toyota specific problem.
  • ravick1ravick1 Posts: 1
    I recently replaced the original transmission on my 2000 LC with a Toyota certified rebuilt transmission. Ever since then, I hear a very audible clunk/thud when shifting from drive to reverse and vice versa. Not only can I hear this, I can also feel it. I also noticed that when I'm bringing the vehicle to a gradual stop, such as at a red light, I can hear the same clunk when the tranny down shifts just before I come to a complete stop. Another abnormal symptom is that when trying to accelerate suddenly, the transmission hesitates slightly before it pick up.

    The dealer that did the replacement has run all the available diagnostics and keep telling me that the transmission is in perfect working order. They have also checked the engine and tranny mounts, u-joints, drive shaft alignment etc and even pulled out the drive shafts and re-greased them. None of this has helped the situation any.

    Any input on this will be greatly appreciated.
  • coloradolccoloradolc Posts: 1
    Hello. I bought a 97 LC about 2 months ago--when I could still go skiing--and have driven this car in a range of conditions. I am probably an anomaly, but this car was chosen as a strong 4x4 / fun car. I drove its predecessor (an 02 Jeep) about 3K per year and will drive this thing maybe 5K. This vehicle is fantastic! Granted, I chose very carefully and looked it over carefully, but these cars are so well engineered and built. I have never seen a vehicle with such good build quality and I am a bit picky about this stuff. We have emissions tests here and my 97 was close to new car standards--the guys at the testing place were amazed. I am simply floored at how well built this vehicle is. For anyone looking for a car that is fun to drive and works well in ALL conditions and who wants to go offroad, this car is hard to beat if you want a fullsize vehicle.
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,555
    I compared my smog results from 14 year old and 10 year old TLC's 1987 and 1994. The 1987 was very close to new car standards. The 1994 (done in 2004) was virtually identical to new car standards.
  • My D light is burnt out on the dash of my 2000 LC. Any tips/suggestions on replacing the bulb?
  • v7sportv7sport Posts: 1
    I bought a new remote to replace my old cracked/dammaged/seen better days remote and need to program it. Does anyone have the procedure? It's a 97 with a two button remote? The dealer wanted 45.00! I know its got to be easy. This is my first post. I have a lot more questons regarding how to set it up better for the dirt I'll ask later. Thanks!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    "Toyota USA says its new 2006 Land Cruiser flagship SUV will arrive at dealerships in June with a $56,380 price tag, including a $565 destination charge."

    Inside Line

    Steve, Host
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