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Dodge Sprinter Tires & Wheels



  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    Yes Paul,
    that is the first level of limp mode related to tire size mismatch... no Cruise Control over @ 45 MPH. I had forgotten that was the reported effect for (minor, but noticeable) tire mismatch.

    I cannot remember all of the circumstances that will also turn on speed limiting, obviously a detected turbo failure (real or imagined, such as turbo resonator failure (loss of turbo boost pressure)); engine codes; etc. Perhaps more severe tire mismatches.

    The other effect as I had mentioned is confusion of the ASR/ESP/ABS systems in slick conditions, such as turning on ice... when all the systems work together to stop spin, tire sliding, and stability issues.

    KenB :shades:
  • I have a 2006 Sprinter 2500 with the high top. Last year I used 2 studded tires on the back but driving the Sprinter it felt less stable. I am looking to possibly go with the Blizzak W965's. Do I need to put 4 tires on or can I use just 2. I live in upstate NY and drive country roads a lot here as well as in Penn.

    Dick R.
  • Hi,
    What might the ramifications be if I am running passenger snows on the rear with the duellies. I am running 215-70-15's with 40
    psi and now moved up to a 215-75-15 firestone winterforce Studded in the rear. In the front I used a 225-70-15 load range d tires.
    With all four being much higher and the same height the ABS and ESP works fine.
    thanks for your help

  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 859
    ".........What might the ramifications be if I am running passenger snows on the rear with the duellies. I am running 215-70-15's with 40
    psi and now moved up to a 215-75-15 firestone winterforce Studded in the rear. In the front I used a 225-70-15 load range d tires........"

    One of the ramifications would be a tire failure - and if this occurred at high speed - well......the results could be tragic.

    This is why I posted my comment about the tire type. You have to use C type or LT type tires in order to have enough load carrying capacity.
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    I plan to go with matched Blizzaks (all four).

  • sppspp Posts: 13
    I have a 2006 sprinter 2500 cargo van 140". I need to get snows. I'm thinking of also geting new wheels for the snows. Can some one please tell me what are the largest size wheels and tires I could put on the sprinter 2500. Also, would you recommend a good snow tire. One tire dealer I use tells me to get cooper s/t. another says bridgestone blizzack w965. BTW are the wheels available in black, i'm tired of dirty looking brake dust. Thanks,
  • Guys,

    Keep the OE size as much as possible. if you start to change the overall diameter of the tire (rolling circumference), it may change the characteristics of the vehicle. Just as an example, your stopping distance may become longer due to the pulses on the ABS.

    Also, if using winter tires, do your best to put on 4. If you can only afford 2, ALWAYS install them on the rear of the vehicle. If all of your traction is only on the front of the vehicle, you will likely lose the rear of the vehicle in a corner on slipery roads and end up in the ditch.

    FYI - The Sprinters used by our courier company is equipped with Bridgestone Blizzak W965. They seem to work exceptionally well.
  • Well...I have moved up from the stock 195-15 to a 215 75 15 and the van rides awesome. Studded snows in the back and goodyear cargo vectors 225-70-15's in the front! two inches larger diameter....the way it should have been! stops great. Speedometer is spot on correct to...go figure!
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    Your (analog) speedometer is now spot on... your (digital) odometer/engine management is now off... and you are putting more miles on the vehicle than your dash shows.

    You must keep front and rear diameters very close or ASR/ESP/ABS, etc. will not be calibrated, and can even disable features (like no cruise control over 45 MPH).

    KenB :shades:
  • All streering and 75% of braking workload is on front tires. That is why four snow tires are a good idea.
  • metro60metro60 Posts: 2
    Hi, can anyone recomend some good all season tires I have no need for snow tires, but do need some tires that can carry a load

    I have a 2002 2500 freightliner

    Thank you
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    I tend toward Bridgestone Light Truck/truck tires... they generally have stiffer sidewalls and hold up better than OEM tires I replaced them with.

    Kenneth :shades:
  • metro60metro60 Posts: 2
    Thank you

    I see the snow tires but can't figure out which one is for trucks
    I'll figure itnout :)

    Thank you
  • Hi all,

    Have a few years of the Sprinters starting with an '06 model. My ? is how do you deactivate the ASR? My trucks are all cargo vans and I use them for carrying mostly flat boxes that I deliver to small companies

    Myself including a few of my drivers keep getting stuck when the darn thing goes into effect.

    I know its a safety thing but.... its also safety when I get stuck halfway up a tarmac street that is lightly covered in snow and I don't have the recommended 600 + lbs in the back for adequate weight over the rear wheels.

    I had 1 of my drivers get stuck on a hill a few weeks ago on wet leaves! He proceeded to back down the hill with hazzards on using both of his mirrors and the backup camera and was struck from behind by a car coming up the hill.
  • In the heat of the gas rapeing we took this past summer nationally, here in Eastern PA, I was paying $4.80-.90 something a gallon for diesel.!!!

    Currently just purchased fuel yesterday at $3.21 a gallon.
  • pboothpbooth Posts: 5
    I only run the Michelin 225/75/16 M/S. Not cheap but my last set ran 85000, and I load my van.
  • rjp9rjp9 Posts: 1
    I have a 2500 diesel with 144 W.B. and the tires are about wore out with 14000 miles. Payload is about 1400 lbs.
    Does anyone have a good tire suggestion.
  • ponchovponchov Posts: 14
    Have gone to taller tires in the past to off set some of the lower rear end gearing on my other trucks. I understand the speedo will show some else.
    Would like to fit a taller, better tire from the stock Conti which are only going getting 30k miles at the most on my 08 144.
    Any suggestions for a longer milage tire w/ a taller profile?
  • minutzminutz Posts: 1
    I recently bought new tires. I went from Michellin LTX 225-75-R16 to Michelin LT 245-75-R16. My previous calculations - 18mpg average, 3 mph less real speed difference on radar and my speedometer. Lots and uncomfortable swaying.
    Now, with higher tires I feel more stability, and my speedometer matches radar speed readings. Only one dilema: mpg dropped from 18 to 14.
    Is it because I am finally getting real rolling miles? Or there is a discrepancy somwhere?
    Also, with smaller tires, there is more rotations per mile traveled. Don"t I accumulate more (fake) miles on my odometer?
    One more questions: What is the difference in feet or miles in rolling surface between a 225/75/R16 and 245/75/R16 ?
    If I gain 3 mph with the new tires (based on speedometer data), that means I am going to put less miles on my vehicle than before. It's logical, but what is the truth about this?

    Thank you for reading my post.
  • I have an 08 with alloy wheels. I went from 245 75 16 stock continental garbage to
    235 85 16 Michelin LTX M&S 2, these are new M&S tires hence the 2, they ride great and MPH is now more accurate than with stock tires. I verified with GPS and am within 1 mph of what speedo is indicating. These have 70K treadlife warranty and were $820 out the door for 4. Car rides a little higher, and dealer didn't know if they would fit, they did and look great, fill up the wheel well nicely. Go with this size and you'll be smiling and your ride will smooth out.
  • How many miles you made on Continental?? did the speed with your new tires increased?what about rpms?
    now i am driving 68m/h and 2800 rpms. if i go faster-, i have large usage of diesel and oil.
    any ideas about that?
  • jerewjerew Posts: 3
    I have a 2006 118" wheelbase window van and can't find D rated Snow Tires.
    I live in the upstate NY snowbelt. Dealer sold me a set that weren't D rated and van got real unstable above 55mph. Can I use a 16" tire for all four? Lot of D rated available in this size. (using Volvo rough service headlight bulbs as originals only lasted 6 months. Put metal Turbo resonator in and no more "Limp home mode" from mountain driving.)
  • tismepaulitismepauli Posts: 5
    edited March 2010
    I have a 2005 3500 Dually that I have modified successfully for the last 80,000 + miles. I changed the stock tires in the REAR for four 215-75-15 Hankook 100s Studded snows. I carry a lower load so I am well within the load ratings for the rear since these are passenger tires and there are four of them. I run 35 lbs for even wear across the tread on all four rear tires. In the front I run Load range D Goodyear Vectors in the same size. The ABS, and traction control are all working fine since the f/r sizes are very close rolling diameters. this is an awesome setup! questions? e-mail me at
  • pace4pace4 Posts: 1
    I live down under and have a sprinter motor home 2003 model, at present running stock 195/70/15 road L/T tires which always look flat at 65 psi. I wont to change to hire profile 195/85/15 which is 11/4'' bigger in dia on all wheels rear being duel will this throw out the traction control wheel sensors ? or will the same profile on all wheels have no affect. With the stock tires the speed reading is 3 mph under gps reading , l have already tried the higher profile tires on front only where speed reading now equals gps but is now in limp mode.
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